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San's Pizzeria Westchase

San's Pizzeria Westchase
  • Street 13048 Race Track Rd
  • City Tampa
  • Region Florida
  • Postcode 33626
  • Telphone (813) 855-7267
  • Opentime
  • Raging (40)
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San's Pizzeria Westchase introduction
Estimated average consumption of $7.07 - $14.14 per person. We offer 79 menus, including Bacon Cheese Fries, Bruschetta, Fried Calamari, Garlic Knots, Jalapeno Poppers, Mozzarella Sticks, Chicken Parmigiana and so on.
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San's Pizzeria Westchase reviews

By Joey D. at 2016-08-04

I'll stop in here every so often for a slice of pie when in the Westchase area. There are not too many places like this in Westchase, so its a nice change. They have a nice menu with a good variety. Inside is spacious with roughly 15 tables. The "bar" area seats 3-4 people.

Back when they used to be San's I was here way more. I've also used them to cater my company Christmas Party and everything has always been top notch. Great value, great quality, and very easy to work with.

I come here for lunch occasionally and they run some nice lunch specials. Two pieces of cheese pizza and a drink for $5 and some change. You can also add toppings for $1.

The pizza is a good size and very tasty and I have no complaints about it. The staff is okay and the place is always clean unlike some pizza places.

As far as lunch and catering is concerned I really like this place. I will have to stop by for dinner one night.

By Jonathan P. at 2016-09-19

The food here is pretty typical take-out pizza type food. It's not the best or worst in the area for hand tossed pizza. Mediocre at best, but sadly in this area mediocre is sometimes the route you have to go to avoid chain food settings. Zerillos was much better but they've closed. :( I've been here a few times and never have been impressed or really disappointed.

I will there's always this "I'm too good for my job" feel when I go in from the teens working the counter. They try so there's that. Just not the most welcoming place either.

By Sandra F. at 2016-11-23

We LOVE This Place. Best Pizza in all of Tampa! So excited they are close to our neighborhood, so they deliver. They care of about their quality of food and services and it's apparent. Their delivery services, is one of the best. Besides, their Pizza we have also, had the calzone, super cheesy, YUM and the Chicken Carbonera, and Beef Lasagna, is really good.

By Lindsey S. at 2015-12-11

My coworkers & I were craving pizza today so we came here ready to eat. From the time we placed our orders to the time we got our food it was a solid half hour. Do I think that's too slow? Not terribly (especially for a party of seven), but we'll make sure to order ahead next time.

The quality of the food was decent, though. I ordered a cheese calzone and it had a generous amount of mozzarella and ricotta cheese. My only gripe is how expensive the toppings are. It cost me an extra $1.50 just to have "fresh garlic" in my calzone. I'd read the menu incorrectly and had assumed it would only be 50 cents extra. Next time I'll be using garlic powder. I'm almost laughing while I'm typing this, so there's no hard feelings.

Will I eat here again? I'd say it's a good possibility. But next time I'll have it delivered and I'll add my own toppings.

By Deana H. at 2016-12-19

So, I ordered online due to the fact that they offer that service online order, however, when I called after 45 minutes of not receiving my order just to confirm, the female manager which said she's the only manager told me that sorry the online order is on their computer but did not print out there for her staff did not look to check the orders. She told me it would be about an hour before receiving this order after already waiting 45 minutes and we had a group of children waiting to eat( hence this is why UI ordered ahead of time). I have had previous issues with this company twice before but over looked it due to the descent food but this time the manager was so rude and did not help at all, she told me oh'well she could cancel it if I wanted ?? Why would I cancel it with people and kids waiting, doesn't make sense. I will never order here again due to the distrustful behavior that this manager conducted when it was their fault. She offered no apology what so ever and said I can get it out in an hour or screw it. Very unprofessional!!!!!

By Ashley B. at 2016-05-05

I have to give this place a mixed review because I have eaten in a few times and ordered delivery a few times, and both experiences were waaaay different.

The first time we tried this place we ate in. I personally think the food is just okay, but the kids seem to enjoy it ** side note to take into consideration: the kids will eat just about anything if it even slightly resembles pizza, I'm just saying... ** I will say that one plus is that they do have really cheap lunch specials, 2 slices and a drink for $5.

The next time we ordered delivery from here and it was awful. At the time we lived less than a mile away, they said maybe 30 minutes but it took almost 2 hours for a pizza we ordered early on a week night. The delivery guy was horrible, he dropped food, then not only didn't apologize but also wouldn't adjust the bill for having wasted half of our order at our front door. The food was cold. So cold that the once melted cheese had congealed to the bottom of the box making it almost impossible to get the pizza off. I called to complain but the girl who had answered didn't seem interested and said a manager wasn't available. For delivery I'd say it was annoying service and poor quality all around.

Anyway, lets talk about the food. The garlic knots look and smell great but they fall flat when it comes to flavor. I don't know how the managed to mess up bread that is covered in garlic, butter, and cheese, but they somehow do. As for the pizza, like i said it's not the best but it could be worse.

By Dijan A. at 2015-12-21

Ordered few things for this office today. Ordered 2 Fettuccine Alfredo with chicken, comes with garlic knots and salad. Once it was delivered it was Spaghetti with Alfredo not Fettuccine. The 2 salads never made it. Got a Calzone also with pepperoni, once it was delivered came with cheese only, missing the pepperoni. Usually I dont care when food is messed up, things happen.
But when I was calling back they kept placing me on hold. I held on hold for 20min twice.
After that I kept calling and they kept ignoring my phone calls. I sent them an email, still haven't heard back from them.

Also to be honest it really didnt have any flavor. Very disappointing

By Ingrid B. at 2015-04-27

Stopped in for a quick lunch and Yummy! Had the lunch special, 2 slices of pizza and a drink for $5.25. Other slices are a little extra. The pizza was fresh with tons of cheese and fresh basil and tomatoes. Super YUMMY!

They were so nice and friendly. Total family feel. Will definitley stop in when I'm in the area again.

By Katharine C. at 2016-01-23

This is our go-to pizza place! Fast service and always delicious. A neighborhood favorite.

By Lauren V. at 2015-12-05

It was my first time ordering to-go and I'm not sure we will order again. Pizza was mediocre. Not enough cheese and the toppings themselves were not very flavorful. Salad was also mediocre. There are too many other pizza options in the area to have pizza that is not great. That being said, the delivery option is what sold us and we ordered online, so for a lazy Saturday night the ease of it was hard to beat. Delivery came in 45 minutes which I thought was impressive for a Saturday night.

By Cari P. at 2015-01-28

Was making a quick run to UPS when my husband noticed the lunch specials at this place. We each had the pizza slice/salad/drink combo for only $6.25 and we split some wings. About $20 for a very filling, decent tasting lunch, not a bad deal at all.

The food was just okay though. The crust was the only thing that was particularly good, but I'm partial to a specific type of crust and this one met my criteria, so I'm biased. The wings were good too, we had a split order of the screamer sauce and mango habanero. I recommend both, but they were not very spicy at all. With a name like screamer, I want it to at least sting a little.

Our waitress was super nice but the service was on the slow side and the restaurant wasn't very packed. To be fair, everything was very fresh and hot so we could tell it had just been cooked. I liked that the pizza wasn't overly greasy and the wings seemed to be oven baked.

Overall, I'd say it's an okay option in the area. I know I'll settle for it again in the future now that Pizza Fusion is no more(moment of silence for that).

By Kelleigh M. at 2013-11-18

I'm a little confused....this place is where the former Sans Pizza was located and when you walk in, the plaques that Sans won are still displayed. So is this place the same, but just changed names? If so, why?

Anyways, I picked up 2 large pizzas ($25) and they were ready when they said they would be. The pizza was good, not remarkable, but still good. It's sort of hard to mess up a cheese pizza.

By Mark H. at 2013-08-12

I was next door getting some Chinese grub for the chica, and I wasn't really feeling the fried, greasy stuff, so I figured I'd walk next door and grab a sub. Looking at the menu, I noticed their 6" subs were $5.25, which struck me as odd because the Subway next door sells foot longs for $5 even. Kinda hard to compare Subway to an independent restaurant, but still I think you've gotta try to be more competitive with your sub pricing when you're next to a Subway. That being said, I ordered a turkey and provolone sub. Got the thing home and there was no cheese and the bread was at least two days old.

Fool me once...

Will never return.

By Vic T. at 2016-07-11

Yuck... I think this place was sold... Regular staff is gone. John new manager clueless.. dry pizza.. no specials Overall a waste of time. Take your business someplace else. No sauce on pizza DRY. I will never return ...

By Kristen F. at 2015-09-06

I have ordered food from here so many times. Amazing every time! I get catered food several times each year for family parties! Eggplant parmesan is my favorite pizza and the garlic knots are always to die for!!

By Justin B. at 2015-07-26

Absolutely the worst pizza I have ever had. What was worse than the pizza was the experience and service my wife and I received from the manager. We ordered 2 medium pizzas, one pepperoni and one veggie. We were told 30 to 45 min for the pizza to deliver, $33+ for the food! If $33 for 2 medium pizzas isn't bad enough, 1 hour and 20 min later our pizza arrives and it is cold and stale as if it was ordered the day before and sat out on the counter all night. What made matters worse was the veggies were thrown on top after the pizza was cooked so they were raw and not even married with the cheese and sauce. On the pepperoni pizza they must have run out of pepperoni because for an 8 slice medium pizza we found 6 pepperoni slices and 2 slices of pizza didn't even have a piece of pepperoni on it. What made matters worse was when I called to complain about the situation the manager told me he didn't care because he was just the manager not the owner so it didn't reflect on him in the long run.... absolutely the worst restaurant in Tampa much less the worst pizza place... save your money and time and order from a chain if Marinas or Zerillos isn't open in Westchase because Westchase Pizza isn't worth the hassle.

By Jiao S. at 2016-05-31

For pizza, it's really not that good. It tastes like cardboard, the crust is hard, and it's super greasy. And it tastes horrible when you save it for leftovers. Staff is alright and the settings pretty good. But I'd rather get pizza from Marco's or Mellow Mushrooms since theirs is all thin and gigantic

By Mark D. at 2015-02-11

The Pizza is decent, but very mediocre if you are true NY Pizza person like I am. The reason this moves up to a 3-Star instead of a 2-Star is the Chicken Wings. Their Chicken Wings are really, really good. Especially their BBQ Wings which are some of the best I've had since moving away from New York.

My kids really, really love this place and it's really close so we end up here a lot. And while the Pizza is so-so, the Wings and Calzones are quite good.

By Jaime T. at 2016-02-09

These guys have acceptable pizza. I ordered on a football sunday and got pepperoni and plain. No complaints but nothing out of this world. They give a coupon for the first time you order delivery which is cool.

By Robert P. at 2015-04-02

Best pizza in Tampa in my opinion. Everyone that works there is super friendly and the food always comes out perfect.

I've never had anything there besides the Pizza, but if the rest of the menu maintains the status quo then it will be incredible!

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