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Shockoe Whiskey & Wine

Shockoe Whiskey & Wine
  • Street 1721 E Franklin St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23223
  • Telphone (804) 771-1711
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Shockoe Whiskey & Wine introduction
Estimated average consumption of $8.39 - $16.78 per person. We offer 24 menus, including Classic Caesar Salad, Spinach Salad, Cobb Salad, Pecan Salad, None Such Burger, Bourbon Bacon and Blue Burger, Shockoe Chicken Sandwich and so on.
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Shockoe Whiskey & Wine reviews

By LeAn H. at 2016-07-29

My husband and I decided to try this place out because I had found this deal on Groupon.

I have to say that it's seriously worth trying something completely new! I highly suggest the Groupon because you don't want to overwhelm yourself with too many options. We made reservations last minute using OpenTable, it was easy and simple.

We were placed in no time, it did take a while for us to get our orders in because it was a Friday night and it did get busy by 7ish. There was a party going on the main level, so we ended up eating up on the second level which had a very pretty scene and the high ceilings and decorations were very rustic theme.

I decided to start out with the the Shockoe Smash. It was very strong and I would say that it
is something that you can drink as long as you do not plan on driving home. The wild berries did hep it a little bit, but the bourbon whiskey was def strong! For the appetizer, we decided to try the (award winning) Whiskey Wings. When we first got the order, it was still hot but it was covered in their bourbon glaze. The wings were all attached and it was not overbearing, I highly suggest these wings.

With the Groupon, you're given a specific menu for those specific orders (they're not listed online and I don't remember the name of them too well). My husband got the fish special with shrimps and a side of their mac and cheese (aka Chef's Catch). The fish was alright, but it was definitely something that I could cook up myself. Their mac and cheese was really good though, highly recommend it.

I ordered the tuscan chicken special, I think it was more like a chicken marsala with a side of veggies. It was good, but the portion was definitely small. If you plan on going and have a Groupon specials, I would really recommend getting the bourbon wings for starters, and get the chicken and steak specials on the list. Not too bad. Oh, and lastly, the deal also came with a dessert. They were all out of the cheesecake, so we ended up getting the double chocolate cake to bring home.

Worth trying at least once, and the distance was further than it is now since I no longer live in the fan. :(

By Chris L. at 2016-03-16

Great time at shockoe whiskey and wine last weekend. From the customers to staff they were all having a great time. We had several appetizers and I had the steak. All excellent.

Being st Patrick's day it was busy around and they had a dj. Was a little loud for dinner and I thought I would t like but everyone started having such a good time I'm glad they had the dj. Seems like everyone there is family and treats you as such

My only complaint would be he service was on the slow side and our waitress was also a bartender and kept getting real busy. I don't think they had enough staff doe a crowded Saturday night. But they may have been unusually busy at bar with it being st Patrick's weekend.

Will be back.

By Collin T. at 2016-05-20

Shockoe Whiskey & Wine has great atmosphere and decor. Pretty good food, and standard service.

For my girlfriend's birthday, us and a small group of friends gave Shockoe Whiskey & Wine a try. My first opinion when walking in, was "Wow, this place looks very nice".

This place screams classy. It's like a hip 20/30s speakeasy or jazz spot. It elicits the urge to don your most stylish suit, order a scotch, light a cigar, & strum a string bass alongside a jazz melody while your gaze locks with the "Lady/Man" of your dreams as they slowly descend from the top of the spiral staircase leading from the 2nd floor in Shockoe Whiskey & Wine.. It's like textbook personification of a smooth romantic setting.

We were sat just about immediately. We had reservation for a party of 8, 6 showed up and we were able to be sat with no issues. Great! Some places are funny about that. The restaurant itself was empty for the most part with a few people at the bar. Our service was pretty standard. Nothing too impressive, nothing off putting.

We ordered drinks and I ordered an appetizer, The Cap'n Cruncb Fried Chicken which I shared with the table. Myself and everyone loved it. On the drive over we were all skeptical as someone had read the menu out loud, but it didn't sound too bad to me. It didn't taste too bad either, it was actually really good. The captain crunch breading adds a nice sweetness and crunch that pairs extremely well with the sweet chili dipping sauce served on the side.

I would like to mention a member of our party found the wings to be so delicious they decided to order them as their entree. The wings they received were not the same as mine though. Theirs were cooked skinless and toss in a sauce, from the appearance of the sauce I guessed it to be the sweet chili sauce that was on the side of my wings. They liked the wings they received and so they didn't say anything but it definitely was NOT what they ordered. Looking over the menu now, I notice the description for 'Whiskey Wings' coincides more closely with what was brought out to our friend. It's possible there was a miscommunication/misunderstanding along the lines. No big deal, they were satisfied and even went back the following weekend because they enjoyed the restaurant that much.

For our entrees I ordered the Tuscan Chicken and my girlfriend had the Grilled Ribeye. I only tasted her Ribeye so I can't comment too much there, but she loved it. It was tender and juicy, with decent flavor. My Tuscan Chicken was amazing. It's chicken breast stuffed with spinach & feta topped with bacon cream sauce. This dish stood out to me in the reviews and with good reason. The chicken was excellently seasoned, very tender, and moist. The spinach and feta combined exceptionally well with the bacon cream sauce. The bacon sauce gave a nice salty flavor neutralized by the feta & spinach.

Overall I enjoyed my experience. My only concern would be price point.

By Lauri W. at 2015-09-28

Shockoe Whiskey and Wine was good, but just not great. I popped in yesterday because I was in the area watching the bike race and knew that this would probably be my only chance in a while to sneak in here with no wait. Just like I thought, it was empty inside save for a few tables. I sat by the window and watched the bikes ride by. They have great music and the whole atmosphere was super peaceful. This is definitely a place for a special occasion.

I ordered the Alaskan Omelet with house potatoes and fresh squeezed lemonade. The omelet was stuffed with Alaskan crab, asparagus, cheddar and a trio of peppers. I omitted the asparagus and kept everything else as described. It was good, but the star of the show was actually the lemonade! Now that was amazing. It was the perfect balance of sweet and sour. I always choose fresh squeezed lemonade over that artificial crap every chance I get.

Overall, I enjoyed my meal and service was pretty good. The owner came by and spoke before I left which is always a great touch. Loved the atmosphere. But, unfortunately for Shockoe Whisky and Wine, I can get a very similar omelet for cheaper price (and a little more delicious) from somewhere else in Richmond.

By Dominic B. at 2015-10-25

I went to Shockoe Whisky and Wine for brunch on Sunday. The restaurant recently opened in Downtown Richmond. We were greeted and seated immediately by a hostess. The brunch menu is limited. I'm guessing it's limited because Shockoe Whisky and Wine just opened. I had a continental breakfast (bacon, waffle, 2 eggs, and house potatoes). All of the items were cooked well (delicious).I'm picky with eggs but they were cooked perfect. I was filled after eating my meal. Our peach mimosa was mixed well and tasty. Shockoe Whisky peach mimosa ranks high on my "Best Mimosas List". Shockoe Whisky and Wine has a really nice ambience. Our server was attentive and very polite. Parking can be a hassle at times. We didn't have a problem finding parking during Sunday brunch. I will be back to try dinner at Shockoe Whisky and Wine. I give Shockoe Whisky and Wine a 3.5 rating.

By Addie K. at 2016-02-14

My boyfriend and I had a day-before Valentine's reservation at 8:00 and were looking forward to the three course prix fixe menu. We arrived slightly earlier than our reservation time and grabbed seats at the bar for a drink. However, we waited almost 15 minutes with no acknowledgement from a bartender, despite the fact that the place was not particularly busy. We finally wrangled drinks, which were pretty good, but nobody offered us a second when we had finished and were STILL waiting for our table.

Around 8:45 we were escorted upstairs to our table and the hostess brought us glasses of water. There was no waitress in sight. We sat and waited even longer without any acknowledgement, practically starving by this point. Keep in mind, the restaurant was not busy! The waitress finally appeared and tended to some other tables, but we had been sitting another 15 minutes without so much as a glass of wine. When she did stop by our table for the first time, there was no "I'm sorry for the wait" or even "What can I get you to drink?" No, the first words out of her mouth were "Are you doing ok?" We had waited an hour past our reservation, were practically ignored the entire time, and were starving. Not ok. We got up and left at that point and had a delicious Valentine's Day meal across the street at La Bamba.

I can't speak to the food at Shockoe Whiskey & Wine, but the service was unacceptably poor. We will not be returning.

By Allen F. at 2016-09-21

It's hard to write a review for a place that didn't give us service but... We came in around 9 on a Friday night. Party of 4 and only one other table inside. 4 times a waiter came by our table to say our server would be "right" with us. We never saw another server anywhere. We went to Havana.

By Christina O. at 2016-02-26

Had the place all to ourselves and felt like royalty. Okay, so not so much royalty but the environment was friendly one. Burgers is what ALL of us ordered and ALL of us enjoyed. My burger had bleu cheese and I'm not a bleu cheese fan so that kind of took away from my 100% delight in the burger. That was my fault though... I should've told them. After lunch we were treated to a slice of cheesecake and a slice of velvet cake, both were delicious. I was a little disappointed that there was not whisky cake. I went with hopes of them having that. Oh well, can't have everything. : )

By Patreace T. at 2016-03-05

We came here around brunch time and was shocked to find no one in there. It's in a good area, very nice place but there wasn't anyone in there. We were sat upstairs over looking the street, it was a great seat. We were catered to by really nice people. It felt like a family atmosphere a little with how nice the people were working there. I ordered the burger and the home made lemonade. Everything was good. I also tried the red velvet cake (they don't have whiskey cake if you were wondering) which was really tasty. We talked to the waitress some and she said they have jazz on some nights. It's definitely a calming place that I wouldn't mind grabbing something to eat and listening to some jazz at. I will return if only for the lemonade and red velvet cake!

By Anne S. at 2015-08-22

Due to an accident, we were rerouted and when we saw the happy hour sign on Saturday, we had to stop in the old Julep's location.
The menu was inventive and the service was attentive. We had a couple of the craft cocktails and were really impressed. I loved the muddled strawberries in my drink and Schweety loved his Bullit Rye based drink. Our quesadilla was hot and delicious!
Customers are friendly and I look forward to future visits!

By Shaun B. at 2016-05-08

It takes a lot for me to write a review. I am a understanding person, if a place is crowded i don't complain if things are slow. However, last night's dinner was beyond awkward.
Our party called ahead to say we had a party of 9 coming. We arrived and our tables were set up, so all was going well. Then our waiter was almost hiding. I felt awkward around him and he avoided our party. It took almost 30 minutes to get water...the place wasnt packed at all. Our waiter slammed down glasses and water bottles, it was very unsettling. Our waiter took our drink and food order at the same time due to the time it took him to gather himself just to take our order. It was almost as if he was on something or having sever ADHD. The potental for this location is amazing, the food was good. Two of our party members meals were undercooked. But overall it was good. The wait staff just felt like they were working hard to avoid the tables.
We had a family member of the owner's in our party so i expected the best service, however this was some of the worst service i have ever had. Im giving this place two stars because the location is great and the food is good. But the service was horrible. I might give this location another shot, but some major changes need to happen on the service level.

By Dana F. at 2015-08-14

Our group had a great time! We had a large number of people coming and going and we ordered things together to split... They got all the checks right! Drinks and appetizers were top notch!

The atmosphere was great! Old Richmond with wooden rafters, brick walls, etc. The staff was kind and helpful. This is definitely going to be a regular place for me.

Recommended for date night, drinks, drinks & appetizers... I'll have to update once I actually have dinner there

By Syd B. at 2016-06-24

This is a nice place to visit. Not for large parties. We had a party at 8 didn't go up til9 && waited half hour for food. It was a hassle to get our "complementary" wings. Finally get entree and the noodles are hard and the pasta is not Cajun!

By A'tasha C. at 2016-04-15

So I will give a review of two separate experiences. On April 2, I came in with some friends for dinner. There was no one there to greet us so we kind of just stood there until a young lady came up. We asked for a table for 5. She wasn't rude but she wasn't friendly, a bit despondent is probably the best word. We sit upstairs and let me say this, the decor is the best part of the restaurant. We were commenting on how good it looked. Now the not-so-good part. Our server, a gentleman, came and gave us water. I thanked him but he didn't respond. Maybe he didn't hear me I thought. But this happened about 4 or 5 times to our entire table. It happened so much that I actually thought we were having a communication barrier. So let's cut to the meal. I ordered the steak, medium well. The steak came out very well done. Maybe it had been sitting for awhile. My friend got lamb which she said was too small for the price. A few people ordered the chicken and someone else just got an appetizer. The food was okay. It definitely wasn't overwhelming, but it wasn't bad either. So now it's time to leave. One of my friends noticed that she had been billed twice. The server said he corrected it yet the bill didn't reflect that. When she pointed it out, he said "well I mean I fixed it." It had the potential to be a bit of a banter (hold onto that because it matters later).

Now I figured that experience was just a fluke so I decided to host a dear friend's birthday party there. A party for 20 people. I followed the instructions on the website which were to call between 10a-4pm. I started on Tuesday. No answer or either the line rings busy. So I send an email today. The owner, Chris, calls me and immediately says that I must not have had the right number because there's nothing wrong with his line. Well the 11 calls I made today alone that went unanswered say otherwise. He tells me that he doesn't have availability for that time and then asks about another day. I respond no but that we will find another place that can accommodate that time. He responds that they have an opening at 5 and at 10:30. I ask him when does their kitchen close. He says 11p. So you're going to seat, fill orders, plate and serve 20 people in 30 minutes? I tell him that's okay but that I wish I would have been able to speak to him earlier in the week to make other arrangements. Here comes the banter. In essence, Chris says that there was nothing wrong with their phone and tells me the only times they would have been unavailable were on Tuesday from 2:30-4. I shared with him exactly what I will post here which is this: the climate of the staff and now apparently the owner don't match the actual dining experience. I've lived in DC for about 3 years and I might expect this from a place that has excellent food and wine and is always booked to capacity. But that's not this place. Bantering with patrons is never the way to go. Honestly, had he just let the conversation end with an I'm sorry but we just can't accommodate you, that would have been fine. But Chris seemed to have a need to be right. He just couldn't accept that no one was available to answer the phone.

I can see where the owner is trying to go and what he would like to accomplish in RVA, but the quality doesn't match the attitude yet. My meal might have been $50 including my drinks which, to me, is fairly cheap. But I don't want to pay $50 for subpar service and a restaurant who would rather argue than accommodate.

Needless to say, I made one phone call to an establishment two blocks over. Reservation made. All needs are met.

By Caroline B. at 2015-09-11

My friends and I came to this place before, and had a complete different experience. This time... Service was terrible. Slow as molasses. Drinks came out super late, appetizers late. My food came out cold. Everyone's order was mixed up, and the manager had the audacity to say it's because we came in as a party of 7 with no reservation. If you can't serve that many extra people, do not seat them. I'd rather go find a meal elsewhere that's more accomadating rather than mess up your costumer service and reviews. Also two tables that were seated before us complained about the service as well.

Not planning on coming back anytime soon.

By Jeremy F. at 2016-02-14

Let me start by saying I have spent some time in the restaurant industry and give restaurants, especially new restaurants, the benefit of the doubt most of the time. But with that said Shockoe Whiskey and Wine seemed to go out of their way to ruin my Valentine's Day with my beautiful girlfriend.

We had a 8pm reservation that was so exclusive that it requires me to put a credit card down! We got there before 8 and grabbed a drink at the bar, well I should say waited 10 minutes for the bartender to come to the bar. Where she was I couldn't tell you. We then ordered and got our drinks. We finished them around 820, noticed there were plenty of open tables but the hostess seemed uninterested in seating us. After finally getting her attention we were seated around 845, for our 8pm reservation. We then had another 20 minute wait for our waitress to even acknowledge us, and when she asked us if we were doing ok, I knew it was just time to get up and leave!

I can understand when a restaurant is busy that service maybe slow, but Shockoe Whiskey was not that busy. They knew others were waiting and having the same issues that we were having, but no one cared to acknowledge that. There was no manager in sight to help out or to check on tables, or even to grab drinks.

I would say I am never going back, but with the way things were run last night and people having similar experiences there, they are not going to be there much longer. With all the great new restaurants springing up in Richmond, Shockoe Whiskey and Wine is not one worth your time to check out.

By Valerie M. at 2016-06-29

The service was super slow and my grilled shrimp was raw. My drink was good. I can't recommend this place based on my experience.

By Sonya M. at 2015-09-13

Food is absolutely amazing here! It's been a long time since we've been to an upscale restaurant wherein the food was seasoned perfectly. The Captain Crunch and Sweet Whiskey wings were to die for! De-lish!! I had the Chef's Catch - Salmon, and sauteed shrimp with mash potatoes and grilled asparagus. My hubby had the Ribeye with mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. Both were excellent!! We had one adult beverage - The Shockoe was strong but good. The food is a little pricey, but it was well worth it. Bill came to about $74 with tip $90. The ambience was good, the music was eclectic. In the company of good was worth it on a Sunday afternoon.

By Kimber D. at 2015-10-09

Always loved the look of this place. Had the lobster appetizer as an entrée and it was large enough for a meal. Great chardonnay reduction. My dinner guests loved the mussels and chardonnay.

The pacing of the meal was a bit rushed and the table was often crowded - next course was brought out before the previous finished.

Coupled with the fact they were out of a bourbon at at whiskey bar. I'll go back, but I'll temper my enthusiasm.

By Brittany W. at 2016-02-26

Let me preface this review by saying that I am only reviewing a bar experience and we only had a few drinks. We stopped in because of the wide whiskey selection and Shockhoe backed that claim up well with a huge variety to pick from. We were greeted by a very friendly bartender as soon as we sat down and we enjoyed chatting with her. She was able to recommend a great signature cocktail for me - a smash with blueberries, whiskey, simple syrup and some soda - but the issue came when we ordered an old fashioned. It was only her second day behind the bar so I don't expect her to know all of her drinks backwards and forwards yet. But when she asked the other bartender for help, the other girl clearly didnt know what she was making either. No citrus garnish, no bitters and topped with a lot of soda? While I'm sure some people would like that drink, when you order an old fashioned with an expensive whiskey, you don't want it to go to waste like that. I expect bartenders at a bar that boasts about their whiskey to know how to make a classic whiskey cocktail. Needless to say, we were disappointed by the turnout. Great service, just poor knowledge.

The restaurant itself was beautiful on the side with a great exposed brick wall and an awesome staircase accenting the corner of the room. I am curious about the menu as the food does look delicious. Since this is a newer restaurant, I would give this place a second chance and hope my opinion turns around!

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