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Estimated average consumption of $7.63 - $15.26 per person. We offer 97 menus, including French Toast, Pancakes, Breakfast Burrito, Tex Mex Hash Browns, Tex Mex El Grande Burrito - Evan Style, Lunch Burrito, Fried Egg Sandwich and so on.
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By vielesha d. at 2016-09-29

So I've been here about 4 times early morning, and I've never had any problems. The servings are pretty big and the price point is great. I usually get a veggie breakfast sandwich on a whole wheat bagel with pepper jack cheese, it runs about $6. Yummy sandwich and super filling. As far as the customer service everyone is pretty friendly the I encounter. Will be back!

By Dave V. at 2016-07-24

Rude and impolite service that could literally not care less about their customers.

That being said, the food is pretty solid. Awesome sounding menu. I plan on trying the one in Plainfield mainly because of the service and the distance. Check e out though!

By William R. at 2015-11-01

Definitely a college type restaurant but it was clean and friendly and the food portions are huge. Staff is friendly as well. Get here a little earlier to avoid the crowds. And I think they changed their name to Bro-Yo which tripped me up when I came here.

Food was solid and felt homemade, but nothing fancy. Keep that in mind when you go and you will have a great experience.

By Peter K. at 2015-08-23

Stopped in at this College-town establishment for a quick breakfast.

The usual: eggs, bacon, toast. Everything came out quickly and was done right. What more could you ask for?

If I'm ever in Milwaukee again, I'll be sure to give the burritos a try.

By Mike S. at 2016-04-25


My wife and I decided to have breakfast here before work, during a weekday 3/2016. Running short on time, pulled up yelp, and Yolk was on top.

Since we didn't read any reviews, we were surprised to find that it was a Marquette-centric diner as the walls are draped with memorabilia and the diners were clearly students.

At first glance at the menu, prices ($11 breakfast burrito) seemed steep. However, one dish is really enough for two hungry people (or one hungover MU student). Regardless, the food was tasty, gigantic, but a little sloppy with presentation with food hanging over the side of the plate.

This just isn't my type of place... I really don't want to be taking a whole meal home with me nor do I want to throw it away. This place reminds me of La Bambas in Madison...its a college drunk food place, where over-portioning makes up for cleanliness and care.

I probably would've frequented here if I had attended MU, but I already went to college and now I'm an adult. I probably won't be back unless I need two meals immediately on one plate, for one price.

Suggestion to management: I'd probably consider returning if you could mini-size any/some dishes with a reduced price.

By Mandy C. at 2016-05-15

It's not called Bro-Yo Campustown for nothin'! Packed with a ton of college students; you'll have to scramble to get a table (pun intended)! Large portioned breakfast foods. I got the breakfast burrito the size of my face. Naturally, I stuffed my face. Dosed it with hot sauce & I was a-okay! The food is mediocre, and nothing special. But, this is a campus location built for convenience! Great for eating away stress. For me, it was not the best place for relaxing. Everything was fast-paced and pick up and go. No alcohol served.

By Angela B. at 2015-07-04

We found The Broken Yolk (or Bro Yo as they now go by) on Yelp and decided to give it a try. Great find! I ordered ann egg white Western omelet and my boyfriend got the breakfast burrito. The serving sizes were similar to what you would get at a Cheesecake Factory but for half the price. The omelet came with a huge side of hash browns and big thick slices of toast. I didn't even eat half the plate of food and took it to go. This place has a huge menu too, so be prepared for too many options.

I would recommend this great no-frills spot!

By Manuel P. at 2016-05-28

Can't comment on the food, didn't stay long enough to order. Too bad, I was really looking forward to it.

Sadly, had to leave because the lady behind the register kept throwing nasty looks our way while we were looking at the menu. There wasn't even anyone behind us. First Effin rule of good customer service: SMILE.

Hiring moody, overweight girls to scowl at all your new customers is a great way to go out of business.


By Phil P. at 2015-07-05

Holy huge portions, Batman! This place is simply awesome! The prices are shockingly low, they give you so much delicious food, and they're quick...what more can you ask for?

We initially went to the original Sobelman's, but they were jam packed, and we were time crunched, so we detoured to BroYo, and we were soooo happy with our 2nd choice. Between the 4 of us, we had the Breakfast Buffet platter, sausage omelet, 3 orders of French Toast (the best we've ever had), 2 breakfast burritos, and a breakfast combo. Everything was delicious, the only regret we had is they didn't have beds to lay down in afterwards!

By Kelsey S. at 2016-07-17

Worst service I have ever experienced. Waited 40 minutes for 2 breakfast wraps. Never going back here again.

By Rawley D. at 2015-08-31

Thick and filling. I had the big scramble and wow you don't go away hungry . Ambiance is lacking and counter girl could smile but you here to get full

By Kristin P. at 2016-04-27

The food is always great, and the service is fast and friendly. My kids (who are picky eaters) love coming here! The French toast and chocolate chip pancakes are always a huge hit!

By Bryan M. at 2016-05-15

The best Sunday morning hungover food I've ever had. Omelettes are really filling, they give you a ton of hash-brown potatoes service is fast.

As soon as I step foot in Milwaukee I'm going back here.

By Patrick C. at 2016-08-20

Disgusting, dirty inside, looks run down, slow service. Food is bad and lazily made, ie cannot even be bothered to properly wrap a burrito. I suppose this place would be acceptable given you are drunk, but otherwise it is appalling.

By Brendan M. at 2016-03-12

Foods always good but the service was bad. Workers talked back to me and took 30 minutes to get my food.

By Chelsie L. at 2014-01-09

Great secret spot on Marquette's campus. Cheap yummy food and massive portions, I don't think I've ever been able to finish a plate in one sitting. Also don't expect to get your food very fast or get a table right away on any given Saturday or Sunday morning, this is the ultimate weekend hangover spot to get food at.

I recommend the hash browns and French toast on French bread (half order is PLENTY)

By Drew Y. at 2016-03-26

My 13 year old said the French toast was amazing. The breakfast sandwiches are unique and very good. We stumbled across this place and glad we did.

By David P. at 2014-08-18

This place takes care of me through my darkest mornings after a long night of being out at the bars. The portions are MASSIVE, and will always leave you with a great satisfaction and even a little less of a headache. The prices are very reasonable and gives a great variety of all sorta of breakfast foods, the only addition I would love to see you be a Belgium waffle option, even though everything else can fill in.

By Elijah H. at 2014-10-29

If you thought this was just a breakfast place you could not be more wrong! The location on Wisconsin is forever a classic, but moving a store to Wells is such a saving grace. Given that both Wells AND Wisconsin locations are saturated with people on the weekends, having a second location is pretty much a necessity. Just like the Wisconsin location the seating area is relatively small and usually crammed with students.

The food: It spans beyond just pancakes and eggs, although this is what Broken yolk is particularly good at. The pancakes and waffles are very filling and full of flavor, never dry. They have a list of flavors/additives you could use to customize your meal. They have a great selection of breakfast sandwiches for under $5. Outside of breakfast they have an array of things -- spanning from breakfast burritos to chicken sandwiches. My personal favorite is the cornbeef sandwich (I think its called the Corey but I forget). The menu is way too large for me to list everything but boy when they cook something up it most assuredly tastes amazing and is filling. The portion sizes are pretty big and in general do not cost very much. Perfect food for a hangover! I only wish they would stay open later for that Friday night craving.

By Mo K. at 2015-06-21

Hard to find a better deal at this price point--HUGE portions of breakfast/lunch foods for $5-7. The presentation is nothing spectacular and the decor is about what your except on a college campus (read: sketchy), but the food is hella tasty. You won't leave hungry!

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