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Spice of India

Spice of India
  • Street 106 N 7th St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23219
  • Telphone (804) 775-0108
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  • Raging (30)
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Spice of India introduction
Estimated average consumption of $8.96 - $17.92 per person. We offer 126 menus, including Indian Coffee, Indian Tea, Lassi, 20 oz. Soda, Can of Soda, Bottled Water, Vegetable Samosa and so on.
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Spice of India reviews

By Ben S. at 2016-10-15

Went for the weekend buffet ($11.99)

Pros: good variety of entrees for a small buffet, strong chicken curry, multiple kinds of rice, very casual ambience (infomercial playing in background, disposable plates and silverware)

Cons: no standout dishes, average naan (some pieces were dry/crispy), chili chicken tasted like Panda Express

Definitely worth trying if you've got a hankering for Indian cuisine.

By Sarah S. at 2016-12-20

I've ordered delivery once from Spice of India, and the food isn't bad, but I will never go back. My husband had lunch IN the restaurant today. Food was decent, everything was fine, until we were finished. As soon as we were done eating, my husband had this horrified look on his face. I asked him why, he said never mind, but I wouldn't let it slide. He saw two RATS fighting IN THE RESTAURANT. I looked back and caught one out of the corner of my eye, scurrying back behind the curtain. We were horrified. We paid quickly and left. We will not be returning.

By Damian L. at 2015-11-03

Some people don't like the idea of them, but I personally love lunch buffets. Eat as much as you want for a normally low price? Count me in.

--Food: Whenever I go to an Indian restaurant, I normally get at least all of the types of chicken, and mostly whatever else looks good. Here was no exception! I'm not sure exactly what the names of all the things I had were, but I liked the Butter Chicken, Chili Chicken, and the naan the most. I think if I ordered a dish solo I would get the Chili Chicken with Naan, but everything on my plate was pretty good.

I will say though that not all of the chicken was edible, which outside of a buffet, would be a pretty big offense. There were some pieces that were mostly just bone and chewy gristle, which honestly is a bit of a turn off. I was able to push them aside and eat the good pieces, but I thought it was a little weird. Maybe this is normal? Not sure.

--Cost: $9.99 for all you can eat Indian Food. Seems reasonable given that you could eat a lot if you were hungry.

--Atmosphere: The interior is pretty older looking. Not like haunted house old by any means, but it could use a bit of a touch up. I was the only one in here at 1:30.

--Service: There was one lady that showed me the buffet line and was at the register when I paid, but I didn't talk to anyone else the entire time nor was checked on. I actually didn't know if I could get water or not, so I didn't. Buffets are pretty easy to understand though, so as a whole not really a problem.

--Overall: I have a couple problems with Spice of India, the biggest being crunchy bones where chicken should be. That all said, the naan and edible pieces of chicken as a whole was really good, and at $10 for a tasty lunch, I'll probably return.

By Rich G. at 2016-03-09

I stumbled across this place one day while looking for a nearby lunch spot. A sign outside said $9.99 buffet, so I gave it a try.

The buffet is small with limited choices. I like their butter chicken and naan.

Not much of an ambiance. Decent spot to grab a quick lunch.

By Alex K. at 2016-04-10

While the buffet only has a few limited choices with little to no variation with each visit, I thoroughly enjoy coming here on my lunch break. I wish there were more Indian choices in downtown Richmond but until there is, this is my favorite spot to come eat when I need to get away from the office.

No real ambiance and you have to use Styrofoam plates but who needs more when it's a buffet and you're on a timed lunch break.

By Caroline T. at 2015-11-01

Visited this place because it was different than the typical new american fair that was nearby. Loved the food! This place is no frills as far as decor goes, but the food was wonderful and my friend was able to get some mango lassi! Everything was fresh and the rice was perfect. I definitely recommend this place if you are craving Indian food or are just tired of eating burgers and beer.

By Sasan J. at 2015-08-15

I was really surprised by spice of India. Usually when I have gone to an India buffet, I leave think why. This place is definitely worth it. Everything was coming out of the kitchen and the food was amazing. It was just the right amount of spice.
If your looking for a great lunch, stop on by! You will be impressed. Only recommendation I would have is to come a little early. Right around 12:10 the tables filled up.

By Lenny G. at 2016-05-22

Stopped by for dinner only. I have no clue about their buffet so I'll limit this to my one and only experience.
The menu is deep and rich with a lot of good selections for both non-veg and veg diets.
I enjoyed the jalapeño naan and a vegetarian dish I can not pronounce. Regardless the meal did not disappoint and I will be back soon.

By Abe A. at 2016-04-29

A solid, no-frills place for Indian food in downtown RVA. The food is good and there are a decent number of options in the buffet. The owners are friendly. Most importantly, you will feel full and satisfied which is the point of a buffet.

By Jason E. at 2016-08-15

This place has a fantastic lunch buffet. I have always loved Indian food but before I started eating at Spice of India, I would almost never try the vegetarian dishes because they just seemed bland. Now, I almost exclusively eat the vegetarian dishes here, not because the tandoori chicken and chicken curry aren't delicious (because they always are) but because the vegetarian dishes are so flavorful and satisfying. My favorites are Paneer Tikka Masala, Aloo Palak (a delicious spinach and potato dish) and Daal Tharka (yellow lentils). The Chaana Masala is also fantastic. The buffet items are always fresh, steaming hot and seasoned to perfection. They also have white rice and either vegetable biryani every day as well as Naan. There is generally butter chicken and another meat dish, too, but I'm too full after 2 plates of veggie dishes to eat them. Haha. They have to keep the tandoori chicken coming because it's so good. It's a great place to eat downtown and I am satisfied the 1-2 times a week I eat here. If you're in the area, maybe she you stop in!

By G T. at 2015-04-27

We ordered delivery tonight to MCV and I could not be happier and this review is based off this 1st encounter. The woman answering the phone was very courteous and answered all my questions, repeated the order back and told me 30 min for delivery. 26 min later I got a call and the food was soon in our break room. The order was correct, the portions appeared appropriate and the smell was enticing.
I had chicken Saag with garlic naan and it was absolutely fantastic. Easily the best saag I have ever had, it was full and I mean full of large, perfectly cooked pieces of chicken and the sauce was velvety with a deep palate of flavor. Umami with a touch of heat and perfectly balanced (I only ate half as I was planning on saving the rest for later in the shift but I do not think its going to make it). The rice was freshly cooked and a good amount. The Garlic Naan was very tasty with just a little char here and there but otherwise fluffy, moist and delicious. Everyone else raved about their Chicken tikka masala and the amount of meat in the dishes. Delivery was accurate, prompt and the quality/quantity of food was exceptional. The only negative is there was a $3 delivery fee that is not stated upfront on their online menu, not a big deal I just want to know about it ahead of time. We will definitely order from them again and I can only hope it is just as good the next time.

By Mason M. at 2015-11-15

This place is pretty simple, plastic forks and Styrofoam plates, but tasty food. I went once a week when I worked nearby for a few months. My favorite dish is easily the Butter Chicken. Thinking about it now makes me want to make a trip the next time I go back to RVA. The only downside to the lunch buffet is that there often is no dessert.

By Victoria B. at 2015-03-13

To be completely honest I really wanted to like this place. But for what you get it is way to expensive. On top of that you have to pay a lot for a small, half-full, container of chutney..

The food was ok, but not something to write home about... Or to even tell friends you are there.

Back on the hunt for a great Indian food place in RVA.

By Ana D. at 2016-05-18

I mean, can I get a standing ovation for this spot! We landed in Richmond, VA on a cloudy and depressed Saturday morning. We weren't sure where to find lunch and walked about a 2 miles radius from the National Theater. It's like a ghost town on Saturday and businesses don't open up until after 4pm. Came across Spice of India's lunch buffet and BOY WAS THEIR FOOD GOOD! We ordered some vegetarian options on the menu and were blown away. Service was great, food seasoned well, and tons of food leftover for after the show. Thank you, Spice of India for putting a smile on our hungry faces in Richmond!

By Lily C. at 2015-10-12

$9.99 for lunch menu with the options they have is ridiculous!!! Nothing is outstanding here. Just quick lunch grab in the downtown area. The chicken pieces in the curries are chewy and with bones. The place could be cleaner. Definitely had better indian food than this place.

By Brian B. at 2015-04-14

I went in for the lunch buffet. The selection on the buffet was minimal. They had no dessert. They had no servers (so I had to get up and ask the person at the register to get me water rather than pay for a drink in the cooler). The buffet was $10. The food was okay. Not good, not bad. Need I say more?

By Partha M. at 2016-01-16

The restaurant is clean, Service is reasonably fast. Water and drinks are available to grab or request to bring. Lunch Buffet is reasonably priced and veg/non-veg choices are there to select. Salad, 3 rice dish, naan, pokora, 4 vege dishes, 4 non-veg dishes, and desert are good enough to eat. I liked butter chicken, chicken with brocoli, vege rice,naan, rice kheer. I saw many individual to come on a regular basis. Somosa chaat and aloo parata are also good.

By Laura S. at 2014-04-02

My roommate and I were craving Indian food and decided to stop by because there was a lunch buffet and we lived not too far. The interior design is god awful. Everything was served on plastic plates with plastic forks, knives, and spoons.. but we still had hope that the food would be decent.

I was wrong. The food was all cold and the rice was hard. None of the 10 different food items were hot in the buffet. The waiter gave us fresh naan after we complained .... but that still didn't make up for the cold curry.

The service: terrible. We were the only ones in the restaurant. I had needed more water and napkins and had been trying to get the waiters attention, but all the guys were sitting in the back booth chatting away. I finally had to get up to get their attention.

Don't waste your time and money coming here.

By Andrew C. at 2015-04-18

Don't trust the online ordering. I showed up 30 min after ordering and they didn't even know there was an order. The place was vacant on a Saturday night, should have known better. After the told me "everything will be ready in 5 mins" it took 20. Then I paid and got home to find they forgot one of my items....not impressed at all. Also, veggie curry was almost too spicy to eat. Believe the poor reviews. I didn't and paid the price.

By Nicole C. at 2015-05-17

I did delivery and it was a nightmare. I tried calling but they were rude so I ordered online a little before 5pm. I didn't get my food until almost 7 and I only live a mile away. It tasted good to my liking, but i haven't had a lot of Indian food to really be a judge. I won't say don't order their food but if you do, do take out or dine in.

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