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Estimated average consumption of $21.78 - $43.56 per person. We offer 42 menus, including Scrimshaw Chowder Of Seafood Simmered In Cream, Basket Of House-made Steamed Cantonese Dumplings, Crispy Duck Confit Spring Roll, Napa Salad, House Tomato Jam, Baby
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By Trisha S. at 2016-08-09

came here twice first time stayed at a B&B. This restaurant is located on the water, super romantic, cozy a tad small perfect for date night. They do offer outdoor seating. The food is amazing all made to order. It is however pricey, BUT worth it.

By Lisa C. at 2016-09-25

An almost complete disaster.
Even though we arrived on time for our reservation, and to a half empty restaurant, and a sign saying "please see the host begore sitting", the "host" was literally nowhere to be found for another 10 minutes.
When she did arrive, we had to wait another several minutes before our table was set and we were seated.
The service went down-hill from there.
Unknowlegible (as well as revolving) servers abound, but not a fact, idea or opinion among them.
We waited eons before:
Drink orders were to be taken-
Water was to be offered-
Food orders were to be taken-
The bottle of wine was to be delivered!

We twittled our hungry thumbs for 45 min between apps being finished and mains being delivered....delivered scattershot by the way.

No bread offered. We asked several times.

When one of the three servers finally picked up our dirty app plates she said, "could you hand me that one?" and pointed at the plate 2 inches out of her reach.

This is much too expensive and precious seeming a to get away with such a horendous level of service.

Out of the revolving door of wait staff we spoke with, who by the way certainly don't speak with eachother, only the very young busser seemed to have any sense of professionalism.

We are locals....and we are done with this one.

By Samantha P. at 2016-09-23

Absolutely loved everything!! Our filets were cooked perfectly and the atmosphere was fantastic! The bartender Andrew was charming and could mix a hell of a drink! Highly recommend!

By joel s. at 2016-09-03

terrible ambiance unless you are sitting outside. Food is ok at best and way overpriced

By C P. at 2015-06-27

1. Hard to find
2. Way too expensive for portions and quality
3. Undereducated and uninterested Staff on menu options
4. Had no wines on the list we selected
5 Had ZERO vegetarian options except slapping "edamame, watermelon, asparagus" onto a plate and charging me $30 bucks. How hard is it to make a quick pasta or rice with vegetables? this Chef is stupid and really dumb.

We were so upset with the service and menu and server, we left. The restaurant didn't even TRY to accommodate us. Poor business. we did tip the server $20 for eating a basket of bread and tap water.

We went to Lucharitos instead: better all around.

Don't waste your time and money.

By Margaret H. at 2015-04-19

Of all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest is, Scrimshaw Restaurant.
I will set the scene:
We arrive in greenport, as a plan for a nice night out with my patient significant other, we trudge along the docks until we get to what I'm hoping is the entrance. Upon setting foot inside we are greeted with the vacant silence that could only be paralleled by a soldiers's 1000 yard stare. The music so quiet you can only assume they're singing English, but you can't be too sure.

Across from us is a sloppy drunk 30 something year old speaking loudly into her phone that is on speaker! Our waitress is friendly, but forgetful. Which can be forgiven. We order a bottle of Sparkling Pointe which might be the highlight of the evening. The bus boy should be proud of his eye contact skills, it put me on edge.

This is where I start to become increasingly unhappy. The olive oil for bread dipping has no seasoning. While experiencing this lack of flavor I over hear the owner loudly talking to a guest about "those Italians" and how they put too much flavor into everything, apparently she thinks they're "just too much, Yano?"

The most catastrophic event of my night was the vegetarian dish due to my girlfriends choices in life. A dry beet plate over dry tasteless lentils. A dish I think was just short of twenty dollars. Getting through that plate was like trying to get out of bed during a bout of depression, an impossible task.

The whole evening was a nightmarish. And I will never set foot in that restaurant again.

On the way home my girlfriend asked to stop at 711 to get frozen pizza because she was still hungry. Imagine this night, then set 100 dollars on fire.

That's Scrimshaw

By Tracy K. at 2012-07-02

Love this cool waterfront spot in Greenport. On the water but also out onto a pier so it is even better. Also has inside dining.. Cute bright white and yellow décor and items to hold down the outdoor white table cloths. How cool are they!

The owner an Asian woman is clearly adding her own creativity into classic waterfront dining items....

Mom thought there was a hint of ginger in her cole slaw.. He lobster roll had a few dressed up seasonings...... and very little celery but some diced carrots.. She wasn't complaining but missed regular.

I had fish and chips.... gave some to her... lol Super fresh fish, light tempura batter and the coolest French fries yet.. Crispy golden some hint of skin... and a few grains of sea salt... mm!

Tarter sauce was very original...... fresh herbs in it.. and just a hint of my favorite tarragon.... odd?... a bit but really delicious.... if you are a tarragon fan you'll know it on the first nibble.

I asked.. it was confirmed... "yes... just a little.. it's so good...." said the very friendly host. She asked how we liked it and genuinely was happy to inspire.. and mentioned how relaxing it is outside. It is!

Love the cool pier.

By Annie L. at 2014-09-24

Came here during maritime festival with my brother in-laws who were visiting from France. We sat outside on the patio and watched the boats pass by. We ordered two very good bottles of wine that went well with everything we ordered.

First we shared ousters that had a cilantro based vinaigrette. Then we started with a frisee salad with blue cheese. For the main course we had lobster rolls which were larger than usual and delicious. Lastly for dessert we shared the key lime pie and almond cake. I recommend the key lime pie.

Overall it was a good experience.

By N M. at 2014-04-20

Love Scrimshaw! Even have a Burger and a beer for $10 Thursday nights! If you get lucky you may get to speak to Chef Rosa Ross while sitting at the bar... She is
A hoot!


By Jenny H. at 2013-11-02

We are currently sitting in, and it is turning into one of the worst dining experience EVER! The wait staff is extremely unattentive and confused with only 8 patrons in the restaurant. They forgot our appetizers, and the entrees came out if the kitchen 10-20 minutes apart. It is absolutely ridiculous. Don't ever come here.

The bathroom was filthy with the garbage overflowing. When they brought out the bread, they didn't bring out any plates for us. I had to go get them myself and to my horror, saw ants crawling out of the sugar bowl.

Wish we didn't have to tip them! Food was mediocre... Not worth the trip at all.

By Cinthia K. at 2012-08-23

I'm basing my review solely on what I ate, which was rather limited since I am a vegetarian. I went here a couple of weekends ago with the bf and his family. The chef was willing to let me have an assortment of veggie sides as my entree, so that was nice. I started with the goat cheese and onion tart appetizer, which was okay. I then had the fried rice, the chili garlic mashed potatoes, and the green beans. The fried rice was not very good but the other veggies were lovely.

The rest of my party enjoyed their meat entrees a lot and the place did have a nice selection of wines and drinks. I had a cucumber based martini, which was fairly strong. Like other Yelpers had mentioned before me, though, this place is a bit pricey. I enjoyed my experience but I'm not too sure I'd be willing to spend that much at a place that doesn't actually have vegetarian entrees.

By Camron P. at 2015-07-26

Truly Dockside dining, on the wharf behind Prestons. Food was good and well prepared. Want to try it one day for lunch so we can watch the boats in the harbor.

By Karen D. at 2013-12-08

Nice atmosphere on an old wharf in the harbor. Interestingly, the bar is full and the patrons in the restaurant are all speaking German - on a cold Sunday afternoon. Small plates are tasty and inexpensive. A nice way to kill a winter's day.

By Ellen R. at 2014-05-26

Service was unbelievably slow. Had the dumplings that were good, but they substituted salmon for the cod on my fish & chips because they ran out of cod. No one informed me of the substitution. Since I don't care for salmon, I was very unhappy. I must repeat how awful the service was. Don't waste your time.

By Dan B. at 2013-11-10

This place was overall just OK, a common theme here.

The ambience and atmosphere was pretty nice, and fairly quiet which I liked.

The food is quite expensive, at gourmet prices, and the quality certainly doesn't represent the price.

My wife had 3 scallops for $30 and while they were good, we certainly expected more. The duck I had was OK but I expected better from a restaurant in this area.

By Sheon B. at 2012-07-24

Scrimshaw is in the beautiful town of Greenport, LI and sits right on the water. That is probably the best part of the restaurant.

The service was mediocre at best. The waiter spilled a cup of seafood chowder on my friend. Though they apologized and comped the item, it still was the beginning of a ruined dinner.

For the main course I ordered the Signature Hong Kong Bouillabaisse. It was pretty bland and I was not wowed at all.

The writing was on the wall, considering that it was Sunday evening and we were seated immediately.

Greenport has a lot of attractions and great restaurants one of which is not scrimshaw.

By Pete H. at 2012-05-28

Our experience at this restaurant caused us to coin a new phrase: "We got scrimshawed."

This was simply one of the worst dining experiences I've had in a long time. You could be easily deceived by the picturesque location and the exorbitant prices may even have you convinced it's a quality place, but nothing could be further from the truth.

At any price this food would've been bad but at this insulting price level I won't be forgiving. The duck breast I had was not only completely overcooked and mealy it came out Luke warm. The accompanying pineapple relish was horrid and on the verge of rancidity. I've never eaten a less imaginative string bean - again cold.

Another shortcoming was the lack of seafood on the menu. One of the few options was salmon. Why have farm-raised salmon on a menu when you're in the middle of the Long Island sound? This dish was tepid, flavorless and overcooked.

The chocolate mousse: plainly average. $5.00 for a single espresso?

The service: a comedy of errors.

Coming from Manhattan we could've spent this kind of money for a memorable meal, not a meal of deception.

By natalie f. at 2015-05-12

Terrible experience from the moment we walked in the door! No one greeted us, and the place was empty. We waited a few minutes until we stopped the bus boy to ask for assistance, who then seated us. We then waited a good 15 minutes until we again asked the bus boy to send the waiter so we could order a drink, and get a menu. The waiter acted as if he had better thing to do then wait on us. It just gets worse..we order the salad that was supposed to have pecan, we got a small plate of romaine, no dressing, no pecan. After we complained they sent them out for us to mix and add ourselves...REALLY, for a restaurant of this level, the world renowned chef can't prepare a simple salad!! For the main course I order the market fish for $38, a cod..that was cold. One of my guests ordered the lobster which tasted sandy and way too salty. Later when I walked through the place I saw the chef sitting at the bar chatting...Maybe she should spend a bit more time in the kitchen brushing up on skills. BTW, I have never written a review and I've had lots of bad meals but for the prices this place charges and the complete disregard for their guests I just had to!!!

By Gary S. at 2013-08-27

One of the best meals I've ever had!! If you read my other reviews, you will note that I am more likely to complain than complement. This meal was perfect! From the cocktails, through the appetizers, the entrees and the deserts, every morsel was off the hook. I only wish this place wasn't 60 miles from my home.

I read some negative comments on service and attitude. I went there for an early dinner probably around 6 PM on a weekend. It was close to empty when we walked in and filled up steadily while we dined. We walked in with no reservations and were seated right away and the service was exceptional.

By Katherine J. at 2014-10-19

The only thing that's great about this place is the location, right on the water!! But the food is over priced and it's

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