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St. Paul Fish Company
St. Paul Fish Company introduction
Estimated average consumption of $11.55 - $23.1 per person. We offer 62 menus, including Cajun BBQ Shrimp, Steamed PEI Mussels, Fried Calamari, Fried Oysters, Sauteed Bay Scallops, Crab Cake, Salmon Jerky and so on.
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St. Paul Fish Company reviews

By Kelsey L. at 2016-12-28

My boyfriend and I ended up eating 24 oysters. Couldn't stop.

Shared a crab leg special, amazing. And not too expensive!

Also ordered the Ceviche (haven't had it many times besides when I was in Miami, but remembered it was good), it was interesting... not really my style but super fresh and probably good to those who love Ceviche.

Service was great. I love this place!

By Victor C. at 2016-11-09

Stopped by for lunch and paid $20.50USD for a full lobster and a cup of clam chowder. It was delicious and the server (Patti) was really friendly, efficient and professional!

I got here at 11:30am and by noon, this place was "packed" in the seating/dining area. It's obvious why, this place is a gem!

By Christopher Z. at 2016-10-18

Ryan the server was awesome and informative.

We had assortment of Oysters all excellent. Had the lobster dinner and wife had lobster roll, she said it was the "best since Maine."

Great food, great atmosphere.Loved it.

By Tina P. at 2016-10-03

Our friends that used to live in Milwaukee introduced us to this place and, boy, we were hooked off the lobster Dinner and lobster roll! Not only the taste, but I also fell in love with the prices!

Their lobster Roll dinner comes with a side of coleslaw and fries. I think the roll is on the smaller side, but I feel like they stuff it enough that it makes up for it.

The lobster Dinner comes with a whole 1lb steamed lobster, side of coleslaw and fries, also a small cup of melted butter and it's only $15.95!

On our recent trip here, my husband and I ordered one dozen oysters of the blue point oysters ($1.25/each), lobster Roll dinner, and the lobster Dinner to both share. The food was just enough for the both of us. It did not dissapoint.

The only thing was, I just wish our server was a little bit more attentive to us during our recent visit. Overall, I will still give a 5 Star rating for pricing and food options.

By Pat B. at 2016-12-21

They always have really fresh seafood. Prices are really decent as well. I had the bouilabaise and it was wonderful. That only critique was the squid rings were a bit tough. Flavor was phenomenal!

By Kim S. at 2016-11-15

This is my favorite part of coming to the Milwaukee Public Market. You can always expect fresh fish of any kind. The oysters are my favorite part about this place. They offer shooters, rockafeller, po'boy, and fried! the fried are my favorite. They come with delicious sauce to round out the whole meal. The place is tucked into the corner of the public market sometimes making it hard to find waiting room if you don't get a table right away. Be ware on a friday it can be an hour wait for their fish fry dinner! Luckily they have fish fry any day of the week! I think this place could be a stand alone restaurant in itself. I would love to see them expand the dining in options and maybe just keep the to-go and oyster bar at the public market. I would definetly be a regular if they expanded!

By Valerie J. at 2016-07-28

So, I've only eaten here twice, and once was just a snack, but I LOVE the outside 'tiki' bar kind of setting, and the guy who works there, and the lobster roll.

The clam chowder was not my favorite by any stretch, but that was a snack from a prior trip.
During Bastille Days we stopped off here for lunch before heading to the park, and boy am I glad we did!

My husband got what he deemed his favorite bloody Mary in the city thus far, and I got a lobster roll I fell in love with! He seemed to enjoy his fried fish and french fries, and the oysters Rockefeller were on point. (I haven't had those in over 10 years I'd say!)

But back to the lobster roll - For about the same price as the lobster dinner, you get a ton more delicious, decadent lobster meat here (Thanks for the tip, awesome bar dude!) and it's just fantastic!

I really cannot wait to go back. In fact, I think I'll text one of my friends right now to see when he's free to meet up ^^

By Chadrick J. at 2016-07-12

Shameful taking so long to review this place. St. Paul's has some of the best fish and seafood in general around MKE. In particular the Lobster Roll is simply smashing! All around it's 5 stars. So good crammed full of all that delicious lobster wrapped in a delicious garlic bread butter roll. After several sessions eating just this sandwich I have finally ventured on to some of the other goods.

The fish here is on point. In particular the perch is outstanding. Generous portion that could be split if you are into that sorta thing. Also the Blackened Salmon sandwich is really a delight. Just about anything at St. Paul's is great. Except... yes an exception. My only gripe is the french fries. I don't come here for fries but am shocked that with all the good stuff St. Paul's has why couldn't the side of fries be just as killer as everything else...

It is because of that little side star mishap that this place get's a 4 instead of a five. I demand the complete package and that includes a good basket of fries! Till then it's all fish for me. I've even gone so far as to ask them to hold the fries cause they suck!

By Chris P. at 2016-07-30

We went to the St Paul Fish Company for dinner tonight. It is located in the Milwaukee Public Market. We ordered the Lobster Bisque, Lobster Roll, the Pan Fried Wall Eye and the deep fried Wall Eye.

All of the food was very very good. The lobster bisque is very filling and we had two people share one bowl. The pan fried wall eye was absolutely excellent.

Our server was very nice and friendly and did a great job. The public market is a fun place with lots of interesting food shops. We parked in the parking lot which was very easy and with validated parking ticket the first hour is free and if you go over 1 hour it is $2.00.

By Krishna A. at 2016-06-06

I tried their Lobster roll. It was quite good. The quality of lobster meat was good.
I guess the overly creaminess is to be expected.
Is this the best lobster roll in town?
Perhaps it might be; I can't say for sure. It has been quite a while since I tried the Lobster Roll at Buckley's. If I were going from memory, I would say that Buckley's is at least as good and quite possibly better.

By Dan L. at 2016-04-13

I've been here twice now, once for a sandwich and once to just pick up some mussels. There's not too many places like this around the area where you can get some really fresh seafood. I usually just default to St. Paul Fish company if I'm thinking of picking something up.

Mussels are only about $8 for 2 lbs, more than enough to get a good dish going. Honestly, I went around to the local grocery stores, and they didn't have many mussels to sell, and if they did, half of they were already cracked open. At St Paul, all of the mussels were sealed shut, perfect for cooking.

I did get an oyster po' boy for lunch once, and while it's nothing compared to what you'll get down in New Orleans, it was still pretty good for Milwaukee. I'd recommend this place for all seafood lovers - it might be the best you'll find in town.

By Andy N. at 2016-04-06

My first meal in Milwaukee took me straight downtown to the Public Market, where St. Paul was calling my name. Yes, these popular lobster rolls with fries were calling, and I had to have it.

Located near the back end on the first floor, St. Paul specializes in fresh seafood for dining in and packaging home for your loved ones. My friends and I dropped by to grab a sandwich to-go from the take-out line, and we knew we wanted one thing only: the lobster roll. For $15, you get a seafood sandwich with fries and coleslaw. Very reasonably priced for the food, but how was the taste?

Well, let's just say that I thought I was in Boston all over again!

The lobster rolls were on point and delicious. Our buttery roll came loaded with an extremely generous helping of mayo-drizzled lobster meat. I was shocked at how much seafood was packed into this sandwich, especially for the price. The fries and slaw on the side were decent compliments, but the sandwich is where it really shined. I didn't find the mayo overpowering at all, and left feeling extremely satisfied.

If you want a great lobster roll, then there's no other spot in Milwaukee but here. Folks that want to dine in should put their name down as soon as you arrive, and walk around the market to sample other bites until a seat opens up.

By Michael S. at 2016-09-25

I'm reluctant to give four stars to St Paul's due to my first experience being just so so! I had just eat lunch, passed through the public market, saw the hub of activity around this place and had to order something! Not wanting much from being full I ordered two cups of soup to walk with throughout the market.
My first soup was the Clam Chowder which was a bit of a disappointment. Really no clams to be found, but more of a corn chowder flavor that was indeed creamy and not bad. This was just a bit of a letdown from what I'd hoped to get.
My second soup was the Lobster Bisque which was exceptional in flavor and richness!
I want to try some of their seafood dishes that look really good to determine if it's really a hit or miss place, or based on their reviews a real hit?

By Zachary F. at 2016-10-01

I love this place. Nothing beats a good Lobster Roll except capping the visit off with a sampling of oysters. I never can choose, and luckily I don't have to, I just order 2 of each! After fighting for a seat - it's how you know the food is good, you get some serious treatment!

By Morgan M. at 2016-03-03

Serioously, as good as it gets!

I've been here so very many times and I've never once had a disappointing experience or meal. I'm a big fan of starting off with their caesar salad (its enough to split with another person) because theirs is the best caesar I've ever had. Think about that, it takes some serious quality for one caesar salad to stand out more than another, and this one surly does! Soup-wise the clam chowder is absolutely the way to go. For the main course I've got a couple favorites: 1. The lobster dinner- a total package classic with a surprisingly affordable price tag. 2. The Lobster Roll- all the flavors you want from the lobster dinner minus the mess! Lastly, 3. The St. Paul Bouillabaisse- this dish is packed with some serious flavor, homies!

They've semi-recently changed up the decor of the space that they have available to look a bit more east coast-esq, and they did a great job with it! They've obviously retained the giant famous inflated crab, so have no fears there.

The service is alway prompt, attentive, and speedy!

My family has ordered lobsters, scallops, and shrimp from here for holidays and they are always so helpful, patient, and knowledgeable behind the counter.

The public market is an iconic spot in Milwaukee and the St. Paul Fish Market makes it an even better destination for locals and tourists!

By vielesha d. at 2016-11-23

Giving this place 4 stars because the whole raw snapper I bought from them was great quality. Also, the lobster roll I ordered to go was good, and had a decent amount of lobster in it. However, I will say they are a bit disorganized. I placed an order for pick up for 4 whole snappers the day before which they promised would be cleaned. I come and have to wait almost 8 minutes for someone to even acknowledge me at the register. Then they tell me they never put in my order because they have a lot of snapper. :/

By Sunny K. at 2016-07-27

Live Maine Lobster Dinner (1lb) for less than $16??? Sign me up! The only draw back is that you have to eat it at the restaurant (which is totally worth it!). Suck the juice out of those lobster legs!

They also have fish fry, which depending on the fish ranges from $11 to $15. We also had the fried oysters ($9). Honestly I'm not into fried sea food, I think it takes away from the flavor of the fish/whatever is being fried so we should've just ordered the fresh stuff instead. That being said they have tons of frozen options (like lobster claws, lobster tails, etc) that are an absolute bargain that you can take home and freeze to save for later!

By Christine F. at 2016-03-02

We did eat lunch here too but this is about the smoked fish inside the counter. We love it! We were going to get the three different flavors of the salmon steaks on skewers but opted for the smoked salmon pieces by the ounce. I brought it home and my family descended on me like a bunch of vultures gobbling up the smoked goodness. I wanted to try what they call salmon crack. It's salmon beef jerkey with a terriaki flavor. OMG! I do want somemore. I've never had crack but I for sure want to go back and get somemore of this jerky! The staff is really friendly.
I had a shrimp po' boy for lunch. I swore I was only eating half but looked down and it was gone! My hubby got the same shrimp tacos he had last time. The Point Oysters were very good also.

By Bri W. at 2016-04-16

Had a lobster roll craving and realized I was driving near the Third Ward :) Parking is a beast! But I l have always loved the area, so I will look for spot. Took about 35 mins (thanks construction); but found a great spot next to the door entering Public Market and St Paul Fish Market. Now unto satisfying my hunger!

I was greeted by a friendly young waiter as we chatted and watched the lunch crowd flow in. He was even more professional as he introduced me to the store manager and told me more about their famous Lobster Roll for $13.95 and dinner for 15.95! As we chatted the sandwich, crispy fries, and coleslaw arrived. Looking at the sandwich (see pic) there were so many huge chunks lobster and wasn't too creamy (for all those not in love with mayo). Tasted great, and I loved the diverse crowd and laid back atmosphere. I wish there was bit more seasoning and mayo in the roll for my taste, but it hit the spot. Couldn't think of a better spot, to enjoy on a sunny Friday afternoon and lots to see in the Public Market afterwards.

Good deal + laid back atmosphere = Try it you will like. Enjoy!

By Michael H. at 2016-11-08

First time to visit Milwaukee and really enjoyed the town. 3rd ward area has a lot to offer, the people were great and good weather was a bonus! We stumbled across the outdoor tiki patio of St. Paul's Friday night on our way back to the hotel. Patrick is a one man force behind the bar. Engaging, entertaining, great drinks and even better music. What a delight to be visiting from Houston, and be treated like a local. Wasn't long before we were learning 'bar dice' and sharing fish stories. Came back for a visit/drink the following day. Bloody Mary with shrimp, crab claw and salmon jerky is a must try. Small, fun place, with great service,

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