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Estimated average consumption of $5.78 - $11.56 per person. We offer 36 menus, including Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider, Brooklyn Lager, Brooklyn Summer Ale, Captain Lawrence Brown Bird Brown Ale, Dos Equis Amber, Flying Dog In De Wildeman Farmhouse IPA,
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The Gibson reviews

By Ernestine F. at 2016-12-24

You want to see me naked? ;)
come in

The Gibson!
Been there twice. Good music. Lot of girls/ women letting their hair down. Gets crowded fast. The dance floor downstairs gets really crowded. Good music to dance to!

By Jim B. at 2015-12-21

This place is a Whiskey bar. A list of over 100 labels - priced between $8.00 and $12.00 a shot. Several beers on draft - mostly obscure breweries. Bartender working yesterday was friendly and professional. Background music was current hard rock tunes.

Only problem is that the decor is a bit dingy;

By Rob P. at 2016-01-04

I'm at The Gibson wit it Jameson N Ginger Ale
My cousin and Sista our last drink for a while to come
Gibson vibe is very chill where u can come be yourself for example my lazyness to write in slang and unreal words.... Come drink and let ya hair down

By Chono S. at 2016-09-12

one of my favorite bars...Great place to meet up, watch the game, have good cheap drinks, and has outdoor area... super chilled

By Mardory V. at 2015-06-14

This place has everything you need for an idéal good time:
Grill in thé patio area
Patio area with covered seating
High tops for those who just want to linger
Front outside dining area
Slushy Jameson drinks thanks to thé event they sponsored --perfect for an 81 degree day
Most importantly wickedly FUN & EFFICIENT staff who provide such great service it feels like being at your favorite uncle's house...(never waited longer than 5 minutes at a packed bar & l felt like a VIP).

All of my drinks were filled to the brim and were the perfect combo of refreshing and tasty. Food was on point and the AC and décor were just right. The focus here is on the drink but everything else is up to par. I probably would have taken a ton of pictures but I was having such a great time that I could not be bothered. (I promise to take a ton next time!! Scouts honor)

Now the bathrooms could be cleaner but in all fairness, there was a Jameson event going on and Im sure it brought this place more business than it's used to for daytime drinking. Forget all the naysayers, all thé patrons were friendly and laid back. Must return.

By Salvador B. at 2015-10-03

Stopped by here for a drink after working at the bean across the street.

Drinks were cool. Venue was relaxed and lots of space. There was also a foosball table there and a big screen where you could watch football.

It's a cool place in the summer because there's a big window at the front and you can people watch or enjoy the view. I believe it's also dog friendly.

Was a little chilly when I went but I went when it was just starting to be fall.

By Thomas O. at 2016-11-07

Awesome bar ! Great place to meet friends ! Great place to watch football and they have outdoor back patio!

By Pat G. at 2016-08-11

Great place. Fun neighborhood vibe with a good mix of visitors. Taylor makes some really great cocktails. The rest of the bar staff is also great, friendly and attentive too.

By Lama B. at 2015-04-27

Hipster heaven. I am rating hipster heaven a four. Well, even though I have a self proclaimed unverified hipster allergy, this place kind of turned that around for me. The drinks were delicious and they have beers on tap. The crowd is fun and - gasp- friendly! We had shots and drinks with lots of new friends we made at the bar. The music was great and before we knew it it was almost 4 AM. I definitely recommend this place to those who are in or around the area. I imagine daytime drinking is actually a blast in here.
The Gibson, you've swayed me from previously strongly held beliefs. That's not something many can say.

By Phil A. at 2016-05-16

This was my first time visiting this bar on and it was pretty dope. I only stopped in initially on a Friday night to catch the end of a nba playoff game and wait for shawty to meet me in Williamsburg yet once she arrived we ended up staying there the rest of the night. Inside they had two projector screens showing sports, a bar, and high top tables. There was also an outdoors area that I'll maybe sit at next time. We sat inside, had fairly strong drinks and good conversation in a dim, not too loud or crowded hipster environment. I'll most likely be back again when I'm in the area to chill and whatnot

By Dipesh G. at 2015-01-02

- Stopped by on New Years Day

- Drink specials during the day
- Great service (the bartender was really awesome)
- Take credit cards
- Foosball table
- Sports games were played on the TV's

- Only one power outlet to charge up the phone

By Kate W. at 2016-08-10

This place is an OK bar, used to be amazing because they allowed dogs. Now it's your typical overpriced dive

By Jonah K. at 2015-05-26

It's a bar, nothing special but they were open late and I needed a nightcap. They do have a cool fooseball table which a lot of my friends enjoyed.

By Deen G. at 2016-02-18

Busy during the day, slower at night. Great place to bring a date and have some convo. Fantastic whiskey selection

By Will L. at 2015-10-22

Fun local bar where day drinking is not judged. Good place to hang out and chat, with a wide selection behind the bar. Cocktails are made well, and an overall comfortable neighborhood feel.

By Shelly M. at 2015-11-14

I love this neighborhood spot! The bar staff is super friendly and the vibe is great.

By Jeremy M. at 2014-06-13

This place is awesome. Inside, it's like a different world. It's just such a detailed speak easy. The staff/bartenders can make you anything and can recommend drinks off the top of their heads.

Keep in mind though the drinks are don't spend your whole night there or else you'll go broke.

By Yan T. at 2014-02-14

Gibson's a pretty chill place, so it was weird that we came here for the Superbowl, but it all worked out. They don't serve food, but they did have some amazing Buffalo wings for the big game care of Dan and John's.

The bartenders are definitely hipsterish and tend to skew more California than Midwest (I could be wrong). It took 5-10 minutes to get a drink at one point, even though 3 bartenders were huddled together, but I was told "we'll be with you in a moment" and the Dude abided.

No food here but great whiskey and always 4 or 5 really quality drafts. There's a garden in the back, too.

By Jonathan E. at 2012-08-20

Have you ever ended up in an area you don't live, waiting for a friend who does live there, but is 1-2 hours away?

I entered the Gibson at 4:50 p.m. after finishing a meeting down the street. My friend was still an hour + away from leaving work in the City. So I decided to have a drink or two, then decide if I wanted to wait longer.

It was a stellar day, 75 degrees and the big window were wide open. A beauty of a lady sat up front, in the sun, reading a book. A couple of guys from college were catching up at the bar. A few gangs of office mates mingles inside.

3 hours later I was doing shots. Best friends with the barkeep. Best friends with the chick driving cross country. Best friends with the couple moving to Belize. Damn.

It's not a dive but not fancy. Just a place to have a drink or six in a big, open, casual space that has a cool patio as well.

By Brittany C. at 2015-07-02

Cool place I decided to stop intro after visiting the Brooklyn brewery. Has a nice patio area, it's small and great for close intimate conversations.

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