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Shooters Billiards

Shooters Billiards
  • Street 10226 Indiana Ave
  • City Riverside
  • Region California
  • Postcode 92503
  • Telphone (951) 785-9588
  • Opentime
  • Raging (36)
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Shooters Billiards introduction
Estimated average consumption of $7.48 - $14.96 per person. We offer 46 menus, including Chips & Salsa, Buffalo Wings, Chicken Tenders, Mozzarella Sticks, Nachos, Chili Cheese Nachos, Chicken Cheese Nachos and so on.
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Shooters Billiards reviews

By Benny G. at 2016-11-27

Great pool tables. Not just your standard bar size either. It would be great if they had real dartboards, though.

By Suri B. at 2016-09-15

The experience there isn't much like anything the people describe it to be. It has a dive feel but its short lived. The staff that are suppose to walk around have a stinkface the whole time. It was as if it was the customer's job to not bother them from walking around. The customer service is what it is. The drink selection is small in comparison but still demand a competitive price. The tables are clean but good luck finding a que that isn't warped.

Based on some other reviews and my own experience, the inconsistent quality of service seems to be the standard.

By Martin G. at 2016-01-23

This is my favorite place in riverside to play pool. Plenty of 9 and 7 foot tables. They take very good care of their equipment, change their felt regularly, and even have Brunswick centennial balls.

With a full bar and a grill for some good eats, what more can you ask?

By Nicolette P. at 2016-02-24

Update! The owners contacted me after seeing my review and I am no longer allowed at their establishment. Apparently that's how they do business.

And I heard from a mutual friend that the owners posted on their Facebook asking their friends to fluff their yelp rating by writing reviews. Hence all the recent 5 star reviews.

By Sebastian L. at 2015-07-24

Been here a few times. It's a very chill spot. Whenever we've ordered some appetizers they've been pretty good. Decent prices.

Edit: I don't like that the staff will walk around and get up in your bubble to grab empty plates or baskets. Can't they just wait til we leave...geeze

By Jon T. at 2016-03-03

Update: finally got off work early enough to try their regular menu ( usually only make it in time for appetizers). Got a bacon cheese burger and that thing was bomb! I got to try and get off work earlier to get another one!

By Serena S. at 2015-09-20

It was nice to play pool but the bartender sucks . I think they water down their liquor. A lot of getto drunk people , a fight broke our and everyone stood around and watched and video taped ! People really need to grow up

By Liz J. at 2015-12-27

This place is expensive, $10/hr for pool?! Drinks were nothing special and didn't get a chance to try food. Wouldn't come again.

By Terick T. at 2015-10-11

It's a dive. But we like it.

By R B. at 2014-08-28

Skank Watch 2014!

This is a pool hall in Riverside ladies, not LA - dress accordingly. Women who wear slinky dresses and/or stilettos (why?) and just come to sit and text never picking up a cue (again, whyyyyyyyyy???) look odd and out of place. Don't be that girl.

Other than those women trolling for strange, this place is great. Their happy hour deals on tables are an exceptional bargain.

Come before 6 if you want a good deal and a few rounds of pool. Come after 8 on a Friday or Saturday if you want to see an accidental nip slip. :p

By Chris V. at 2015-05-09

Called to ask if something was showing, whomever answered didn't even let me finish. 'NO WE'RE NOT' and hung up.

By Mike F. at 2015-07-08

Overall this place is great, the tables are kept in good condition and the cues are also in good conditions. The workers are always helpful and never have any attitudes. The best part of this place is that it is vape friendly so of your a vaper and wanna play pool, this is your place!!! The only downfall about this place is the bathrooms, I know it's a bar and all but those bathrooms need a facelift. Other that that this is a great place to kick it with your buddies

By Crissy P. at 2014-04-12

We've been here three times. Twice later afternoon Fridays and once Saturday night.

Atmosphere: Usually quiet when we're there with serious players shooting pool. It's a big place which is nice you don't feel like you're on top of everyone else. At night there is more people and more music. People are respectful. Bathroom is always clean. Some broken down chairs which would be nice if they looked better but plenty of seating, tables, and sticks. Once it was too warm for us and we had to go cool off outside. There is also a jukebox. Very casual.

Pool and other: Great tables and lots of them for a pool hall just about as good as you're gonna get. They have several electronic darts games which are fun to play too.

Food: This was the big surprise for us because usually places like this have not impressed us. But everything we have ordered has been REALLY GOOD. Hamburger, stuffed jalapeño, chili nachos, wings. All good. Better food than some restaurants.

This last time we played darts too and that was fun. For us it's just a nice place to get out, play some pool, have a couple of drinks and enjoy ourselves. Not really a singles scene from what I've seen. Just friends hanging out type stuff.

We've tried just about every pool hall in the corona, riverside, rancho, ontario area and the food puts this one over the top. We also like the location as it's closer to us than the other good ones.

We used to go to Tiki Bar and Lounge to play pool but they closed. This place has better tables and better food so we're happy we found a new place!

UPDATE: We went back this weekend had the Philly Cheese Steak and onion rings. SO GOOD. Did I already say the food is good here? Both were excellent but the onion rings in particular were the BOMB. I think this kitchen deserves to be a full fledged restaurant.

By Illiana A. at 2014-08-04

This place was great! They serve food late and have a great selection of beer on top. They have yummy drink specials and the mugs are ice cold! Enough pool tables for everyone that was there...

My only suggestion would be for them to dim the lights a bit... It was really bright in there... Other than that... Awesome!

By Mikkele D. at 2014-05-25

Cool people (I half expect everyone to shout "Norm!" when I walk in), great tables, awesome food, and a place where billiards is taken seriously and most people show up with their own customized cues.
If you need a custom cue, ask for Nelson.

By Cathy N. at 2012-11-28

Came here the night of Thanksgiving (the youngins in the family wanted to get out for a bit!), and had a great time! "Thankful" they were actually open on Thanksgiving ;-)

We played about an hour and a half of pool - they have SEVERAL pool tables here. Regular ones, and the smaller bar pool tables. It only cost $15 to rent the table! We bought two pitchers, each only about 10 bucks. The crowd here was pretty chill, and was quite diverse. A great way to end a wonderful holiday :)

If I'm ever in the area again and in the mood for pool, I wouldn't mind hitting this place up again!

By Marissa V. at 2014-12-28

This place is alright if you want to chill with a close group of friends while drinking beer and shooting a couple games of pool. Personally, I like being around a more lively crowd with people more in my age group (20's)

By Chuck H. at 2015-08-13

My friends and I rendezvous at Shooters every week to shoot pool, visit, and relax. We always enjoy it. The tables are well kept, the prices are good and it's a nice atmosphere overall. Chuck Hornsby

By Adrienne R. at 2011-12-30

I dont know why I really like this bar - I dont play pool haha and thats its main thing, but EVERY time I come here I have a good time no matter what. The bartenders are really nice and knowledgeable; Im not a big drinker, but she always has suggestions for whatever your tolerance is haha. I got two drinks: a sex on the beach and an irish car bomb and my total tab was only $14.50, not too bad. The food is pretty ok too. I like to go on Wednesdays because there is karaoke :D This is as unpretentious as it gets, it's a good time for sure!

By Suzy Toprakjian T. at 2014-10-13

If you are looking for a great time, than this is the spot to be. Usually tables are open, snacks are good and made fast.They are also freeway close and open late.

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