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Uptown Market & Deli

Uptown Market & Deli
  • Street 2400 W Main St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23220
  • Telphone (804) 358-2239
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Uptown Market & Deli introduction
Estimated average consumption of $5.57 - $11.14 per person. We offer 61 menus, including Chicken Salad, Tavern Ham, Pimento Cheese, Thumann's Oven Roasted Turkey, Pastrami, Roast Beef, Corned Beef and so on.
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Uptown Market & Deli reviews

By Nikki G. at 2016-12-02

I wandered in a few weeks ago because 1. It was nearby 2. It was open late 3. I was tipsy/hAngry! Letmejustsayyyyyyy.....BEST DAMN SAMMICH I EVAHHH ATE!!!!!!!! And I'm a CIA trained chef, kids!!!! I cannot relay to you the EPIC DELICIOUSNESS of this expertly crafted SAMMICH! I had difficulty choosing and the nice fella behind the counter suggested the Tuna Artichoke Melt and sold me. It was made fresh and while waiting I found the cookies & brownies for my second breakfast meal. The bread was...PERFECT. Crispy outside flaky goodness of Angelic proportions with melty gooey tuna salad & cheese perfection! Don't know if they make the bread or not but I.Want.Now!!!!! Great service & awesome SAMMICH!

By Wynn H. at 2016-12-22

Employee said they couldn't put any extra toppings on a sandwich. Lettuce, tomato, etc were too difficult to place on a sandwich at that time (wasn't even a line) and if I didn't like it I could leave. I left. Worst experience ever. Try a little harder guys

By Mona B. at 2016-01-24

I have been to Uptown for takeout orders as well as delivery. The food is great! I will say the Abruzzo sub is freaking fantastic! How do you get that much flavor in a sandwich?! Thank. You.

I typically get a turkey sub anytime I want to try a places subs/sandwiches. Theirs is done well, not the best, but well. Delivery is pretty fast minus one time they forgot to put in the order and didn't know till the delivery person came with the wrong stuff. Mistakes happen so I'm not too worried about that as long as it doesn't happen again.

Uptown, thank you for your awesome food and delivery!!

By Lizzy H. at 2015-12-28

Literally this place never disappoints , whether it a pick me up from a night of drinking and or a quick lunch this is the spot to go to. Located in the fan this to go sandwich is always on the dot.

I always get the wild hokie with extra house all the way or the porchetta which is made in house. All of the bread is also house made you can smell it in the morning if you go early enough.They also have a nice beer cooler in the back with a good selection of craft beer as well as wine and drinks. When you go to uptown get the funky fusion "dirty" chips (try to guess whats it made of) or the buffalo blue, literally I cant find the anywhere. Also the brownies and cookies are always on point its usually hard for me to pick so I get both.

Heads up Uptown is open till 3 am on the weekends and man does it get busy with the after bar crowd . If you go expect a line and at times a very loud crowd. Its still a great sandwich eaither way just expect to wait. Lunch on a weekday is a different story I usually call my order in for pick which is usually really fast and they also deliver. Overall this spot is my go to , the staff is great and very nice. Another thing I love about this place is that I also find snacks I cant seem to find anywhere else i.e. the dirty brand chip and choco tacos .

By Jon B. at 2015-04-09

A few months ago I was on a mission to find a good lunch spot downtown. I wanted something besides Chinese, Pizza and Jimmy Johns.On that journey, I came across Uptown Market and Deli. How did my experience go? To find out, read below.

The Good:

Delivery Minimum- Most places that deliver downtown have a delivery minimum that is over $10. This place had a minimum that was exactly $10.

Taste of the Pastrami- To meet the delivery minimum, I ordered the Pastrami Ruben Sandwich with Dirty Chips and a Chocolate Chip Cookie. The Pastrami had a very good taste. No complaints there. The chips and cookie were likely pre-made so I would not include that in the review.

The Bad:

Delivery- If I'm not mistaken, Quickness RVA was responsible for the delivery. On top of the delivery taking over an hour, the delivery person left my order at the front desk without telling security who the order was for. They described the delivery person as extremely rude.

Taste of Sandwich Bread- The bread was not terrible, but it was somewhat hard and overly crunchy. Every time I took a bite out of my sandwich, a bunch of crumbs from the bread would fall to the table.

Price/Portion Size- The sandwich itself is $7.50. From a portion standpoint, you could get more food ordering a sub from Jimmy Johns, Subway and Quiznos. That $7.50 sandwich could fit in the palm of my hand

Overall- The food was decent, but the delivery and high prices hindered me from ordering from this place since this experience. Maybe I will give this place a second chance in the future. TWO STARS

By Gabe C. at 2016-06-05

INCREDIBLE. I am new to RVA and this is where I'll be going to get my sandwiches. The bread is incredible. The meat is fresh. And the toppings are plentiful. Would recommend to anyone!

By Jordan H. at 2015-10-26

Best sandwiches in RVA, hands down. The wild hokie with extra house dressing is my go-to but everything else that I've tried is fantastic too! You really can't go wrong here. They stay open after all of the bars close as well, so you can get your late night munch on. All the guys that work there are really friendly and they have a local craft beer fridge in the back! Awesome spot and I highly recommend it!

By Alex T. at 2015-10-25

Great bagel sandwiches! I recommend the bacon egg and cheese bagel with provolone! It was absolutely delicious. Great environment and entertaining staff. Makes the wait for your food fly by!

By Bailey B. at 2015-12-21

The menu on the website is old. I ordered for delivery for the dirty hippie, and on the old menu it says it comes with roast beef, but the new version comes with eggplant, and is vegetarian. Would be nice to have an updated menu.
On top of that they told me there was a 5$ re-delivery charge, so that is a little ridiculous when the menu changed and they didn't update it. On grub hub it was the same for the angry hippie as the old menu.
Very delicious food though! I will order again sometime, but need to visit the market personally to get the actual menu.

By Daniel G. at 2016-06-06

Food is very good but wait time and service not so much. Last time I tried eating there, I ordered for pickup and showed up about 25 minutes later to get my food but when I got there they told me that it had been stolen or that the delivery driver might have taken it to the wrong person. They offered to make me a new sandwich and said it would take a few minutes so I said I'd wait but the guy just kept on doing totally other things and walking around talking to another employee so I decided not to waste more of my time.

By David Y. at 2015-07-18

Consider it a 3.5. The sandwiches were quite good, no question. I had the turkey pesto and the lady got a Reuben. Mine was tasty but hers was exceptional. I'm a huge pastrami guy and her sandwich was one of the best Reubens I've had.

However, it's overpriced and takes a long time. Would've expected a bigger sandwich for the price. After a sandwich and a bag of chips (Maui onion...oh yeah), I wasn't really full.

The other gripe was how long it took. We went in the middle of the afternoon with no one in line and it still felt like it took forever.

I really liked the place and I'm all about local places like this, but there is some room for improvement. That said, you'll get a tasty sandwich here for sure.

By Drew B. at 2016-06-03

At this point, the only reason I get food here is because it's across the street. These guys suck at food prep so they are constantly out of every side at any time day or night and never have a good excuse next to blaming the shift before them. They usually take forever to make a sandwich even if you call it in and wait the time it would take for it to be made. Price isn't terrible and food is good, dudes are cool but the overall professionalism is lacking. I won't stop coming here because the food is worth it, but if they cared they would speed it up and make sure they always have the ingredients to make or make available the items on the menu. Again, if the sandwiches weren't so good, this place would be like a 2 star.

By Casey C. at 2016-04-24

Great sandwiches but overpriced. The porchetta is incredible. decent selection of beer and wine.

By Brittany M. at 2016-01-03

Madison breakfast bagel was amazing and the chili is not your typical but very delicious

By Caleb P. at 2016-02-21

Worst decision of my life late night. Subs are great but dont you dare walk in at 2am unless you're cool with waiting an hour.

By Brett R. at 2016-03-10

Breakfast sandwiches are awesome. Taylor pork egg and cheese is bangin. Unfortunately they say they open at 7am and I've never seen then open before 930.. For lunch, Porchetta is awesome. And uptown +LT is my go-to.

By Ali S. at 2014-07-25

I'm guilty of eating late at night, right before bed, etc., but you only live once! I decided to try some new late night food and stumbled across this place. Actually, I stumbled across someone eating a Pizza Gyro across the street on F.W. Sullivan's patio and it smelled so good, that I asked where I could get one myself. They pointed me across the street to Uptown Market & Deli.

It was after midnight and they had no customers so the staff was super friendly and explained some different subs to me since I had never been before. I stuck with my initial decision to get the Pizza Gyro (but I added roasted red peppers). Oh what a good decision it was!

The Pizza Grinder had a generous serving of pepperoni, marinara sauce and provolone cheese on it. Usually I don't finish an entire sub or sandwich but this one was so delicious that I ate the entire thing without regret. My friend asked to taste the Chicken Salad before ordering and the employee gave him a sample to try. He really liked it and his Chicken Salad sub looked delicious too. They had a ton of unique drink options in the cooler and varieties of Dirty Potato chips that I haven't even seen before.

The location is convenient when you are out with friends in the Fan and I'm grateful they were open so late. I'll definitely be back!

By Lindsäy C. at 2015-09-18

I love uptown deli, I really of my favorite spots to get a sandwich. Why the 3 stars then? Uptown Deli is inconsistent, understaffed and poorly trained. The quality of the product is spot on but EVERYTIME I go there my sandwich is made differently and tastes differently. Very inconsistent. It also takes an insanely long time to get your food, they need to schedule more people or train their staff better. To be honest it seems like they hand a menu to the employee, tell them where the ingredients are and tell them to have a good shift. Uptown Deli has the potential to be a very successful sandwich deli in Richmond I just think the management needs to step it up a bit.

By Chris B. at 2016-01-20

The pastrami Reuben was OK, until I came across a hair in my sandwich. And then for over eight bucks it doesn't even have cheese on it. Probably won't be back.

By Jessica C. at 2016-01-18

Need to shovel some delicious food in your mouth after your drunken night at the bar? Uptown is open til 3am! which is golden for me. I have yet to be disappointed once at an order here. They arnt stingy with the meat and are extremely giving with the toppings. They have tons of different sandwich combinations to choose from.Which it ends up being being pretty difficult when youre in there at 2am drunk, but the friendly staff there always gives me great suggestions! The Ruben is mouthwatering and the Italian stallion is superb. I thought they were expensive the first time i came to pay for my sandwich but the price is totally worth what you get. Plus they have Dirty potato chips, so bum. There are vegetarian options available but those options looked a lil weak.

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