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Unleashed Gourmet Hot Dogs

Unleashed Gourmet Hot Dogs
  • Street 515 North Harrison St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23220
  • Telphone (804) 213-0827
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Unleashed Gourmet Hot Dogs introduction
Estimated average consumption of $3.36 - $6.72 per person. We offer 42 menus, including Coffee, Soft Drink, Bottled Water, Slushy, English Pointer Hot Dog, English Pointer Hot Dog Combo, German Shepard Hot Dog and so on.
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Unleashed Gourmet Hot Dogs reviews

By Jordan F. at 2016-07-09

Outstanding food. Very friendly owner. Cool place. I have eaten here several times and have always had a good experience. The menu is creative, where each option is named after a breed of dog, and has a good variety. I particularly like the "Siberian Husky" as it has really spicy mustard.

By Matthew F. at 2016-07-21

Super hole in the wall-y place with a VERY helpful owner who takes pride in his business, and what he puts on the plate in front of you.

Food is a solid 5 stars. No matter what you get you will love it. The condiments (minus the ketchup) are all house made... Yes even the mustard. The buns are not your typical hot dog bun, which is good because the hot dogs aren't your typical hot dog either. Most of the sausages are house made, have a great snap when you bite them and are seasoned to the hilt!
The sides are tasty and go good with the meat and bun.

Will for sure be back. Parking is kind of a bi**h but if you are a real Richmonder you will figure it out.

By Jeff C. at 2016-04-10

This place is so good that I wish it was located in my hometown. Run by a cool Russian proprietor, Unleashed Dogs offers the most unique selection of hotdogs this side of Siberia.

I started off my dog repast with a cool Russian Pilsner, the perfect compliment to my Siberian Husky hotdog. My Siberian was loaded with yummy wienerwurst sausage and Russian sauerkraut, but it was the Siberian mustard that gave this gourmet dog bark to its bite. I swear go easy on this mustard, foodies, for it will really open up those sinuses. Wow!!

I also had a bowl of Unleashed Gourmet Hotdog's chili. It was a wonderfully sweet chili that I imagine could enhance any hotdog combination. In many ways, this chili conjured up images from those roadhouse chili parlors that always offered inexpensive, hardy eats. Yup, I guess that's how you'd sum up Unleashed Gourmet Hotdogs: inexpensive, hardy eats with a distinctive international flair.

By LeAn H. at 2016-05-03

Seriously....amazing hot dogs. The owner was very friendly and helpful to help feed my cravings. I got the Kavkaz Shepard, made with lamb and beef sausage, marinated onion, cilantro and tomato sauce with pasta salad side, with brownies and cookies. The cookies were a lil bit hard, but the brownie def made up for it. As for a dessert for my hubby, I got him Blintzes - a sweet wrap topped with cream cheese and fruits.

The hot dog was seriously on point and my coworkers noticed the smell right away. First time here and won't be my last. Really great and I actually found this place through Groupon. Really awesome. Thank you!'nn

By Max K. at 2015-12-28

This place is awesome! The menu is creative and interesting and the food is wonderful. My personal favorite is the Kavkaz hot dog but everything I've tried I liked. The best part is the Russian beer. Unleashed has three different Russian beers.

The service is fast and the employees are helpful. The owner, the Russian guy, is also very nice and helpful.

This is my place to stop and eat before a VCU basketball game. It's fast, has good strong beer, and is literally across the street from the STU.

By Timmy T. at 2016-01-28

My friend and I were walking aimlessly in/around the VCU MP campus. We both wanted a snack, and not a full meal, most of our choices along broad st were chains and we both wanted something different, tasty and cheap. We stumbled upon this hot dog place which I've seen good reviews on YELP about so I thought we should give this place a shot.

A lot of the hot dog options were not what we expected, most were European style or just something completely unique; check the menu to see what you might be getting yourself into. I got the Siberian Husky: Wiener-wurst sausage, russian style sauerkraut with onion and sunflower oil, and Siberian mustard. The owner (I am assuming) gave me several warnings about how the mustard was very strong, not spicy, and despite his warnings I still got it. I knew I should have listened to this stranger. The mustard was one of the most potent sauces I have ever put in my mouth; it literally kicked my taste buds and made me slightly uncomfortable. The mustard was so overpowering that I couldn't even eat the bun because it was covered in it. The sausage itself was good, but not great. The size of the sausage was only slightly bigger than our typical hot dog, so I was little unimpressed with the size.

For like $2-3 you can make it a combo and add a drink (fountain or bottle) and a small side to your order. I wasn't overly impressed with what I got, but maybe it was because the mustard kind of ruined my experience. The seating inside the place is limited and I see this place as more of a take out place.

By Sam L. at 2015-04-18

Great food, excellent prices.

Stopped in here to pick up a quick dinner after reading all the excellent Yelp! reviews and wasn't disappointed. This place is the real deal.

The mutt international I had was very good. Snappy wiener, sweet pulled pork, and a little crispness from the cole slaw all came together very well. The flatbread bun is perfect here, and really differentiates this from your typical hot dog. My only complaint is that my order was lacking a bit in toppings. Give me some more of that pulled pork! Recommended.

Homemade potato salad to complete the combo meal was, again, very good. It's nice to see the sides get some love!

Finally, Unleashed (more accurately the owner, Oleg) has to be commended for the prices. Finally, FINALLY, I have found an excellent lunch spot in RVA that doesn't charge over $10. In fact, my combo meal came out to a little over $7. For the quality and amount of food you get, that is outstanding value. Bravo Unleashed!

Bottom Line: Unleashed is worth the trip, regardless of whether or not you really love hot dogs. The flavor combos are great, and the prices are even better.

By Julie F. at 2016-05-11

So I'm browsing places to eat in Richmond, craving hot dogs, and suddenly I see a picture of a hot pink potato salad.

I gasp.

Could this be true?!?! No, it can't be!!! OMG, Baltika beer and Kvas?!?! Am I dreaming?!?!

No. No I was not dreaming. It's TRUE!!!

So of course I bookmark it and plan to visit. Parking was a bit of a challenge, but that's because I was having a DUH moment upon DUH moment that day. Plus it was my first time venturing into Richmond, so I'll use that as an excuse.

I walk in and right from the get-go fall in love with the place and develop an innocent crush on an extremely personable and kind man (owner) who walks me through all the combinations.

So we tried: Siberian Husky, German Shepard, American Pitt Bull, English Pointer and the Kavkaz Shepard dogs.

Stop looking at me that way. I was hungry. And I couldn't make up my mind. If anything, I regret not getting the rest. Because every weiner was a winner (see what I did there?).

The hot pink potato salad was indeed Vinegret, aka Russian Potato Salad and - just trust me - you need to try it at least once. Do it!!!

I loved the red sauce that goes on the Kavkaz Shepard dog, and got some to go. It's quite addictive.

Be warned about the Russian mustard - it's HOT. Now I'm a hothead, so for me it's not an issue; if you're faint of heart - consider this your warning. Having said that, the owner and creative genius behind the concept did a FAB job of balancing all the flavors out, so you will be happy.

The buns are not the traditional soft soggy stuff, but custom chewy yummy buns.

We also got the stuffed dinner rolls (both chicken and cabbage).

I am kicking myself because I forgot to get the pork kabobs - Oleg knows his stuff, I bet they're as great as everything else. And pork rules!!!

Every dog has its own sausage. Very appropriately b

The decor is very hip and artsy. Asked the owner to think of a Doxie dog, but he already has the German Shepard. Maybe when he goes nationwide?

Why are you still reading this?!?!


By Jeff Y. at 2015-05-10

Ended up here on accident when I was searching for a quick bite near VCU's Siegel Center prior to attending my friends' Commencement Ceremony. Super glad I did!

The owner is a really friendly Russian man who clearly puts a lot of passion into preparing his food. He struck up some casual conversation with me as I placed my order. The store is on the smaller side but has some seating for dining in, and has a very relaxed atmosphere.

I ordered the Mutt International combo, which came with a side and a drink. I ordered Russian potato salad as my side and a bottled coconut drink. The hotdog was very long and cooked to perfection, topped with coleslaw and BBQ pulled pork. The bun stood out as well, kind of a unique grilled flatbread. The Russian potato salad was purple/pink!

Overall, I really enjoyed the food here, and it reminded me of Top Dogs back in Berkeley. I also liked the hotdogs here more than City Dogs. Although the hotdogs are a little pricey, they are definitely gourmet and worth trying!

By Tommy B. at 2015-09-19

This place was creepy. I mean, it could be that we were literally the last customers on a Thursday night, but there was only one guy working there. He was a huge Russian dude in a velour track suit, the exact same kind that would knock you out in a back alley with an eight ball in a sock and a fresh pair of Doc Martens.

That's besides the point. The place is tiny, and unless this guy was trying to get rid of us, they keep the lobby set to about 90 degrees. It was SWELTERING. I was sweating just waiting for my food, not just out of fear this dude was going to break my hands for paying in cash. The dogs are good, but they are long and skinny, almost served panini style. I'd much prefer a fat little Coney than one of these hotdog/flatbread hybrids. For the price though, I can't complain. Two dogs and a 20 oz soda for six bucks ain't bad. Good if you're looking to try something new, otherwise I'd say stick to either City Dogs location. B-

By Claudia J. at 2015-07-20


The concept of Unleashed seems rather cool. Serve a childhood favorite food, a variety of styles and replacing the bun with a toasted flat bread. The bread is slightly hard- it's not your childhood soft white bread bun and might not be the texture for everyone.

In an empty restaurant, we ordered the Chihuahua, the Italian Mastiff and the Kavkaz Shepard. Although the staff was polite, ORDER ACCURACY is HUGE for me. I explicitly stated no onions on my Chihuahua... I was served onions. Sloppy. Overall, our orders didn't wow anyone. This isn't a place that I'd recommend or return to. Look past the fact that it's cheap.

By Kristine B. at 2015-01-07

Um, just yes. I am a fiend for a great sausage and I got the German Shepard and oh my god, the sausage had that nice snap and just melted in my mouth and the homemade bun was so delicious and crispy and full of flavor that really brought the whole thing together, and I need just a vat of that German mustard to put on everything, as well as the kraut. For $4 the portion and quality was insanely surprising (filled me right up and left me feeling happy and satisfied.) The homemade pasta salad was also super solid (I'll be coming back- there are so many of the sandwiches I want to try!) I've been hearing stories about the Russian mustard on the Kavkaz and the Russian potato salad, so that'll probably be my next foray.

The owner was prompt, to the point and I could hear everything crackling and sizzling right next to me, and it just smelled wonderful in there and was very immaculately kept (don't be fooled by the exterior.) Well worth the parking around the horrendous VCU downtown center. (I had to park a couple blocks away and walk about 8 mins.)

The reviews aren't wrong. These are some damn solid sausages.

By Em K. at 2015-08-02

Unleashed stays killing it.

During my most recent visit, I ordered the Kavkaz shepherd, Kbac, and cheese blintzes. The owner enjoyed the fact that I knew how to pronounce the name of my drink and I mentioned that I was a fan.. he made sure to include an extra corn bread/sausage muffin with my order.

Great customer service, clean atmosphere, the price and taste is on point.. and honestly, the cheese blintzes are one of the best desserts I've ever had. I think I'd come in just for blintzes alone.

By Westin D. at 2015-08-03

Found this place on yelp and decided to try out for myself and I'm glad I did!!

Great food and Great prices !
Fast and friendly service!
Will definitely be back and recommend it to anyone and everyone!

By Polina W. at 2015-08-19

I keep coming back here and I still want more! This is not your typical hot dog place. Think of hot dogs with a twist. Oleg, the owner, is Russian, and you will see that on the menu, with things like Russian potato salad, and the option to have Kvas as a drink. There's also a Groupon deal to this place circulating right now. The dogs range from a Siberian Husky (complete with sauerkraut and Russian mustard), to Pekingese, which is topped with stir fry. Of course you still have the option to go with something more American. A combo runs about $6-$7, depending on the type of dog you get. I've brought a few friends to this place already and my husband is hooked on the food. In fact, we came here yet again yesterday for lunch!
The decor is a plus as well, with pictures of different dogs hanging on the wall. It's also right by the VCU area, which is just about convenient for a lot of people! No excuse not to come by.

By Maya O. at 2015-07-07

I had time before class and decided to stop here for a cheap early dinner. What a good idea!! I walked in and was instantly greeted by the owner and he helped me make a decision since this was my first time there.

Chihuahua and Russian potato salad. The hot dog was delicious! It had chili, asiago cheese, onions chopped very small, and the actual hot dog was very yummy.. Not your normal hot dog. And instead of a lame bun, he put it in this crispy bread thing which made it much more enjoyable.

I loved how comforting and tangy the potato salad was. And it was my favorite color (purple)!

While eating, I got to enjoy pictures of cute freaking dogs and I love dogs so this was perfect.

I WILL be back. Craving it right now, even...

By Dominic B. at 2015-11-01

I went to Unleashed Gourmet Hot Dogs for lunch with my sister. The restaurant is geared towards takeout but it's a small seating area inside. We were kindly greeted after entering. I ordered a Chihuahua Hot Dog (beef hot dog with chili, onion, and Asiago cheese) combo which came with a drink and potato chips. Customers can pick from a list of sides. The hot dogs were grilled well and tasty. I really like Unleashed hot dog buns, it holds everything together perfectly. The bread had a good crispy outside and soft inside. Hot dogs are made to order,so expect a wait. If you're in a rush, Unleashed has call ahead ordering. Service was fast and friendly. Parking can be a hassle at times. This restaurant is located directly on VCU campus. Unleashed Gourmet Hot Dogs is a good choice for quality hot dogs in RVA. I give Unleashed Gourmet Hot Dogs a 3.5 rating.

By Danuiel M. at 2015-06-01

Mediocre gourmet hotdogs. We ordered the Chihuahua combo w/pasta salad & the Kavaz Shepard Combo w/potato salad.

We substituted the Asiago cheese & onion on the 1st dog for chili & mustard. The mustard packs were expired & the chili was nothing to brag about. The pasta salad was dry but still had flavor

On the 2nd dog the meat was cut in half to fill the length of the bun but didn't make it

Both buns were hard

My hubby & I like the menu & what we imagined our meal would hv been like if done right.

By Allison I. at 2014-09-15

This is my 2nd review of this place and it never fails delivering great food. I always order the same thing ( mutt international ) and it's just a great place to get hotdogs - never knew hotdogs could be so amazing.-
Anyway, it's family owned and the owner is really nice. They also deliver, make sure you ask the owner for a delivery coupon!
They should update the dining area though.

By Henry J. at 2015-04-26

I ordered a classic chili cheese all beef hotdog, known here as the chihuahua. The first difference you notice is the bread. It appears gourmet compared to your classic american hotdog bun. And the taste! It adds great texture to the hotdog and honestly may change the way you enjoy "normal" hotdogs forever. Face it, european bread is better! The beef hotdog itself was better than usual and had quality skin to give you that extra bite and flavor. Overall i would definitely order this again but after such an awesome hotdog, i now have to try more!

The owner was more than helpful and generous during our dine in experience at Unleashed. I appreciate an owner that is passionate over every ingredient that goes onto a plate. Here you can get real mustard varieties, made from natural ingredients. I tasted most of them. Yelp turned us on to this place, just returning the favor. Must try.

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