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Estimated average consumption of $10.46 - $20.92 per person. We offer 58 menus, including Coca Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, House Blend Coffee, House Brewed Iced Tea, Lavazza Espresso, San Pellegrino Sparkling Water and so on.
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By Laura H. at 2016-11-26

Since this is just an update I won't bore you with anything other than the highlights.

Service: better this time. We were in no way rushed through our meal and enjoyed ourselves for a little over two hours. She was helpful with suggestions and efficient with removing plates from the table.

Complimentary white bean hummus with balsamic vinegar and red peppers: Very flavorful as per usual. We were offered seconds but declined to not fill up on bread.

Spiced gala apple spread with mascarpone goat cheese honey and crostini- there were only five small pices and six of us so portion size needs to be considered if you have more than five people. The crostini was WAY too hard and hurt my teeth chewing it. The spiced cinnamon apples were amazingly flavorful and nicely complemented the drizzled honey. The goat cheese was tasty and added a unique profile to enhance the sweet apples.

Smoked Gouda(sage wheat-encrusted smoked Gouda , sautéed spinach, sun dried tomatoes, pesto , balsamic reduction)- one of my favorite appetizers ever! Smoky with a hint of nuts and slightly sweet from the sun dried tomatoes. Excellent as always. If you only get one appetizer here get this!

Complimentary salad- no dressing choice this time. Beets and pickled onions were nice additions.

Crab cakes with zucchini risotto and housemade remoulade- very meaty, little to no filler. Large portion. Zucchini risotto was creamy and prepared perfectly.

Roasted Duck breast with cranberry orange reduction and aged broccoli cheddar hash- the duck was so tender! The skin was perfectly crisp! Portion was very large for both the duck and the hash. The cranberry orange reduction was quite unique when paired with the duck and offered a nice, sweet counterbalance for dipping. The broccoli cheddar hash was just homefries with cheddar and steamed broccoli. I'd suggest a different side dish be paired with this as it was just too simplistic with the more evolved flavors from the duck and reduction. It was seasoned well but just seemed out of place.

Frenched 16 oz. pork chop with roasted spice pear reduction and smoky blue cheese mashed potatoes- the pork chop was thick yet very tender. The pear reduction was a unique twist on the typical apple/chop combination. The blue cheese mash were tasty but on the runny side.

My review stands at 4 stars since I have had the chance to explore more in the US since my last review. While not getting everything perfect, they get enough right to make this an always solid choice for an evening out.

By Kat V. at 2016-08-17

We found Sausalido thanks to restaurant week and I'd definitely go back. The service and food were both amazing and I love that they have NO TV's. It's nice to find a little place concentrated on the dining.

BYOB, street parking, and be aware that they're not open some week nights - if you reserve through Open Table you should be okay.

By Arj H. at 2016-12-11

4 stars my right butt cheek. There for a full evening (dinner party), every course was begging for some food network intervention. 2 stars is because the servers were nice. Avoid everything I had...eggplant lasagne (cold and solid), Oreo creek brûlée (oreos crumbled on bad creme brûlée), and a block of fried cheddar (supposed to be mozerella but replaced without telling us...didn't think I was a food court). Any doubts, I can pull 4+ others into this review.

By Steven M. at 2016-01-24

Sausalido is located in Bloomfield. The restaurant itself is rather small, consisting of two floors for seating. Tables are kind of tight in the downstairs dining area, but it gives a quaint feel. We had reservations and were seated promptly. Due to the relative size of the place, I would recommend making a reservation in advance. This restaurant is also a BYOB place, which is awesome.

The menu is not overly elaborate, but offers a good amount of options when it comes to your protein for the main course. They offer a pork chop, crap cakes, hangar steak, seafood specials (salmon, monkfish), shrimp risotto and duck. They also have a pasta option as well as an squash lasagna. Our table ordered around the menu and everything was cook fantastically. Judging by the empty plates, I think it is a safe assumption that everyone loved their meals.

The staff here is quite prompt and friendly. Very efficient when it came to refilling waters, clearing plates and most importantly, opening when necessary. Everyone was fantastic.

One item of note, if you are in a group of 6 or more, gratuity is automatically included in your bill. You receipt will still show your 'tipping' options at the bottom, so just be aware it was already included, but feel free to tip more!

This is a great little BYOB spot in Bloomfield. Each time I have been here I have never been disappointed. I will certainly be returning.

By Chelsea S. at 2016-02-03

Two friends and I dined at Sausalido for a birthday and we had a perfect experience. Our reservation was at 6:45 on a Friday evening, but we arrived half an hour early and were still seated right away. I wish I remember our server's name, she was fantastic. Genuine, helpful, attentive and personable - but most importantly, non-intrusive.

We brought several bottles of wine and spent three hours eating delicious food, chatting it up and just really enjoying the atmosphere. It's very intimate, a quiet place - although after all the wine was gone, we were making an effort to keep the volume low.

We split the smoked gouda appetizer, and that was a great idea. It comes over sauteed spinach and it was fantastic. The special of the day was shark and my friends were obsessed. They raved about it. I did the shrimp risotto and I couldn't have been happier. I took half of it home, as the portions are huge (and it was just as good at 10am). It also comes with a side salad that doesn't disappoint either. - or you can sub soup for $2. Either way, great options. And then we had dessert, which never happens - but staring at pictures on Yelp all day and we couldn't help ourselves. The caramel cheesecake was beyond delicious. I honestly don't think anything on the menu would have been a bad idea.

Our check ended up being less than $37 a person - which is just amazing for the great service and full three courses plus added soup/coffee and the cork fees. I think you should eat here immediately.

By Nisarga M. at 2015-12-04

Not very sure why this place is hyped so much, but it was just a little over an ordinary experience for me. We went here for dinner on the day before thanksgiving. I noticed the place has a very casual vibe to it. There was only 1 waitress serving almost an entirely full restaurant, which made me feel the service isn't up to the mark.

But I did enjoy the food. I really loved their complimentary bean dip and bread. The salad was wonderful too. I ordered the vegetarian pasta, and it was alright. I liked that it had a variety of fresh vegetables.

Overall, I felt the prices are a bit steep, the service is not up to the mark but the food can be really good for what you order.

By Lou B. at 2016-03-06

Sausalido is a well kept secret on the main strip through Bloomfield. It doesn't get the attention of the new and trendy places opening up in the area, but is easily the equal. The food is rich and flavorful. On recent trips I have had the Duck Breast, Crab Cakes and Squash Lasagne. Each was cooked perfectly, and the portions were very large. Also, you get a very rustic serving of bread with a white bean, gouda and balsamic dip. This is insanely addictive, You could almost eat that as a meal itself.

The staff could not be more friendly. Cheerful, attentive and talkative, It's almost like having a family meal. The real gem here though is Chef Mike Smith. He is as affable as he is talented. He makes it a point to come out of the kitchen and talk and greet his guests.

The place is BYOB, which is fine, though the corking fee seems a bit excessive. Otherwise, I've had nothing but extremely positive experiences here.

By Bob L. at 2016-02-14

We went with three other couples on a Saturday night and were seated in the cozy upstairs area. Jonah was our enthusiastic waiter, and he did a terrific job explaining our options, opening our BYOB wines, and paying us just enough attention to make us feel welcome throughout the evening. We shared the sausage bites, Bosc pear salad, cauliflower balls and squash ravioli appetizers and all were very good, especially the pear dish with a perfectly ripe pear over baby spinach with bacon pieces and soft cheese. I had the delicious rainbow trout stuffed with crabmeat and shrimp over quinoa special and it was outstandingly prepared and beautifully presented. We finished with coffee and four terrific desserts; two kinds of Creme brûlée (coconut & pumpkin), cheesecake and flourless chocolate cake that was out of this world!

We will definitely go back!

By Alice M. at 2016-01-14

A completely mediocre meal.

I came to Sausalido with my two roommates and was excited for both the Restaurant Week menu and the BYOB option.

I started with the baked polenta. This was alright but was essentially a fancied-up mozzarella stick in a block of cheese. It came with some spinach that was incredibly salty. (One of my roommates got the goat-cheese stuffed peppers and said it was actually quite good.)

The salad came next. It was overdressed, only ok, and thoroughly forgettable.

For the entree, I got the bacon wrapped meatloaf. I think that a home chef who didn't quite know how to make this dish would've made it in the same way. Dry, salty, and nothing interesting about it. One of my roommates got the seafood casserole -- there was no discernible pieces of seafood and just tasted like overcooked, sorta cheesy pieces of pasta (shells?).

Even the BYOB was slightly disappointing -- it is listed as "corkage fee included" for the Restaurant Week menu, but that did not seem to be the case when we went.

The best part of the meal was the white bean dip with crostini that was set on the table even before we arrived (slightly weird?).

As is, Sausalido, for me, is not worth returning to.

By Mara K. at 2016-01-06

Went here for a work holiday luncheon and we had the place to ourselves. We brought our beer and wine, but I can't confirm that it is a BYOB place, that may have just been for our private party?
My office has been ordering catering for small events from Sausalido for the past two years. I can honestly say I've never eaten anything from here that I didn't love.
The food is fresh and always contains lots of healthy vegetables prepared deliciously. Their hummus is the Excellent dishes with chicken seasoned perfectly.
The staff is friendly and great. There's nothing bad to say about Sausalido and only delicious items to enjoy.

By Kerri M. at 2015-05-05

I don't even know if I have the words to describe how awesome-sauce my Sausalido catering experience was for our wedding, but I'll give it a try!

Every step of the process, from tasting to day-of, Nick was professional, friendly, and no-nonsense. We told him upfront what we wanted to spend, and he gave us amazing food and service at an even MORE amazing price. He also didn't try to nickel and dime us like so many vendors involved in the wedding industry try to do. Nick let us know immediately of different price options (for example, how much more colored linens are compared to black) and even gave very helpful suggestions on what we didn't need to spend money on (buying our pop rather than have a caterer provide it at an inflated price).

Because our venue did not have a kitchen, all the food was made at the restaurant and brought over. I worried about food drying out, getting cold, etc. - all for naught as all the food was the perfect temperature and moist. Much care was taken with the display of food, including mirrors and flowers to accentuate and complement what was to be served. Nick also worked with All Occasions to rent the plates and silverware, using his industry discount to again save us a few bucks. He was even nice enough to bring all the ice we needed for the beer and pop!

As if all this wasn't enough, Nick was actually at the venue the day-of and oversaw the set-up process. This was very reassuring and also shows how much he truly cares about producing a quality product and service.

So many of our guests raved to me about the delicious food. I give Nick and Sausalido my highest recommendation, and I know I will select Sausalido again for any future catering needs!

By Victor N. at 2015-12-09

Had food catered from Sausalido. Overall was ok. I'm not sure of the specific dish names, but I'll try to describe them.

Some kind of baked chicken: Not good. Really dry, not flavorful at all. This dish alone would have been a 1 star.

Salad - basic greens with garbanzo beans, tomatoes, carrots, onions, beets, and I think cranberries? I enjoyed it. Beets aren't super common in what seemed like a house salad, also liked the berries, gave it a nice contrast.

Pasta salad - pretty standard, not great, not bad.

Some kind of flank steak - this dish was really good actually. Really moist and flavorful. By far the best dish of everything we got. Only reason why my overall review isn't lower.

By Sharon F. at 2014-12-16


Went here for date night and had a fabulous time.

Our waiter (Ed? I think) was amazing. He was the perfect mix of present at the right moment, funny, and interested in interacting with us while not feeling intrusive or aloof.

We tried a few different dishes. To start we had a reservation so the table was already ready with bread and a white bean dip for when we arrived (nice touch). This was delicious and a great alternative to the basic bread and butter.

Then we ordered the cream of mushroom soup and the smoked Gouda appetizer. We were floored! Now the cream of mushroom soup was a misnomer, because there wasn't much cream, though this is not a complaint. The soup was a delicious blend of mushrooms which gave it a delicious richness without the heaviness of cream. As good as the mushroom soup was the Gouda was better. This is one of the most delicious things I have ever eaten. I loved the creaminess of the cheese and the brightness of the vinaigrette.

For our entrees I ordered the duck and my husband ordered the ricotta gnocchi. He loved his pasta, though it wasn't really for me (personal preference) and my duck was so delicious! I loved the duck and the sauce, but I couldn't even touch the mashed potatoes after all of the delicious food we had!

I can't wait to come back and try more of the menu! BYOB was also a big plus!

By Diana G. at 2016-08-16

Amazing Catering! I have used Sausalido twice now.
Once for my daughter's baby shower, and then for the Baptism. Everyone LOVED the food and kept asking me who the caterer was! The owner is so great to work with! He really took the time to meet with me, and create menus that were perfect for both the parties. The presentation and portions are fantastic too, highly recommend Sausalido!

By Erin W. at 2016-08-21

The service was slow- never got a refill on water. Also the orecchiette was extremely salty. That being said, ambience was nice and the waitstaff seemed like they are good people. We're not coming back, though.

By Nicole R. at 2015-07-04

I must confess that I have only been here once, but it was a memorable experience. This is because the service was so great, and the food was so...not.

The servers were friendly, made recommendations, and were prompt with their service.

There are some vegetarian options, which is always nice to see. At the time they had a special appetizer of arancini (fried balls of risotto). I love arancini, so of course I ordered them, but what came out was not at all what I was expecting. They were dry, floury cakes that seemed like they never were risotto. It was very unpleasant.

I looked at their menu just now and feel like I could be persuaded to try again, so stay tuned.

By Kristin B. at 2014-08-06

Recently redeemed a Groupon during our first--and, unfortunately, probably last--trip to Sausalido.

Let me just get this out of the way first...
Something that was impossible to ignore during our dinner and now as I'm writing this review was a very audible disagreement that occurred between the kitchen and the front of the house. It lasted nearly 5 minutes and changed the tone of our experience. Sausalido's dining room is about the size of my living room, and there's no substantial separation of the dining room and the kitchen, not even a door. We heard everything; how could we not? When the hostess/waitress returned to our table with our salads she was visibly shaken, and we couldn't help but feel bad, but, I'm sorry, we shouldn't have to be troubled with those kinds of emotions during our dinner. It was unfortunate and uncomfortable, to say the least.

Another thing that was odd was that one of the cooks, at least twice during our time at the restaurant, walked through the dining room and out the front door to sit at one of the chairs outside. No doubt this bustling section of Liberty Avenue makes for some good people-watching, but I'm not sure it's professional for staff to draw attention to themselves by walking the length of the dining room and using the front door during service.

Now about those salads. They were really fantastic! I loved the addition of beets at no charge, the fresh mixed greens, and the wonderful house-made salad dressings. Loved that the entrees come with salads, in addition to some a-little-too-mayo-y-tasting white bean dip that's served with a few slices of rather plain, spongey bread.

Our entrees were flavorful and nicely executed and plated, while the condiments on the baked smoked gouda appetizer seemed out of place but were tasty nevertheless.

Aforementioned heated argument aside, service was nice and very efficient. I did notice one slight insincerity though, which involved the daily risotto. Early on the waitress described the creole chicken and bleu cheese risotto as soooo good, but then, a little later when we ordered, admitted that she hadn't tasted the risotto after I asked if the dish was spicy.

Lastly, Sausalido's corkage fee is a mere $2 per person, and they sell no alcoholic beverages. During dinner we regretted not bringing a bottle.

By Mac R. at 2014-06-16

Sausalido is truly a hidden gem in Bloomfield! Inventive, creative dishes, stellar service and BYOB. One can't ask much more. Reservations are recommended because it's not huge. I really like the upstairs space best because there's a bit more elbow room than downstairs, especially if you have a larger group.

You're greeted with a chalkboard of the evening's specials - typically a fish of the day and other seasonal specialties. It's easy to order off that menu. Love the bread and bean dip they bring to the table and the smoked Gouda appetizer is not to be missed. We've ordered it every time. You can choose a dinner salad portion of any of their options or their soup to begin your meal. I'm hooked on their Beets & Bleu Salad and it's perfectly sized as a starter.

Even though the menu changes regularly, the crab cakes are always there and they're delightful with a different flavor profile than a typical crab cake. My friend can't keep herself away from their pork chop which comes with a stellar presentation, as does their lamb. The fish special preparation changes regularly, too. We've also really enjoyed steak and pasta dishes.

On our last visit we actually saved room for dessert and shared their chocolate, caramel, cashew bread pudding. Wow, it was amazing!

Service during every visit has been perfect and our wine glasses never seem to be empty. Great restaurant!

By Megan G. at 2015-03-13

With all of the amazing restaurant options in Pittsburgh, you can do far better than Sausalido.

I want to begin this review by saying that what really upset my group was the bad service and overall unprofessional nature of the staff. We overheard a member of the kitchen staff using profanity to describe our table, and it was obvious that they all just wanted us to leave (we had a later reservation on a Friday night). However, our server literally disappeared for a half an hour after clearing our table, so we couldn't have paid if we wanted to (which we desperately did at that point - they seriously made us feel so uncomfortable).

I saw on another review that someone's experience was interrupted with a screaming match between the kitchen and the front of the house, so it's my guess that professionalism isn't really paramount here.

So, now on to the actual food. The white bean dip, which everyone raves about, was definitely great and a nice touch. The entrees ranged from not that great to pretty good. The menu itself just wasn't very interesting and there were few unique items listed. Someone at my table had pumpkin ravioli, which were obviously filled with canned pumpkin that was probably bought at Trader Joe's or Giant Eagle. I guess it's hard to expect fresh pumpkin at this time of year though! (Which is why it probably shouldn't be on the menu... but I digress.)

Overall, the menu was average, the food was mediocre, and the service was deplorable. If you're looking for a great BYO Italian restaurant at this price range, there are far, far better options. E2, Piccolo Forno, or even La Tavola on Mt. Washington come to mind... do yourself a favor and go to one of those!

By Shawn D. at 2016-06-11

This place used to be the only fine dining establishment in good 'ol Bloomfield. I've been here a few times. Apparently the food has booze in it, because I can't even remember what I ordered. I don't remember being disappointed. But yeah...I think this suffers a bit from the lack of uniqueness. Now, overly unique can be just as damning of a quality as unoriginal, but forgettable may be the worst quality a restaurant can have. I do remember relatively slow and subpar service last time I was there, even though we were the only party there. Our waitress was texting with the vigor of a middle school student whose parents didn't quite pay attention to them enough (because Dad had to work long hours and now it's time to passive aggressively stick it to him by dating a 17 year old 'bad boy' with an abnormal amount of facial hair). Anyways, they'll have to do something if they wanna stay relevant.

IF THIS RESTAURANT WERE A MUSICIAN/BAND: Grand Funk Railroad: You can't remember anything they ever did, and you never will have a strong opinion about them, despite not having any sort of strong reputation as good or bad. You only know they existed.

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