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Estimated average consumption of $13.84 - $27.68 per person. We offer 82 menus, including Classic Hummus, Classic Hummus with Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus, Classic Hummus with Garlic Hummus, Classic Hummus with Spinach Hummus, Warm Flatbread & Dipping Sau
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By Jessica C. at 2016-11-29

This place excels at its date night ambiance, the food is succulent and flavorful, our server Nancy was friendly and helpful, and it's nestled right in the picturesque downtown of cute Pleasanton, California. I'm in the area for work, and thought that I just had to check out any place that has almost 800 reviews and still a four star rating. I totally understand the good reputation.

My colleague and I split the dipping sauces appetizer, which was $9 and came with thick warm pita bread and five different sauces. Everything was tasty, though the hummus was a little thicker than I like. The red curry sauce and the jalapeño were both different and wonderful. I'd say the only low note of the evening was having to ask the server (not our regular server, Nancy, who was great) to please describe the selection before he hustled away.

We halved the lamb shank, which was $26, and the shrimp kabob, which was $21. We both subbed out the sides (asparagus for mashed potatoes, side salad for veggies), which was accommodated with grace, even though there wasn't explicit menu approval. The lamb was unreal. Excellent value for the money with four two-bones in cuts arranged around the plate, cooked to medium rare perfection. The shrimp was also super tasty, but let's face it, it's hard for bottom feeders to outshine mammals.

The service was also noteworthy. We left with an array of options for breakfasts in the area, and were able to reminisce on shared restaurant experiences. It was also easy to get an itemized bill.

I'd love to return, especially to check out the wine lounge part of the restaurant. Happy hour, here we come!

By Victor G. at 2016-12-04

inquired at reception desk was there HH? one person said yes, one said no. one saying yes directed me to the bar. looked over menu. tablet full of drink options, in one corner was the HH details, 2-6.

offerings: draft beers (4),. well drinks/wines(6), mini gyro (8), olives (5?) dolmas (?). flatbread pizza(12) pumpkin bolani(7), potato bolani(7) cocktails listed, not priced.

brew: 6 options: speakeasy stout (4)
-nice s.f. stout. others: stella. sierra neveda, lagunista ipa, etc.
eats: potato bolani (7) 7 pieces with cilantro chutney dipping sauce.
-filling, wondered about pumpkin, alledged best seller, have an aversion to pumpkin, a pet peeve.

-sneak look at regular menu, really pricey, not sure if worthty, pricing 2x what i usually pay.
-doubt nonattention to me was hostile, they're just paying more attention to full ticketed clients.
felt like a section 8 patron.(slghtly kidding).
-one flatscreen in main dining room.

By Sean C. at 2016-11-14

Terrific artisan wine bar food with Mediterranean flavor -- I highly recommend, with love, that when you order the SIZZLING SHRIMP KABOB you get the Red Chutney Hot Sauce on the side -- but for me it was a mixed experience. With upside!

What happened to me isn't so likely to happen to you. For me, it was one of those experiences where I felt I was the one that had to appease and flatter the waitress, not the other way around. From the moment we met, I could tell she did not like me or my wife. I think for her, it was one of those, "I wish I didn't have these two as customers." I was too eager to say it was my birthday and all, at it I was a little kid-like (OK, I can be annoyyying!), being a mid-thirties father out with my wife and no kids I was a little too excited for public. It was best that I had to scale it back.

After awhile, however, when I realized I wasn't going to make any good impression with her ("You're not done yet [with your plates]?" She did actually say at one point), I said the hell with it and just decided to be bossy with her the rest of the night. There was no winning her back. The way it played out was too much of a Larry David scenario -- but forgive me -- I love Larry David! That's also the type of pushy, impetuous, faux pas guy I am! Forgive me!

This sort of thing happens all the time in the world. Waitress wishes she had two other people. I wish we had another waitress. Nothing wrong with her, I'm sure she's cool with 99% of the people out there. Bad fragment sentence coming: I am just not belonging of here.

But for having a plate of head-spinning shrimp kabob (they're gargantuan pieces) and some tasty PUMPKIN BORANI, I was overall glad to have had the experience here -- and in that respect, it will be memorable. Good cocktails help, too. #sincerity

By Alyson A. at 2016-10-12

This is a great place if you're looking for good Mediterranean/Afghan food in the Pleasanton area. I came here on a Sunday evening and we were able to sit out on the patio which was super cute and dog-friendly!

We ordered pumpkin borani (only $8 during HH!) and mantoo for the table to start and both were really good. I've never had mantoo with a tomato sauce before, but it went really well together. I ordered the kabuli entree, which was a seasoned rice with eggplant borani and your choice of meat- I ordered lamb shank. My meat was really moist and fall off the bone tender (as lamb shank should be), but my aunt had ordered the rack of lamb and found it was really dry. Despite that though, everything was really rich and flavorful and the portions are good size.

The service here is really pleasant as well. Both of our servers were very attentive and made sure we enjoyed our meals. This place is on the pricier side and the ambience is a little classier than your typical Afghan restaurant, but if I'm in the area and looking to have a nicer sit down dinner - this place would be at the top of my list.

By Evonne L. at 2016-10-24

Tips for vegans: their potato bolani is super delicious and vegan-friendly. Other vegan items include the flatbread with dipping sauces (skip the yogurt based ones-- which I think are only 2 of them). Most of the grilled veggie dishes can also be veganized if you ask for all yogurt sauces on the sides. For example, their pumpkin bolani is yummy even without the yogurt sauce, so you won't feel like you're missing out.

We went on a Sunday afternoon and there was plenty of seating. Waitress was super accommodating too. Good happy hour menu options are available even on weekends which was great because we came for my birthday. Had a great time as services was friendly and helpful. Ambiance was really nice and they even offered birthday cake at the end of our meal (which we ended up declining because we'd already eaten a bunch of vegan cupcakes brought from James & the Giant Cupcake already). Still, a great thing to do for someone's birthday :)

By Jean K. at 2016-10-31

The dish concepts are not quite as on-point as before, and with the increasing # of Afghani/Mediterranean restaurants opening in Dublin/Pleasanton, Oasis needs to be upping their game, not letting it get sloppy.

Basil shrimp: Nice sweet shrimp, but this visit was early summer and the tomatoes were unripe and tasteless. Too much pesto cream sauce smothered the plate.

Kofta, beef meatballs. Tasty as ever, the lentil sauce was a hit.

Pumpkin borani. Still the best version around, although if they slice the pumpkin any thinner you'll be able to read the menu through it.

Salads are good, not great, but tasty and can be shared easily by 3 people. They are huge.

Rack of lamb. Simple, roasted, executed as ordered and delicious.

Filet mignon kebab. Excellent. Disappointed they dropped the lamb kebab, however,

Mantoo. Big FAIL. Very disappointing. The ravioli aren't pinched closed any longer, but have a nice tender dough. But the tomato sauce was bland and boring, tasting almost canned. Not at all the way it used to taste (this was my fav entree here and I've had it at least 4x previous over the years). The dumplings are still good, but without the piquant zing of a lively sauce, it's now an average dish - okay as a starter to be shared, but not worth ordering as a main again.

Stay with the Paradise, milk pudding with mango topping, for dessert. The others are so-so.

Service a weak point here and at their sibling Coco Cabana. It's gotten worse over time, unfortunately. Still a good restaurant, but no longer great or a destination, the way it used to be.

By Zohra A. at 2016-09-25

The interior is pretty fancy but the food and service were mediocre.

-The POTATO BOLANI was delicious. Crispy on the outside with a soft and tasty filling
- The KOOBIDEH KABOB....Have you ever swam in salty waters and got a mouthful of it in your mouth? That's what I experienced with this dish. Seemed like the cook got a little salt happy. The whole table had the same complaint
- Technically, doors close at 9:30 p.m. We were finishing our meals up at 9:30 and our waiter kept pestering us to leave with comments like "All the other waiters are leaving" and "Have you guys finished yet"

By Margaret L. at 2016-08-08

So I was in between 3 and 4 stars. So I opted for 3 stars.

As for the food, it's pretty good. However, the prices are very expensive, so this is why I lowered it down to 3 stars.

We started with the potato bolani, which I enjoyed. The sauce wasn't too bad, it was simple and satisfying - somewhat like a homecooked dish.

I went all out and got the garlic butter filet mignon with seasoned rice and garlic yogurt. I love this type of rice, it falls apart and it seasoned well. I bet there's lots of butter on the rice as well as the meat. As for the filet mignon, it was good but I wouldn't be able to tell the difference between this cut of meat versus another one, so it doesn't stand out too much. I did enjoy the garlicky of the dish. It has a very strong garlic aroma, it'll stay with you as you leave the restaurant and rest of the day so be warned!

Food isn't too bad, portions are okay sized but definitely overpriced. The ambiance is nicer than other places which explains elevated prices.

I thought our waiter service was okay, not particular amazing or horribly. I probably would return with a large group who wants this type of ambiance and food.

There's also Lokanta down the street, which seems comparable but more upbeat, I want to try that one day as well!

By Stephanie S. at 2016-10-29

Came here for happy hour and was thoroughly surprised! The ambiance is super cute. Seems on the "fancier" for casual dining and they have outdoor seating, too. What we ordered:
-sangria: made in house, delicious
-mini gyros: really good and perfect size!
-flatbread and dips: pretty standard but good, comes with 5 dipping sauces
-lamb lollipops: really good but unfortunately we asked for medium and it came well done
-matoo: never had these before and didn't know what to expect. They were ok but probably wouldn't order them again.

The best part is, happy hour items aren't happy hour portions, just full portions with happy hour prices :)

By Jason S. at 2016-01-25

I travel to the area all the time and always try and get a meal in all the fresh Mediterranean cuisine. My favorite time of year to eat here is in the spring/summer where you can sit outside and enjoy your meal or some refreshing drinks. Either way this place has a huge seating area and we have always had good luck getting sat here. Each time dining here I have never had anything but great service and the best part that I like is that it's family owned and the family still works in the restaurant and puts their personal touch and care into this place.

Personally love to start off with the trio of hummus especially the spicy jalapeño one, but to be honest they are all delicious. Also the appetizer starter of all their dipping sauces is a great way to start out and it lets you try all the different sauces you can accompany with your meat selection. It's hard to choose on these as well but really enjoy their dill sauces as well as their creamy cumber. I am also torn on my favorite thing to eat here because while this place makes a mean steak with great flavors their salmon is always on point. If your not sure then I would suggest getting one of their combination meals and that way you can try anything you want, but trust me you can't go wrong here. They area serving great authentic Mediterranean cuisine that is a real gem in the area.

By Dee Dee L. at 2016-01-13

Mediterranean is easily one of my favorite comfort foods. It's a fair weather meal that you can find something for everyone, whether it be a great salad, a carb loaded diet or a carnivore feast.

This is one of those restaurants where I wish I had the option of doing the half star. As a restaurant, this is a overall 3.5. The food is solid yet nothing really extraordinary. There are definitely some must haves. One is the trio of hummus. Where my personal preference is a very smooth and creamy hummus, this trio has a little more texture. It tastes good but was paired inappropriately with focaccia house bread. They should have brought the hummus with the warm pita bread. The pumpkin borani was good but the tzaziki sauce was tad too thick. The best dish I had was the mini gyros of the appetizer menu. It was delicious and the portion was like a meal! Nothing mini about it at all. Over all food was good but not great.

As for the service, my table was ready when I arrived. The wait staff was ok not extra attentive. Bathrooms are nice and clean. Parking can be a challenge but try their lot in the back first unless you find street parking.

If you are wanting a sports bar with better than bar food, this is it. Great bar, solid food. Until next time, Bon appetit and ciao!

By Brent T. at 2016-06-18

Nice leisurely lunch on the front patio here after a long but not terribly difficult hike at Pleasanton Ridge.

The food here seems to be of an Afghan/Persian slant. Everything I tried was pretty tasty. I particularly enjoyed the kofta and the koobideh. The koobideh was cooked in a way that the outside was almost crispy in a way. Not traditionally the way I've experienced it but I really enjoyed the contrasting texture. The portions were also quite fair.

Oh, and do yourself a favor and get the sticky toffee pudding for dessert. It was the best thing I ate here, and our lunch was pretty good, to give you an idea of how good dessert was.

The front patio is nice although the tables are more like cocktail tables so eating is a little clunky but doable.

Overall, I would be more than happy to eat here again when in the Pleasanton area.

By Timothy E. at 2016-11-29

I recently ate here again with my army unit and enjoyed this restaurant more the second time around. The service was fantastic even though we had a huge party and the food was very good quality albeit on the expensive side. This is a very solid restaurant to go to for date night or drinks. Great atmosphere and food quality.

By Jovana H. at 2016-12-28

Favorite restaurant in the area. Best food, great drinks. Whenever we want to eat out, we look at other restaurants and then either end up in Oasis, or regret not going to Oasis. The dips sampler, Eggplant borani, chicken skewers are some of the favorites.

By Makenzi B. at 2016-11-26

I love this place!!! It is perfect for a sunny afternoon to go sit in their outside area. It is nicely shaded and perfect during the summer. Their cocktails are awesome. I love the Moscow Mule. They also have really yummy food. I like the sandwiches. It is a great date spot!

By Gabriel V. at 2016-12-02

Had my engagement dinner here last weekend and it was great. Family enjoyed the food, my fiance and I enjoyed the Sauvignon Blanc, and everyone left happy.

By Nadine G. at 2016-06-08

Looks formal but give it a chance. Great bartender with some date night peeps and some loud business patrons. We had the eggplant borani which was AMAZE B.

We then proceeded to have a Sumac Caesar, chicken and shrimp kabob with the dessert sampler.

Please order this. Worth the $136 for two cocktails, apps, salad, 2 entrees, dessert and port! I love port.

By Gina B. at 2016-11-19

Food amazing and service spot on. Completely enjoyed the ambiance, food and service during our Saturday night. Had the rack of lamb and yum!

By Jerrica N. at 2015-10-26

Solid 4 stars

Great service, good food, and you can eat your meal with your furry friends.

It's fancy when you walk in, good place for a dinner date. We opted to eat outside because we had our dog with us.

By Manny C. at 2016-09-09

Very very good. Totally enjoyed the food and service here. We come here with my sister's dog and eat on the patio

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