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Estimated average consumption of $5.88 - $11.76 per person. We offer 75 menus, including Soda, French Fries, Greek Fries, Honey Feta Fries, Rice Pilaf, Eggplant Strips, Mushrooms and so on.
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Spartan Gyros reviews

By Blake A. at 2016-09-14

I start my review of Spartan Gyros with this: "You will be killed with kindness here!". The best owner of any restaurant in town.

I've been a handful of times here, and wonder to myself why I don't go more often. The food is killer. Amazing Gyros will stuff your belly. Nicely seasoned fries too. More than enough to take you to sleepy town on a day that doing work is not desired.

Today, I had the pork kabobs sandwich. It was tasty! Crispy pork, because it was properly seared livened up what other places overlook. Flavor is oozing from everything I've eaten here. Nothing boring to be had!

Go here, order anything, and be surprised at the quality and flavor.

Keep coming back, not just for the food, but the infectious personality of the owner. He is doing things right!

By Steven T. at 2016-11-11

The Brookfield Wi area really doesn't have many choices for a good gyro place so I went over to this place because it had a good star rating.

I didn't have a good feeling after seeing one car in the lot but I went in anyway. The place has some figure on the roof with a cape flapping in the breeze which instantly caught my eye which looked like a warrior protecting the building, probably a spartan. The place was bright and clean looking with rock and roll blasting for some reason. There is plenty of comfy booths and tables with a nice sun room street side. There is cool murals painted on the walls.

The menu has plenty o items to choose from and a pastrami sandwich which you don't see in fast food places but I'm here for a gyro. My gyro came out fast with tons of onions, see my picture.

I had the gyro supreme was pretty big and looked intimidating at first view. It comes with a fork sticking out of the top of it because before you can eat it as a sandwich you have to chow down half of the meat before it is manageable. The onions were the super thin sliced translucent kind which I like, nothing worse than a gyro with thick sliced onions. The gyro meat was very fresh and retained its moisture which made for a good gyro that was not one of those crispy dried ones. The toasted pita was good and one of the thinner ones, not the fluffy flat bread style. The sauce was good also and both containers will be uses. After eating the top meat I was full and warped the rest to go which for me Is still a big sandwich.

Over all did it knock down my favorite, no but it was still a fresh/tasty gyro that I would get again because it was good. I did drive past a gyro place much closer but it's the wimpy small kind for the same money.

By Lacey A. at 2016-10-11

The prices have gone way up, and the service is way down. Don't call your female customers pet names, dude, seriously.

I haven't found a gyro I like better yet, but I can get comparable ones much cheaper and without the BS attitudes elsewhere.

By Sana A. at 2016-07-10

This place seems to be an oasis in an area one may hesitate to dine in. The (assumed) owner's charismatic charm and the colorful, diner-like interior made me nostalgic of the Coney Island restaurants on the Jersey Shore.

The menu has typical Greek and Mediterranean fare. We ordered the Spartan Gyros.

As another Yelper (Kellee E) noted, the gyros are pretty average. The meat wasn't as moist and flavorful as Gyros Express or Oakland Gyros. Both the meat and pita seemed...floppy? Dull? And the Taztiki Sauce was probably the most disappointing, as it tasted like sour cream w a pinch of powdered dill. A gyro is only as good as the Taztiki that accompanies it!

I asked to make mine spicy (Bc I love the Spicy Gyro at Gyros Express), so the owner suggested a Sweet Habanero Sauce on the side. I should've known that a topical spice wouldn't yield the same delicious flavor as the spicy-seasoned gyro meat at Gyros Express.

Fun Story: The owner checked in to see if the gyro was spicy enough for me. When I told him it was a tasty sauce, but not hot, he said that if I poured it all on the gyro, I'd def be in tears from the spice. So, naturally, #ChallengeAccepted. When the sauce didn't phase me, he sent over some raw jalapeño. I bit into that "like biting into an apple". Hmm, I really should enter a pepper eating contest or something.

Anyway, I would not recommend the gyros, esp not for that price. However, if I were in the area again, I'd stop in and try something else. :)

By Antony M. at 2016-12-13

Here's my suggestion for eating at Spartan Gyro: Bring your family of 5, order 1 super gyro and 4 extra pitas, feed everyone and go home stuffed. Shocking how much meat they give you. Minus one star for overall flavor of gyro and sauce, but unbeatable value for a good gyro.

By Kelsey P. at 2016-07-13

Order the Chicken Kabob Dinner Supreme. Tbh it's the only thing I've eaten on their menu but why stray when their chicken is this good? I'm not sure what spice mix they put on this chicken but it's highly addictive - you've been warned. The chicken gyro comes with a side of fries & salad. While their fries are delicious, the salad is the stand out here so nix the fries and get all salad. The owner is SUPER friendly and seems to know the majority of his customers by name. With my chicken kabob addiction, I'm sure we'll be on first name basis soon :)

By Jodi P. at 2016-12-10

Had a terrific lunch with a friend and a few kids. Great gyro - enormous, with a nice fresh pita - burgers, and seasoned fries. Greek salad with the lunch plate was plentiful and delicious. Kids happy with their burgers and dogs too. Owner very friendly! Don't get up to Milwaukee much but would definitely return.

By Lana G. at 2016-10-25

By far the best "cheap eats" in Milwaukee! The gyros are tasty and are sure to fill the hungriest appetites. The cream of chicken soup with rice and lemon is very good and a perfect accompaniment to any meal there. The Greek chicken salad is my personal favorite. The seasoning used on the grilled chicken is to die for. It's priced right and portions are beyond huge. And of course the owner Alex makes the whole dining experience a good time. For those who commented about being offended that he calls women pet names, relax!! It's all in good humor. He only wants his guests to feel welcome and feel like family. I always make it a point to stop in at Spartan when I'm in the City of Milwaukee.

By Nick R. at 2016-10-07

It is pretty pathetic when the owner of the place refers to women with pet names. "Sweetheart, Sweetie, and Baby" and then uses "love yah" to get my girlfriends attention that our order was ready? Completely inappropriate.

It's no wonder this establishment wasn't even one of the nominations for OnMilwaukee's best gyro. Between this and the owner's uncle who I've witnessed being a complete jerk to other customers for no reason, I'll never spend a dime at this establishment again. Foods has always been delicious, but customer service leaves a ton to be desired. Think Chicago's Wiener Circle only it's not an act. It's just who they are. #FIBS

By Jessica F. at 2016-10-14

Owner is very rude and disrespectful & lost our business before we could even order. When asking questions about the menu & different wording of the menu items, he was rushing us and was very short with his response to my mother. We were up visiting from Georgia and had never been to a gyro restaurant before. When my mom said slow down (when trying to understand what he was saying) he said I can't slow down, I'm from Chicago, I gotta get to these ppl behind you. Well frankly, i don't care how many ppl were behind us, we were paying customers just like everybody else. We wanted to visit there and try something new and b/c of his attitude, his restaurant just lost all possibility of our business again. I'm so glad we left.

By Adam B. at 2016-07-29

I must say this place has excellent food compared to most gyro joints. Gyros and burgers are high quality. The gyro burger is ridiculously good if you want a real gut busta. The buns used for sandwiches are notably high in quality, reminiscent of Sobelman's buns.

Rice pilaf with red sauce makes for a tasty side less greasy than fries.

Staff is friendly.

By Doug R. at 2015-08-10

So the area it's in may not be the best, but the food definitely is. I first stopped in here after looking for a place to eat lunch during my brief stint with CarMax. I remember the owner being there and also being real friendly. I got the same thing then that I got tonight. A cheeseburger meal. For less than $7, you get a huge burger(it's actually a double), fries and a drink. Even thought he owner wasn't there, the food tasted just as amazing today as it did last time(not that the owner not being there has anything to do with the quality and taste of the food).

Even though this place is almost 15 min from where I live, and I have almost no reason to be back in the area at all whatsoever, I'll have to make it a point to come here at least semi-regularly, bc idk if there are a lot of other grills that have food this good closer to me. Can't wait to go back!

By Charles F. at 2015-08-09

A local Gem in an area pretty void of good eats. Spartan Gyros showed up around the corner for my office one day and I can say I had LOW expectations. They're in an old building that looks a bit run down and has hosted several failed restaurants in the last 15years. I finally stopped in and they shocked me.

The owner is usually behind the counter and has a great personality. Friendly and warm, and after a few visits remembered my friends and I and responds in good kind.

The gyros are delicious and traditional fair. I like adding the giardinara to mine. They have 3 sizes: Regular (which is plenty for lunch) and then Big (yeah I want to be moving slowly today) and finally the HUGE which is enough to feed a small family or to try to kill me when I tried to down one over lunch.

In addition to the gyros they have other items on the menu and typically a daily special that sounds and smells good, although i haven't tried one yet.

Recently they started providing local delivery!

By Andrae D. at 2016-09-16

Delicious food! Very clean, friendly staff, very organized, quick service. I've been eating there since they opened in 2011. One of my favor places to eat.

By Kellee C. at 2016-01-17

After reading the great reviews, we were excited to try it because we love gyros.

They gyros were just average. We much prefer Oakland gyros. Spartans' meat was a bit dry and the pita just average. However, we did like their fries much more than Oakland's (which are not very good).

We'd like to return to try other things, but we won't get their gyros again.

It also appears the heat is not on. We were dressed to be outside and were cold the entire time we were in the restaurant. Walking into the bathroom was like walking into a freezer.

By Ben K. at 2015-10-17

Worst part about this place is when you meals is over.

The best gyro I have ever had!

By James C. at 2016-05-03

One of my favorite restaurants in town. Never disappointed in any of the vast array of options. Big Al has the best Gyros and Chicken Shishkabobs in town!

By Imani D. at 2016-05-07

Fantastic restaurant! Servers were friendly and provided fast and hospitable service. Loved the spinach pie and gyro supreme. The pita bread was nice and soft, had great olive taste. Must request grilled jalapeños and tzatziki on the side.

By Diaz M. at 2015-08-07

Best Gyro place is MKE. Hands down! The owner and staff measure up to their excellent food. Everything is great and fresh here, salads, chicken, pita, lamb, rice, sauce, gyros, and desserts!! Their food reminds me of being back in Greektown in Chicago, oh wait that's where the owner is from! Props.

By J V. at 2015-10-08

After searching for a while for a new gyro place to go to, I think i found it. Gryos themselves are quite good, wish they would give you more taziki sauce though, but that nether here nor there. Service here is fantastic though, its not often you find a place with good service anymore.

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