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The Crab Cab
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We offer a menu that includes: Crab Cake Sandwich, , , , Crab Cake Sliders, , Smoked Salmon Salad.
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The Crab Cab reviews

By John F. at 2016-07-26

Pretty damn good. Had the smoke grilled salmon sandwich. Lots of salmon not dry/overlooked. Staff is friendly and witty. Conversation was just as good as the food. Highly recommended.

By Diana S. at 2016-06-20

In SW DC, one tends to run out of lunch options since there is not much to choose from but every now and then, a food truck will come around to spice it up a little.

My co-worker had been raving about the salmon at Crab Cab for weeks so we had to jump at the chance when we saw it was posted up at the Waterfront metro in front of Safeway. We arrived at noon to beat the lunch crowd which was a great decision since there were 10 people in line by the time we got our food.

The salmon fries are sooo good! One order filled me up for lunch. I love their seasoned fries. They break up a small salmon filet and top the fries with it then drizzle it with their Crab Cab sauces which taste like sweet chili sauce and sriracha mayo. You can ask them to lightly drizzle or put extra if you want. I can't speak for any of their other items but these fries were tasty!

By Nikki B. at 2016-06-19

I decided to stop by the Crab Cab truck at Truckeroo. I was excited by the menu. The food ordered by the patrons in front of me looked delicious. So, I followed suit.

I ordered the crabcake & shrimp sandwich, fries, and salad (although I received coleslaw). The crabcake was seasoned well, plentiful, and a great portion size. The one shrimp placed inside the sandwich, wellllllllllll, that was disappointing (I was told there would be three). And the tiniest shrimp you ever did see too. Fries were curly and tasty, as was the coleslaw.

I would return for the crabcake. Check your order before you walk away. Although I was feeling more hungry and a bit lazy, I did not return to have my order corrected. I would encourage you to do so. All in all, decent experience. Happy eating!

By Maggie S. at 2016-12-14

Amazing!! I ordered from here on uber eats just before it closed! Not only did it deliver 15 minutes before it originally was supposed to, the food was fantastic! I got the crab cake sandwich, coleslaw (salad) and fries, with the crab bisque soup. The crab cake sandwich had awesome flavor, with side dressing to add to it if I wanted, the fries were some of the best fries I've ever had, and the soup was phenomenal with pieces of crab within it and a little kick to it! I would've taken a photo of the food, but it was too good to put down!! Can't wait to get it again. My boyfriend agreed! Well done. 5 stars.

By Tiffany J. at 2016-06-26

I went to Taste on Wheels sponsored by Taste of DC at Nats Park thanks to free tickets. The Crab Cab line was suuuuuuuuuupppppeerrrrrr long! So I ordered tastings from 2 other trucks before I got in the line. Clearly, I'm a pro when it comes to these tasting events. Who wants to stand in line when it's hot on top of being super hungry?! NOBODY! So anywho, i ordered the salmon fries after viewing the pics on here the week before and was sold. I stood in the line and made 3 new sets of friends, then I was finally able to order. Waiting for the food after ordering was just about as time consuming as waiting in line. While in line, I watched a girl have a heat stroke...I guess she wasn't double fisting water w/ her bottomless mimosas. Poor choice in 80+ degrees. Anywho, I got my fries and they were as beautiful as the pics and they were even the seasoned fries. OMG! I wish I had more as I type this. They went a little light on the orange colored sauce (I believe it was yum yum sauce). So by the time I got down to a little less than half my bowl I went back up to the side window and the lady working was happy to give me more sauce. No fuss. I appreciate that. Good grief those fries were good! And only $6. I would have never thought to put salmon on there. Everything was cooked perfectly too.

By Monica B. at 2015-04-12

My heart was set on crab and Crab Cab was at L'Enfant Plaza. Perfect! The line was rather long that day so it was about 30 minutes total waiting for food.

I ordered the firecracker combo that sounded spectacular. It was a crab cake sandwich, fried shrimp, fries, and a salad. The fries ended up being the best part of that meal. The bun for the sandwich was toasted nicely. I liked the shape of the crab cake since it matched the bun. The crab cake itself was full of filler and crab was very difficult to find. The fried shrimp was okay and ultimately forgettable. The salad was a nice compliment to an otherwise fried, carby lunch.

Overall, it wasn't worth the wait.

By Jas W. at 2016-04-26

Ok I'm writing a review as I eat! I've never had salmon fries before and these are so GOOD! Just delicious all over! I have the crab cake sandwich too but the salmon fries definitely are a standout! Oh. my. gosh. No exaggeration. Jesus came down and blessed these fries himself. Hope they come back to NoMa soon!

By Laura H. at 2016-03-28

This is actually my second experience with crab cab, the first being last fall at The Taste of DC. The first experience was quite lackluster. I had a sampling of their crab cake sandwich and it was quite unremarkable. They were parked at Taste on Wheels this past weekend, and I noticed they had crab bisque, which was exactly the type of thing I was looking for to warm me up on this blustery late March day. The line was insanely long, and eventually it became one of those situations where we were going to stick it out regardless since we already invested a significant amount of time. About 40 minutes (yes, you read that right!) later, we finally were at the ordering window. Our wait became even longer though because multiple people kept coming up to the window after receiving their orders to point out they were incorrect. After we were actually able to place the simple order for an 8oz crab bisque, it came out within 2 minutes as we declined the advertised bread since they said it would have been 10 minutes for that to finish baking in the oven. Since we received no bread, they knocked $1 off the price, which was considerate of them to do. I (semi) jokingly said that after waiting in this ridiculous line for over 40 minutes, this better be the best crab bisque I've ever consumed! Well, suffice to say, it was definitely up there, perhaps even the best, however I do not often order crab bisque so I am lacking on comparisons. There was a significant amount of crab, the soup was deliciously creamy and well-seasoned, and it was served extremely piping hot. Perhaps, in the future, I would seek this soup out again, but only if the line was more reasonable in length. Due to my prior experience with the crab cake sandwich, though, I don't believe I would return for anything other than the bisque.

By Grace A. at 2016-08-10

My coworker and I saw the food truck after work and we just had to try it. The food was tasty and quick. I will definitely look for their truck every other Wednesday.

By Kristine T. at 2015-04-14

Still love the Crab Cab!!! The crab cake is delicious every time and I have never been disappointed. Now that I've been working in DC longer, I realize their prices are actually really good considering what you get (fresh crab cake sandwich w/ fries & coleslaw). Everything is on point unlike other food trucks that serve soggy fries and flavorless coleslaw.

Do yourself a favor, make sure you use the special sauce they give you! It's like crack!

By Lexi M. at 2016-06-14

This food truck ranks insanely high on my list of places to go for fast and quick food. This truck I discovered at Broccoli Fest 2015 & ever since then, I have been a fan. After Broccoli Fest, I forgot about it and then all of a sudden I was trying to recant the truck name and where I could find it. I later found it and went to the address on yelp. It then took me to Tenleytown, but the truck was nowhere to be found. That's when I made the discovery, that is a food truck and doesn't have a central location. One day, I ended up at L'enfant Plaza and there it was! I tried to mask my smile to not look like a smiling idiot as I walked past people. That's when I asked the girl who took my order where they are location and she told me they are in various places around the city, focusing on most metro stations.

Now to what I order..
When I first got it at BC Fest, I had the crab & shrimp roll, fries & a salad instead of the coleslaw option they have. My my my! It was literally the best thing I had ever tasted tbh. Now when I go, they don't carry the Crab & Shrimp roll anymore, but I just stick to the crab roll. They also have this sauce that taste amazing on the sandwich and also equally amazing with the fries. I always ask for extra sauce! The total for the meal is $16 but its also very filling to me especially because I have a small stomach.

Long story short after getting through that introduction, if you have the opportunity, give it a try! To me it sure is worth it (:

By Dionna M. at 2015-04-16

Best food truck I've had in a loooong time

I almost went to sleep in my office.

I fully recommend their food.

By Vanessa W. at 2015-09-19

Split the firecracker shrimp combo with a friend. Spicy seasoned fries, green salad, fried spicy shrimp, crab cake sandwich, and a side of what seemed to be remoulade sauce. $18 all told, and way more food than I could have eaten by myself. For $9/person, though, my friend and I had a fresh, hot, nicely prepared and delicious meal from the Crab Cab. The shrimp were fresh and tender, and the batter was light and crunchy. The crab cake was oblong and served in a split hot-dog-bun-like toasted roll. It was delicious and full of lump crab meat. The fries were crisp on the outside, hot and fluffy on the inside. All in all, no complaints here. I'd visit this truck again, only if I'm eating alone I'll definitely order a smaller meal.

By Cali W. at 2015-08-12

Thank you for coming out and supporting our event Tonight. Plenty of happy faces and full stomachs thanks to you! We all were very happy with the friendly service that the residences received. We heard many wonderful comments coming from your truck food and service. They loved your food. That you again.

We hope to have you again.

By Michael B. at 2015-10-22

Great food delicious decadent crab cake sandwich! Their food truck came to our hotel last night and I had the fire cracker shrimp. Shrimp were fried / battered perfectly. With a sauce they served with it was amazing. The crab cake sandwich that came with it was superb . Excellent seasoning and optioned just right. The bread also complemented the crab cake very well. Highly suggest checking this truck out, there were lots of other choices that made it hard to decide.

By Swingdancer P. at 2016-01-06

This is just for the crab bisque. My first time to try the bisque from this truck. It was very rich, creamy and no crab, seems to be mostly cream. I'm sorry to say but I've had better crab bisque elsewhere....

By The Domestic G. at 2015-07-20

I gave it one star because the fire shrimp and salad were delicious. However, the crab cake wasn't fresh at all and was burnt. It had a rotten taste. The service was slow and horrible. They wouldn't give me a refund and tried to charge me extra to get something else off of the menu. Needless to say, this food truck goes under my never again file.

By Katya H. at 2014-04-16

Yeah.... no.

This food truck parks by my office every Wednesday and the attractive yellow color has caught my eye a while back. There were only two people in line today, so I thought - what a perfect chance!

Really underwhelmed and still hungry. $13 got me a crab cake with shrimp. I counted whole two pieces of shrimp in an otherwise chewy substance that claimed to be 100% fresh lump crab meat. The said substance was burnt on sides, under seasoned and smothered in a pink-ish looking sauce that didn't add anything but odd color to my sandwich. No flavor whatsoever, from either of these ingredients. The bun itself is the cheapest hot dog bun you can find in a grocery store - soft and mushy - I wish they had at least invested into something of a higher quality, since its half of the sandwich anyway.

By Dale J. at 2014-03-26

I ran into this truck by chance. My Wonderful Wife left her money home. So I came running to the rescue. Upon arriving I saw the many food trucks that line around a nearby park. Its the State Department row where usually 7-8 trucks can be had at any day. As we cruised looking for a parking spot we located this truck called Crab Cab. My Wife looked at me knowing that would be the one I'd be interested in. Nice lookin truck I appreciate that work on nice trucks. The first lady went away with something that looked like a hot dog styrofoam case..Im like thats pretty small. But I ordered the platter it comes with seasoned fries which were delicious. I appreciate folks maintaining the fryer for optimal french fries. It also comes with cool cole slaw which was decent. The Crab Cake isnt round rather a block size crab cake that fits into a hot dog styled bun. It was lump crab with no filler at all. Very tatsty I could taste the hint of lemon as well. Indeed a stomach attention grabber and if ever around again I would glady spend the $15 bucks on the platter. They also offer a Crab Cake Sandwich that has shrimp in the cake. My Wife bought that one and it was terribly delicious. This truck here I will be BACK!!!!

By Crystal C. at 2015-09-13

The food was excellent. My kids and I shared the crab tacos, the shrimp tacos, and the crab bisque. Everything was full of flavor. I wanted more. I hope they come back to Riverdale Town Center Market soon. Will have to order an extra yo take home for the next day. Keep up the awesome work.

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