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School Yard Bar & Grill

School Yard Bar & Grill
  • Street 1815 E Kenilworth Pl
  • City Milwaukee
  • Region Wisconsin
  • Postcode 53202
  • Telphone (414) 291-8990
  • Opentime
  • Raging (21)
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School Yard Bar & Grill introduction
Estimated average consumption of $7.71 - $15.42 per person. We offer 26 menus, including Chicken Wings, Mozz Sticks, Quesadilla, Nachos, House Made Queso Dip, Wisconsin Cheese Curds, Waffle Fries and so on.
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School Yard Bar & Grill reviews

By Damon R. at 2016-03-01

Wasn't my best sports bar experience.

We were looking to try something new and diffrent. I've seen many of my Facebook friends check in here. The space has two bars, pool tables and dart machines amongst other things.

The menu was kinda small or limited but it is regular bar food. We ordered a bunch of items which I have posted pics of. The food took a aggravatingly long time to come out due to the fact there were 3 parties.

Some guy kept coming to our table being mad annoying. I'm unsure if he was in relation to the owners in which he said that he was. But it was one of the moments where you had to say "aye getcha boy".

The cheese curds I would guess were beer battered. No tasty at all. It was more batter then cheese. The onion rings were a little burnt. The superintendent burger challenge thing was cool 20 bucks and if you finish in 15 minutes it's free. I order this for my son's to split. One of them could have finished it.

The worst? Unseasoned Chicken wings. Chicken wings out the bag into a fryer no salt... horrible so horrible. I hate people who disrespect chicken.

As other yelpers have said I would go if they were having a ufc or boxing event. If no event... no me....

I will say I appreciate young business owners living their dreams. But it's a learning process. Time to step the food up. Oh yes they have good specials that I saw during the week.

By Aquaries L. at 2016-03-19

Customers service was horrible, no
One greeted us or sat us down. We seated ourselves.There were fewer people there and the lady never knowledge us until 10 or 15 mins later! Not a place I would go back to!

By Josh S. at 2016-03-10

Cheese curds were overdone and had no cheese left in them! Ranch that came with the wings was chunky?! At least the wings were good. Wasted money this time around. Will not eat here again.

By Heather F. at 2015-11-27

This is a decent place to watch a UFC fight since Milwaukee has very limited options for that. They didn't charge a cover and we were able to reserve a table with no minimum charge. Lots of TVs so you can see from wherever you're seated. Beyond that there aren't many positives to this place. The crowd is young rowdy college aged folks, so if you're over 30 you will feel out of place. Most of the drink specials feature fireball or bad beer. I wouldn't suggest ordering a cocktail here. We ordered chicken wings which were SO DRY they were pretty much inedible. They were flavorless and had texture like they were left in an open plastic bag in the freezer for a few weeks. Absolutely horrible. We had some other appetizers that were average bar food quality.

By Rod M. at 2016-03-19

Just left this place. Saw a what looked like a pretty good deal on Instagram and decided to go. It's March Madness mind you. Walk in a stood in the front doorway for what was too uncomfortable time frame. Seated ourselves. 10 minutes in basketball time passes (if you can imagine how long that is) before some one comes and finally asks us, "Do we want water....?" *grabs coat* never again!

By Casey G. at 2016-03-20

Worst brunch I've ever had. Bacon tasted rotten. Biscuits and gravy tasted rotten. Pancakes were dry. Hashbrowns were awful.

By Karolina T. at 2015-07-29

Started out Saturday night with my friend here around 10:45pm. There wasn't many people at the bar at all. We were surprised. They had a DJ playing music, a little bit outdated stuff. We ordered a fishbowl John Daly. It was pretty good and HUGE, but not really strong at all! This is a good place to start out the night for a few minutes but I wouldn't stay very long. The crowd also seemed a little bit older.

By Jerry T. at 2016-06-14

Waited an hour for hour food before giving up and leaving. Manager even took 10 minutes to come to the table after we had asked for them. The place wasn't even busy, yet that was their reason for the long delay. Manager said the best he could do was a free round of beers. That was amusing. Wouldn't give that place a dime for fear it might allow them to stay open a minute longer.

By Elder J. at 2016-05-12

This place is total garbage. The owner is a jerk, I have had bartenders spray the soda guns at me for no reason and without apology, and their bouncers are "bros" who do nothing other than weight lift during the day and spend the money they made as bouncers on supplements and steroids. They will kick you out for no reason. Seriously a dump, do not give them your business. Will not be going back. Customer service, attitude, and environment is unacceptable.

By Immaculate I. at 2014-04-07

This is a fantastic spot on Saturday night especially when the badgers are playing. If you want a bar that's filled almost to capacity with a great deal on a burger and beer for $8 on a Saturday night.. This is for you. Don't expect superb service especially with the number of people you'll encounter.

For all you wallflowers, there's a pool table and air hockey table to keep your attention.


By Ashley M. at 2015-12-17

Went with s group of 5 other friends for s quick bite to eat and some drinks on a Wednesday night. The bartender/server was new and by himself with 3 tables of customers. He had to call in for other employees to back him up. 2.5 hours later we got cold nachos, two orders of appetizer chicken strips, and a wrap incorrectly made with chicken (the person who ordered was vegan). In the middle of the very long night, the new bar tenders showed up and our server left without saying anything. The new one has been there for an hour and apologized for the delay in our food. She explained the cook burnt his hand and was trying to recover. Suddenly the other bar tender became our server and told us an hour after he got there he'd only been at the establishment for ten minutes. He also told us the cook cut his finger off or something of the like. The second server comped the wrap and cold/disturbing looking nachos. Long night, weird service, and we were all convinced either the cook was high or the bar tenders were because every time one of them walked by with food we all got a solid whiff of pot. Not going back.

By Josh B. at 2014-02-26

Ever miss Cans off North? If so, The Schoolyard Bar & Grill is located conveniently in the exact same spot, and is pretty much exactly the same inside as Cans was.

Pretty much the only thing different is a fresh coat of paint and a new sign. Which isn't a bad thing.

I like to try new bars on weekdays, when they're not packed, so I can really get a good feel of the foundation the bar has, and so far, The Schoolyard seems to have a steady framework. The bar is clean, has good lighting, and the staff was attentive and friendly.

The drinks came out fast, and were made correctly with the right ratio. I definitely get the vibe that on busy nights, it can turn into a crowded shit show of North Street college kids, but this is the right location and venue to not only cater to that crowd, but make a killing doing it.

The actual set up of The Schoolyard is very open, with lots of places to mingle, play pool, or find a corner or booth for a guys/girls night, and the bartenders will definitely keep the shots coming.

I'd definitely stop in on a weekend if I was out on Brady, and if you're looking for a place to bring a group of friends this is a great spot to start the night.

By Ashlee B. at 2015-07-31

The music was weak and so were the drinks! The kitchen is right next to the bathroom and while sippin' on my juice I could see a man peeing... That place was empty on Friday at 11pm so I'd say don't waste your time.

By Laurel E. at 2014-02-27

This place has great food and really nice staff, but has a lot they need to work on. First of all, each time I've gone in there there is no hostess or waitress. Each time I've had to walk up to the bar and get the bartender to seat me. I understand this is because it's a bar but it makes for a very awkward start. The most recent time I was there, my friends and I had three different servers take our order. A waitress, a chef, and a bartender. The waitress told us the drink specials for that night and when we asked what one consisted of, she literally said "a bucket of a bunch of vodka stuff" which actually ended up having very little Vodka in it. After we had to repeat our orders over and over again so they could actually get them right, we received our food which is always delicious and worth every cent. One of my friends' order was wrong but he didn't bother to correct the chef. Towards the end of the night the bartender was ending his shift so he rushed us to finish our food and took two of our plates away without asking if we were finished (we weren't).
This place is pretty unprofessional but has everything for a good foundation for a bar and restaurant. Nice interior, great food, good drinks, nice staff, good music, very reasonable prices. Just needs to get their act together In order to keep me as a customers.

By Justyn S. at 2014-03-25

If only 0 stars could be given. I would not give my dog this carp. Slop, grease, way over priced. I had the nachos, the chips where soggy, no meat on them (I ordered chicken.) They were piled up WAYYY to high. The sauce tasted burnt and sour. Took over 45 min to get our food. And the place was empty. My wife ordered a burger. Well done, it came out still bloody. It didn't have cheese on it. And she ordered cheddar. Man this place needs to get their act together. As I said in the beginning, I wouldn't give this food to my dog. He eats everything. Even remotes.

By Carlos S. at 2014-04-26

This place is horrible all around.

The bouncers take bribes if you want to skip the line. Whatever.

I used to be a bartender, so I know Friday nights are busy however, I never expected the bartenders to be as rude and offensive as they were to me. I was at the smaller bar waiting to get drinks and he skipped me in his rotation... three times. He blatantly served from the person to my right to the person to me left. The second time I brought it to his attention. This only seemed to anger him. Third time around he skipped me again and I asked him what was going on, he answered in a derogatory and demeaning manner. For over 20 minutes I was at the bar trying to get drinks while several people to the left and right of me were served. Worst bar service I've had ever. Definitely won't be returning to this place ever.

By Becky F. at 2014-08-05

I'm getting too old to hit up the East Side bars on a Saturday night, so I have only been here in the afternoons. The burgers are really good and I've never had a poor experience with the food or service. There are lots of TVs and its a great place to go during Packers games if you want to be around others watching the game, but also not in a totally crowded clog of people. Once they double-charged me on my credit card and it was a bit of a fiasco trying to get my money back. Other than that, I've had very positive experiences here at old-people-time-of-days.

By Phillip M. at 2014-06-18

Came in with some friends Wednesday, ignored by the bartender who obviously felt their phone was more important. We tried to make the most of it and order food. The product was underwhelming at best. Doubt I'll ever be back again and I know I won't recommend this place to friends in the future. It has NOT changed from cans at all.

By Shirley N. at 2014-03-10

Disgusting. The staff kept the door to the men's bathroom propped open all night so I had front row seats watching the male staff relieve themselves then return to work without washing their hands. Staff got an attitude when I asked them to close the door and the owner (who also wasn't big on hand hygiene) was both drunk and rude. I would give less than 1 star if possible.

By Adam R. at 2014-04-27

First time in here since it was Cans. Nice decor. Nacho plate with chicken was pretty tasty and quite a bit of it for the price ($5 add $2 for the chicken). Also got to watch the UFC PPV fight for free so that made it worthwhile. I'd go back.

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