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Sang Jun Thai

Sang Jun Thai
  • Street 103 E Cary St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23219
  • Telphone (804) 644-2328
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  • Raging (97)
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Sang Jun Thai introduction
Estimated average consumption of $7.91 - $15.82 per person. We offer 142 menus, including Soda, Iced Tea, Hot Tea, Lemonade, Hot Coffee, Thai Iced Tea, Thai Iced Coffee and so on.
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Sang Jun Thai reviews

By Ai T. at 2016-10-09

Great atmosphere. The deco was beautiful, felt like I was back in Asia all over again.

The food and service was on point!
Only thing was the spiciness of the food. If you love spicy food this is for you, if not, well.. just order 2 to 3 glasses of the Thai iced tea and you should be fine.

By AJ H. at 2016-12-13

I went to Sang Jun Thai for my friends graduation dinner. My party made dinner reservations but when I go to check in the hostess/server said they didn't have the reservation. Frustrating but the place was empty and we were seated within a few minutes.

This is where it went downhill. As a large group of ten, we were seated in what seemed like the dungeon of the restaurant. To make matters worse, there was no heating in our section and we were so cold that we kept our winter coats on. In the middle of December seated in a section right by the windows, it's a necessity to have adequate heating in ALL sections of the restaurant.

The server seemed overwhelmed by the large group. Which was fair but it appears there's a lack of organization higher up that could help alleviate that. As we were all freezing a few people ordered hot teas to warm us up. Most restaurants would have a kettle of some kind and bring that along with teabags. But instead the waitress had to bring out each individual tea separately. It took 20-30 mins just to get all the teas. Our server said they did not have a kettle or any large container. Eventually another twenty minutes later she brings out a large pitcher filled with water.

By this time we are all hungry so we order promptly. I ordered the spicy eggplant with tofu. After another 30 mins, we get our food and my order was wrong. There was no tofu in sight and I realized they gave me the vegetarian option with corn, peppers, onions, and other veggies. I was pretty bummed but I didn't even bother to correct them because it took so long to get our order in the first place that I did not want to wait.

Overall it was a disappointing experience. The food I received was tasty, but it was not what I ordered. As a whole we spent around 2 hours at the dinner and nearly 30/45 mins of that was the Hot Water debacle. All that could have been forgiven if at the very least the restaurant was comfortable. But having no heat in the basement section made the experience pretty miserable. If your guests have to keep their winter coats on in the restaurant, that's clearly a problem. With better direction, I would consider going back but for now, it'll be a no from me.

By Lyly N. at 2016-08-03

I took my friend to this place yesterday for a quick lunch. The food is amazing, my drink was perfect, and the setting outside was beautiful.

Our waitress Anita? not so quite. We felt like we was bothering her. She rushed us on ordering, her tone of voice seem like she was annoyed to work, and when she checked up on us about our food, she asked as she was walking away. Very disappointed. My friend order the spicy martini but didn't like it as she thought she would. The waitress saw my drink empty but didn't bother to ask if my friend's drink was okay cause she barely drank her's. My friend loves spicy food. She got a level 3 on her curry. It wasn't spicy enough so she asked for more spices. Our waitress stopped by with the little spice tray. Couple minutes later, she came back and grabbed it away from her but my friend wasn't finish using it.

Next time, I'm just going to sit at the bar with Saul. Friendliest bartender.

By Dominique M. at 2016-11-26

I was out apartments shopping when I decided to check yelp for a good Thai place. This place did not disappoint. I came an hour after opening on a Saturday and it was no one in there so a nice peaceful lunch around great decor. The server was nice and prompt. I got an appetizer and entree came up to $27 including tip. Be very careful with how much spice you ask for cause they can make it hot. They made low heat for me. All in all a great place. Oh and did I mention they have their own Parking Lot right by the restaurant.

By Aubriel R. at 2015-12-15

More lemongrass-y and citrusy tasting than what I'm used to in Thai food. The tom kha and lemongrass chicken even has pieces of lemongrass in it. In my case, I liked that the dishes were as such, but if you are looking for tom kha what is super coconut milky, this is not the place for you.

Would like to see more street foods on the menu.

Tip: spring rolls are ehh.

Atmosphere is cool, with all the painted face masks decorating the walls and bungee cords (?) hanging all around. Feels like you're in either a team building course or a restaurant in the motherland, sans the heat and humidity.Still figuring it out.

By Tanvi D. at 2016-05-15

Went there on a Saturday afternoon for lunch. It was empty, which got us excited because then our food would come out faster! But on the contrary, the service was horrible. There was only one waitress and probably only one cook. Our drinks took 30 min to come and all came separately. The lychee martini was horrible
and had to return it. But another spicy drink (Phet la) and hard Thai Ice tea was unbelievably good!! The food again took an hour and everything came in separately. So the first person who got their food was already done and mine didn't even make it to the table, so had to cancel my order! Just a tip: the medium spicy is their Thai hot. So I would stick with Mild spice levels.
On the plus side: the appetizers were delicious. We couldn't get enough of the curry puffs and steamed dumplings! I would go there again just for the drinks and appetizers.

By Ajia M. at 2016-05-30

12.95 for the Pad Thai. 7.95 for the Larb Gai. 5.95 for the Gyoza dumplings. Each came in the exact same container which I thought was odd.

This is too little food for damn near $30.00 and a tip. The Larb Gai is hot to hell and has a pound of meat topped on a this a** bed of lettuce. I called the restaurant and they told me it's not a salad...every other place I've ever had it, it's never just been meat and onions. Is Thai different in Richmond? The dumplings look like shriveled up little --. Not pleased at all. I'll amend this once I taste the Pad Thai. I needed to just get this much out.

****Pad Thai is greasy and bland. Why didn't I read the reviews???****

By Ru X. at 2016-11-01

The delivery threw my food in front of my apt building n left.. I guess since through Yelp tip paid in advanced anyway so they don't care.. N when I complained 'u can't throw my food' n delivery said a word back: 'whatever' n hang up the phone..

By Michael E. at 2016-08-28

My friend And i went here on a hot Sunday afternoon and we sat on the back patio. The location was a nice surprise! The back patio had a nice feel to it with overhead cover from some old trees. I ordered the spicy chicken lemon grass with a hard Thai iced tea. The food was just okay... I think I should have ordered something different. Having just returned from a trip to SE Asia I think my standards are all messed up. The lemongrass just didn't have much flavor at all which led to a fairly bland dish. To compensate they added plenty of spice, which over powered the taste of the vegetables in the dish. The drink was pretty good, albeit small.
I definitely want to come back here to try some other dishes. Lots of potential, unfortunately it just didn't deliver for me today.

By Ganesh S. at 2016-10-22

Always good, always reliable. Drunken noodles are some of the best in the city. Been ordering from Sang Jun for a while now and never had a bad experience.

By Jess J. at 2016-07-13

You're paying for the ambiance, but the service might not contribute to that.

The place is adorable for sure, my friend and I sat on the patio on a Saturday night and loved how cute it was (aside from the dried poop on our table linen). Anita was our server and came up to us after about 7 minutes of us sitting. Before offering us water or giving us a drink menu she asked if we knew what we wanted because the kitchen was backed up. I totally get that because I work doubles and get to enjoy an over-worked kitchen on the reg, but I would never tell that to my table and definitely not at first greeting. Thanks girl, now we feel bad for even being there.

Ignored it, she said she'd bring us water and the martinis. The martinis made it eventually, not the water. Just sweating bullets outside, but that's our own problem. I'm a sweater. After asking again when I did see her I received some.

The food was good, despite Anita splashing the poop linen with my friend's green curry while slinging it to her. I asked for a 3 out of 4 in spice and never got any spice in my dish. So I asked for a spice tray and that consisted of some old-as-mold looking clumpy stuff without lids or serving spoons. Lucky for me I'll eat just about anything.
I wouldn't say it was worth the price though, but I eat a lot of Thai food so maybe I am picky. The rest of the service was... nonexistent. She slung us a couple of to-go boxes and our checks and we were on our way.

Like I said, the view is pretty much it for this place. If you finally get a day off from work and want to treat yourself to being served rather than serving everyone else, don't go here.

By Johnny B. at 2016-06-29

Mediocre. Great for take out and delivery.

Dining in, I believe my server was high as a kite like you can easily tell. Food took a minute to come out and the boss had to serve us due to our incompetent server.

Special cocktails - don't even bother. Just garbage when it comes to mixed drinks.

If you think this is a great place to dine you surely need to venture out more and try different places because you do not know Thai food too well.

Just my two cents

By Julia T. at 2016-11-04

It's just mediocre. I got tofu pad Thai and healthy rolls. I have had better of both elsewhere. The pad Thai was too sweet for my liking and the healthy rolls were huge, but mostly filled with iceberg lettuce. I would have preferred smaller roll with more of the other ingredients or just a different type of lettuce. The dipping sauce was also way too sweet, I had to cut the sweetness with soy sauce and a little rice vinegar. I also made the mistake of getting the tofu pad thai instead of the vegetarian pad thai, so there was pork in it. So vegetarians be wary of that, get the vegetarian one.

By Heather N. at 2015-11-24

Delivery order was half gross and half satisfying.

Oddly, the non-Thai dishes were good: fresh rolls and wonton soup.

I have no idea why anyone would suggest the Pad thai here. Some of the worst I've had: bland/mushy, no fresh veg/bean sprouts/scallions, and tasted strangely of seaweed and nothing else. Also had bits of dyed red pork. Ew.

I expected BBQ chicken to have bones, or at least some evidence of grilling. It was a thin, pale dry half breast, sliced with a little yellowy sauce on it. Not good. The sticky rice that came with it was great.

By R W. at 2016-10-10

Once again order is messed up. This time I asked for tofu and got chicken. No matter what you ask for as your protein, you'll get tofu. Got it.

By Victoria L. at 2016-10-26

Amazing! I ordered delivery and it took an hour but man that hour was well worth it. I got Thai iced tea, my first time trying it, and it was so good! I could probably drink a gallon of that stuff. My food was also fantastic, I got the Sang Jun Fried Rice, I loved the garlic chicken that came with it especially because it was still crispy and lightly coated (not drenched) in sauce. I also ordered the mango sticky rice which was great. This might be my new favorite place in Richmond.

By August E. at 2016-05-31

New fav dinner spot. Food was good, staff was friendly and the outside patio was relaxing and romantic on a weekday. Not to many people were here which made parking a breeze. Will definitely return for date night dinner and takeout for at home movie nights.

By Brynt L. at 2015-10-01

In Richmond for business and decided to order in some Thai food. After reviewing the options in my area, I settled on Sang Jun Thai because of the great reviews here on yelp. I was severely disappointed with my food.

I ordered the Pad Thai with Shrimp. This is usually my go-to thai dish, especially when trying a new place. Also, because who can mess up pad thai? Honestly, it's like Thai 101. Well... this was arguably the most blan thai food that I have ever eaten. It lacked any seasoning or spice... or flavor! I also tried to order the Mango Sticky rice. I was told that they were out of mango, and it was recommended that I try the sticky rice with custard. MISTAKE!! I will preface this by saying I have never ordered this before, and so it may be the same everywhere. But this was dessert was TERRIBLE! It was a cross between rice pudding and soggy toast, served on a bed of green... yes, green sticky rice. I took one bite and quickly found the closest trashcan.

I don't mean to berate a local business, but this was not a good experience. Perhaps it's better inside of the restaurant.

By Sasan J. at 2016-06-25

This is a really cute restaurant. Unfortunately, due to the weather we could sit outside. The staff is really nice and our waiter was very helpful. It was nice to be at a place that they don't pressure you the moment you get in. Some places want you in and out of the door as quick as they can, it seemed that the focus was more about enjoying your experience.
We ordered the Pad Ka-pow and the lemongrass. It was a pleasant surprise, the food was pretty good and had a nice spice. The portions were just right. They really focus on taste and not quantity. Definitely, a place try!

By Jenny C. at 2016-04-25

I have been looking for an amazing Thai place that also delivers- this is it, and I have no idea why I hadn't tried it before. They delivered in less than 25 minutes to church hill. I can't wait to dine in and enjoy the ambiance.

I am a vegetarian and they have more than enough delicious options. I got the mushroom soup, so good- lemongrass, chili pepper, cilantro and coconut. I am not a huge mushroom fan, so I am always excited when they are featured and I enjoy them. I got spring rolls which were nice and crispy. My main dish was the green curry, which was so lovely. I got medium spicy and it was medium, nice coconut-basil goodness. Tofu was just great, not over fried and absorbed sauce nicely.

All in all I am more than satisfied. Laying on my couch with food coma, and still have plenty of leftovers to enjoy tomorrow.

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