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The Sayers Club

The Sayers Club
  • Street 1645 Wilcox Ave
  • City Hollywood
  • Region California
  • Postcode 90028
  • Telphone (323) 871-8416
  • Opentime Tue, Thu-Sat: 9pm-2am
  • Raging (119)
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The Sayers Club introduction
Estimated average consumption of $7.57 - $15.14 per person. We offer 30 menus, including Espresso, Americano, Cappucino, Latte, 8 Hour Slow Drip, Iced Coffee, Red Bull and so on.
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The Sayers Club reviews

By Ev P. at 2016-12-11

Had a wonderful time Saturday night thanks to the incredible DJ! They need more dance floor space, but other than that, it was a great time and I'd definitely go back

By ClubHollywood V. at 2016-12-23

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By Jeremy S. at 2016-01-31

Sayers Club is yet another SBE branded entertainment venue just off of Sunset. This place is essentially a live music venue mixed with a nightclub that can really get popping on Friday/Saturday nights. You can expect to wait as Sayers as it often gets ridiculously crowded, it would be in your best interest to pop a bottle if feasible. When you rock VIP, this place is smooth sailing and could be a fun time, try and get of the tables right in front of the stage, you won't regret it. Overall, not the best nightspot in LA, but a good time can be had if you play your cards right...

Live music
VIP amenities
Table service
VIP Servers
Great sound system

Crowd can be a bit odd
Can be pricey

By Lee M. at 2016-11-11

I went to the house band jam las night (Thursday night) and I gotta say really great performances with one key complaint. You may have noticed people were leaving just before and during the band's set...and I can tell you why. It's just too loud. This night would be perfect if the pa was down like 20 db. I listen to stuff waaayyyy loud and often have my gf tell me to turn it down, and I simply couldn't take the volume of this club . I hung in as long as I could but had to leave early because I was in actual pain. Please just tell the dj and who ever to try it a little less deafening. It's hard to even hear how great the singers are when you are trying to keep your head from exploding. Otherwise fantastic club and night.

By Heather D. at 2015-11-24

Had an amazing experience here watching their 'A Night at The Sands' musical. I love the classy old Hollywood / speak easy vibe this place gives off which was compounded by their fantastic show. I didn't order food for myself, but everything that came by our table both looked and smelled delicious. The decor is warm and the staff super friendly. Their talent impersonators were spot on - but my favorites were hand down Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Janis Joplin.

Pro Tip:

If you're planning to attend a show, dress the part! As character dressed as you like works and fits in well and is appreciated by staff and fellow partons alike.

Final Verdict:

I'll definitely be keeping my eyes out for more shows here! Can't wait to come back.

By Netanel R. at 2016-04-03

If I could give it less then 1 star I would!
Worst experience ever, went there last night for a birthday party, even though we had a reserved table and the time was 1:25 AM, they charged us $20 a piece to get in (for 35 minutes maximum because they close at 2 anyway), guy in ticket line was arrogant and rude, wouldn't let one of our friends go to the bathroom or to look inside before paying the $20 (says a lot about how bad it was inside), drunken people throwing up and fighting outside and security didn't do a thing!
Will never go back and will recommend the same for anybody I will ever talk to about that place.
P.S. we all felt that we got racially profiled for being "too" white in a mostly black club by the staff for the price of everything.

By Kelly D. at 2016-05-28

Sad they no longer have live music on sat night... It is now just a regular club but the food in the front room still gives it a leg up

By Stephanie H. at 2016-05-14

Oh my gosh...I LOVE this place. The first time I was here was for Kelly Rowland's shoot. The second time I was for a graduation celebration. The bands are AMAZING! It's such a grown and sexy vibe.

Everyone was standing around and not much vibing going on. Don't know if it's a Hollywood thing, but don't expect much "twerking" here. Lol. I went on a Friday night and it was $20 admission. So choose wisely!

By Leah M. at 2015-06-17

This is my second time at Sayer's and man I really love this club!
Laid back yet classy, Sayer's effortlessly oozes Old Hollywood style mixed with new school charm whilst hosting some of the best National and International musicians in an intimated yet spacious setting.
After entering through the front bar, where you can choose to spend all your time eating and having a few drinks, you should definitely head into the back room behind the velvet rope. It will usually cost you $20 to get in and see the band but there are some nights you do need to either be "on the list" or paying top dollar for a booth ($200 approx. if you're wondering).

As well as great atmosphere and good music I suggest ordering some nibbles off the menu- the spicy tuna with crispy rice is delicious as is their cheesy cauliflower dish. I have also heard rumors about their fries- ridiculously good.
The only downside to Sayer's is that some of the crowd can have their heads so far up their own a#*$ it's hard to deal with them- they can be quite rude. You should definitely try and overlook these people and come and enjoy the night, a premiere venue and a wonderful way to experience awesome music in a trendy yet laid back atmosphere.

By Tiana S. at 2015-10-26

Got a table and bottle service for my sisters birthday and had a blast. The staff is fast and friendly and they are very flexible. For someone that doesn't typically like clubs... At all actually, I really enjoyed my time. There was a little hiccup about the payment where I thought they had overcharged me, but Tommy (the gm) emailed me assuring me that it was just a security fee that will fall off after pending stops. That is important so be aware. Overall a pretty stellar experience.

By Shalini G. at 2015-02-12

hell to the ya!
this was probably one of the best shows i have ever seen in my life!!! ok so maybe the review isn't solely based on the club itself...more so on the show that i was...

T.I. performed here...Pharrell introduced him and performed the intro song...B.O.B. performed...Chris Brown was there! was the night of all nights.
the club was packed...the paparazzi were in full swing...
sound was amazing! no clue if it's the house PA or if it was brought in for this event. i honestly don't even know if they usually have live shows was my first time.
i didn't drink here...had a glass of water
there is an adjacent parking lot that was like $ not bad at all
there was a stench of sewer just outside!! haha

By Jose U. at 2016-02-27

The bouncer cut my group in half and charger ed them to come in. Very rude when we paid cash. Only wanted cards. Pushed one of the girls because "she had been drinking before going in," from their own bar. If I could give them 0 stars I would had done that. Horrible costumer service.

By Tiffany D. at 2015-03-17


Best time I've had on a night out. Classy performances from amazing singers. We came on a Thursday for #SayerSessions. The singers were en pointe, the band was jamming like nobody's business.

If you're in LA, check this place out. You will not be disappointed. Great seating arrangements, even if you do not buy a table. When we went, there was a $20 cover charge. I wouldn't say a table is needed for this venue - you'll want to be up close and personal to the band/dance!

Keep keeping it classy Sayer's!

By Jessica D. at 2016-05-23

Love the vibe of this place. Every time I go it's always chill with really good live music.

By Honest T. at 2016-11-11

I was super disappointed by this place, unfortunately. A friend and I had been at Hotel Café and wanted a change of scenery so we asked the HC door guy for other live music recommendations in the area. The Sayer's Club was dead around 10:30pm on a Friday night and when we asked the employee behind the desk about live music, saying we'd been recommended to come by Hotel Café, he said live r&b and hip-hop would be starting in 30-40 minutes. We went elsewhere to kill time and I came back alone, an hour later, only to be told by that same guy that I couldn't enter the back room unless my name was on the list or I wanted to buy a bottle. Funny thing is, I used the rest room before I left and saw that the back room was nearly empty. The whole experience felt like a waste of time and energy. Had I known from the start I needed to buy a bottle, I wouldn't have wasted time coming back. The experience was all around lame. Instead of me spending money there buying drinks, I'm writing a bad Yelp review--not a winning situation for the club or for me. Huge Thumbs Down.

By Chris N. at 2015-11-16

Came here for a late Sunday night, we had an extreme fun experience. The drinks was so good, staffs friendly, dj super cool. give u 5*

By Jamie M. at 2013-09-10

So i was able to come to this awesome lounge/club thanks to one of my good friends. She found some deal where you were able to get dinner for two plus a bottle of wine or 2 drinks per person, plus entrance into the back room for $100. Not bad.

First of all, the food was delicious. I was surprised, but they really came through on the flavor, presentation, everything.

Also, the drinks? Are strong. They might be expensive, but considering the pour on those drinks - not bad.

Atmosphere - Bad. Ass. Seriously. One of the coolest venues I've been in a long time.

End of story - go there.

By Mitch W. at 2014-10-27

I came to the Sayers Club for the first time last week for the MC Jin album release party. It's a cozy, intimate place with two bars and many places to sit. It had a small stage that could have been slightly higher, so everyone could see MC Jin and the people on stage.

Drinks are typical LA/Hollywood prices. I paid $21.00 (not including tip) for a Fat Tire beer and Grey Goose and Soda.

Overall, a very nice place.

Xie Xie!

By Ashley K. at 2014-08-25

Love this place. The drinks are expensive, yes, but the atmosphere and music more than make up for it.

We came on a Thursday when the house band was playing which featured several guest singers, all of whom absolutely killed it. So much talent. We had bottle service and the cocktail servers were all very attentive. I did end up getting one drink at the bar which is why I noticed how insanely overpriced the drinks are, but the bartenders are all nice, the place is plenty big, good lighting, cool decor, etc. You could get away with being dressed a little more casual, or go all out if your heart desires (mine never does).

I will absolutely be back here for more of that live music, spectacular night.

By Sherman A. at 2015-05-27

The venue was beautiful tonight and was very excited to see my good friend play. What really brought the experience down was some promoter that completely disrespected the musicians wife and close friends by claiming the table they were already at because the server had sat her there. Over hearing his comments with his ever growing entourage was appalling . Such a shame. I was looking forward to experiencing the venue as I work with a number of brands who hold events , but now can't recommend in good faith because of this one guy..

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