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Silver Mine Subs

Silver Mine Subs
  • Street 311 N Frances St
  • City Madison
  • Region Wisconsin
  • Postcode 53703
  • Telphone (608) 286-1000
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  • Raging (6)
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Silver Mine Subs introduction
Estimated average consumption of $3.78 - $7.56 per person. We offer 61 menus, including 2 Medium Subs or Wraps Special, Any Dynamite Wrap Special, Bottled Water, Bottled Soda (20 oz.), 2 Liter Soda, Vitamin Water, 1. Bacon Breakfast Burrito and so on.
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Silver Mine Subs reviews

By Sarah K. at 2015-04-23

I like silver mine because you can got hot or cold subs. The buffalo chicken is a good hot sub and comstock is a good cold one. I think it is just this location, but the staff is always crabby and sometimes don't make the sandwiches very well. Still like it though, it's a convenient location for me and is good if Ian's is full at bar closing time. They also have delivery and I've always had good experiences with their delivery.

By Erin L. at 2015-01-21

I've ordered from Silver Mine way too many times to count, so I know today might have just been a fluke.

When I received my sub today there were several toppings missing. I called the store to inform them of this, and the operator seemed annoyed and apathetic about my issue. She did not give me a resolution, and rather waited for me to make a demand, and after some awkward silence she ended the call.

Subs are usually great, but apparently their customer service could use some work.

By Larry S. at 2015-06-09

Not a good place for breakfast. Sign and ads say they open at 7 which hasn't happened this week. Breakfast burrito is average at best.
Doubt if I will try them again.

By Seth W. at 2015-07-05

I've only been once and can't comment on the other sandwiches, but the Cour d'Alene hot sandwich is awful.

The "roast beef" is essentially dog food: it's shredded and bathed in a strange tasting sauce that my white bread wouldn't absorb. Unfortunately, the sauce is necessary: the meat crumbles and falls everywhere without the goop holding it together. Regrettably, it tastes like it looks.

Otherwise, the white bread was good: buttery, but not too rich, and the au ju had a nice flavor, but the shredded meat paste was just too much.

I won't say don't go to Silver Mine at all. The cold subs look promising, but skip the Cour d'Alene at all costs.

(If you are really in the mood for a processed meat product, head over to State Street Brats and pick up the chicken wings.)

By Brian P. at 2014-11-07

I eat silver mine all the time at their belt line location for lunch! i saw their new location downtown the other day and I will definitely be going there before and maybe even after every home badger basketball and hockey game. Screw waiting in line at Ian's for a slice of Pizza. I'd rather have a cripple creek (Chicken, bacon, ranch) sandwich any day!

By Benjamin T. at 2011-12-21

Slow delivery and no Boxed Lunch combos make me really regret moving just outside the downtown location's delivery zone. I just want a crappy sandwich and cookie before hitting the sack after a tipsy evening out.

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