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We offer 191 menus, including Apple Pie, Birthday Cake Pop, Brown Sugar Walnut Tart, Cherry Pie, Chocolate Creme Whoopie Pie, Chocolate Hazelnut Tart, Raspberry Truffle Cake Pop and so on.
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Starbucks Coffee reviews

By Ally C. at 2016-11-20

This Starbucks is conveniently located right outside the Federal Center metro exit. I would probably give it a 3.5.

The seating lines the windows in rows. At least the time of my visit, the view was pretty awful. Both window-filled facades were facing stacks of construction scaffolding. But that's not Starbucks' fault.

Service was polite. I came on a rainy Saturday afternoon and the store was staffed by two baristas. They were both really friendly.

My brewed coffee was kind of cold. I guess it had been sitting around?

They have two gender neutral single stall toilets. Not a bad place to get some work done and whittle away time.

By Jane Q P. at 2016-10-25

Probably the worst Starbucks I've been to.

I have to remind them on a near daily basis to give the 0.10c discount for bringing your own cup.

More times than not my iced coffee isn't sweetened like I asked.

They pretend not to hear when you ask them to correct it. And after waiting more than 15mins, I don't have the time to wait for another.

One of the cashiers makes you repeat every step of the order no matter how simple and it's still made wrong.

The 2 times I've used mobile ordering at this location the "machine broke" and my order took 15+ minutes and both times I had to ask for it... One time there was actually no one in line in the store and there were 7ish people waiting for drinks but not a single person who worked there thought to ask why.

Seriously, Starbucks needs to do some housekeeping or additional training at this place.. It's just awful.

By Michael R. at 2016-11-22

I get a cafe americano every morning. It is supposed to have four shots of expresso and hot water. I order it with extra room. The cup is always nearly full. Always tastes weak. I get the same drink elsewhere and when made correctly has a rather strong coffee flavor. I'm not sure where they go wrong. Dunkin' Donuts coffee is far superior and che

By Annie P. at 2015-09-25

I don't really frequent Starbucks, but when I do, I always order their iced tea lemonades (I'm a fan of their peach and mango flavors!). This location is the closest to work and it's usually busy since it's right next to the Federal SW metro stop. The past few times I've stopped by, they're just ALWAYS out of something. Overall, their service is inconsistent. One day the cashier said they were out of mango, so I asked for a peach flavored... and then she said they were out of peach... so I asked for passion, and she said they didn't have any lemonade. A few days later, I went back and they were still out of lemonade. Earlier today, they were out of still peach and mango. Am I coming in at the wrong times or have they been slacking on restocking?

Drinks come out in an irregular order. Others who've ordered iced drinks and paid after me typically get their drinks way before me. Whenever my drink or my coworkers' drinks get messed up, the staff isn't apologetic about it.

By Mrs. S. at 2016-03-25

Our office just moved into the area 2 months ago. Many of us like others in the area frequent Starbucks, especially since its RIGHT off the metro stop. At any given time this Starbucks has a line. Many times they are fully staffed but are STILL super slow! Most of the guys are friendly, the ladies, unfortunately are not.

Today, some colleagues and I went in to get ice tea, the orders were made OUT of ORDER received and we spent 15 exaggeration...waiting for our drinks. There were only FIVE (5) customers in the store! Today, the supervisor was at the bar looking at her phone and obviously not affected that there were people waiting around for drinks 15 min. or more! It is said, the workers are only as good as the management. I hope corporate management looks at these reviews. This location has a flow of customers all day and this store does not seem prepared at any hours to keep the flow of customers moving. We were located at Metro Center and never had an experience like this on a daily basis.

While standing around waiting, we witnessed one of the workers waste 2 cookies unnecessarily! The customer wasn't happy because that is what he wanted and those were the last two. He offered the customer another choice, but we can tell he wasn't thrilled. It dawned on him that holding cookies on the edge with tongs and trying to carry it a few steps away didn't work instead of grabbing it securely in the middle and bagging the cookie close to the display...that moment was special and wasteful!

Corporate or whoever owns it needs to have some professional training FIRST for the managers and also re-training for the workers in customer service!

By Niki D. at 2016-04-13

Pretty standard Starbucks. Went in around 5:45pm and it was pretty empty. I ordered a green tea latte and waited for my drink. After waiting quite a while the barista gave me a confused look and asked what I had ordered...he had no idea. This seemed to be the case for multiple people actually. Not sure why there was a lack of communication.

Luckily since there weren't many people he was able to quickly make a drink. Don't think I would visit here during a busy time because I think it would take forever considering the lack of attention and service.

By Joan M. at 2016-03-24

Worst, worst, worst ever. There is virtually no staff in the store where lines are often 20-people at a time. Today was a s----show. Poor Stacy was the only person at the register. Four people went "on break" while the place was packed. Took me about 30 minutes to get cup of coffee. No one polices the line so people cut in. STaff is overworked and even the manager bailed out. This calls for lots of free coffee. .

By Matthew H. at 2015-10-11

Worst and SLOWEST Starbucks EVER! Three employees in the store, and I waited at the register for at least five minutes (I was the only person in line) to pay for my drink the barista had waiting for me. I almost got my drink free but only because the employee assumed someone else rang me up.

By Marada C. at 2014-11-24

You know as a former partner I like to make sure that any Starbucks I go meets or goes above my experience in the industry. I was only in here for a few minutes but sometimes all you need is a few minutes to make a great impression.

Staff was great. I will preface I came in about 2 minutes to closing and it was unintentional. I asked if they were closed, and this was where I wanted to see how the reaction was. To my delight, the barista simply said, "Not for a few minutes." Cool, but he said it with a smile and without a tone that I was intruding on valuable closing time procedures. A+.

They were out of ice coffee since they just tossed it, but offered quite a few different options. Obviously at a higher price. I simply chose a different drink for to my surprise, they only charged for the ice coffee since they didn't have what I originally wanted. A+.

Manager came out, and noticed I was practically the only one there. Instead of ignoring my existence, which I've seen before, she smiled and asked me how my day was. A+.

Drink was great, attitudes were great, service was great. Good job Starbucks. Keep it up!

By Nikila D. at 2012-08-04

I stopped by at this Starbucks on a hot DC day, right as I got off the Metro. The location is super convenient, and the shop itself is shady and cool, which was perfect. It was a Saturday afternoon, and though the seats were mostly filled, I didn't have to wait for a line.

I ordered one of the new Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks Refreshers, which was made within 2 minutes. I hadn't had one before, but I know what the drink was supposed to look / taste like... unfortunately, the barista essentially just put whole seeded berries into the juice and gave it to me, so it was a bit off-putting to keep getting whole berry pieces and seeds in the straw. However, the drink overall was good, but that's more indicative of Starbucks as a corporation. The barista was also nice enough to give me directions to a local place nearby.

Overall, this is your run-of-the-mill Starbucks, but if you're very picky about how your drink is made, be wary.

By Tom F. at 2015-10-11

No one working here today seemed to have a clue what was going on. The store was almost empty, and there were at least three staff members working, but it took forever to place an order and get a drink. The person taking my order asked me a series of questions about my drink that seemed totally irrelevant, then vanished for quite a while, leaving a line of people waiting while the other two baristas stood there with nothing to do. My partner had to convince the guy taking orders that he hadn't actually paid yet.

By Linna F. at 2015-03-14

Incompetent staff. I ordered a grande vanilla latte and when the batista called it out, I grabbed it. Then it turns out to be hot chocolate. I bring it back and say. "This isn't a grande vanilla latte." She said "Yeah, because you grabbed the wrong drink." I said, "You called out the grande vanilla latte. Sorry about that." EVEN THOUGH, you should be the one to apologize for calling out the wrong drink. Then, she gives me my drink. It is literally all steamed milk. What the hell is up with these incompetent fools? I am not going to pay $4.75 for a cup of steamed milk. I go back and ask, are there any espresso shots in here?" Not like I was demanding or anything, I was making a serious inquiry. Finally I get my drink. At least I can taste some espresso. Whether these baristas put in two shots remains to be seen. Ugh, this store tarnishes the Starbucks name for sure. If you make a drink wrong, you replace it and make it right, isn't that the Starbucks promise? So Disgusted (with a capital "D") with this place.

By Ty M. at 2014-03-08

Walked in and they were jamming out and hustling coffee. The coffee was balanced just right, and the shop was nice and clean. Wish I lived near here, I'd hang out for sure.

By Flavio A. at 2014-11-07

Some of the stuff is rather rude and no manners. Specially the one named Pierrie or something.

By Michelle B. at 2013-04-24

I stop by this Starbucks every so often since its right next to my job. I'm not a coffee person, so I only order iced tea drinks. They are always super fast when taking orders and making my drinks even when the line seems long. The people who work at this location are not friendly nor are they rude, so I guess its all good. They also have outdoor seating if you want to sit outside on a nice spring day.

By Jessica H. at 2014-08-12

Super slow. Baristas unhelpful. No sitting space. I like my hometown Starbucks. This one was very unfriendly, dark, cramped, and unhappy.

By Fran C. at 2014-08-08

Horrible service! The store looks dreadful! Didn't get the sandwich I ordered, the frapuccinos I ordered were watery and disgusting! Not clean at all! Don't waste your time coming here, because not even the coffee is good.

By Leif K. at 2014-04-29

I started going to this Starbucks when I started working in the area, I was never a big coffee drinker before that. I have since changed jobs and locations and the ease and efficiency that the employees at this location handle the INSANE amounts of traffic they get is amazing. Everyone is always friendly and even if there is a 15 minute line it is never the staff being slow, it is usually some customer who didn't bother to get out their payment in the 15 minutes that we sat in line. I think this starbucks is the best.

By Danielle W. at 2012-11-15

This particular Starbucks occupies a great location - it's literally on top of the Federal Center SW metro. And for that exact reason, there's always a large line! The staff, however, are very efficient. They take your order while you are waiting in line, so all you have to do is pay and pick up the drink that is already waiting for you. It also has free wifi and a good outdoor seating area (great for people-watching).

By George P. at 2014-03-17

Ran out of Java and needed a refill. This place is always busy but the service is great.

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