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Togo's Sandwiches
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We offer 50 menus, including Farmer's Market, Chicken Caesar, Make It A Wrap, Asian Chicken, Santa Fe Chicken, Black Forest Ham & Cheese, Turkey Cheese and so on.
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Togo's Sandwiches reviews

By Cory G. at 2016-10-31

To be honest i have had bad visits in the past. I get the same sandwich made the same way... how it comes.... and someone somehow makes I so I can't eat it... mayo etc... but on my most recent trips the morning manager Evette has made it worth coming back. Always makes sure my meal is correct and makes pleasant conversation. I've managed a multi million dollar a year restaurant so I never complain. She always asks me how my last meal was so she and her staff can make it better. Thank you

By Angela D. at 2016-03-22

TOGOS is my favorite go-to place for a quick tasty lunch or dinner. This one has an especially friendly staff. Being from Auburn but living out of state, I always make sure to stop in a few times whenever I'm in town.

Food: 5 stars!
This is the best sandwich place hands down. Forget all your other sandwich options because this is the only one you need. Also bonus points for having gluten free options, I always get the GF wraps.

Staff: Super friendly and great customer service. The same manager is there often and she is always so nice and helpful with my GF orders.

Location: great location right off the freeway. Tons of parking.

It's the good food and friendly places like this that make me proud to be from Auburn.

By Jimmy M. at 2016-08-24

Didn't have sandwiches that were posted outside on the windows had to compromise with something else and was still made in correctly it's the second time I will never go back

By E S. at 2016-02-19

Huge, huge chunk of somewhat dry bread with precious little in between. I had a California Club. A little schmeer of avacado, a fair amount of mayo, at least a taste of bacon, and I think one thin slice of turkey was hiding in there. Total rip off.

By Sophia S. at 2016-07-13

very mean lady.... she made it seem the business we were bringing her was inconvenient for her, even though there was no one in the restaurant and we were being completely nice .... disappointed ..... food was okay .....

By Travis S. at 2015-01-23

It turns out that sometimes business owners think its cool to offer something free for a good review which defeats the point but there's another group that will offer something for the next time you come in but then when you come to collect you're treated like an idiot by the overly manly looking gay sounding hipster that's too cool to look like he's paying attention behind the counter. Note: if you are gonna accept a review bribe, get it in writing.

By John J. at 2015-10-30

On the way home from Reno needed to stop for some grub after a long ride, two pleasant men greeted me happily as though I was a part of their family. They made my sandwich fast and tasty, and I will keep coming back. If you're gonna go, make sure Keaton and Eric are working!

By Terese L. at 2015-06-25

Worst and slowest service I've ever encountered. Avoid going Thursday mornings... They had just opened when we walked in; we were the only ones in the shop. The girl was taking FOREVER to make two sandwiches and the guy was slugging around with head phones in his ears as he added veggies to the veggie bar.... Both employees looked as if they could careless about serving customers. Approximately 25 minutes later, we walk out and I vowed to never go in there again!

By Chris T. at 2015-10-08

I love this Togos. I am in almost everyday. All the employees are nice, the food is always fresh and good and the manager has been there for a long time she makes sure that you are well taken care of. Give this lady a raise and a vacation. This is one of the few Togos I eat at. Round of applause to this place.

By Katie M. at 2016-02-09

We always get great service and fresh delicious sandwiches at this Togo's! The place is always clean too. This has to be my favorite.

By MJ M. at 2015-04-29

Togos has redeemed themselves! I wrote a review awhile back and was really disappointed because the restaurant was really dirty and my sandwich sucked! A guy named Matt responded to my review immediately which was the best part! That ladies and gentlemen is great customer service! I went back about a week ago and was very impressed! The store was spotless, the sandwich was perfect, the employees were professional and smiling and the manager was her typical wonderful self. Thanks for stepping it up once again and a special thanks to Matt...whoever he is ;)

By Svetlana T. at 2015-02-21

Stopped by on way to sacramento with my 14 month old son, friend and her 14 month old daughter. Lisa eastteam made my pastrami sandwich and salad (my orders are always a bit conplicated but she didnt seem to mind at all) It tasted PERFECT and she was so kind to bring us cups of water to our table once we were at the table with our little ones. Lisa made this the best togo location ive ever been to with her friendliness and bringing us our drinks made it so much easier so we could keep feeding our little ones. Too bad its far from home otherwise itd be the only one id go to. Ill definately be stopping by next time im in auburn. Thank you Lisa for your phenomenal service and friendly attitude.

By Dannigan B. at 2014-09-19

Awesome people awesome sandwiches and great location. A standing ovation for Togo's on Elm!

By Chris N. at 2011-04-08

I've gotten a little sick of eating at Togo's, although I do think their sandwiches are better than Subway's.

This is a fine location I suppose. The gal working the counter had a bit of an attitude, and while nothing was really impressive, I've seen much worse.

A bonus though- they still have bread bowls for soup. The last Togo's I went to got rid of them, and that really made me mad because I went all the way over there for a bread bowl.

The sandwiches could be cheaper, but if you're looking for a quick lunch, this place can work.

By Blue C. at 2013-06-24

Much better than the Togos on Bell. Good old Togos, how I love you.

By Brooke H. at 2014-09-17

Stopped into this Togo's on the way home from Lake Tahoe. Wow....the sandwich was great! Everything was fresh, the meat, bread and veggies. The girls working we're very quick also. Looking forward to ski season to come back in.

By Todd G. at 2014-08-01

Fantastic store! Sandwiches are always great quality and super yummy. But the star of this store is their awesome customer service. In particular, Yvette and Haley were just great. They really give it a family atmosphere. Will always come back to this store.

By D M. at 2012-11-19

Eeww! Go across the way to Mr Pickles!

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