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Estimated average consumption of $6.07 - $12.14 per person. We offer 69 menus, including Vege's Tempura, Tempura, Tempura Deluxe, Soft Shell Crab Tempura, Chicken Teriyaki, Salmon Teriyaki, Seafood Teriyaki and so on.
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By Ebonei W. at 2016-09-22

Very excited that this place is within 2 blocks of where I work. I waited til after the lunch rush to try this out and I'm extremely pleased. The prices are very reasonable and I was extremely satisfied with my lunch. I ordered the spicy tuna and the chesapeake roll. Came out very quickly and there was a line.
I will be returning next week.

By Hiroko T. at 2016-08-05

I go there for lunch and they have truly authentic Japanese bento box with reasonable price. Nimono, yakizakana, sashimi and unagi... and with miso soup or salad. Conveniently located on K street and you can go there even after lunch hours of many restaurants around there. Also, they have beef rice bowl, ramen, Japanese style curry rice, which I have to try one day, but I am a big fan of their bento box (keep ordering bento box...)!

テイクアウト&イートインのお店で、日本のお弁当が恋しい方におすすめです。ランチタイムは混んでいるので、先に電話して注文した方がいいかもしれません。DC界隈には数少ない、日本のお弁当です(いわゆるBento Boxではなく...日本人の方が作ってらっしゃいます)。もちろんお寿司もあります。

By Michael H. at 2016-12-01

Absolute charming, cash only, hole in the wall. I've been to Japan and this restaurant recaptured all the feels of a typical "quick eats" sushi joint in Tokyo. Temper your expectations, this is not "fancy" highbrow Americanized sushi. You won't find many crazy rolls here. Instead you'll find much more traditional Japanese lunch offerings sashimi, onigiri, bento boxes. Fish is fresh savory and served at a proper temperature (only slightly cooler than room temperature) rather than the overly chilled, tasteless American way. Rice is likewise perfected in both texture and temperature. Very spartan establishment. No tables inside, just a small counter with stools. However there is ample seating in the adjacent atrium that is shared by another restaurant. Highly recommended for those seeking simple inexpensive fresh traditional sushi.

By Donna W. at 2016-07-23

You have to get there before or exactly at noon to avoid the long line. If you don't, the service is efficient anyway. The sushi is a great deal or you can get the lunch box. For a tiny place, it has a nice selection of sashimi, sushi, and hot meals.

By Ethan L. at 2016-05-14

This is probably the best lunch value in the DC area.

A place that's really easy to miss, but offers up a solid simple value, of excellent and basic Japanese as someone already mentioned "cafeteria" type Japanese lunch food.

A real nice group runs this place and they just do it right. Solid rice, nice and flavorful cooked perfectly and even nicely seasoned for the sushi, NEVER hard, and never mushy, too often these type of places can't even get this right.

Then there are the prices. Simple maki rolls such as a tuna are 4 clams, a kappa maki 2.50, and I am a cucumber freak. No this is not where you go for presentation, or perfect cuts, but the quality and flavor is all there.

But wait friends there is more. The udon is a bargain, tasty broth full of rich flavor, and the Vegetarian option at 5 dollars is a full meal and a steal.

Often though I come here and splurge, not to mention many of the bentos and menued cobbled items come with either your choice of a solid miso or basic salad. You can't beat it, I am probably going to be here all the time on lunch hour.

By Eric Joseph D. at 2015-04-28

Finally walked 0.48 miles to eat at this place from work and don't know if I would say it was worth it for what I got.

For 6 dollars, I bought a rainbow roll while my friend had teriyaki for 5 dollars. Personally, the fish was not bad, but there wasn't anything special about the sushi. I rather have got a combo with teriyaki as the sushi was just not filling! Huge kudos to the "free" miso or soup with your meal.

For 9 dollars, you can order a combo of sushi and other meals (see my picture for pricing) but I am Still not convinced that this is any deal what so ever! I would def want to try out their hot meals as they did give a good amount of my chicken to my friend, but they do need to improve on their flavoring. Not asking for the works, but asking for something more than just your regular fare!

This place is also inside a business building -- there are signs in the directory outside the building! Hope you can find it!

By Airial S. at 2016-05-31

Thank you Yelp for pointing me to this sushi spot. It's hidden inside an office building so unless you work in the building or have it recommended to you, you won't even know it's there. What attracted me to this place were the prices. There is a deal where you can pick two items off a menu (sushi rolls, chicken teriyaki, etc.) and get a soup or salad for $9. Not bad! When I got there I realized that it went up a dollar so the deal is actually $10. I also realized that it is cash only and I didn't have enough on me to get the deal so I settled for one eel roll. It was pretty good for the price! There is better sushi elsewhere of course but I will definitely be back when I want some cheap sushi.

By Cat P. at 2015-03-30

Just as the name suggests, this is a grab-and-go type of place. The staff are Japanese, and they prepare good, cafeteria-style Japanese food. Besides sushi, you can also find yakisoba, curry rice, onigiri (rice balls), and other popular Japanese dishes.

At Sushi Express, you definitely get what you pay for, not less, not more. The good news is that prices are very reasonable, especially for downtown DC. The bad news is that portions for non-sushi items lean more towards petite. I got the vegetarian yakisoba today, which was very tasty but had almost no vegetables, aside from some cabbage and onions. The pickled relish on top of the noodles was great, but I really wanted some broccoli and maybe some carrot to give the dish more color and texture. Perhaps they didn't want to stray from the authentic version...While the sauce was spot-on, I was left wanting more noodles.

Also tried two rolls before, though I only remember one of them, salmon. Again, tasty but not remarkable. Don't expect local, super fresh fish or anything, but know that this is more of a jack-of-all-trades establishment that caters to area office workers who are hankering for sushi or casual Japanese dishes. The sushi chef prepares the various rolls offered with nimble fingers and his assistant cook whips up delicious dishes, but ingredients are okay quality.

What I like most about this place:
1. Friendly and efficient staff
2. Dependable sushi
3. Cheap prices
4. More unusual and authentic menu and miscellaneous items for sale (e.g., Japanese snacks, harder to find in this area)

By Jason S. at 2015-03-27

The value you get from this place is crazy. My chicken teriyaki meal which came with a side salad was only $5.50 and I added a small miso soup for only a dollar. And the portions aren't small at all. As I said, crazy value.

The food itself is pretty good, I wouldn't say great but surely a fine lunch option. The miso soup was yummy and the salad was fairly standard. I enjoyed the chicken teriyaki but it clearly felt like a cheaper version of it (as I expected given the price). The chicken didn't have that teriyaki taste to it. It was just grilled chicken bathed in teriyaki sauce. And it wasn't bad by any means, just lacking. Thankfully though there was an abundance of sauce in which to dip the white rice.

By Ian K. at 2016-10-29

great value. high quality sushi.

By L P. at 2016-02-19

A hidden gem inside an office building above the new Goethe Institut. You could end up walking right past it if you're not looking hard enough.

Sushi is cheap, but perfectly palatable and offered in a decent variety. They also have yakisoba, to-go ramen, and onigiri (in salmon and sesame, the first I've seen in DC and actually quite tasty). Rolls come with salad or miso soup, for less than $10 - that's pretty much a steal in Foggy Bottom. Will definitely be coming back!

By T. D. at 2016-10-29

This is a great lunch spot, very fast and friendly service. Their sushi and yakisoba are both very good and for the price this is a great value. Highly recommend. It is located in an office building so its not that easy to find. You have to take the escalator to the second floor and walk straight to the end of the hall.

By Janelle V. at 2015-04-24

3.5 Stars

I came here on the recommendation of a friend because while living in DC we missed having good Asian food that wasn't somehow infused with another culture or that got super Americanized that was also decently priced!

First things first, it's located INSIDE an office building on the second floor. So if you don't keep your eyes open for the address or signs or whatnot, you just might miss it. Once you find it, however, you'll see it's not too big and it kind of has a hole-in-the-wall kind of feel. There's nothing too special about the design or decor and if ambiance is what you're after go elsewhere, but if you want a pretty good and affordable meal, look no further! This location is especially nice because it's nearby so many businesses and office in Downtown DC! Great grab & go kind of meal.

While I felt like I did get bang for my buck and the sushi quality was pretty good, it was not amazing! I must say that for DC sushi standards on a budget? It's pretty darn good since you get your food shortly after ordering it! It is what the name of the place sets out to be Sushi EXPRESS! So if you're on a rush and in a budget and craving some sushi, look no further and get your fix on K Street!

By E Y. at 2016-05-05

Great quick sushi spot. Is it the best sushi in the world? No, but it is comparable to your average sushi spot in terms of quality at a very cheap price, especially in this area!

Owner is very nice and friendly.

By Jamie G. at 2015-08-27

Just had the $5.50 rainbow roll and soup or salad special. Sushi wasn't the best, but it was OK for lunch and a good deal.

By Iris L. at 2015-09-23

2.5 stars. I really wanted to like this place for its affordable prices, but I was disappointed. I went with a friend and we both ordered the combo. I got the chicken teriyaki and shrimp with veggie tempura and she got the tuna and avocado roll and squid teriyaki. My chicken teriyaki was the biggest disappointment for me. The chicken was bland and hard and the sauce was just a bit too sweet for me. As other reviewers have noted, the chicken doesn't appear to be cooked in teriyaki sauce and rather just bathed in it. The other entrees were average. The tempura was okay though nothing special. My friend's squid teriyaki was better than the chicken, but was overcooked (beats undercooked though!) and also had the same problem with the sauce. Lastly, I didn't eat any of my friend's tuna rolls, but she said she felt as though the tuna wasn't too fresh.

The man who prepared our food and rang us up (we went around 5 and he was the only one there) was cordial and got our food ready as quickly and efficiently as he could. Since we took our food to go, he handed our bag to us a certain way and let us know to hold it like that while walking back so the miso soup wouldn't spill, which I thought was nice to do.

Unfortunately, the taste of the food was too mediocre for me to find $9 that great of a great deal. I might give them another try for the sushi, but I wouldn't bother with the non-sushi entrees.

By Caitlin O. at 2015-05-07

Just finished a delicious (and cheap) sushi lunch! 2 rolls, soup and a bowl of rice for under $10! Went around 2pm and there were only a few people in there, but i imagine it gets crowded around peak lunch hours (and might take a while). I enjoyed my two rolls (salmon and tuna/avocado). Definitely not the best sushi ive had, but you cant beat the price! Glad to have this as an option near my work!

By Serena C. at 2016-03-02

Great little lunch place inside an office building. Had a combo platter with a fresh salmon roll, tempura (2 shrimp, 2 veg), rice, salad for $10. The combo platter is definitely a better value than the individual items. Overall fresh, fast, and tasty. It isn't the most delicious place ever, but definitely acceptable. My friend and I enjoy coming here because the seating area is quiet (but not too quiet!) and we can have good conversation and hang out without it being too busy, noisy, or feel rushed.

By Erin Y. at 2015-02-25

Great place for sushi! Service is quick, food is fresh and tasty, and the price is very reasonable so what's there not to like about this place? They have great lunch specials but I usually go for the salmon roll + tuna & avocado roll combo... delicious!

By Adie M. at 2014-09-26

I love this hole-in-the-wall sushi restaurant! Beware of opening and closing times (they are closed on weekends and after 6 pm on weekdays).

Just fresh, high quality food for a really low price. You can't beat that, especially in DC.

Tips: These are the details of the Sushi Express, This restaurant is located in 1990 K St NW, Washington, DC
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