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The Cultured Swine

The Cultured Swine
  • Street 317A N 2nd St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23220
  • Telphone (804) 918-6789
  • Opentime
  • Raging (49)
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The Cultured Swine introduction
Estimated average consumption of $3.83 - $7.66 per person. We offer 19 menus, including Mexican Coke, Jarritos, Bottled Water, San Pellegrino, Tarheel Special Taco, Tarheel Special Sandwich, The Jerk Taco and so on.
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The Cultured Swine reviews

By Michael N. at 2016-08-08

Had the Jerk and the Tarheel taco made by The cultured swine, extremely tasty and filling but wont leave you feeling sleepy and greasy. Probably my favorite out of the ordinary tacos in Richmond.

Get down there if you want to go on a world trip with their menu!

By Adam M. at 2016-07-09

I had lunch here today while passing through Richmond. I read about it on Yelp, and it has great reviews. Very small place, casual, inexpensive. They have a pretty limited menu that consists of pork related items and some beef and a vegetarian mushroom option as well. The cook, who I also assume is the owner, was very nice and clearly proud of how much effort he puts into flavor.
I had the Tarheel sandwich, which was delicious pulled pork with coleslaw, very classic, one of the best pulled park sandwiches I've had in recent memory.
This place is worth a stop, it really is. I was impressed, so much that I told him so, which is rare.

By LeAn H. at 2016-06-16

This is a really cute place. I found this place by Groupon. And it was so worth it.

My friend and I ended up splitting the Tarheel Sandwich and the (pork) Jerk Sandwich with a side of bean and rice, and potato salad. The groupon also included drinks so we def enjoyed it. The only complaint that I have is that it was super hot in that place. We wanted to eat outside but the drinks we had did not allow us to bring it out of the place. So we sat by the window and it had a pretty nice construction view, it was just really hot in there.

Anyways, the food was really good and it was not dry. The Tarheel was very flavorable and I def enjoyed it a lot. The bread was toasty and the bbq was just right with the amount of flavor in it. My friend's Jerk Sandwich was really good. I really liked the mango-pineapple salsa that came on the bbq, had a kickin taste to it. I would highly recommend this place to grab something to eat.

The staff and cook were very helpful with our selection of food, sides, and drinks and super friendly. Will def come back!

By Kiera R. at 2016-03-03

I'm thinking that maybe this just isn't a good place to get delivered.
It's been probably over a month since I ordered from here
and I can't even remember what it was.
Most likely not a good sign,
but I'd recommend dining in if you're interested.

Oh wait. I remember there were tacos
and they were sort of a watery mess.
But definitely maybe never order tacos for delivery
what was I thinking?
So the tacos don't travel well,
but I don't think there are many that do.
Consider this review life advice instead.

By Kimberlee Z. at 2016-04-17

I'm originally from Las vegas and my family is from the Philippines and Hawaii. I know what Asian fusion and Hispanic food should taste like. I would have given this place one star if the Gogi Taco wasn't so good. The tamales are very nasty. The macaroni is bland. The Belly Mi is very tiny with virtually nothing inside of it. And the chicken jerk taco was mediocre.

I will not be revisiting.

By Debbie Z. at 2016-08-02

Tiny lil store front. Only 2 or 3 tables to sit down at, but don't let it's size fool you. The Cultured Swine packs a hefty punch of down home awesome Carolina BBQ sandwiches...or make it into a taco instead! All I gotta say is " Get your Eat on here!" oink will eat like a pig. I piggy promise!

By Thuy V. at 2015-06-10

Small restaurant among a few small shops on 2nd St. I was pretty excited to try this place because the name was cool and the menu sounded good. I tried the Belly Mi (pork belly banh mi) and the curry potato salad. They both were not that tasty unfortunately. The pork belly sandwich was just too salty. The pork belly was soft but not the melt in my mouth tender I was hoping for. I guess it is a fusion so I shouldn't put my preconceived notions on it. I wish the potatoes were cooked a little longer in the potato salad but otherwise the taste was good.

The place was cute, the service was friendly and prices are affordable. I'd give them another shot on different items but so far a bit disappointed.

By Arun M. at 2016-04-25

While the concepts are good, for me, the problem with this place would be execution and attention to detail. I had the Belly Mi and while the meat, and the pate spread was a nice touch, sauteing thick pieces of carrots that were marinated in vinegar and mixing it with pork belly was not a good idea in my book. As far as the rest of the meal my rice was as dry as the re-fried beans and it was not worth the money. Overall, I would go back because I can see the passion behind the idea they are going for and the service was pretty good.

By Idreamov B. at 2016-06-26

We were at a Homeschool Convention and Graduation around the corner and found this on Yelp. The bar b que sandwich was delicious. Tasty meat and nice size for the price. The cuban sandwich not so much. Swino Cubano
Pulled pork piled high, topped with our in house made pickled onions, pickled cucumbers, sriracha, mustard and cheese. Paid extra $2 for the sandwich. Stick to the pulled pork sandwich for $6. It was hot outside and there was not any air conditioning,my only complaint. Delicious and worth a stop. Text for a coupon discount.

By David G. at 2016-05-28

The evening was warm, but the beer was cold. The Tarheel (pulled pork sandwich) was delicious. We loved this place... Just a tiny street front restaurant with five tables and some window bar stools. Friendly service. Try it!

By Char L. at 2016-06-28

I work on the block and finally had time to go in and try the swino cubano. It's delicious (I'm eating it right now). I love everything about it and the guys in there are super sweet. I'll be back to try more from the menu!

By Julie C. at 2016-03-29

My husband and I throughly enjoyed this place! We are from NC and the Tarheel BBQ reminded us of home. The curried potato salad is a must have! We also ordered the tamales and the salsa verde on the side was delicious. Everything is homemade and you can tell a lot of heart has gone into each dish. To top it off, the service was great! We will definitely be back again and frequenting the food cart downtown when we are at work too!

By Kristin S. at 2015-11-14

I was down in the city to cheer on friends running the marathon and we stumbled into this place by chance. Loved my Bi Belly sandwich -- and the insane bacon pate. The rest of my friends who were with me loved their sandwiches, and all 4 of us agreed that the Jerk-seasoned potato salad was insanely good.

If I lived in Richmond, I could see myself parked in front of the place munchin' on food and listening to the music (reggae while I was there) piping in the background This needs to come to DC -- immediately. Next time I'm down in Richmond, I will be heading over to 2nd St.

By Giancarlo B. at 2015-09-26

Great food, horrible service. For such a small place the girl taking orders was inattentive and extremely rude. No clue why. I was with friends and she took their order. I was right next to them and she straight up skipped taking my order. Instead she held up a finger and said, I'll be with you in just a minute. A minute turned into 15 minutes where she took several other orders. Eventually I just got up and went to the bar area and placed my order.

"Can I help you?" She asked, acting like it was all cool. I told her, "Yes, I'd like to order remember? I'm sitting right there."

She instantly gave me attitude, even my friends who were sitting down noticed so it wasn't just me. No clue what prompted this, possibly some casual racism? Who knows really but I'll never recommend going to this place to any of my friends. There seems to be a really great Asian place next l just down the street by the corner, go there instead. It smelled great when I walked by.

By Emma K. at 2016-07-18

We waited way too long and when the food finally came out one sandwich was hot and the other was barely warm. They apologized and made another.

The food tasted fine, actually my boyfriend loved the Jamaican BBQ sauce, but I would only be satisfied with the experience if it had been about 30 minutes shorter. The guy behind the counter could tell we weren't happy. He offered us a cookie to make amends.

I would love to see someone come in and streamline the kitchen, help the whole process run a little more smoothly.

By Michael N. at 2015-05-15

Had the go go Gogi for the first time.
Must try. Amazing taste and kutos to the chef.

By Hungry I. at 2015-03-07

Read about this place opening and was very excited. There were 4 people in our group so between us we tried the target sandwich, pig in a poncho pork tamales, & gogo gogi korean tacos.

The staff was very friendly. The space was small but that's ok unless you have a large party. The food was just ok. One person ft that it tasted like food truck food and that perhaps it needed to be kicked up a notch.

I know they just opened yesterday so I would come back if I was in the neighborhood, but I wouldn't make a special trip.

By Emily G. at 2015-09-25

Not really sure where the name comes from bc everything has the option of pork or chicken. The tarheel taco was amazing. As well as the macaroni pie. There are only 15 seats so plan on taking it to go if they're busy. Good service though. They take their time and actually make the food fresh.

By Paige K. at 2016-09-08

You wouldn't expect a vegetarian to rave about a BBQ place, but the Cultured Swine's BBQ mushrooms are amazing! I have been to two events where they have catered the food and have been impressed both times. The mango salsa is also a mush have!

By Pidge B. at 2016-05-22

What an incredible find. Meats are great quality and have wonderful flavor. I got the Cubano - couldn't stop eating it. We got a sampler platter with the gogi beef, pork and jerk chicken. They make their own ::ole slaw, kimchi, and mango pineapple salsa. . So good, just come hungry!!

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