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The Elephant Walk
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Estimated average consumption of $11.69 - $23.38 per person. We offer 54 menus, including Rouleaux de Thon Cru aux Epices Khmères, Rouleaux, Polenta et Canard Braisé aux Champignons, Nataing, Kapik Khing, Croquette de Riz, B'baw Mouan (Gluten Free), Som
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The Elephant Walk reviews

By Parson H. at 2016-06-25

I like everything I've eaten at this place. There are always great options. I wish the dessert menu could branch out a bit, but I really like the place. I used to go to it when it was near Brookline, and happened to be at that location in its final week. I was happy to see it moved near me.

If you are interested in something more than your plain ole Thai, Japanese (or please not) Chinese, this is a level above all of those in my opinion.

All of the people in the restaurant have been extremely nice and the ambiance-especially in the summer-is fantastic.

I always like to start with this rice soup that has a lime on the side. The flavors are pretty amazing and the prices are reasonable.

By Donald S. at 2016-11-22

Looking for a little something different? How about a little...Cambodian? Yes, a purposeful question mark because I had no idea Cambodian cuisine existed in Boston. This south end (the better 'end', I'll leave it at that) fixture attempts to put a nation on the culinary map that often gets overlooked in favor of its more popular neighbors: Vietnam and Thailand.

I am a sucker for exposed brick, as you often find in this part of town. The dining room is spacious yet feels intimate as a result of the dim lighting. Beautiful space altogether.

The food as you would expect is Asian influenced but is in no way similar to any southeastern Asian cuisine I've had. The menu Is broken up into 3 categories: tradition Cambodian, French cuisine, and chefs Cambodian(don't quote me on this!) Most dishes come in small or full size.

I recommend the Loc lac. Garlic noodles(similar to Japanese udon), with chucks of super tender beef tenderloin all topped with pickles. Unusual, but somehow it all works. I must warn the noodles are a killer. They are beyond filling, you might be safer going with the half size.

By Katie D. at 2016-11-07

I've been here a couple times now, both for restaurant week. I love the concept of French/Cambodian fusion. But perhaps it's because of the different menu, I would rate my experience as mediocre.

Rouleaux - My go to for the appetizer and it's my favorite dish I've had here so far. Very crispy spring roll and a nice sweet/salty dipping sauce.

Shrimp Malika - Kind of taste like a coconut broth and lemongrass combo stir-fried vegetables and shrimp. The shrimp is cooked well and are fairly large in size. However I found the sauce to be waaayy too sweet, like that time at home when I used coconut cream by accident instead of coconut milk... I could get a more delicious curry dish for 10 bucks from a corner Thai restaurant...

Passion fruit mousse - I enjoy sorbet and other tart desserts, but again found the tart-ness here a little overwhelming.

Seeing all the great reviews, I think I just need to come back another time to try the regular menu.

By Ray L. at 2016-08-04

Took the wife and daughter in for a dinner...ordered one appetizer, Croustillant de Thon, and three main courses, Cotelettes D'Agneau, Khar Saiko, and Tasting Loclac. Basically tuna egg roll, a short rib noodle dish, roast lamb, and beef. I had a cocktail, Tranquilizer. It was rum and a lot of fruit juices...very strong.

The tuna egg roll has a lot of vegetable and there is a sauce that comes with it. It was good.

The short rib noodle is very flavorful, but too sweet for my taste. American will love this.

The lamb was roasted to perfection. The asparagus was very sour--no good. other vegetables are fine.

The beef was tasty.

All in all, not a bad meal!

By Emily K. at 2016-08-09

Got lunch. Individual dishes were good, but the servings were very small even for lunch. Left a little hungry...

By Jamie B. at 2016-03-16

This review is for the bar only.

I came with some friends for a drink on a Sunday evening, and there was a nice size crowd for a Sunday. There are some additional seats around the bar, and my friends and I were able to sit comfortably. The bartender was very attentive and provided us with great service. There is a nice wine list, a selection of beers and some interesting sounding mixed drinks. The bartender allowed me to taste a sample of wine before I committed to a glass. My friends ordered mixed drinks and it was fun watching the bartender mixing the cocktails using a variety of ingredients. The food coming out of the kitchen looked great, and smelled great! I'm hoping to come back for a dining experience.

By Alexandra M. at 2015-12-05

Came here for restaurant week and it's 4 courses.

1: spring roll made vegan -- fantastic, if you've never had a cambodian spring roll before they let you know how to set it up. Our server also brought us some amazing hot sauce, so if you like it spicy ask for that
2: garlic noodles and shrimp -- all of those words are good, and this was not a let down. I could have eaten that until I was stuffed and then some
3: Mahi Mahi: a bit overdone, the sauce was great, but the rest of the dish seemed to not fit
4: chocolate tart: dense and delicious

service was fast and friendly

I had the cambodian mule and a margarita to drink and both were fine, but nothing as amazing as the food.

By Jen K. at 2016-05-13

Came here for a group dinner outing a few weeks ago; warm, inviting atmosphere. Our server was entertaining. I mean, you can't order a drink named "slap and tickle" without expecting to get razzed, right? (Strong by the way - can't speak for the other cocktails but this one hit the spot).

I ordered the Meesiem: rice noodles with soy beans, tofu, pork, garlic, chilies, pickled shallot, bean sprouts, red bell pepper, and a little bit of egg. It was good, but could've used more sauce.

By Shani T. at 2015-11-08

The Elephant Walk (can we talk about how absurd this name is by the way?) was a pleasant surprise as we wandered the streets of South End at 7pm on a Friday evening, trying to find a decent restaurant that didn't have a 90 minute wait.

I didn't expect the place to be as good as it is, particularly as I've walked past it many many times and always found it to be fairly empty.

We were seated swiftly and were attended to by the sweetest waiter. I ordered the beef short ribs and my boyfriend ordered the loc lac. Our food came out at record speed and it was the perfect portion size.

The beef in both our dishes was cooked to a tender perfection. Literally so soft and flavorful. I loved my noodle dish and the sauce was the right blend of sweet and salty.

They have a house habanero sauce which is REALLY spicy. If you like spicy sauces, this is a definite must try. I kind of liked how it tingled and numbed my mouth when I only tried a drop.

The quality of the food here is awesome and I really didn't find it too pricey. Would definitely come back again to try some other dishes!

By Shawn W. at 2016-05-26

We absolutely loved this place! The apps. were amazing, especially the avocado lime soup (served cold like gazpacho). The corn was unique as well. For our entrees, we ordered the shrimp dish & the catfish. We are tough clients, because my bf is from the South, with delicious catfish. This was SO WELL prepared! My shrimp with vegetables had a wonderful flavor. I liked the drinks a lot, martinis that are Asian inspired, but my bf thought they were overwhelming, with not a great balance of alcohol & citrus. Overall, this was a great place & we would highly recommend it!! We will definitely be back!

By Jennifer D. at 2015-10-10

The Elephant Walk has been one of my favorite Boston restaurants for years. Since college, in fact. So, 15 years! Many restaurants aren't even around for that long. Why has it won my heart? Because it's genuine, delicious, unique, and unpretentious. You can't get heartfelt, artfully crafted French / Cambodian cuisine anywhere else. I'm so glad they moved in to the South End.

In terms of what to order, Loc Lac is an obvious choice - tender, flavorful beef with a bright dipping sauce. Also: Nataing- the crispy rice as a vehicle for the ground pork simmered in coconut milk is out of this world. Both tuna and pork spring rolls are crunchy and inventive, and the chicken rice soup is creamy and lively. The kelp noodle salad is unlike any other salad you've had- so fresh and crisp with the mint, basil, and lime, and so healthy with the cucumber, cherry tomato, shrimp, and kelp noodles. Finally, the pan-seared tuna dish is a bit heavy on the sauces, but playful and delicious with the crispy ravioli and the two different sauces intersecting in the middle of the plate.

The cocktail menu is also both thoughtful and seasonal, and the service is lovely. I always look forward to a meal here!

By Tina W. at 2016-10-12

Their food was okay, not wonderful, not terrible. I only been here twice but honestly, after you walked out from the restaurant, you wouldn't remember what you ate from the place. I suggest people could come here when they really couldn't find something else to eat in Boston or people who wanted to have Cambodian food. There is not much "French" cuisine in the restaurant but overall, I wouldn't come here again.

By Ryan R. at 2015-12-12

Wow--that's all I can say after having dinner here a couple of nights ago.

I had heard about Elephant Walk a couple of times before, but nothing really substantial either way. Nevertheless, the boyfriend and I decided to check it out on a Tuesday night. Since it was early in the week, it was not too crowded and we were able to be seated right away.

After perusing some of the reviews, we decided to go with the duck appetizer--as my boyfriend is a huge fan of duck. The dish was plated creatively and really had some great flavors. The polenta paired well with the duck and the sauce on top was delicious. Even though I'm not a huge on duck, I really enjoyed this first dish.

For our main meal, we decided to split the Loc Lac and the Khar Saiko Kroeung.

The Loc Lac was a preparation of beef that was more steaky and had a very flavorful and sweet marinade on it. It was served with white rice, which wasn't the most exciting side dish, but went well with the beef.

The Khar Saiko Kroeung was also a beef dish, but more closely resembled a pot roast and was very tender and just melted in your mouth. Though the beef was tasty, my favorite part of the dish was probably the garlic noodles. These noodles are addicting as they provide a garlic kick, but don't overwhelm the palate.

Overall, this was one of the most enjoyable meals we've had in the South End. The service was great, the food came out quickly, and the quality of food was very high. If I had to nitpick, I would say that the Loc Lac portion was a little small for the price, but the flavor more than made up for that. Other than that, this was a very delicious meal and is definitely a place worth checking out in the South End.

By Patrick L. at 2016-02-01

Came here on Friday with a friend to grab a quick lunch. I was initially drawn here by the name more than anything else, but was very impressed with the food. You might say it was an elephant walk to remember...

Ok, I'll stop with the awful puns. Here's what we tried:

2-course lunch combo ($15) - really good deal here, you get to choose 1 app and 1 entree from the lunch menu. For the starter, we went with the Rouleaux (crispy Cambodian spring rolls with pork). The waiter suggested wrapping the roll in lettuce and adding bean sprouts/basil with a drizzle of tuk trey. It produced a nice savory/aromatic combination that I really enjoyed.

For the entree I had the crispy catfish sandwich. Loved the crusty ciabatta bread, although would have preferred a bit more sriracha mayo or pickled veggies to moisten out the sandwich a bit.

Poulet à la Citronnelle ($11) - A classic lemongrass chicken curry, very well made, flavorful with just a hint of spice.

4 stars for the food, 3.5 for service as the waiter got one of our orders wrong the first time, but in the end it's about the food, so 4 stars overall.

By Blalayelp X. at 2016-08-17

I had serious stomach flu after having dinner at this place, including vomit, stomach ache, fever and diarrhea for 3 days. It happened 1hr after I had dinner, and I didn't eat anything else that night.
Won't go there again, will tell everyone I know don't got there.

By Stephen M. at 2016-02-01

I thought no one knew about the great food at The Elephant Walk because the two times that I went for brunch, the place was a ghost town upon arrival. I actually just realized now that both of those times I arrived before they were even open.... (which apparently is 11:30am btw). Props to the owner for not saying anything and seating us anyway!

The Loc Lac beef is amazing. So tender, so flavorful; my go to. It's served with fries and spring mix. It's the perfect portion. On my recent visit, the server recommended the rouleaux spring rolls as an appetizer. He also explained to us the proper way to eat them: wrap them in the lettuce and dip them into the sauce. I really appreciated that! They were delicious! French-Cambodian is such a unique cuisine and there aren't many restaurants of this type around (as far as I know). Definitely worth a try. Great food, great service, and despite being in this neighborhood, it was still affordable. Overall an awesome experience!

By Maya S. at 2016-08-25

Appetizer: I got the Rouleaux which had some yummy elements like fresh herbs and a nice peanut sauce but was a spring roll in the end: 3/5 stars

Main dish: Porc aux Piments Doux Shishito which had good flavors, fresh tasting veggies, and a really good broth. But again it was no different than your ordinary stir fry: 3.5/5

Dessert: passion fruit mousse with fresh mint, pineapple, in a very thin delicious cookie bowl sitch, decorated with a raspberry reduction that was off the fucking chain. Super bright flavors, would 100% go back just for this dish: 4.75/5

Food all together: 3.75

But for some place that's supposed to be like super authentic I was disappointed with the flavors and the ambiance. The wait staff was bad, and the decor was average, and they were playing like the top 40s. If you're going to have your dishes named in their original language, I'm expecting it to taste like something I can't make from Market Basket brand products.

The wait staff didn't start us with bread even though others were given bread upon seating. When I asked if there was a menu of non alcoholic drinks he dismissed me and pointed to the cocktails. He changed us incorrectly and didn't give us our cards back right away. We were left waiting for 20 minutes for the check after they had rushed us between courses.

By Jennie K. at 2016-08-08

Loved the atmosphere, the service and the food. We ordered the duck breast and the beef - both my friend and I thought the dishes were a little over-priced for what they were, but the dishes themselves were delicious and nicely done.

By Julie B. at 2015-07-21

Dinner at the Elephant Walk was surprisingly my first time eating Cambodian food. The main part of the menu is split up into three sections: traditional Cambodian options, French options, and new/fusion Cambodian options. I wanted to try a few different things, so my friend and I shared a couple of dishes:

- Rouleaux (crispy Cambodian pork spring rolls with greens, herbs and tuk trey) - so great and fun to make each little lettuce roll to your liking.
- Chilled avocado lime soup (a special of the night) - tasty and extremely fresh, but the lime flavor was a bit too strong for me.
- Khar Saiko Kroeung (boneless beef short ribs braised in tamarind, ginger, chili pods and soy, with garlic Shanghai noodles and pickled cucumber) - my favorite of the two entrees, this was delicious and will be a repeat for me if I return.
- Loc Lac (beef tenderloin caramelized in black pepper, garlic and mushroom soy) - my friend preferred this dish, I thought it was good but not my taste.

Overall: great service, food, drink options and location.

By Chiraag B. at 2016-06-12

We went here for a quick dinner - came in on Sunday around 6 pm - pretty early and there were lots of seats (even though I had made a reservation). We had nice quiet cosy table for two (I imagine this place could feel a little cramped if the restaurant was packed though). I ordered the B'baw Mouan (Cambodian Rice Soup) with a side of garlic noodles. My wife ordered one of the items from the special menu - can't locate the name but it had tiger shrimp and coconut sauce in it. You get a free starter before your meal - bread along with olive oil with a slice of onion. Everything we ordered eventually tasted absolutely marvelous - I have to give a special shout out to the garlic noodles though - they were delicious! We didn't try the dessert as we were in a rush but I imagine it would taste like heaven if our entree was anything to go by. Relatively affordable place and wonderfully tasting food - what more could one ask for!

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