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Tijuana Flats

Tijuana Flats
  • Street 9520 W. Linebaugh Ave.
  • City Tampa
  • Region Florida
  • Postcode 33626
  • Telphone (813) 792-1881
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  • Raging (41)
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Tijuana Flats introduction
We offer 53 menus, including Chips & Dip - Salsa, Chips & Dip - Queso, Chips & Dip - Guacamole, Tijuana Trio, Mega Dip, Atom Bombs, Tijuana Burritos and so on.
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Tijuana Flats reviews

By Joe A. at 2016-05-20

From the great, friendly staff who greet you at the door, to the great food that is inexpensive, the Tijuana Flats in Westchase is by far the best Flats I've been to in Florida.

Their Tacos are huge, and if you go on Taco Tuesday, be prepared for a full house. I love their salad and burritos as well. Blackened chicken is my favorite. They will make your food customized to your liking. Go on a slower night if you are looking for less of a crowd that bothers your relaxed dining experience.

The attentive staff will come around to see if you need anything such as a drink refill, so don't forget to tip them when you order. I've been here dozens of times and unlike other establishments that will put you on the spot with "Would you like to add a tip?" nobody at this TF has ever done that. Drop something in the tip jar, add it to your credit card, or don't feel pressured to tip at all. IMO, they work hard, have great energy and deserve it. Of the different TF locations I've been to, including So Florida, this by far has the best staff.

If you go on a busy night like Taco Tuesday when they have their special, be prepared to look for parking or park in the back lot as there isn't enough parking near the many establishments to accommodate. Even behind the businesses, especially with some restaurants thinking they can stake claim to parking spaces that I have never seen used, for their carry out customers.

Flats in Westchase: Great food at fast food prices.

By Todd W. at 2016-05-13

Now that Maloney's Local in this development is completely off my radar after a previous experience, I am making more visits to this location of Tijuana Flats and could not be happier.

While finding parking can be challenging depending on when you visit, I have few issues in the late afternoon after golf at nearby Westchase and have been getting in and out quickly.

A manager has even been greeting me personally when I walk in the front door on a recent stop, so I asked him the question I have long wondered about all Tijuana Flats: Why they offer refills on soft drinks, but keep the fountain beverage machine behind the counter where customers cannot do it themselves?

This manager explained to me that the reason is to give a better experience than other similar restaurants with the goal being that once you sit down, you don't have to get up for anything until you leave. (With the exception of trips to the sauce bar)

I respect the intent, since they bring your food out to you from the kitchen whether you order for takeout or dining in. However, the fact that the drink cups are not clear makes it difficult for employees to know when you need a refill and most people get up to walk towards the counter anyways.

My takeout from this location is very consistent on quality and taste and I've always thought that the value overall at Tijuana Flats was better than most.

By Petrice H. at 2015-06-13

I like Tijuana Flats, however, this one is very dark. The food is ok but hard to see even though you know what you have ordered.

The lighting in here also makes it hard to see the sauce bar, which they are pretty famous for.

The food is reasonably priced but it could be a it better quality. I think it's time for TF to rethink their menu and the quality they are outing out.

By Angelina F. at 2016-04-07

I am a regular here. I love mexian food and I try to eat clean. This a great way to have both. They have a great verity so my family of five can always find something they like. Their prices are very reasonable and the staff goes above and beyond to make sure your happy.

By Lenny L. at 2016-04-20

If you want to go to a cool place to sit, relax, enjoy the atmosphere and have some good Mexican food then this is not the place for you.

If you're looking to go to a place where you have to order your food at a counter, carry your drinks back to your table and have a cashier look for a tip to ring you up then you will LOVE this place!

This could be a good place if they had a traditional sit and eat where a waitress brings you a menu and takes your order. The food was average at best so maybe not. So disappointed.

By Brian J. at 2015-10-04

Honestly more on the 3.5 scale but generally great location and the customer service was great! Prior to entering the location we had to basically "stalk" for parking because the "street" they have only holds so many vehicles. They have a larger lot in the back to accommodate everyone for them and the other stores in his area.

We went on a Tuesday night for their tacos special and noticed it is a bit dark but had neon lights for their art around the area. The thing that held us from giving this a solid-4 was a big unpleasant smell that we couldn't determine where it came from. Their bathrooms were clean and were cleaned prior to me arriving (clean bathroom are a stickler to me and precursor how their overall cleanliness is).

My girlfriend and myself had a minor issue and presented to the manager and was rectified without a hassle! We had the manager come up to check on us and we appreciated this as this shows that the staff does care and wanted to know how the food turned out.

I give this my thumbs up approval to visit but be prepared to do some walking if you cannot find parking on the strip.

By Lisa S. at 2016-05-30

Mexican fast food done right!! You order at the counter and food service is usually pretty quick. By the time you finish picking out everything you want from the hot sauce bar you probably have your food. Speaking of which the hot sauce bar is the bomb!!! I love the cartoon faces used to describe the heat levels, and I can't get enough of several including the ghost pepper sauces.

By Steve E. at 2013-08-13

Tijuana Flats is one of my favorite lunch spots in the middle of Westchase. I've been visiting this restaurant since they first opened their doors, and always seem to come back when I'm on this side of town.

Tijuana Flats is located along Linebaugh Avenue, directly across the street from Westchase Elementary School, and in a little two block stretch of restaurants. You'll find TJF next door to the World of Beer.

The menu is filled with burritos, quesadillas, chimichangas, enchiladas, tacos, and of course chips & salsa or guacamole. I'm a creature of habit at TJF and always seem to end up with the Tijuana-sized beef burrito on corn tortilla, loaded all the way, wet with queso, and an order of salsa. Then it's over to their salsa bar to grab several of my favorite sinus-clearing hot sauces, and then find a table either inside in the air conditioning or outside of the patio to relax in the evenings.

They have all sorts of specials for Happy Hour and mid-week menu specials. If you're a regular at TJF then I suggest that you join their Flatheads Club and learn about their Just In Queso Foundation which raises money for charitable causes by selling bottles of hot sauces and other noble deeds.

Yes, Tijuana Flats is a chain, but the food is consistently good, and it's a great spot to kick back and enjoy a relaxed meal.

By Michael L. at 2014-12-11

Tijuana Flats is one of my favorite tex-mex places. The people are really friendly and the place has a great atmosphere.

The menu has the usual burritos, tacos, chimichangas and taco salads. I probably end up getting the chicken chimichangas every time though. So delicious, especially after a visit by the sauce bar area.

The sauce bar has 10-15 different hot sauces ranging from sweet and mild to impossibly hot. I usually take a sampling for the burrito itself and some for the accompanying chips. Sauce selection is great and I really like being able to try new sauces each trip.

Prices are great too, I believe around the $7 range.

By Elizabeth S. at 2016-02-04

This location deserves nothing less than 5 stars!! My husband and I eat here at least once a week on Taco Tuesday's, and the staff is always welcoming with a friendly smile!! All the girls are great, and our food is always hot! I highly recommend going to the West Chase location!

By Eric C. at 2015-12-30

First visit to the establishment. Very good food and friendly staff. I had the Bangin' chicken burrito, which was tasty, but just buffalo chicken on a burrito. My daughter had beef tacos, which she thoroughly enjoyed. My wife had a taco salad, no sour cream or guacamole, and loved it. The shift manager (sorry, forgot his name), gave us a complimentary basket of chips and salsa. The salsa was wonderful. The cookie dough flautas were amazing.

By Melissa C. at 2015-12-07

Gotta love tiajuana! Atom bombs are the bomb! The atmosphere is casual and fun. Great variety of food you can always mix and match if you're not sure what you want. Fresh food at a great price

By Erica G. at 2015-02-20

Service is very fast, the staff is extremely friendly and the food is prepared just right. I didn't know Tijuana Flats served alcohol, but I did order a sangria when I found out and it was very good!

By Carol C. at 2013-10-27

In my bartender days I used to hate when people strolled in 10 minutes before close and so when my hubs suggested we pick up some Tijuana Flats on the way home from a bday party, I was a bit hesitant of the looks we would get at 9:50PM. We ordered Tostadas and Burritos and both were delicious. Staff was friendly and accommodating. We will be back for more!

By Christopher G. at 2012-12-26

Love it!
Tried all before and trying it again!

By Kelleigh M. at 2013-09-08

Meh-I don't understand how there are T Flats lovers out there. IMHO it does NOT compare to chipotle. It's in the neighborhood and after a beer at WOB, its close and fast. But that's about it.

I do appreciate the fact that the staff is always helpful and nice but just like any other T Flats out there, I feel as though the food is prepared ahead of time and nuked when ordered.

Just a little recommendation on the fish tacos-lay off the sauce a bit. It makes the second taco soggy by the time you get around to eating it.

By Andrea B. at 2014-04-01

I am a fan of Tijuana Flats and I love their Taco Tuesdaze promotion with great deals on 2 tacos, chips and a drink for one low price. I usually just go for beef tacos but on a recent visit, I noticed meat and bean taco options and was happy to find out they were included in the special pricing. I did the beef and bean and a chicken and bean, both with refried beans. The grilled chicken was great with the refried beans, but the beef sort of got lost in the beans. Perhaps I will do black beans and beef or just beef next time around. My visit was on the later end of lunch time and I was surprised there wasn't a crowd. Perhaps because this location is closer to residential areas than office parks...Regardless, good food, good service and a great deal!

By Ed W. at 2014-09-04

While I've only had the taco, guacamole, and queso, but for the price, these were good. This is a great place to stop by after visiting World of Beer next door.
I was impressed by both the selection and taste of the sauces. They range from mild/sweet to "no way am I going to try that!"

Give it a try for a quick lunch or early dinner, or even a late night snack.

By Heather K. at 2015-05-15

I used to LOVE tijuana flats but recently I am disappointed in quality and portion size. Its probably corporate regulations and food costs, but for $26. I may just cook and my next burrito at home.

By Stacey M. at 2015-08-22

Incredible service. Discount for teachers and often recognize teachers with free meals :) thank you!! I am seriously addicted to their queso... Resist unless u want to expand 20lbs! I get the norrito bowl. I like that I can make it skinny. Their quesadillas are really good. Quality/quantity is great while the price remains low. :)

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