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Tropical Smothie Fan

Tropical Smothie Fan
  • Street 1601 WILLOW LAWN DRIVE
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23230
  • Telphone (703) 578-3663
  • Opentime
  • Raging (39)
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Tropical Smothie Fan introduction
Estimated average consumption of $4.36 - $8.72 per person. We offer 69 menus, including Sunny Day, Kiwi Quencher, Paradise Point, Blimey Limey, Sunrise Sunset, Blue Lagoon, Hawaiian Breeze and so on.
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Tropical Smothie Fan reviews

By Xandria L. at 2013-04-28

I have ordered thru TOT probably a dozen times and have never had a problem. Food has always been delivered hot and on time. They do charge a ridiculous amount though, and I have to steel myself each time I use them as a result. I only use them once every few months when I am simply too tired or lazy to pick up food myself. I love Raaga Indian but I hate driving down Leesburg Pike to get there, hence TOT. We end up ordering 2x the food because indian food is even better the next day or two, for lunch, etc. and then the service fees dont take up half the cost.

Aww, now I'm craving Indian!!!!!

By Kait J. at 2016-11-19

I'd give them zero stars if it was an option. No call, couldn't get through to anyone on the phone, finally called the place I ordered through and they issued me a refund because THEY couldn't get through to them either. apparently a driver was never assigned to my order, whatever the hell that means, so I'm sitting here with no food after two hours and am very pissed off. they are awful.

By Jennifer F. at 2016-05-31

At least they called to manage my expectations but this is seriously awful. They said it would be 15 - 30 minutes late, now 45 and still no food. Is management doing anything about this? So far, I have not had a single on time delivery from Takeout Taxi. And they just told me it would be another 15 minutes! ARGHHHH!

By Bekah F. at 2016-11-19

Horrendous. Zero stars... actually negative stars if it were an option. Food was never delivered and I never was able to get through to them. I hope this service goes out of business.

By Cameron H. at 2016-10-24

seamless/grubhub have to stop using this service for some reason as everyone else. THEY TAKE FOREVER

By Jason F. at 2016-11-14

horrific service!! by all means do not share any digits of your credit care with them. calling will only aggravate you more. this is a true boiler room operation preying on hungry, nutrient dependent individuals! you will starve to death or go into insulin shock before they deliver anything!

By Lisa G. at 2016-05-29

Absolutely awful. Food arrived over 3 hours after I ordered it with NO communication whatsoever. I know things happen but the restaurant I ordered from was a little over a mile from me. I will never order via Takout Taxi again.

By Ranwa H. at 2016-05-17

Totally unprofessional service. They took my money and did not deliver what I had ordered, on one occasion, and they delivered my food to another hotel the second time. I shall not use them again.

By CL .. at 2016-06-09

It took four phone calls and an extra hour and a half and I have yet to receive my food. I've ordered from them a few times before with mediocre service and somehow always convince myself it'll be better next time, but trust me - it's not wort the time or money. The whole reason services like this exist is for convenience and they definitely don't deliver (excuse the terrible pun).

By Patrick L. at 2016-04-15

Took 90 minutes - called customer service which apologized non-stop. That didn't put the delicious triscuits in my stomach now did it?

By Heather G. at 2012-01-19

Would give zero stars if I could. Order was placed online at 6:45 PM for a restaurant that was 3 miles from the house (at most - Aditi in Kingstowne); said food would be there in approximately 60 minutes. Okay - fine - no biggie.

8 PM and still no food. I call and am told that the driver just got to the restaurant and was on the way with the food and that it was 7 minutes to the apartment complex according to Google Maps. Okay - fine. We go back to eating leftover Christmas candy.

The driver shows up at 8:30 PM. The food is cold. The driver was very nice and personable, so I give him a pass.

The receipt on the bag said that the food was to be ready for pick up at 7:20 PM and it didn't get picked up until about 45 - 50 minutes later. What the hell?!

I called to get a refund of the money that was paid, since we paid $45 (including tip) for one order of veggie chat, one tandoori platter (or whatever it was called), and one order of naan all of which was cold. FORTY FIVE DOLLARS. See the photo attached to see what $45 gets you.

The food was $25, deliver was $7, some additional BS fees/tax was $10 and a $5 tip to the driver.n The rep that I spoke with said she would need to get in touch with the manager and then call us back with what they could do for us.

She called back - manager will only refund the $10 in misc fees and send us a voucher for $20 worth of food.


This ties Ulta with my review of worst customer service.

By Wes R. at 2014-11-21

Do you enjoy waiting 90-120 minutes for food?
Do you enjoy soggy and cold food?
Do you enjoy paying a $7 delivery fee + a varying convenience fee for the experience of waiting for cold food?

If so, then Take-Out Taxi is for you! Ordered several times and it seems at least 1 of 3 orders will take forever or have a problem (that's probably being generous)

By Bryan S. at 2013-06-07

I just purchased 116.00 worth of food because i have a group of friends coming in from north africa and the northeast and I won't have time to cook for them. For the privilege of going so I have to pay a nine dollar delivery fee, a thirteen dollar service fee, thirteen dollars in tax, and a manditory 22.89 (15%) fee. I am only doing this because I needed to get them food they liked and most kebab restaurants don't deliver. If you are choosing this option, it's going to be an expensive one.

By Anthony D. at 2015-03-12

Takeout Taxi is officially the worst company out there. I don't do reviews often, but I had to speak up. A year ago, I was feeling lazy, so I ordered from chevys or some bbq restaurant. I had ordered around 6 or 7. As a result, my food didn't get there until a little after 11. It was also cold and ridiculously expensive. I was pretty pissed and swore off of this service and company. Fast forward to today. I figure this time will be different, so I order at 7:20. Two hours later, I get an email from Foodler saying, sorry your order was canceled. Takeout Taxi didn't even bother to tell me that They won't be delivering to me tonight. These guys don't know what they're doing. A better company would take the time to provide better customer service especially when they can't come through on what they promised. Takeout Taxi isn't cheap and shouldn't operate like the a kid's lemonade stand. Anyways, use this service at your own risk.

By M C. at 2015-02-22

No stars!!! My food never came, they didn't call, there was no number to call on their website and the worst was they charged my card!! I am more than angry at this horrible business no their business model! What kind of service does not have a place to call about inquiries! Absolutely ridiculous and I will be sending a letter to corporate!

By Pooh B. at 2011-04-09

I would have given them 0 stars if I could. DO NOT EVER ORDER THROUGH THEM! This place is a total rip off. I have ordered from them twice. The first time, the estimate was 45 to 60 minutes. I had to call them an Hour and a half later and they said the driver got a flat tire and didn't bother to tell them. I got my food 2 and a half hours later!
Fine, so I decided to give them another try 2 months later. Once again I called them 1 hour and 1/2 later and they said the driver was just leaving the restaurant. I was a little ticked but I decided to wait. 2 HOURS LATER. NOTHING! I called them again and guess what? They said the driver had A FLAT TIRE!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is the second time I've gotten this BS excuse. Then they canceled my order without even trying to deliver it to me again.

If you would actually like to eat at some point. DO NOT ORDER THROUGH TAKE OUT TAXI!

By Heather B. at 2013-02-14

Consistent with the other reviews for Takout Taxi, we are still waiting for our food. We also ordered from Aditi in Kingstowne, at 5:45 pm. It's 7:45 and we are still waiting, the estimation on the website says 8:30. The customer service reps referred to my husband as "bro" and seemed utterly nonplussed. If you would like to eat, do not order from Takout Taxi. Needless to say we will not try this service again.

I'm pregnant and starving!!!

By PC D. at 2013-07-18

Worst ordering experience I've ever had. I ordered from a restaurant through Seamless, and the restaurant apparently uses Takeout Taxi for delivery service. More than 30 minutes after placing the order, i got a call from Takeout Taxi to "confirm" my order. They let me know they were putting it into the restaurant at that time, and that it would be an additional 75 minutes or more until it was delivered.

When i told them that I had placed the order more than 30 minutes prior, and that I was told when I placed it that the delivery time was 75 minutes, the woman on the phone told me that they "process the orders as they receive them," whatever that means. She then proceeded to argue with me, and told me it was going to take a long time because we ordered "a ton of food," but we only ordered food for 5 people. But at any rate, that was a lie, because the reason it was taking so long was because they hadn't even processed the order 30 minutes after it was placed.

On top of that, they charge incredibly high fees for delivery. That is what it is--we ordered from them so we knew the price up front--but for such a high price, you wouldn't expect such absolutely atrocious (and slow) service.

I will never, ever order from them again. And I will advise every person I know (and don't know, via the Internet) to never give them any more business.

By Elle K. at 2010-05-14

I have to add my review even while waiting for our delivery order to arrive. I admit, we love the convenience of Takeout Taxi. But the fees have gotten completely out of line. Here's the breakdown for the cost of our order:
Subtotal: $35.5
Delivery Fee: $6.99
Service Fee: $4.25
Tax: $3.58
Tip: $7.55
Order Total: $57.87

The tip is automatically added because the "order total" is over $50. It is supposed to be 15% (the stated amount on their website) but WHO in their right minds would calculate the tip on the total with $10.24 in fees included? And I'm pretty sure when the order total was shown online the service fee was not included. This will be our last order.

By Emma P. at 2011-05-07

I'd give zero stars if I could.

My mother and I have been very displeased with our Takout Taxi service tonight.. We placed an order from Silver Diner at 7:45p and did not receive it until 9:45p. The estimated delivery time of 75 minutes was exceeded, and when I called customer service to check on our order I was told this is due to traffic. The driver told me there was no traffic, but a staffing shortage.

Our food was not as ordered. We ordered two chicken finger platters--including fries, coleslaw, and a biscuit--and received a two boxes of chicken fingers and two chicken noodle soups. Illogical. I will not be returning to Takeout Taxi.

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