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Estimated average consumption of $13.33 - $26.66 per person. We offer 202 menus, including Edamame, Spicy Edamame, Vegetable Spring Roll, Grilled Eggplant, Shrimp Tempura, Vegetable Tempura, Crispy Spicy Wing and so on.
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Shun's Kitchen reviews

By Jae T. at 2016-12-17

Another south end corner spott !!!
Cute little bar that serves colorful asian inspired drinks on the menu kind only !!!
All of which are well known kinds !!!
Very refreshing & freshly made
Amazing additions option to every single tiny thing
Warm customer service & extremely good waiting !!!

By Kelly C. at 2016-12-17

i've only been here once, but this place struck me as a very solid three.

food: i ordered shrimp tempura appetizer and mango chicken stir fry. the shrimp tempura was very flakey/oily, which is normal for tempura i guess. i was a bit disappointed with the mango chicken stir fry, however if you like sweet food, i would recommend this. my friend ordered sushi (maki rolls), and she said it was really good!

service: the service was very average as well. definitely not bad service, but also didn't stand out. we had to wait for a while to pay because their system was down and couldn't take cards. they apologized for this, and i definitely understand since it is not their fault that the system was not working.

overall, the restaurant was very average in my opinion

By Ann B. at 2016-12-13

When I moved to the South End, I was overwhelmed by the amount of restaurants that could satisfy my Pad Thai/noodle craving. After systematically eating & ordering delivery from each of them (nom nom), I've concluded that Shun's is my go-to place.

1. The delivery is always freaky speedy (like 15 mins, no lie. Although I do live right down the street so I might be biased)

2. CRISPY PAD THAI. To die for.

3. Friendly employees who provide pretty great customer service

4. Cute decor on a cute corner of a cute street in the heart of the cute South End.

& that's all. Going to order some delivery now!

By Yue Z. at 2016-12-15

Amazing restaurant. Classy deco and lots of variety regarding to food choices. You can have non-spicy Chinese, spicy Szichuan Chinese food, Korean, ramen, sushi, etc.! With the nice environment, the price is cheaper than I expected and the food is superb. It feels like a whiter classier version of the Red Lantern but the food is better and cheaper. Best Asian fusion restaurant I tried this year. I really hope it will do well. Highly recommend!

By Homan M. at 2016-09-25

Another late night adventure, this time in Boston. Most places were closed by this hour so we were fortunate to find Shun's Kitchen who were kind enough to accommodate us.

We sat in the front corner of the restaurant against the brick wall and watched the rain through the windows. It was truly peaceful as no one else was in the restaurant and chill electro music was playing softly.

I ordered the braised pork belly ramen which came in a white broth. "This is new", I thought, but I wasn't phased. The ramen was pretty standard and reasonably priced for what you get. Our sweet potato tempura rolls were made exactly how you'd expect them.

Overall, the food was decent but the night was made special from the vibe of the place and weather.

By Grace O. at 2016-07-27

Decided to try out this place for a lunch one day and I was thoroughly disappointed.

Service: The server we had was totally incompetent. To be honest, there was bad first impression due to the fact that my question of "Are you guys open yet" was answered with a rude tone and I was only notified of which door was the entrance (there are like 5 doors at this place) after I walked right by the server and almost tried to go through the wrong door. He watched me do this and waited til I was pulling the door handle to let me know that I passed the entrance 5 steps back. Then he refused to give us the lunch menu, until I asked if there was a lunch menu AND then also asked if we can take a look. He didn't check on us much even though we were one of two tables there. Lastly, he seemed quite disappointed fact that I was not Chinese, which I found to be rude.

Food: The portions were great. Bento boxes come with a lot of food. Quality, however, could have been better. I got a Chinese dish and my friend got a Korean dish and, as expected, the Chinese dish was better seeing as how this is a pan Asian restaurant run by Chinese people.

Although food was alright, because of the service I don't think I will be going back to this place.

By Lindsay W. at 2016-12-12

Ordered delivery and very much enjoyed. happy to have this down the street. It has a great menu that can satisfy anyone. One of us got chicken teriyaki with rice and it looked really healthy. It wasn't the normal fried up dish covered in sauce, everything was separately boxed and came with one grilled piece of chicken breast, not even cut up yet. This might be disappointing for some, but it was appreciated on this end. The sushi rolls and crispy pad thai were also enjoyed. looking forward to trying again in the future.

By David K. at 2016-12-03

I've at Jaes Cafe for many years living in the neighborhood anyways always excellent toward the end it was hit or miss but still relatively OK,
But now Shun's kitchen has taken over which does not come close to Jay's food on their worst day!!! I've never had Thai, Asian food lacking the taste!!!! I've tried ShunsKitchen 3 to 4 times hoping that they would get better but at this point I will no longer try them which is a shame being in my neighborhood and very convenient!!!

By Chris C. at 2016-09-05

A worthy successor to Jae's - in fact even better than Jae's (at least in its last years. My favorite dish here is the chasu ramen so good I literally dream about it! Delicious broth, lots of pork belly. It's delicious!

They also have Excellent thin skinned steamed mini soup dumplings (AKA Xao Long Bao) They are better here than any in Chinatown!

Service is friendly and efficient and I've never had to wait for a table.

By Sandy Y. at 2016-03-13

Accidentally chanced upon this place originally because we were trying to find Cafe Madeline which was located right across the street and found out that it was sadly closed until April 1st for repairs. We noticed this and decided that it was worth a try.

We noticed that there were two doors next to each other and the door on the left one worked so we walked in. The inside decor is very modern looking with an even balance of Asian decor and American decor. There is a long ramp leading up to the other room before you're actually seated into a nice dining area where there's a nice bay window in the front of the restaurant with some nice 2 people seater tables. There were about 3 tables filled so we got seated quite quickly for 3pm weekend walk-in.

There is a sushi bar and a mini bar next to the fish tank where they're already serving alcohol for the day. We quickly scanned the menu and noticed that the lunch menu option was still available until 4:30pm so we went with half of the group choosing from that menu and half of our group choosing from the regular menu.

Glancing around the restaurant, it's a pretty clean restaurant, just a little empty. Customer service was awesome though. Our waitress was quite attentive and very understanding of my friend's allergies and vegetarian needs and constantly came back to refill our drinks.

We ordered:
1) Bento Box - Chicken Teriyaki with a small salad, white rice, 1 sushi roll & 3 tempura pieces ($9.99): Chicken Teriyaki was pretty good and the sauce was just enough to provide the grilled chicken a nice flavor. Dressing for the salad was semi sweet and complimented it well. Came with a miso soup (other option was sweet & sour soup).
2) Bento Box - Vegetarian Platter with a small salad, brown rice option, 1 sushi roll & 3 tempura pieces ($9.99): Extra vegetable tempura pieces with a nice dipping sauce; was good. Came with a miso soup.
3) Pad This Chicken with crispy noodle: Never had it with crispy noodles before but the chicken was quite flavorful and with the crispy noodle, gave it a nice extra crunch.

Overall, bill came about to be about $40 for the entire meal + tip. Nice find!

By Megan K. at 2016-07-29

I just moved and my first night in my new apartment, I realized I had exactly zero kitchen anything and needed to go grab food. I didn't want anything heavy, so I found Shun's on Yelp.

I was seated by myself but then asked to sit at the bar, which was the right choice. I watched DNC, had some wine, and chatted with Diane, the fantastic bartender. I ordered the sushi dinner, 7 nigiri, a California roll, miso soup, and salad. It was plenty of food at a very reasonable price.

I cannot wait to go back.

By Shawn W. at 2016-10-28

I've come to really like this place. Last evening was my 2nd visit within the last two weeks. The atmosphere inside is quite nice. There's a cute bar, a few tables and a giant fish tank. It seems pretty big because there's another side of the place for seating.
The gentleman who is a server/bar tender is nice and pretty good at making mai tais. I've been both times with a Taiwanese friend and it's nice the server is patient with my mandarin and is generally friendly.
The food is solid. The chicken satay appetizer comes with pretty good-sized chicken skewers and a good peanut dipping sauce. I've had the Kong Pao chicken and General Gao.
I think this place does a great job with service, food and music. I like the loungy melodies that play as I enjoy the night out.

By Z R. at 2016-10-12

Really yummy Chinese food and often pretty empty restaurant, which is confusing! The chicken they use is not your typical mysteriously textured meat -- it's white and flaky when you cut into that General Gao chicken. The appetizers I've tried are generously portioned -- Spicy Edamame and Dan Dan Noodles, specifically.

Friendly and professional service.

They have a cool fish tank on the way to the restrooms -- check out the big guy with buck teeth!

By Sue L. at 2016-10-10

Fancy twist on Chinese food and added Japanese yums in South End Fav dish was the Kobe

By Ray M. at 2016-12-16

It's a nice place. I walked a long way here, and I hope it deserves it. Anyways I'm now waiting for the dishes

By Ash C. at 2016-03-07

What a pleasantly surprising little corner restaurant! Their sashimi was extremely fresh and good portioned. My favorite food there is Bibimbap. It was unbelievably tasty and well-seasoned. I think it was one of the best Bibimbap I have tried in my whole life. Amazing!!

By Brad G. at 2016-11-13

best damn ramen I ever had! I got the crispy duck Ramen asked for extra spicy and this is perfect ! Great drinks, great beer, was insanely good ramen. Love this place.

By Alejandro P. at 2016-10-14

Well, we came for the chicken Pad Thai and also hoping there would be some worthy specials. Sigh... Utter and complete disappointment on all fronts. Pad Thai was kind of tasteless, with chicken that felt both dry and greasy. The lime they added to dress it was both really old and completely juice-less. We were pretty hungry, so we did have a good chunk of it while we waited for the plum-sauce duck. Oh my God... My taste buds struggled to get going. The plum in the plum sauce was hard to find in a lumpy, flavorless and a little on the cold side concoction. I am glad we had ordered pan fried dumplings first which were unremarkable yet decent. And we had to try for a solid quarter hour to park. In short, not returning any time soon.

By Shelby D. at 2016-08-29

I'll be honest, I don't like leaving poor reviews. I've loved this place for years, back when it was Jae's, and I barely noticed when the ownership exchanged hands and it became Shun's Kitchen - it felt seamless. The service is always excellent, and the staff are always very friendly and welcoming.

Recently I had a poor experience in terms of the food quality. Over the past several months I've noticed that the sushi is typically smaller when I order take-out versus eating in. Then this past Friday I ordered take-out, and got my husband chicken teriyaki (which was lackluster) and myself 3 different sushi rolls. I actually ended up tossing out my snow mountain maki and eel + avocado maki because they tasted extremely chemically, almost like chlorine, I couldn't eat it - I was honestly seriously worried that I would get sick, let alone my concern with the repulsive taste.These rolls are typically my go-tos and are normally delicious, so you can imagine my disappointment!

And in all honesty, I probably should've called the restaurant to give them a heads up, but by the time I sat down to eat it was around 9pm.

Pleaseeeee fix this! I love this restaurant and would love to go back, as long as the sushi is actually quality and not reeking and tasting of chemicals...

By Jennie B. at 2016-10-05

Updated review: Same great food, cute ambiance, and easy accommodation for a group. They split the checks this time so improved rating! The only thing keeping a 5 star rating is the attitude of the server when asked to do separate checks (a blatant eye roll and sigh)...I really don't get the issue with separating checks here. But everyone's human and it didn't detract from the general experience so I'd recommend this place. All other employees were very gracious.

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