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Steakhouse Grill & Bar at Deer Park Villa

Steakhouse Grill & Bar at Deer Park Villa
Steakhouse Grill & Bar at Deer Park Villa introduction
Estimated average consumption of $12.7 - $25.4 per person. We offer 66 menus, including Maurice's Seasoned Baked Potato, Loaded Baked Potato, Mashed Potatoes, Farmer's Market Vegetables, Jicima Slaw, Sauteed Onions, Sauteed Spinach with Garlic and so on.
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Steakhouse Grill & Bar at Deer Park Villa reviews

By David C. at 2016-11-17

I was let down because I didn't see any deer, but the wedding preparations were absolutely terrific. Beautiful trees surround you as you watch awkward bridesmaids speeches and drunk elderly dance the night away. Definitely a sick venue but I just wanted more deer.

By makenna n. at 2016-06-24

My review had been "moved" (more like DELETED) by Yelp, but brides need to know what happened to me , so it doesn't happen to them!

So here it goes:

I really wanted this place to work out for my October 2015 wedding as my fiance and I are looking for a woodsy setting that wouldn't cost an arm and a leg. I had been searching high and low and it seemed that DPV would be perfect. After a few initial email exchanges with Teresa at DPV, I made an appointment to view the property on Sunday, September 14 at 2:30. My fiance and I arrived 10 minutes early and it appeared that Teresa was still helping another couple. We waited (within eyeshot), and she never once acknowledged us. We continued to wait even after the couple had left and she never once came to say hello. A man came and offered us water while we waited and told us he would go see where she was. We continued to wait for another 10 minutes. Finally, at 3:15, we left. Too bad. It's a really pretty place, but the customer service needs to be improved.

New edit: Teresa never emailed us to apologize for missing our appointment. Such a disappointment.

By Andrea J. at 2016-11-06

We had our wedding at Deer Park Villa in August 2016 and we are still hearing wonderful compliments on the venue. For us, it was not a contest, we went to 10 other places in search for an outdoor wedding and nothing compared to Deer Park. Our guest felt transported to another place and time. Everything was even more beautiful than we could ever dream. At first we just bought out the back for our wedding but as it got closer to the date we bought the whole venue (and got a great deal for it), which was great so we could have the cool bar as well too. I would recommend to everyone looking for a magical redwood wedding setting to consider (and choose) Deer Park!

By Amanda S. at 2016-11-27

We had our wedding at Deer Park Villa in October 2016. We had planned a perfect outdoor wedding - both ceremony and reception. Unfortunately, we encountered a freak October Marin county rain storm, and had to move everything inside. The team at Deer Park was so accommodating, and everything was wonderful. They allowed us to use their indoor bar, the dance hall, the deck out back, and their long room (we used the long room for our ceremony). The deck was used for dinner and it was beautiful! I know it wasn't the "under the Redwoods" outdoor wedding I had originally planned for, but Deer Park offered such an amazing plan B that no one even know it wasn't the original plan. Mark, Miguel and the team are so very kind and also very responsive. So glad we chose DPV for our venue!

By Kirsten M. at 2016-05-15

Deer Park Villa was the perfect location for our simple and non-traditional wedding. We love Marin and are outdoors enthusiasts, so the Redwood grove met our vision for our wedding!

We booked the space 8 months before the wedding. It was within our budget, and we liked the ability to have prep, ceremony, dinner, and dancing all in one spot.

We're a care-free couple and we worked with awesome vendors, so the amount of communication was fine with us. Our caterer (CaterMarin) was especially awesome and definitely drove the logistics and details the day-of. Due to the number of events that they host, they don't have the capacity to hold or stage items before or after the wedding, so you really need to prepare ahead of time for how and when everything is going to get there... and get cleaned up.

Despite rain the day before, we had absolutely perfect weather on the day of. I arrived onsite for a quick shower (after a fantastic 30-mile bike ride) around 10:45 am, had hair and make-up in the bridal room from 11-1, then had pictures and chill time. I didn't have a bridal party, so the bridal room was perfect for me and a few family members to spend time in. More than about 6 people in there would get claustrophobic though.

Our ceremony started at 4, had cocktails at 5 (Deer Park hosts the bar, and their communication about the bar left room for improvement. At least 3 people were involved in back and forth emails and we had to double check all of the charges and calculations), dinner at 6 (our caterer rented queens tables and linens), dancing at 8, food truck at 9, and everyone was out of there by 11:30 (because we are not in our twenties anymore).

The only other thing we struggled with a bit in addition to the bar was the AV/sound stuff. Since DPV is in a neighborhood, there are very strict sound ordinances (Music has to be inside, but luckily the inside looks nicer at night and after a few drinks). At the last minute the sound staff (contracted out) wanted our band to rent a smaller sub-woofer. Instead, they just turned theirs down. I think the band struggled with communication with the sound guys, similar to the way we struggled with communication with the bar.

So! If you have a simple wedding and strong vendors, this place will totally make your wedding magical. If you're looking for a lot of bells and whistles and intricate details, this place might stress you out.

By Elana R. at 2016-07-20

Absolutely stunning venue and we couldn't have dreamed of a more perfect spot for our wedding. We loved the forest setting and Mark was a pleasure to work with. For those looking to get married in the redwoods, would absolutely recommend this elegant rustic spot.

By Mark M. at 2016-08-29

We had our wedding and reception at Deer Park Villa in June of 2016. It's a gorgeous, natural setting, under a grove of redwood trees, with a well-appointed, comfortable, cabin-like indoor space. Unfortunately, the Event Manager we dealt with was a very poor organizer and communicator.

To start, the day was double-booked, even though the other couple had booked several weeks before us. Then, less than three weeks before the event, they tried to tell my wife that she couldn't use the bridal suite to get ready, but offered a bathroom-less office instead because they had promised the suite to the wedding party the night before without telling us - despite the fact that the bridal suite was included in our rental contract. Long story short, after several days of negotiation, they finally agreed to let us use the bridal suite. But then, 30 minutes before our ceremony, they told us that we had to clear out of the bridal suite in less than an hour, to accommodate the next wedding party, whose ceremony wasn't going to start for another 6 hours!

We had difficulty communicating and finalizing our bar contract, because they could not seem respond to us in a timely manner, despite numerous emails. Then they tried to add a mysterious 20% surcharge to our caterer, which we found out about not from Deer Park, but from the caterer. When we asked about the charge, Deer Park couldn't give us a reasonable explanation for it, and agreed to remove it only when we questioned what it was meant to pay for.

Despite the above mentioned problems, Deer Park is still a wonderful place to have your wedding. The rest of their staff did an outstanding job, particularly Miguel, the Bar Manager. If we had to do it over again, we would still choose Deer Park, despite what we experienced. But if you're thinking about having your wedding, or other event there, just know that you'll need to stay on top of the details, hire very good vendors, and not let their incompetent management run amok.

By Rachelle P. at 2016-09-18

What a gorgeous venue! We had our wedding here and loved it!! The grounds are absolutely breathtaking and well equipped for all your wedding needs. We were initially very happy with all the communication with the deer park personnel, but as things progressed there were a few communication breakdowns that we would liked to have avoided. The beverage manager was difficult to get into contact with, and we had some miscommunication around the start time for the bar. However, they have since addressed this with us and handled the situation most appropriately. Very much appreciated!
It really was a beautiful setting and received so many compliments on our venue choice,
we would recommend this place for sure!

By Jess B. at 2016-06-10

Best wedding venue ever!!! We just got married here last weekend and it was fabulous! Our guests all loved it!

By StephieRoma D. at 2016-08-29

Deer Park Villa was a beautiful setting for our wedding day. The Redwood grove created a perfect Northern California vibe that all our guests gushed about. Mark was very helpful in the beginning of the planning process and we were able to book the venue no problem. We had a few miscommunications regarding bar services leading up to the wedding, but we were able to get everything squared away. Overall, DPV is stunning and creates a very magical setting for an outdoor wedding.

By Jennifer R. at 2016-06-04

We had a fantastic wedding at Deer Park Villa, and at the end of the day, are happy we chose the venue, which is really quite beautiful. That being said, the venue was at times quite frustrating to deal with leading up to our wedding, which for us was compounded because we were planning our wedding from across the country.

The biggest issue was that we felt there wasn't complete transparency and forthrightness from Deer Park when we booked the venue. Apparently when you book Deer Park, you don't buy out the full site -- that we learned after the fact was an option, for more money, but no one mentioned this to us. At the time we booked Deer Park, which was about 10 months before our wedding, there was no restaurant or bar on site, and no one mentioned anything opening, so we (perhaps mistakenly) assumed the space was ours. It wasn't until our caterer had asked if we did a buyout of the site that we learned about all this, which frankly is quite frustrating. Then we learned that Deer Park planned to open (and now operates) a public bar out of the front of the building. We weren't told that from the beginning and didn't know that our rental excluded that part of the building, and (more problematically) the public would be sharing the building (and bathrooms) with us.

The bar has pretty sporadic hours and fortunately it ended up being closed during our wedding, but it's still quite frustrating that they didn't explain that was a possibility to us when we booked, and it led to some headaches. So just make sure if you book Deer Park Villa, you are very clear on what exactly you are reserving/what your rental fee covers.

Further, there was a lot of confusion about outside music. When we booked the venue, they pointed out the ability to have music and dancing outside into the evening. But our contract explicitly required all outside amplified sound to end by 9 pm. And then, a few days out from our wedding, they told our DJ that outside music had to end by 8:30. We ended up making it work (music can continue inside the building and there's a dance floor in there - it's just not as picturesque as the outside), but it would have helped with our figuring out our day of schedule if the music issue had been clear from the beginning.

The responsiveness of folks at the venue was also sometimes pretty spotty. Once people responded, they were helpful (in particular Miguel, who heads the bar, was very helpful, particularly with personalizing our bar), but you had to often nag folks. Also, a small quibble - at least for our wedding, Deer Park did not have a to-scale map of its space, so trying to lay out tables and figure out how to use the space was challenging. Our coordinator created a to-scale map on her own when she did a different wedding at the venue.

All that being said, on the actual day, the staff at Deer Park was very helpful and on point, and we had a fantastic, lovely wedding. So basically, just be extremely clear with them from the beginning, get things written down, and if you're a bride or groom who wants super prompt responses, Deer Park might not be the venue for you. But if you can let some stuff slide, at the end of the day you should have a great event (the venue really is incredibly beautiful).

By Rachel T. at 2015-09-28

I cannot imagine a more perfect venue for our wedding! Our guests loved the redwood grove, and had nothing but compliments for the food. We had a few hiccups at the beginning of the planning process when DPV changed event planners a few times, but at the end of the day Mike (owner) and Bobbi (catering manager and event planner) went out of their way to make sure we had a perfect day. I would highly recommend this venus for a beautiful California wedding out under the trees and lights.

By Erika C. at 2015-10-04

What a romantic place for a wedding! My sister had her wedding here and we were all amazed by the grandiose redwoods! Absolutely a place to keep in mind when searching for wedding venues!

By Sarah T. at 2016-03-25

Enchanting, mystical, rustic, contemporary are all qualities Deer Park Villa embodies, but top it off with exceptionally impeccable customer service, there is no other wedding venue that can even compare. I can't express how lucky and grateful my husband and I are to have had Mike (owner), Bobbie (catering manager and event planner), and Mark (property director) as the backbone to making the wedding of our dreams come true. Absolutely EVERYTHING we wished for (i.e. rehearsal dinner, sparklers, endless candles, s'mores station, fun food stations, colored linens, beer pong (husband's idea obviously), and more) they made happen, but unfortunately, the weather gods decided to pick our wedding day to be the stormiest day of the year and some of these ideas were not able to happen. But, despite the unfortunate bump in the road, Mike, Bobbie, and Mark still moved mountains to deliver our vision the best they could. Their outdoor venue is the dreamiest setup imaginable, and we were absolutely heartbroken knowing that we couldn't have our reception outdoors due to the storm. But thankfully, they made the setup of a clear tent happen, literally 3 days before the wedding, so that we would still be able to conduct the ceremony outdoors, and let me tell you, despite the strong winds and rain, all my guests raved about how absolutely enchanting it still was because the weather had actually added a special effect to it; it was amazing. Obviously, outdoor fire stations for the s'mores station was out of the question, but Bobbie saw that we had brought out all of our supplies and was able to improvise and gather a couple of sternos to make our s'mores fire station happen. All throughout the night, they were making sure everything was running smoothly. Our wedding party consisted of 220+ guests - the majority, of course, intoxicated having the time of their lives, and with that many people all indoors instead of outdoor as well like originally planned, it could be very overwhelming to handle. Well, Bobbie did not let that challenge get to her; she went above and beyond not just for us, but also for our guests. She helped with the flow of the buffet food stations directing people where to go, walked around the entire night making sure everyone was ok, and even ran to get my friend ice after she had slipped and fallen. Bobbie was always visible and available to answer any questions we had throughout the night; my bridal party first-handedly told us how awesome she was handling everything.
After many of my guests were given some time to recover from the night, every one of them said that it was THE BEST and MOST FUN wedding they had ever been to, and many of them said they had even forgotten about the storm outside! Mike, Bobbie, and Mark even stopped to ask my husband and I if we were doing ok multiple times throughout the night; it was very comforting to have them by our side during this time. Overall, there are not enough stars or "THANK YOU'S" to give them, but Mike, Bobbie, and Mark, from the bottom of our hearts, we are forever grateful for everything you did for making our wedding day an everlasting dream we will never forget.

By Roman J. at 2015-07-26

The Ghiringhelli Family knows how to please the people with their quality authentic Italian American food and hospitality along with great customer service. They own wonderful authentic pizzerias and this beautiful Villa Event space. This Villa sits under big beautiful Red Wood Trees and Ambiance is amazing. They have a perfect size bar inside and outside for large party's and great lighting in the trees when the sun goes down. Experience the Love for yourself.

By Denyce C. at 2015-08-20

Went to Deer Park Villa, now known as "Bootleggers Lodge". It is mostly just the bar area and the deck. You order food at the bar and can sit in the bar area or outside. We had a couple of drinks and then ordered burgers. Excellent burgers. People there are really nice - Sasha is from Fairfax, VA and just started; Miguel has been working there about 4 months and the young lady whose name I didn't get. All very nice. Try it out if you are in Fairfax. You won't be sorry.

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