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Estimated average consumption of $5.04 - $10.08 per person. We offer 51 menus, including Coffee, Hot Tea, Hot Apple Caramel Cider, Sapore Cafe, Italian Soda, Iced Tea, Espresso Shot and so on.
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The Coffee Bean reviews

By M W. at 2016-11-05

Love this place!! Coffee and food always arrives warm and hits the spot!

Bacon, egg and cheese bagel is my go to!

Definitely worth every penny.

By Aimee H. at 2016-10-14

The coffee bean will no longer have my business. Being less than a mile away from my apartment, I loved ordering their delivery on a lazy morning off. After an unusual hour long wait for my food, my order was messed up. When I reached out to the restaurant, they told me that the order was indeed correct and that every single time in the past I got it wrong and didn't specify enough.

I guess ordering a double shot latte means that I get twenty ounces of steamed milk. Disgusting. The other double shot latte I ordered did not have nearly the amount of espresso I would expect. The sandwiches were cold and jumbled. Very disappointing.

By Sara K. at 2016-06-25

This place is right across the street rom my work and it's super easy to run in for a coffee. If I'm lazy or need a snack this has become my go to place.

Lattes are good and they don't up charge for non diary milk-amazing!

By B T. at 2016-05-24

Great place for breakfast. In town for a conference and couldn't find a local joint for breakfast. This place is on point.

By Jenni P. at 2015-09-02

Went to meet a friend for lunch earlier this week and was surprised to find out that Sven's Cafe is no longer operating in this location, and has been replaced by The Coffee Bean under new ownership.

Service was extremely slow from the start. The man behind the counter told us he'd be right with us after he was done making a coffee drink and getting a piece of bakery for a customer who was ahead of us. It was clear from the beginning that they may need to add some staff.

The same man came to tell us that it would be just a while longer for our sandwiches (it was taking quite a while and there was only 1 other customer in the cafe at this time so I'm not sure why it was taking so long). He said they were frying up some fresh bacon for my sandwich. Could've fooled me because when I got my sandwich the bacon was hardly cooked and definitely not good.

Maybe this is my fault because I was used to the sandwiches at Sven's being grilled / panini style - but I was unpleasantly surprised to find just a normal sandwich delivered to my table. On top of the bacon being way under-cooked, there was hardly any turkey on the sandwich and one small piece of cheese.

For $8 - I could've made a way better sandwich at my house and saved a bunch of money in the process.

My friend wasn't overly impressed with his sandwich either.

The whole experience was underwhelming, from the slow service to the lackluster food, I won't be returning.

I recommended making the trek to Bay View for the original Sven's!

By Amy K. at 2016-08-17

I love this place. It's absolutely my favorite breakfast place to order from. I've ordered from them a few times now, I use grub hub or eat street to get delivery though. That said, delivery is usually at least 15-30 min late. I assume this is the delivery services fault, and not theirs. ALSO it's local, so you're supporting a small business.

By Jolene T. at 2016-10-25

This is the 5th time in a month we have ordered breakfast, coffee, lunch from this wonderful gem!!! Fabulous coffee and Lattes. Awesome breakfast sandwiches and bagels. Wonderfully fresh and exquisite salads!!! Recommend this place so highly I wish I could give it 10 stars!!!!!

By Greg S. at 2016-03-19

Excellent sandwiches.

I had tuna panini and it was great, subtle touch of rosemary was a really nice touch that might not sound good with tuna but it was.

Great staff.

I was having trouble tiring my tie correctly and the owner instantly stopped what he was doing to help me out.

By Samantha H. at 2015-12-17

The bacon sausage egg and cheese bagel is delicious! Add cream cheese. Get it delivered, along with a cappuccino. Yummmmm

By Marilyn B. at 2015-12-07

"I'd Give It A Better Rating If It Had More Vegan Menu Items"
This is at least the third coffee/cafe that's been in this location over the last few years. It's a great location so I don't know why they can't survive here, but hopefully The Coffee Bean will be the winner! It's great-looking on the inside and the service is fast and friendly - we were served by the owner. Unfortunately, he didn't write our order down so he got the beverage part of the order wrong, but it turned out ok. Instead of getting the Americano my boyfriend ordered, he got a Black Eye, which turned out to be fine. Good to try something new once in awhile. There isn't much vegetarian or vegan food here, so be aware of that. I got the quinoa salad and while tasty, there wasn't much of it. My boyfriend ordered a bagel with cheese and probably an egg on it, and he gave it a grade of B. I would give my salad a B, too. It wasn't filling and I was still hungry afterwards, but it tasted good, the cranberries and citrus vinaigrette were a sweet and zesty touch. We probably won't be back, however, because I need to go to a place that has more vegan options. If they add more to their menu, I will return. Let's hope they do because it would be a nice place to go!

By Leah R. at 2016-01-15

The place is cute and clean. I had the portfolio and it was great. Bread was very fresh and the chipotle aioli had the right amount of heat. I will definitely return. They also carry Valentine coffee which is my favorite. The owner is also super friendly and offered to deliver food, as the group I was with all work in the chase tower.

By Michael M. at 2015-08-24

Was looking for a place to have a nice quick lunch and walked into The Coffee Bean.
Did not know it was opening day when we arrived. Place looked neat and clean, and inviting atmosphere. Staff was very friendly and courteous.

The Paninis we ordered were served quickly and extremely delicious. I had the Hiawatha which was really good. The price was right and this was a great value.
I wish the new owners luck and will return next time I am in town.

By Julie A. at 2015-09-09

I have been to The Coffee Bean a few times now since they opened and have yet to be disappointed. The place is very clean and inviting and the owners/staff are very friendly. They have a good size menu with breakfast pastries, sandwiches (cold and panini pressed), soups, and salads as well as specialty coffee. I ordered the Opening Bell which is a cold sandwich and the Bahnhof which is a hot panini pressed sandwich twice! Service was fast and everything tasted fresh and delicious! Cappuccino was also made perfectly. The owner even gave me desert on the house! Definitely a great place to visit downtown.

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