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Society American Bistro

Society American Bistro
  • Street 1421 E Cary St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23219
  • Telphone (804) 648-5100
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Society American Bistro introduction
Estimated average consumption of $15.44 - $30.88 per person. We offer 138 menus, including Soup Du Jour, Arugula Salad, Shaved Beet Salad, Jerk Shrimp, Littleneck Clams, Foie Gras, Cheese Plate and so on.

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Society American Bistro reviews

By Jackie M. at 2016-10-20

Great food, delicious drinks and amazing staff!! Definitely a Richmond go to. Best DJs in the area, high energy environment and lots of great food specials to enjoy throughout the week.

By Meg M. at 2016-11-19

Had such a horrible experience. My roommate is a minority woman, and she was told that her outfit was not appropriate, and therefore was not let in. She was wearing an "early 2000s" outfit, as the other ten of us were. Because she was a minority, she was not allowed in. I gave this place a try.. will not again.

By Aimee B. at 2016-05-31

While exploring Richmond on a long holiday weekend my boyfriend I stumbled into Society for dinner. We quickly realized that while the food was decent, we were almost four hours too early to really experience what the bar is really all about.

The one thing I can comment on, however, is Kevin the bartender. He took his time to write a very detailed and lengthy list of placed to go and things to do during the rest of our stay. He even went as far as to give us his number just in case we needed a friendly face during our stay in town.

While we weren't able to hit every place on his list it was a great help and he definitely helped make our stay in Richmond great.

By Denise K. at 2015-09-15

I'm seeing a lot of bad reviews on here, but I didn't think it was so bad!

Disclaimer: I didn't come here for food so I can't comment on that. I just came for the club but I had a lot of fun! The music was good- we didn't get any EDM, but more hip hop and older R&B which happens to be my favorite.

The club was packed and lively. I wouldn't mind coming back here soon!

By Chris L. at 2016-03-16

College type bar / club. Good music. Great stereo system and staff was handling huge crowd on st Patrick's day weekend pretty well. The vip areas being empty when could be used to help congestion was a bit annoying. Good place to dance and drink.

By Ghia E. at 2015-05-02


ZERO STARS. Racism is not something I am used to. I do not agree with it and it's sad that it still exists.

We tried to come here wearing sneakers after the Pacquiao and Mayweather fight. People inside had running shoes or vans and there were numerous people with cargo shorts.

First they called us out on our shoes. I pointed out the running shoes. Then they called us out on my boyfriends cargo shorts. So I pointed to the guy they let in right before us.

"Your boyfriend's shorts are too long." Too long?!?!? They're at his knees. The same as the other guy. I point out another guy in the bar with the same length shorts. "Your boyfriend's has too many pockets."

Racism. There was only one other difference.
I am stunned. I am sad that this is where our world still is.

DO NOT support this place.

This was just five minutes ago. 1am ET, May 3, 2015.

See my other review on Cha Cha's

By Heather L. at 2015-01-15

This place was ok. Ladies in corsets serving drinks. Perfect place to order "cheap girly shots" as I asked of the lady bartender. Never ventured into the dance area. Bathrooms were ok. Drinks were fine. Didn't eat any food. If it wasn't my younger friend's birthday and her pick I probably wouldn't have come here...probably fun for people 10 years younger than me ;)

By Josh T. at 2016-01-17

The dance club was lively. It was a fun party atmosphere. The main bar is in the middle so there was plenty of room to stand around and people watch. There is also a dance floor area that was a mass of sweat and flesh, which is a crucial component to any night spot. Drinks were expensive but that comes with the territory. My primary complaint would be that you have to part the Red Sea of the dance floor to get to the bathrooms, which is a battle when you have an overactive bladder.

By Elijah C. at 2014-01-02

I came here about 1am with three friends of mine. It had a descent mix of people dancing and having a good time. There are two bar areas that quickly serve patrons.

An unpleasant odor was emanating from an area next tot he bar, but had been cleaned. The area was roped off. That's OK, accidents happen. People get sick.

The bathrooms were clean and smelled fresh; there were no tags on the walls. A friendly older man was working in there handing out hand towels and mints. Security was visible and promoted a "safe" feeling.

Bars, dancing, and hanging out with people I don't know aren't generally my thing... but for what it is, this bar seems pretty cool and I do plan to go back. It has a really cool vibe.

Thanks for a fun evening.

By Tom C. at 2015-05-16

There are not too many clubs in Richmond and it is very unfortunate that society attempts to be one of them. This place is horrible... Their music is somewhat danceable if you like top 40s radio edm. My main concern however is their bouncers. They are clearly racist and have iq's similar to a turtle, I stood outside and watched various black men get turned away for fabricated offenses while white bros and their associates were shuttled in. I also witnessed a paying sober customer get kicked out for being too sweaty. If you are going to run a business... at least try to run a fair one. What I witnessed at society was a disgrace... I can only hope that another edm club opens to run these people out of business.

By Victoria J. at 2015-10-16

Technically I give this place 0 stars. These ppl are racist in May I went to this club my friend and I looked fabulous. I had on a leopard print body con dress. Also i was well behaved and didnt cause any trouble. My friend was let in but I wasnt. So the bouncer was rude looked at my ID and said no animal print. But they just let some bag of bones chick in with animal print that looked like a sheet. Sorry That I have a nice booty lol. That was my first time going to a club and my last. Maybe they would get more diversity if they were not so racist. Then, it would help if they have a dresscode online or posted up somewhere. I mean come on of they can post pictures of white girls on fb advertising for ppl to come see them, the LEAST they can do is put up a dresscode. Just if youre any color other than WHITE this club is not for you! Maybe if things get better I would like to try this place again.

By Austin L. at 2015-12-20

I have been coming here for awhile now with no problems, I've had some problems with people in my group at times but was able to calmly resolve the problems with the bouncers until tonight. I work in the service industry and understand what it takes to deal with unruly guests at time. We were nothing like that. I wish I knew his name. I will also never step foot in this establishment again. One of the bouncers is looking for problems. He physically assaulted me and my friend for no reason. He came into a situation that he knew nothing about and got physical when it wasn't necessary. After physically throwing my friend out, I proceeded to have a civil conversation with him, not raising my voice more than was necessary with the noise level. Asking him what my friend did to warrant this, knowing the whole situation. I did not cuss at him, nor did I get in his face. Simple conversation. It was met by him cussing me out, him threatening me, and physically throwing me out when no actions were being shown that warranted it. After I was physically pushed halfway into the street, I turn around to find the same bouncer throwing my friend to the ground for no reason again. I'm surprised they haven't had legal action against them already for his actions. I have read what bouncers can and cannot do to patrons of their establishment, and he most certainly does not do anything remotely close to that. He will ruin this place if they don't either fire him or put him on a leash. My only bad experiences with this place have been because of a single person, I hate to give them only 1 star but with a member on their staff like that, it ruins the whole place and would never bring a friend here. It was the same one that had a review written about him earlier. Tattoos beside his eye, maybe 5'9-5'10. Try's to look big and scary but it doesn't help lol

By James C. at 2015-12-09

I'll admit I'm not into the club scene as much as I was when I was younger nor does my review hold ground to the everyday college student looking to have a good weekend night out. The line into the place wasn't that long, it's cold outside and warm within. Loud music and alcohol I felt like taking off my coat, so I give it to a friend to take up front, he tells me it is secure inside the office. Come 1:30 am, I am ready to leave and go home, trying not to reckless or rude I mention to one of the bouncers my coat is in the office, "The guy in charge of the coat rack" all night. He tells me it's not in there. His facial expressions on top of those prison tattoos of tear drops under his eyes tells me different. So my friend comes back who dropped off the coat makes the guy aware of my coat, he was all of a sudden convinced. After walking out satisfied with my coat he was discouraged and try to follow me which as a bit creepy.

By Emily M. at 2014-09-05

Horrible service!!! I felt so disrespected by the staff! I payed 9 dollars for a drink and than 20 minutes later asked for a water. The bartender said she would get it and than proceeded to take other peoples drink orders. I waiting for like 10 minutes and kept catching her eye and she completely ignored me.

There are large windows that are left open and I had gone outside to get fresh air since I couldn't get water and my friend was standing just inside the window. He handed me his cup of water and a bouncer came over immediately and grabbed the cup out of my hand and said "you can't have drinks outside". I explained to him that it was water but he threw it away saying "you can get more water inside"...I understand the man has a job to but he could have just said to me calmly "miss you can't have drinks outside, I have to take that" and I would have respectively handed it over.

Haven't felt that disrespected by a staff in a long time. Yes, society's is fun and there's always a lot of people there. But there's other fun bars in Richmond where I'm actually treated with respect. Won't be back there any time soon

By Elizabeth H. at 2014-07-06

I'd sooner be shot in the face than frequent this place again.

The music was terrible, the girls were sloppy drunk, and the drinks crappy but strong. If that's your scene then go for it.

By A.M. D. at 2014-06-04

Greasy, Tasteless Mess.

Stopped in for lunch recently after seeing the sandwich board out front stating Cheesesteak Sandwiches were $2 off.

I was a little apprehensive because it was prime lunchtime (about 12:30) on a Wednesday, and the place was nearly deserted. I found out why.

This is primarily a dark, drinking dive with about 5-6 TVs mounted to the walls showing sports. There was not a greeter (though there was a greeter station) so I eventually had to wander to the back of the restaurant to find someone to wait on me. The service was friendly, though not exceptionally quick... especially given the sparse lunch crowd.

I ordered the aforementioned steak & cheese sub. It comes with grilled onions, mushrooms & peppers on a toasted ciabatta roll. I requested lettuce & tomato be added. For a side, I had the pasta salad.

The sandwich was a greasy, tasteless mess. Since the roll was toasted hard, and the contents were so greasy, nothing would stay in the roll. No matter how hard I pressed down, everything kept sliding out onto my hand and plate, and the only real discernible taste was of grease. I couldn't really taste the beef, cheese, or even the onion... it was just one bland mess. I love mushrooms and was disappointed to find they had only put a few on the sandwich ...and again, you couldn't taste them... or the tomato, which was worn looking, as was the slice of lettuce they threw on (shredded would have been better for a cheesesteak).

I requested some mayo and that gave the sandwich "a little" flavor, but also seemed to increase the slipperiness of the contents. By the time I got to the second half of the sandwich, the greasy mess had soaked through even the hard toasted roll so I could no longer even hold it in my hand.

The pasta salad was "okay", but a bit bland as well.

I can only assume this place does a brisk bar business at night, because the food sure sucks (or at least the food I ordered, did). Happy Hour runs 4-8, M-F, during which rail drinks are $2, I'm told.

By Terry D. at 2014-10-27

I've been to Society several times (don't knock it till you try it!) and have been consistently disappointed. Most frequently I have visited late night when it functions as more of a club. There can be a wait though never terribly wrong. The bouncers are unfriendly at best and have actually been downright rude to my party. Inside, music bumps (and not a particularly good selection) and people crowd a dance floor. Two bars offer service yet the staff has never impressed me, they've always been very curt and rude at times.
Bathrooms are clean enough but the same can't be said for the dance floor and other areas. I've had friends slip on the dance floor and floors around the bars several times and the result is a disgusting black filth staining clothes and skin which has proved to be VERY difficult to remove. Patrons tend to be overly drunk and sloppy and can be aggressive at times. On multiple occasions questionable stenches have emanated from several parts of the establishment. Feels like a college party where kids pretend to be classy but get uncontrollably drunk and listen to absurdly loud music. If that's what you're looking for I supposed check it out but honestly there's bars with similar offerings and more relaxed/less judgmental atmospheres and cheaper prices right up the street!

By De'Neal G. at 2015-05-28

attempted to visit & was turned away because of my attire... a somewhat stylish sweatshirt (from F21) boots and leggings with boots (over the calf) & the "bouncer" at the door told me to "Dress better next time..." i don't want to call it RACIST but they have a "dress code" that sort of targets POC along with Cha-Chas & Off the Hookah YUP they do subtle racist things that definitely target you if you don't fit in their MOLD smh!!!

By Jennifer L. at 2014-10-02

I went to this place to start the evening with a group of friends and before we walked in the bouncer said "I can already tell you you're not getting in because your friend is wearing animal print"...I was shocked! I've never heard of a rule this! Sagging and du rags are ok but no animal print! Lol Everyone in our group looked absolutely gorgeous and they wouldn't let us in because of that! Apparently they could let other females wearing flip flops and tshirts but if you look like you're part of the "leopard gang" you can't get in! Lol this place is a joke!

By William M. at 2015-01-08

I mean its a club. It is what it is. The food is actually surprisingly good, which is why this place got four and not three stars. The place is loud, and the coke flows aplenty. There's not much to say that hasn't already been said. Yeah.

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