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Stoplight Gelato Cafe

Stoplight Gelato Cafe
  • Street 405 Brook Rd
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23220
  • Telphone (804) 644-9400
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Stoplight Gelato Cafe introduction
Estimated average consumption of $3.71 - $7.42 per person. We offer 19 menus, including Espresso, Latte, Capuccino, Affogato, Stoplight Blend Drip Coffee, Sausage, Red Peppers, Cheese and Egg Sandwich, Bacon, Avocado, Cheese and Egg Sandwich and so on.
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Stoplight Gelato Cafe reviews

By Lauri W. at 2016-09-01


Look. I've never liked ice cream sandwiches. I actually hate them. Probably as much as I hate moon pies. *Shivers* Thank God for the amazing people at Stoplight Gelato Cafe because they thought to make an ice cream sandwich using cookies as the sandwich! Are you kidding me? This is like nirvana for me. I have found my favorite treat.

I tried a multitude of different flavors and loved every single one. They were fresh and so soooooo creamy it was ridiculous. I wanted to actually bathe in it. I am so glad that I don't live near there because I would be coming every day. I would definitely recommend the white chocolate berry, milk chocolate, amaretto, and cream. All are excellent.

I just love this place. I love the sweet owner who came out to personally thank me for stopping by. The employees seemed so joyful to be there and grateful for everyone that walked in. I can't wait to go back and try another gelato sammich!

By Alex T. at 2016-12-09

Adorable is the only way to describe this place!

After hearing about this place in the Richmond Grid, my Mom recommended we stop by hear for an evening treat. The place is tucked into a side building in the Jackson Ward area and could be easily missed.

This place is not very large but worth the trip! They offer breakfast, lunch and of course a variety of gelato! From the moment you walk in and are greeted by Barbara, the owner, and you feel like family. Barbara is the sweetest lady who lets you sample the gelatos since they have quite unique flavors. The coconut, pineapple, and almond joy were by far my favorites but they also had ash, olive oil, and roasted red pepper! I wasn't quite adventurous enough to try that! They have lots of toppings to add as well. Prices are great too!

We each got a scoop and sat down and enjoyed the environment of this absolutely adorable gelato shop. After chatting with the owner (and her pup!) we decided this place is a "must come back to" place. I highly recommend if you are in the area to check this out - heck! - check it out even if you aren't in the area!

By Kamille P. at 2016-09-29

Was super excited to try Stoplight Gelato Cafe after my friend told me about it.

The atmosphere is very charming. Even though it's a new business, it already seems like some neighborhood ice cream parlor that's been there for years. I really loved the unique decor like the actual stoplight and the framed photos of people eating ice cream (notably Rihanna and Obama!) It also has a very cozy café type of feel. Though I only came for ice cream, the food they were cooking also smelled good!

I think the most appealing part of Stoplight for me is all of the unique flavors. I ordered the Earl grey and rose. The Earl grey was strong, though I thought the rose could have been stronger, as I am a huge fan of rose flavor. I also tried some of my friend's blueberry lavender as well as the dragonfruit sorbet, both good. I definitely wanted to try flavors I saw on their social media like their matcha, black sesame, and chai but they didn't have them the day we went.

Texture wise, this gelato seems more like plain ice cream, as it doesn't have that decadence that sets gelato apart from plain ice cream. That being said, it didn't upset my stomach (which occasionally happens for me if I eat very rich ice cream - my lactose intolerant peeps know the struggle!)

The owner is a little old lady so she moves very slowly and you need to speak loudly and clearly when you order, but she is very cute and she already recognizes my friend. She also brings her dog to work. Eating ice cream while petting a puppy? Ultimate pick-me-up!

Charm, unique flavors, and very inexpensive for gelato. What's not to like? In the immortal words of Arnold, I'll be back.

By Nicole K. at 2016-12-11

I just had the Rosemary Brown Butter and it was a heavenly experience. My friend wanted to pick up gelato and I decided to tag along. This place is so adorable and I can't believe it took me so long to get over here. Barbara is THE BEST. And this place is going to be dangerous for me -- I haven't had good gelato in Richmond until now! Seriously try the Rosemary Brown Butter. Swoon.

By Laura H. at 2016-10-06

Such a cute little cafe! The lady (that I think runs the place) is so cute & nice! I came with a group of friends and they were so accommodating to us! Lots of original flavors to choose from and they let you sample! With their reasonable prices, it is definitely a spot to get your sweet fix!

By Timmy L. at 2016-08-28

got the gelato sandwich with milk chocolate gelato (pretty basic) the scoop was small but it fit in the cookie perfectly, it was actually relatively hard to eat but then the owner i believe saw that i was struggling and she came over and wrapped it in more paper for me and brought me a plate. she was a very sweet lady.

it was kind of pricey for the scoop they give you but it was worth it

the people behind the counter were very very friendly, i asked to sample quite a few and he didnt even mind. they have a little water station and it was running low while i was getting some water, and the cashier came over and happily lifted the jug so it would pour more water, and when it didnt pour that much she took the cup and filled it up with the water behind the register

the gelato sandwich was pretty good but i wished it was bigger :(

the place itself had a very cozy mom and pop feel to it, it was located somewhere i didnt expect it to be, right off of broad but the outside looked a little run down but the inside was pretty cool

By Sandra May L. at 2016-08-28

Very homey and the Gelato is delicious!! So far my favorite is the blueberry! It's not too sweet or tarte but it tastes just like blueberries Itself! The staff members here are very friendly and funny. It's a very chill place, very relaxing and family oriented. The cookie sandwich is also very good!

The sweet granny that works here helped one of my friends wrap his cookie sandwich! She's very adorable too :')

By James L. at 2016-08-19

I was visiting Richmond recently, and while exploring this section of downtown, luckily came across the Stoplight Gelato Cafe. I happened to stop in during its opening weekend, and the place was packed with VCU and U of Richmond students, as well as folks from the neighborhood.

I can tell this place is going to do well with its kitschy decor (check out the photos with the stoplight hanging from the ceiling) and low key vibe. But the gelato is the main attraction. It is creamy, indicating a high butter fat content in the milk, and none of the flavors I tried were overly sweet. I settled on the espresso flavor and it had hints of roasted coffee underneath the Vanilla base. Delicious.

I detract one star since I find the prices a bit on the high side. I got a "medium" size in a cup, and the scoop that the use here is tiny. I guess it's a nice change from the usual super-size mentality of chain ice cream shops like Ben and Jerry and Coldstone Creamery, but I definitely left here still wanting more of that sumptuous gelato.

But maybe that's just clever marketing on the owner's part, Barbara. As other reviews have mentioned, she is an older lady and she chatted with me for a bit while I was waiting for my credit card to process. This has been a dream of hers, going back to her days when she taught at George Mason. I should only be so lucky if I get to serve tasty Italian ice cream in my retirement.

By Laurie L. at 2016-10-03

First time here today! I got 2 scoops in a cake cone (free for a sugar/cake cone) one of cookies and cream, the other red bean. Both were very creamy and so tasty! I panicked and didn't have time to look at the menu but I saw you could make a gelato sandwich! They also have sandwiches and other foods which I didn't know. I definitely want to come back and try the other flavors! Very cute and cozy atmosphere but the people that worked there weren't very friendly when my roommate and I walked in. They didn't even say hi how are you or what would you like...nothing! My roommate said the owner or older lady who works here is super sweet! That's the reason I gave it 4 stars... it's a dessert shop, you should always be happy working with ice cream!!

By Sara H. at 2016-08-16

Ok I loved this place. Met the owner who is super cute and so so nice. I hope I still have spunk like she does at that age!! They will let you try any flavor you like! I went with amaretto and hazelnut mix. I like they let you choose between scoop sizes (small, medium, XL). The gelato was delicious and so flavorful. It was also awesome it was apparently Michael Jackson night as far as music so I was getting my groove on while enjoying tasty treats. Love!

By Melina B. at 2016-08-25

In a word: charming. Lovely, cozy atmosphere with friendly, low-key staff. Of course, the owner Barbara seems like a doll on all accounts.

I had strawberry (sorbet) with hazelnut-chocolate in a wafflecone. This gelato might be best enjoyed in a cup, however. The strawberry was awesome, really refreshing. The chocolate-hazelnut was also super tasty and balanced, not too much of one flavor or the other. The outside seating provides a nice view of the first friday/Gallery 5 crowd if you time it right. I really want this place to succeed.

By Kirk A. at 2016-12-18

Barbara and her crew are fantastic! So many choices it's incredible. If you like gelato, this is the place. It's the best I've ever had. Came with friends, everyone had a good time and raved about what they had.

By Dominique H. at 2016-07-25

Stopped by late (about 30 minutes prior to the posted closing time) last night, as I had this incredible urge for Gelato. Although they had closed the curtains and locked up, we were still allowed in and treated as if we were the first customers of the day - which we really appreciated! The owner, and staff are super sweet, and we were allowed to sample all of what was left, without even asking :). We both could not shake the goodness that was their deep chocolate gelato, and decided to take 2 sugar cones to go (roughly $5). I am super excited that there is finally a gelato place near me, and will definitely return!

By Claudia W. at 2016-08-08

Amazing gelato in Jackson Ward! Space was great for conversation and the staff was very friendly and helpful! Some of our party even had seconds. Very reasonable prices!!

At one point this sweet older lady came in and said, "I've heard they have great gelato here." I said, "They do! And you can taste any flavor you want." She said, "I know...and I do....morning, noon and night." She then went behind the counter. She's the owner. Too cute.

By Natia J. at 2016-10-30

There is nothing special here. The price for gelato does not match the quality of the dessert nor does it match the quantity. We ordered the candied walnut gelato and coconut gelato with walnuts added. It wasn't nasty, but it wasn't something I enjoyed either... To be honest, it did not taste like anything

By Tiffany N. at 2016-09-16

Super small pop up shop run by the nicest old lady ever! She shows that she's so hardworking and caring as she asks what flavor of her gelato you got and if you liked it. She really shows that she cares about her customers. The gelatos are made perfectly, not too sweet, and not too thick. There are a great variety of flavors to choose from as well and the best part is, it's very inexpensive. If you're craving sweets or gelato, this is the move.

By Daniel G. at 2016-08-28

An incredible addition to Jackson Ward! Stoplight's gellato is delicious and fairly priced, only to be surpassed (if possible) in tastiness by their chocolate with white chocolate chip cookies. Staff is very friendly and inviting, adding to the already warm atmosphere. Haven't tried the breakfast or lunch menu yet but am eagerly looking forward to soon!

All in all, a solid 10/10

By Kelsey C. at 2016-08-11

I love the flavor choices and the owner! Such a sweet lady! I loved that she even encouraged me to try as many flavors as I please, in fact she encouraged me to try them all! So sweet! And the gelato is amazing! Coconut and almond joy are my favorite so far.

By Thanh T. at 2016-07-18

I went during the cafe's soft gelato/sorbet I've had in the area- so good that I returned 15 minutes after I finished my first scoop. There are numerous unique flavors (Early Grey and Chocolate Stout!?) as well as some of the typical ones. They try to obtain local and high quality ingredients so the flavor offerings will change. Highly recommend the strawberry sorbetto with a balsamic vinaigrette drizzle (chef's suggestion as well).

The service is great (sometimes a tad slow). Barbara and everyone are extremely friendly. They will strike up a convo and make you smile. I look forward to making this place one of my regular stops and so glad a gem like this opened up in RVA.

By Dominic B. at 2016-07-07

I was in the mood for gelato on a hot day in RVA. Stoplight Gelato Cafe came up on my Yelp app as a new dessert place. Stoplight Café is kinda hidden on a side street, so make sure you look for a gelato sign. We were kindly greeted after entering. There are a variety of gelato flavors. I tried biscotti and tiramisu gelato in a waffle cone. The biscotti and tiramisu was delicious. My personal favorite was Stoplight biscotti with tiramisu coming in a close second. Customers can chose regular size or mini waffle cones. The shop is small with limited seated. It's cool décor throughout (stop light hanging from ceiling). Employees were very polite. Parking can be a hassle at times (street). Stoplight Gelato Cafe is a good choice for gelato. I give Stoplight Gelato Cafe a 4.5 rating.

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