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Spiral Noodle

Spiral Noodle
  • Street 3131 W Cary St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23221
  • Telphone (804) 355-0888
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  • Raging (87)
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Spiral Noodle introduction
Estimated average consumption of $7.71 - $15.42 per person. We offer 34 menus, including Ramune, Sweet Luzianne Iced Tea, Unsweet Luzianne Iced Tea, Seaweed Salad, Shumai, Summer Rolls, Takoyaki and so on.
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Spiral Noodle reviews

By Rich S. at 2016-08-23

I really like this bright and cheery spot in the former space of Yapple Frozen Yogurt, right in the heart of Carytown. It's a block up from my weekend job so I'm sure I'll be back a bunch.

I popped in on a whim on a Friday night when I saw the Olympics on several TVs from the street. I ordered a beer (they have a pretty decent selection of draft beer and I went with a Bell's Two Hearted Ale, one of my favorites! I wasn't sure I was going to get food, but ultimately my stomach summoned me to order some noodles.

I went with the Flipping Noodle with Tofu and seaweed salad. The noodles were good- broth was flavorful, nice portion. The seaweed salad was also pretty tasty. Nothing game changing, but I was satisfied and the prices didn't sting. The bartender was friendly and easily made conversation with me. Great unplanned meal while watching the Olympics.

By Heather C. at 2016-12-21

I've only ever ordered delivery here, so I can't speak for the ambiance/service.

Everything was great the first time I ordered. Piping hot food, speedy delivery.

This last time was less than stellar. Super salty broth, my soup had the wrong protein, the delivery took a half an hour over the projected time, which resulted in broth that needed a good microwaving. They were also out of the wow bao, which is fine, but it would have been nice to have been notified in time to substitute for a different appetizer. I got an email from Yelp/Eat24 about it as my driver pulled into my driveway.

Also, the driver asked me if I had tipped, which I did online, and then asked how much. I've never had a driver do that before, so it struck me as odd. Kind of an awkward situation even though I tipped 20%.

Anyway, food's hit or miss in my experience.

By Jacob B. at 2016-11-22

Terrible. Very sad. Low energy. This place--which I hear is highly overrated--Can't even make a taco bowl. We make the best taco bowls at Trump Tower. Worst taco bowl I've ever. Sad!

Tbh they messed my order up royally. Who even puts imitation crabmeat in pho tho

By Jt M. at 2016-11-26

Loved the apps... We had the Gyoza (Steamed then pan fried potstickers. Served with a side of dipping sauce. Includes your choice of pork & chicken or vegetable) and the Rocket Shrimp
(Deep fried shrimp and onion wrap. Served with a side of sweet chili sauce)... Both were terrific --- go make your own dipping sauces at the dipping sauce bar.... For entrees, we had the Flipping noodle bowl with tufu --- really good and I had the Red Buddha Fried Rice (Our spicy cousin to our golden fried rice, features white rice stir fried with onion, bean sprouts, carrots, bok chop, and broccoli in our peppered cayenne soy sauce.) Loved, loved, loved it.... had mine with the steak, but I'm betting with shrimp it would be amazing too... extremely spicy!!!! exactly what I wanted and again mixed up some great dipping sauce for it.... and the happy hour is great --- wish we were early --- $2 off beers (cheap alreay) and $2 off apps (cheap already)..... go get some...

By Laurie L. at 2016-09-04

Pretty good noodle place. I built my own noodle bowl but my seafood broth was not really flavorful. The chicken, ramen egg noodles and all the add ins I got were good though! We also ordered spring rolls and they were good and hot/crispy but one of them was significantly smaller then the other. The ambiance and decoration of the place was also really cool!

By Carol F. at 2016-08-10

Went here with some friends for an early Sunday dinner. Experience was okay.

There was a happy hour from 5-7, $2 off appetizers (I think it was like $2 off drinks too). We had the shumai appetizer, which was good, but I believe it was store bought and steamed...

My Ho fun entree was good! I would get that again. The beef was tender, the noodles had a subtle charred taste (my favorite), and interspersed with beansprouts.

i tried some of my friend's Red Buddha fried rice. Warning: extremely spicy, like Thai spicy. Neither of us could really eat much of it. i think it would be good if they gave an option of a couple spice levels.

By Lisa G. at 2016-02-28

3.5 stars rounded to 4.

I absolutely hate the design of this place. Gaudy colored lights and bright "art" painted on the walls. People who might consider eating here surely are repelled by it. It will definitely give you a headache, if not inspire you to violence. It also seems to be a place that attracts families with loud kids.

All of that aside, the food is decent, and the portions are large. You can order rice or noodle bowls your way, or pick from chef's recipes. They offer quite a variety of noodles and recommend toppings based on different Asian styles of food. If it's Vietnamese, get this. If it's Japanese, get that. Of course, you're free to choose whatever you'd like.

The service is friendly and prompt, and they offer a sauce bar in the back, which is pretty cool if you want to try different flavors for dipping or seasoning.

I ended up at Spiral after not being able to find a parking spot at Shoryuken Ramen in the Fan, which is much more subdued in atmosphere.

By Lex S. at 2016-02-16

I like this place a lot!

I love the way the inside looks!! It's a cool set up and love the art on the walls, the flooring, and the lighting especially!

Super decently priced for the portions you get and I like how you pick your ingredients and what kind broth you want. I always get shrimp tempura on my ramen :)

I live in Fredericksburg and there's no ramen places around here, the drive to Richmond is definitely worth it to eat here!

By Sharon T. at 2016-04-03

My first time at spiral noodles and upon coming in I was in love with the street art graffiti on the walls. Definitely I got the vibe that this place is up my alley. I loved the cool lighting that gave it a fun atmosphere for young people.. Since the percentage of people off Cary street are local college students and young makes it great for group outings. Happy hour is from 5-7pm and they have a good selection of beer and appetizers to choose from.

I decided to go with the create your own soup. You can concoct your own soup creation. I chose to make a classic ramen with egg noodles, shrimp tempura, fish cake, bok Choy and sunny side up egg.

Then I went to the sauce bar. It was a vast selection. I got the spicy mayo to add to my tempura shrimp and lime and eel sauce. I also tried the black bean chili paste.

Once my order was brought to me. I first noticed my egg wasn't sunny side up, and my tempura was beginning to get completely soggy in the soup. I immediately placed my shrimp tempura to the side so it can remain crispy.

I added some soy sauce and chili seasoning on the table because it lacked some flavor. With the sauces from the sauce table and additional seasoning the soup tastes good.

I've had authentic ramen several times. This soup lacked a bit of flavor compared to homemade ramen and other soups that take a lot of time to making the broth. It's definitely an Asian fusion place that can cater to everyone's different taste palates. I could've chose to make me a pho dish or a classic teriyaki or rice plate but the ramen did its job in warming my belly.

I also ordered the the Ika(squid) balls and the jasmine pearl drink. The squid balls were ok, nothing to rave about because it was a little too much batter to my liking. My sister enjoyed it though.

My jasmine milk tea tasted good but I would have asked to have it without the boba or tapioca . The tapioca was really chewy and not cooked all the way through.

But overall I recommend this place for the price of happy hour and if you want a little Asian fusion and want to try your own at making your own soup or rice dish. Don't expect to come having authentic Asian cuisine but to enjoy the atmosphere with friends that enjoy the artsy vibe and make your own choice of noodle soup dishes or rice dishes.

By Ma-e M. at 2016-07-06

The system is when you get in they will give a sheet so you can fill out your pickings. Be careful what you wish for. It might not work the first time and you can just blame yourself. Mine was not quite deserving of a cigar but the wait staff was understandable that we don't understand the system of trial and error. It's hot to handle and a spiral web of noodling your pot of dish. Hoping in this order, you will hit the jackpot at the end of the rainbow.

By Jeff Y. at 2015-12-09

I have walked/driven by the place several times so I was excited to finally try it! The only thing remaining from the Yapple that stood here before is the colorful ball lights on the ceiling.

It's a big space with a decent number of tables and chairs, crazy wall paintings, and a bright, colorful atmosphere. Our service throughout the meal was attentive and good overall.

As for the food, we were brought a drink menu, a laminated appetizer menu, and a long strip paper menu. The paper strip is for ordering the create-your-own noodle bowl, which comes with your choice of noodle, protein, broth, and five toppings (additional charge for add-ons above and beyond that included by default). If you just order the standard noodle bowl for $9, it's a pretty good deal considering how large the portion is.

It also happened to be happy hour from 5-7PM, so all appetizers were $2 off. I decided to order the takoyaki and a bowl of Korean glass noodles with pork, two kinds of mushrooms, bean sprouts, bok choy, and zucchini in Japanese tonkotsu broth. The takoyaki was phenomenal, nice and crispy, and came with four balls (would be a little pricey without the $2 discount though). The noodles were good, although I would have preferred my soup even hotter, and the broth was not quite as flavorful as I was expecting for a bone broth.

Overall, this is a fun space and the only place thus far I know of to offer such customizable noodle options. Definitely come here for a nice comforting bowl of personalized noodle soup, especially with the winter approaching!

By MT T. at 2016-08-17

We've gone in person twice and had delivery once. The in-person experiences were good, but perhaps not amazing - the ambiance is fun, but we were not as successful at designing our own bowls. That's really on us. They have a great selection of sauces, though.

Delivery, however, was on point! My husband got the Golden Fried Rice and enjoyed it, and I got the Red Buddha Fried Rice and WOW. If you are a spicy food lover, this is for you - it is searingly hot, in a good way! Seriously not for the faint of heart, though - do not order this if you don't like REALLY spicy things. But if you do, I can't recommend it enough - it's really, really delicious! We also had a few appetizers and they were all tasty. Best part? The order came WAY quicker than quoted - like forty minutes faster. Nice!

By Tu Trinh T. at 2016-09-18

Came here with my sister. I ordered takoyaki with fried tofu and noodle. Tasted delicious! The food also came with great service. Full stars!

By Jordan S. at 2016-07-21

A 12 cent package of ramen from Kroger has more flavor in the broth than the $54 I spent for 2 bowls, 2 apps, and 2 beers.

Unless you're one of those people who gets off on disappointment, do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

To be fair, the seaweed salad was good.

By Kamille P. at 2015-09-18

Probably my favorite new ramen place in Richmond! The ramen is not the most authentic, but it's very tasty and not too salty as most ramen places are in this area.

I love how customizable the bowls are - you can do ramen, udon, rice noodles, Korean glass noodles, or even rice and there are tons of toppings to choose from. They're also pretty generous with their serving sizes and toppings. For example, usually ramen places will give you only about two or three pieces of Naruto maki, but Spiral made mine with plenty of it, which is great because they're probably my favorite ramen topping. The meat was also cooked perfectly and was not dry at all.

The service was friendly as well. The atmosphere is very unique and trendy with murals by artist Matt Lively on the walls and colorful lights illuminating the ceiling.

The only thing I didn't like was that the presentation of my ramen was a bit sloppy - not good for a person like me that's infamous for eating with her eyes (or should I say taking photos of her food?) All aesthetic preferences aside, I definitely want to come back here with my friends.

By Timmy T. at 2015-12-22

I was super stoked to hear about a new specialty noodle place opening up in RVA. If there's something that I love to eat, it's noodles and lots of it!

This place maintained the visual vibe of the last business (RIP Yapple) with their crazy anime and colorful inspired wall art drawings and bright lights. We came on a Friday evening for Dinner and this place was completely dead... there was maybe one other table occupied and the amount of employees out numbered the patrons.

To describe their style of food/ordering system: they have all types of noodles you can think of: udon, vermicelli, Chinese flat wide noodles, and ramen noodles and they also carry some rice based dishes as well. You can either create your own and pick your base, protein, and soup flavor and add your desired toppings or you can get one of their specialty noodle bowls. I got the flat wide noodles (my favorite) with stir fried pork (according to the waitress, but it was actually beef when it came out, no big deal). My food was okay, noodles were cooked well and the beef was cooked a good medium rare but it was too salty and didn't have any other flavors besides the salt.

I also got an order of Garlic Parmesan wings which was probably my first mistake at a noodle house; these were also salty and didn't taste any different from some other places. The cool thing about this place is that they have a sauce bar...!! The only other place I have seen this is a hot pot place in NOVA. This sauce bar included: oyster sauce, sesame oil, hoison sauce, ponzo, soy sauce, fish sauce, sweet soy sauce, etc

Our waitress was friendly and attentive and the prices are about average for a restaurant in Carytown. I really want to like that place but for my first visit I was not impressed.

By Emmie E. at 2016-11-01

Ordered delivery, 2 hours later... no food. Called them and they said 5 more minutes, that turned into 30. Needless to say I didn't want it anymore.

By Elijah C. at 2015-06-15

If you're in for a quick fix of noodles or rice, then this is a fun place to indulge.

It's close and convenient (at least to my townhouse and the service is wonderful. If you're looking for authentic, I've certainly had better at Pho So 1 off Horsepen or Broad Street; but for a place that's not Vietnamese, this is pretty good. I'll take it over driving sometimes.

This restaurant will be in my regular rotation.

By Faith R. at 2016-10-05

Nice ambiance, good place for a quiet dinner. Food was quick and service was on point. The food was mediocre, not bad but not the best.

By Tiffany N. at 2015-12-12

Didnt try the make your own noodles so I can't speak for that but I got the hong kong noodles which is supposed to be like Chinese beef noodle soup. First off, the broth was bland and i had to add chili oil to it in order for it to taste a little more authentic. Secondly, the "Chinese flat noodles" are actually just vietnamese pho noodles. The only good thing about this soup was the braised beef which was probably the best part of the meal. Its a little pricey but the portions are big so you do get your money's worth.

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