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Texas Roadhouse
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We offer 70 menus, including Baby Blossom, Fried Pickles, Rattlesnake Bites, Tater Skins, Boneless Buffalo Wings, Grilled Shrimp, Killer Ribs and so on.
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Texas Roadhouse reviews

By Jasmine R. at 2016-07-06

Excellent food! Excellent service! First time visiting and will be going back. Waitress was fast and friendly I believe her name was Mickey but I'm not completely sure. Highly recommend this place

By Kim N. at 2016-08-21

So I finally got my prime rib after two attempts.

First attempt, they gave me a ribeye when I ordered a prime rib. Second attempt, they were sold out.

Third attempt I finally got it. Now I'm from CA & had Lawry's Prime Ribs so the prime rib here was not to die for as everyone said.

I wasn't able to finish my 10 oz due to appetizer and my side salad so I put it in a to-go box.

Three minutes leaving the place I forgot my box of food and called in and heard it was thrown out. definitely NOT nice. It would've been cool to hold it for at least ten minutes just in case people walk out and forget. Half of my prime rib was in there plus my significant other's plate.

Not coming back ever again. Rude.

By Rikki T. at 2016-11-12

Wonderful waitress, food wasn't THAT great, cloth napkin had holes all in it, they advertised Veterans Day meals but with no time-C

By Seong L. at 2015-08-24

Heard a lot of good things about this place before my buddy and his wife took me here for my first experience. Overall, my experience was great!

The atmosphere is... Well... Very steakhouse country-like. Mostly everything is made out of wood, dimly lit, lots of wall decor, and clean. Many military members as customers since there is a huge Marine base nearby.

The food was awesome. Should've gotten a steak, but since I'm on a "diet" I opted for the BBQ roasted chicken. No regrets there because the chicken was amazing. Perfectly cooked, tender and tasteful. The sweet potato that came as my side was bomb! But the salad was a bit disappointing- nothing more than some cabbage lettuce peppered with too much cheese and croutons.

The service was great. Our waitress was very attentive and cheerful. Very knowledgable of the menu and even helped me decide what to drink.

4.5 stars in my book. I will definitely visit again if I'm ever in town!

By Kim P. at 2016-06-10

Food is very inconsistent and so is service. You're never sure what you are going to get.
This is my husband's favorite restaurant, in Texas. So we were excited to see one in Jacksonville. We've been to this location twice and both times it was not great.

By Rachael D. at 2016-05-28

We've been to this place twice now. Prior to our first visit, I had never been to a Texas Roadhouse, despite this apparently being a chain, which I wasn't aware of until we arrived. Upon learning this, I was skeptical that I could get a decent steak from a chain restaurant, but they have nailed it both times so far!

During my first visit, I ordered the NY strip with green beans and smashed potatoes. We picked up some potato skins and mozzarella twirls as appetizers. Both the appetizers were a monster let down. The potato skins were over microwaved and they really need a much better company making their mozzarella sticks.

However, the steak was amazing. I get mine medium rare, and it was cooked perfectly. It's honestly rare to find a chain steakhouse that can cook a steak the way you want it done.

Our second visit I picked up the 10 oz prime rib, once again cooked medium rare. The cook was spot on.

As far as their sides go, their green beans are ok. They flavor them, which is great, but they're definitely canned (or horribly over cooked). Their loaded smashed potatoes are decent, but nothing to write home about.

If you're going, you're definitely doing it for their steaks, which I will keep doing.

By Josette R. at 2015-10-03

Oh my. I don't know where to begin. The food was freaking awesome! I personally picked out my steak a 16oz ribeye without the bone. It was seasoned perfectly and cook to perfection! Big thumbs up to the chef!

Of servers were Connie and Amanda who was in training. The young ladies really took great care of us.

By Anna M. at 2016-05-22

This restaurant is awesome. We are visiting North Carolina on a trip and decided to try this restaurant. We were not disappointed in it and you won't be either. Just be prepared for large amounts of food. Prices are cheap compared to where we are from. I got a 6 ounce sirloin with ribs and two sides for only 16.99. I got a sangria margarita with the kicker it was delicious for only 9. It was huge. Country music playing in the back ground and very nice employees. Our receipt says Michelle and I hope that's her name(she had long blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail and was from Arizona) but she was so helpful with the menu and suggestions. She gave us information about the area and overall was one of the best servers we've had. But really every one was accommodating and kind. We would for sure come here again if possible.

By Andie S. at 2016-10-01

This was our first time in this particular Texas roadhouse. All previous locations we have visited have been wonderful. It started by walking in and having peanuts that were soggy and no buckets to even put them in as we've had in other restaurants. We did call ahead seating but still had to wait over 30 minutes to be seated. Only to have our party of 12 seated at two different tables although we were told we would be seated together. Upon ordering our drinks and dinners, it seems like our waitstaff could care less about our orders. In fact at one point one guest in our party asked if she could order a salad after the fact. The waitress told her yes but then turned around and rolled her eyes which our table was able to view in clear site. This was not the first time that we had seen that particular waitress roll her eyes. Table 1 food came out very fast, so fast that we had finished and paid before table 2 had even received their food and table 1 ordered an appetizer as well. The food was above average however we ordered a dessert to go and the picture I am attaching is the "slice" of apple pie we took to go. It looks nothing of a slice, has no filling, and the crust is quite burnt to a Crisp. We will not be returning!!!

By Marissa M. at 2015-04-04

Why don't we have more TRH's in NY?! I've been to a few in South Carolina and Philadelphia. When you're looking for southern style home cooking at a fair price, this is it!!!!

A peanut shell covered floor, Carrie Underwood and LeAnn Rimes tunes playing and a bleach blond waitress dressed in a t-shirt and daisy dukes greeting you that resembles Jessica Simpson in her slimmer days (and I loveeee Jessica Simpson) is the experience when stepping foot inside Texas Roadhouse. That's what it is. The feel of a dining stop along the road in Texas. It's like Hooters but there's a southern menu that's delicious.

A basket of hot baked rolls is presented to you with a cinnamon sugar butter spread. I ordered the Grilled Pork Chop Single with a sweet potato and house salad. The Pork Chop was grilled like a steak at $9.99 !Charbroiled outside, Juicy on the inside. 0 Fat. It was probably the best I've ever had. My mom ordered the Baby back ribs combo. Perfection. Outside was crisp and smoked til the meat fell off the bones. They have mastered southern cuisine. The kids meals are healthy with vegetables and grilled meat options. Several items kids enjoy. A wonderful place to bring your family. Always a great dining experience here !!

By John D. at 2015-01-21

Texas Roadhouse is one like no other place I've eaten at. The peanut shells on the floor near barrels and buckets full of peanut, enticing smell of freshly baked rolls, and the energetic staff dedicated to make your experience memorable -- I love this place.

Food: well the never ending complimentary bucket of peanuts and the basket of rolls is sure to get you stuffed even before your entree arrives. Get a steak. Get it however you want it because no matter which steak you choose I guarantee you will love everything about your meal.

Service: whatever Texas Roadhouse does to teach their staff, I say continue forth with their great efforts because everyone who works there is a pleasure to have as a server.

Price: highly reasonable, perhaps even cheap for the package and experience you receive.

Overall: I love this place and I would choose place over any other 5-star restaurant. I recently moved back to my home town in Las Vegas and we don't have a Texas Roadhouse. Please open one.

By Sara C. at 2015-03-13

Ate here with my husband and one year old. Our waitress was Michelle and was amazing. I wanted to order a Texas peach fuzz. And she recommended the peach tea vodka instead because it was bigger for the same price.
Husband ordered country fried sirloin and he loved it. I ordered the bbq chicken and it was amazing.
We had the deep fried pickles which were amazing.
Definitely coming here again soon.

By Ozzy N. at 2015-07-26

When ever I see a Texas road house, I always want to stop in for lunch or dinner. We were seated fast. The bathrooms are clean. Its an average wait time for our lunch. About 15 mins. I love the maple butter for the biscuits. Ordered the bacon cheeseburger. Seemed to be a little too much seasoning on it even the french fries were salty. Probably wont order that again. Ill stick with their steak's.

By Brandii W. at 2014-09-20

My coworker and I stopped in here on our last night in Jacksonville, NC. What a great experience!

We sat at the bar and we're addressed by our bartenders right away. Fresh hot and delicious rolls were served immediately with cinnamon butter. Tasty :) I had an 8oz sirloin steak (medium) with baked sweet potato and a Cesar salad. My salad came out in no time, and main my course came out shortly after I finished my salad. My steak was cooked to perfection and well seasoned. The baked sweet potato came with brown sugar and melted marshmallows on top.

The bartenders were very attentive and my water glass was never empty.

The area was a little nosey but it's expected with the number of people that were in the restaurant. The tvs in the bar were on sports games, which is great since it's football season and I love to watch football.

By Michele P. at 2016-03-22

I absolutely love this place! Hands down the best ribeye I have ever eaten before. The rolls they give you are delicious, I could eat about 20 of those scrumptious things. The atmosphere is great, there's never a line, and service is good! This is my favorite restaurant in this entire town!!!

By Kelsy W. at 2015-12-02

Love love love Texas Roadhouse! Everybody who works there is so nice and so sweet! I've never had any problems there! The food is absolutely amazing and tastes so good!

By Jenn H. at 2015-05-10

I came here with for Mothers Day. I ordered a T-bone porterhouse steak. I went to cut it and a bunch of hair was surrounding it inside and out. We have been here many times. I'm so very disgusted. However, the kids food was good and the rolls as always were delicious. I was taken care of and I'm pretty happy that it was taken care of.

By Brittany F. at 2015-10-10

We went here today. This place is amaizing! We were surprised. Therr was NO Wait AT ALL! This was our first time here. We told the waitress it was our first time and they brought us out sample in 1/4 cup sampling sizes of 4 of the most popular sides : mashed potatoes, chilli, corn, and bacon green beans. I hate hate hate chilli with beans, I had two bites delicious, mashed potatoes large pieces of potatoes and still smooth, green beans and bacon was a little salty but so wonderful. My little boy ate 4 rolls by himself! They were so good warm served with honey butter. My husband ordered the sampler grilled shrimp, again a little salty but not enough to drop it lower then 5 stars. I ordered the salad with ranch. Ranch is a little tangy, no kick but buttermilk maybe and great! I was full off the salad and my husband needed a main course. He got the 6oz with ribs he loved them. I ordered the same. I wish i had asked foe no BBQ on my ribs but not a big deal that was my fault. It really didn't matter because I couldnt even eat it I was so full from the sampler sides and salad. THe waitress was very nice and so was everyone that walked by. We had a manager come by today to make sure everything was okay. She was very nice super sweet, and husband also a service member. This is now our Steak House Spot!

By Ant D. at 2015-10-29

Everything about this place has been nothing short of great! Ate here twice in 3 days. Tried a competitor down the street and that's another review in itself. Great juicy steaks, fast service, and great environment.

By Elle G. at 2016-09-07

The service was great! The baked potatoes were crunchy on the outside, but they could cut down on the salt coating. I only eat the outside, so I'm a connoisseur! I got the strip steak and asked for medium rare. It was cooked much closer to medium and had no sear on it- very disappointing, but I couldn't send it back because of my dinner companion/business associate. Making it worse, the steak I got had a huge tendon or something running the length of the steak right down the middle. One of the ways that I judge a steak is the pile of "inedibles" left after I'm done eating/packing my go box. The pile was quite significant- fat and tendons or whatever that chewy stuff is that you have to spit out mid chew. I think they would have been quite amenable to making me another steak, but I can't believe that nobody noticed the very obvious lack of quality in the steak and the cook on it was totally unacceptable for a steak house.

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