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Texas Roadhouse
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We offer 70 menus, including Baby Blossom, Fried Pickles, Rattlesnake Bites, Tater Skins, Boneless Buffalo Wings, Grilled Shrimp, Killer Ribs and so on.
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Texas Roadhouse reviews

By Melissa V. at 2016-09-09

I ate here one night just to try it. My husband was always saying it was his favorite place, but working opposite schedules we never got to come here together. I came by myself because I was hungry, it was pay day and I just felt like doing a yelp review, lol. I think next time, I'll bring a friend and try to get a table, because I'm a bigger girl and the booths are kinda cramped and uncomfortable for me. But it was really crowded the night I came, so they probably couldn't spare a table just for one person.

Anyway, my server was Sabrina. She was very nice, helpful and friendly. While waiting, you get some soft bread rolls with a cinnamon butter spread (very good, the bread is sweet).

I ordered a well done steak, mashed potatoes and corn. My beverage was peach iced tea. Sabrina also offered to bring me a bottle of steak sauce (A1) so I accepted.

For dessert, I ordered the apple pie, which comes with ice cream.

My steak was good, not tough or anything. Done all the way through. The steak sauce gave it that extra tang. Potatoes were delicious and real, there were tiny chunks of potato here and there, nice flavor. Corn was good too, not too dry or shriveled. I like how they put the sides in little bowls. Keeps the mess down. I never had issues with my food touching, sometimes I will push it together on purpose, lol. But I know people who hate that, so if you do have issues with it, this place will cater to you.

Dessert was great! The apple pie was warm and there was a nice, hot, gooey, buttery, cinnamony sauce drizzled all around the pie and ice cream-- loved it!

Some of the waiters did some line dancing, that was cute. A couple birthday shout outs too, which was nice. But make sure you're in an energetic mood when you come. Its not a quiet place, at least not on busy nights. You've got a bar in the center of the room, a lot of talking and music. So its not like a quiet intimate place, or a place for a business meeting or anything. Just depends what you want that night. I had a nice time, though :)

By Scott S. at 2016-08-25

Hand picked a 24 ounce ribeye. Pretty tasty.

First baked sweet potato was cold... not so good.
Waitress brought me a new baked sweet potato which was piping hot and very delicious typed with mini marshmallows and sweet syrup.

Quite noisy... be forewarned.

By Jody M. at 2015-11-25

I'm giving two stars because I've had better service here in the past but tonight was pretty bad. The server was just bad. Not rude or anything but completely uninterested in being a server. She never came around to ask how we're doing and had to flag her down for refills. She never took empty plates or cups away and just did a piss poor job.
The food is fine but not sure the service makes it worth it.

By CaK T. at 2016-10-02

We came on Wednesday evening, our server was Julia, we ordered a NY Strip Steak (med) smothered with onions and mushrooms, sides picked chili with cheese and onions and a Caesar salad, NO croutons, then a filet mignon (med), sides picked chili with cheese and onions and a loaded sweet potato. Chilis came out first, then Caesar salad came out with the croutons on it, server took salad back, just to receive the same salad back with the croutons taken off ( could tell by the crumbs of the croutons on the salad still) Steaks were cooked to perfection.. So given 3 stars for the fact of receiving the same salad back, which in restaurant business, we should of received a fresh new salad..

By Jon F. at 2016-10-01

It took us awhile to finally try this place. In the first of two experiences the service great and the food was delicious. In the first visit the food came out fast! In the second one it was a lonnng time for our appy and entree came out. We of course were set to a slow summer but glad to finally have our food. As we settled in the manager appeared at our table. She informed us that she had noticed our food had been slow to come out and because of that she was going to comp us our appy. It was a very pleasant surprise that in addition to the food will bring us back.

By Jerry M. at 2016-10-03

The food is so bad here. Ordered a 12oz medium ribeye and the brought me a medium rare 12oz NY Strip. The manager tried to convince us it was the end of the ribeye cut....WRONG! Forget ordering wine. You get a 3 oz pour of Martini Cab for $9 bucks. Are you kidding me?

By Marcelo M. at 2016-06-12

Great place To eat, food was good. Tip: instead of the waiter asking its patrons for a dollar donation to the make a wish foundation to be added to the check, how about the Restaurant donating a dollar for every plate sold? We get bombarded with soliciting everywhere we go, Wallgreens, RiteAid, now here too?

By Kevin R. at 2015-12-01

Great Service and food! lovvvve the fresh rolls! Make sure to go before 4:45 on weekends and by 5-5:30 on weekdays! Place fills up quick!! Love thier sangria margarita! Also love thier ribs and bbq chicken dinner! Loaded baked potatoe please! Took off one star for the WAIT! If you don't plan ahead -- prepare to wait up to an hour! They do have a call ahead feature!!! Use it!

By Victoria C. at 2016-03-22

Tried to come here for my room mate's 21st birthday and they wouldn't seat more than 6 people at a table. Not helpful at all in working with a large group. Went to Logan's instead

By Courtney A. at 2015-11-16

Actually terrible. The service is terrible, my food was cooked but cold. Sent it back and it was hot but tough as they just microwaved it too long. Save yourself the trouble and head down the street to Outback where the food is consistently good. Not this dump.

By Lisa L. at 2016-04-03

There was a queue before the restaurant even opened, so we thought we were in for a treat. Great atmosphere, friendly staff. Then stuff went downhill.

Wait nearly twenty minutes just for our drinks to be ordered. I ordered a sangria margarita with salt. Got sangria margarita with sugar. Got a free order of jalapeno cheese balls via a AAA discount, thank goodness they were free; that is all I would say to that, it was that 'meh'. My entree was the country fried chicken with gravy, which I think there was more gravy than chicken on that dish, which made the fried crust too soggy by the time it got to my table. Also the gravy was way too salty.

I didn't even bother with dessert, I just wanted to get out of there.

Not coming back.

By Christopher F. at 2015-09-27

I'm giving two stars solely because our previous visits here have been excellent. However, our experience tonight (Sunday, around 4:45pm) was disappointing. The food was delicious as usual, but our waitress lacked every bit of customer service.

Our waitress was not rude or impolite, but was not friendly either. She neither smiled nor introduced herself. She did the bare minimum. We had several empty dishes on our table that she could have removed throughout some of the times she passed by, but did not remove them until she saw we were out of room. She never removed any of our empty drink glasses. By the time we left, there were 9 glasses on our table for four.
Overall, the lack of friendliness created an uncomfortable atmosphere.

By Christopher C. at 2014-03-26

Perfectly average chain restaurant quality food delivered in a perfectly average way is about what sums up this chain and location to me.

Thankfully they did not do that idiotic line dancing while we were there as that does nothing except piss of diners by making them wait longer while watching fake cowgirls try to do something they couldn't care one bit about doing.

We got there about an hour after they opened a few Saturday's ago and everything was already really busy. Thankfully we were seated quick enough but then began the waiting.

Wait for the server.
Wait for the drinks.
Wait for the food.
Wait for the drink refills.

Now when I say wait, I get it that things aren't going to come out automatically but at the same time there was a major lack of staffing and our server was waiting on tables half way across the restaurant so everything that she needed to do took forever because she was being torn literally in two directions at once with the two areas of tables that she was helping.

As for the food, it was alright but certainly nothing to get crazy over.

Kids petite steak was asked for medium-well and showed up maybe medium at best (In the words of Gordon Ramsey, "It still had the horns on!"), kids chicken fingers were passable, adult BBQ chicken was good but bland and the country fried steak was also meh, bland.

Shockingly, the best thing about the meal were the sides. The loaded baked potatoes were great along with the chili and corn.

If you can rustle up a coupon of some type and you've got around two hours then I guess this place may not be so bad. But if you need to get in and get out or are paying full price then walk on or prepare to be underwhelmed.

By Greg N. at 2015-01-25

This place has really gone downhill. Tonight we had our third lousy meal in a row here, and that was enough to convince us not to come back.

My wife and I ordered steaks with two sides. After taking our order the waitress disappeared for about 20 minutes. When she finally reappeared she asked if we had received our salad and chili. When we told her no she left again to check on our order.

She was back in about a minute with both our starters and our main dish. Since my wife's chili was not very warm we assume it and the salad had been sitting around while our waitress was who-knows-where.

After we sent the waitress back to heat up the chili we cut into our steaks. My wife's was cooked to medium, just as she ordered, but mine was barely cooked beyond raw when I ordered medium rare. Yuck. The center was cold and bloody, and as unappealing looking as that sounds.

We invited the manager over to have a look at my raw slab of meat, and he wondered aloud if that was not how I ordered it. Hmm. I explained the proper characteristics of a medium rare steak, and told him about the long wait for our (by then cold) chili and salad.

To compensate for the lousy meal and service, the manager removed the steak and an appetizer from our bill, but you cannot compensate for our aggravation. We will no longer spend our money here.

By Peter W. at 2016-05-08

Alex was great. 2pm reservations and they texted table was ready a few minutes before. Wonderful service throughout the meal

By Colleen M. at 2015-03-08

Service slow when it comes to getting drink refills or bread refills. The girl who sat us was very snotty. Food was good but to me the way staff treats you means alot.

By Kryqh E. at 2016-03-28

It took me 2 hours to get my food then broccoli tasted like soap

By Jay N. at 2016-01-13

I've been here quite a few times. The reasons that I keep returning are many. Friendly service. Prompt, professional, attentive and good food, too. Prices are reasonable for the quality presented. Whether with a few or several people, this place seems to work well.

By Kathy K. at 2015-03-08

This is our go-to place for a steak & potato. Over the years things have changed here but we have never been disappointed with the food. And the sweet potatoes are pretty awesome! We've been coming here for several years we have had consistently good service & good food! Thank you Texas Roadhouse!

By Steven T. at 2015-07-21

Love the food, but they should fire the entire wait staff and start over. You'll wait 20 minutes for an ice tea from a server who says that they'll be right back. And that was a Tuesday night. They waste too much time line dancing and not enough time taking care of the customers.

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