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Estimated average consumption of $12.59 - $25.18 per person. We offer 247 menus, including Mozzarella Sticks, Buffalo or BBQ Style Chicken Wings, Chicken Fingers with Fries (4 pcs), Zucchini Sticks, Garlic Bread, Clams & Mussels Luciana, Mussels Appet
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Victor's reviews

By Natasa S. at 2016-12-21

I just think that the pizza and other food here is very good. The service can be good too. The one fault I have found is in the ordering process. If one comes in for a slice or other lunch or lunch special, there is no way of knowing what the next step is and for them to funnel people into the narrow part of the space to pay a not-so-friendly and sometimes abusive cashier, one might get to feel a bit perturbed.
I get that. And I also get some of Long Islands Best Pizza.

Please enjoy!

By Michele A. at 2016-08-15

This is my favorite pizza spot on LI. The pizza is phenomenal.

Although it's about a 25-30 minute drive for me, whenever I'm in or around Melville, I love stopping here for a slice.

The service is great, the food is even better.

By Allison F. at 2016-06-27

All in all a good solid pizza place.
Not fabulous, not terrible.
I'm going to need to sample some more so that I can give a more comprehensive review.
I had a Sicilian slice and it was pretty good. My friend ordered a grandma which he liked and a stuffed artichoke which was a pretty bold move in a pizza place.
I snuck in a few bites of the artichoke and it was ok, just ok. Very over cooked but good flavor. Giant chunks of garlic on the top so beware of you don't love garlic you better pass on the artichoke.
This place has been around for a long time and is popular with the people who work nearby. So stop in if it is pizza that you are longing for.

By Victor H. at 2015-09-29

Great place for pizzas.
This place has a lot of assortments for lunch specials. The deals are good.
I ordered a chicken with tomato pizza and it was great. But, I've had better chicken with tomato elsewhere.
I also ordered calamari with tomato pizza and it was awesome. I believe the best so far.
I ordered garlic knots and they are fresh. Awesome!
Great place to come for lunch or dinner. Recommended!

By Jay E. at 2016-10-31

My family and friends ordered In from Victors. The only thing I personally ate was a stuffed artichoke. The artichoke was amazing, cooked perfectly and tasted great. Delivery was a little slow but I guess it's better than running out in the rain to get it myself. Good job on the stuffed artichoke

By Greg D. at 2016-08-23

The pink vodka sauce was delicious but the pasta was very overcooked and mushy. The veal in the veal parm sandwich was great but I did not like the bread at all. Prices were good and the delivery was pretty fast and the delivery guy was friendly.

By David M. at 2015-12-06

I've been coming to this Pizzeria for over 20 years and the main reason it's remained popular, and busy is because they have consistently good food. They offer a variety of styles of pizza and a pretty comprehensive Italian menu. They are very busy during the Melville 110 Corridor Lunch Hour, but any other time this place shines as one of the better pizzerias we have on Long Island. They're eggplant slice is a personal favorite.

By Glen F. at 2015-05-18

I wish I could do 3.5 stars. Here's why.

The food is good. I've been eating here for almost 10 years. The food has always been good.

Good soups. Excellent penne a la vodka. Large selection of slices. Very good heroes - chicken parm, meatball parm, etc.

The restaurant is clean and nicely decorated.

The prices are reasonable. Two slices and a drink is around $8. (Pretty normal for Long Island.)

I'd give 4 stars except for one thing. No matter how many times you say "just warm" they insist on heating the slice until it's PIPING HOT. No joke. It's happened to me like 6 or 7 times.

Please, please listen to what the customer is asking for! It's not that difficult.

Overall, it's very good. :)

By Kerri M. at 2016-09-07

This place is our go to spot for a good lunch special! I always get a salad that is crisp, delicious and fresh made to order that comes with piping hot garlic knots! The slices are huge they always look delicious and with all the choices its just so hard to choose! They have a comfy dining area were your food is promptly brought out to you. Its always packed which is a sign there doing something right! Would highly recommend this restaurant for a great pizza place in the area.

By Evan C. at 2015-10-25

Every time I am on route 110 I make it my business to go to Victor's!!! The pizza is arguably the best on Long Island. The selections are great and the staff is wonderful! The entire atmosphere of the building is inviting and I hate to leave with the large TV playing sports on Sunday. It's a bit pricey I can't lie, but you are paying for quality pizza. If I lived closer I would go more but I do go every so often when I go visit friends. If you go you won't be disappointed.

By Stacy G. at 2016-08-16

Well! I have just encountered the NASTIEST customer service ever at a restaurant. Pizzerias are a dime a dozen.... Especially in Melville... Marios, the delicious La Foccacia , and la piazza just to name a few, so why anybody would ever go to Victors for dinner where a $14.95 salad gets jacked up to $24 just by substituting 3 ingredients is beyond me... When questioned about it , the manager was flippant and unwavering about the price even though I was not told that for EVERY substitution made there would be a charge... He was downright nasty and told me he is busy enough there without my business! I guess he doesn't believe in Karma! Nasty doesn't deserve a place in my world these days! Think twice before you give Victors any business.... They are a hideous representation of our community!!!!

By Rashid M. at 2015-09-29

I came here for lunch and had the Chicken Parmesan with spaghetti lunch special. The chicken was pretty good, but the pasta was ok.

Place was very crowded when I came. I might come back for pizza next time.

By Marcela F. at 2016-08-17

I have been living in this neighborhood 16 years. Plenty of Pizza and Pasta places around me, but this is our go to place. I have only eaten in the dining room once, and it was a decent experience. However I order out and get delivery often. There Pizza is the best! Real New York Pizza! Not too much sauce, lots of quality gooey cheese. At $18 a pie, it is a bit pricier than some of the other pizza places around us, but I will eat nothing else! They have great lunch specials, and large portions for dinner menu. Their Past Fantasia is to die for !! Shrimp and crab meat (order it over linguini) in a pink sauce. I think in all the years of patronizing this place I have had maybe 2 hiccups which they hastily correct. So do it, go get yourself some delicious Italian tonight at Victor's !

By Hody F. at 2015-12-26

Nothing special, we ordered Greek salad, pepperoni pie and a pepperoni roll, ok to start the girl who took the order mess up on my pie, for some reason she thought I said half pepperoni and half plain, don't know why??? Second the pepperoni roll took almost 20 minutes to arrived at the table, when my daughter cut it in half, it had ham and pepperoni IF this so how you do it you MUST informed people it has ham, we had to bring it back and ask for pepperoni only, pie was ok, Greek salad sucks, I got like six square pieces of cheese, honestly I hate big chucks of tomato and worse not ripped enough, first time we eat here and honestly I wasn't impress to come back

By Zobeida M. at 2016-10-28

This place is an amazing spot to bring any pizza lover. We truly enjoyed the ambiance and are definitely going back again. They are very generous with their specials and my company will now order from them every week :)

By Jeff P. at 2016-02-27

Ridiculously good pizza. Very old school, traditional yummy taste.

The garlic knots are awesome too. Slightly underdone and tasty.

By Xvinx S. at 2016-08-20

Awesome pizza and always order from here but for some reason sometimes the pizza is soggy and doesn't taste cooked and/or fresh. Never dined in but am sure it's nice. They are generous with the pepper and exceptional customer service! Wish they would open a place like this in Atlanta and serve real authentic pizza there since there are so many wanna be NY places but I guess the best pizza will only be found in New York!

By Glenn K. at 2014-07-07

Great grilled balsamic chicken with asparagus slice... Amazing flavors!
The specialty slices are so robust and flavorful, they are like eating an entree on top of a slice.

By Melissa P. at 2015-03-11

Came hoping for a quick meal prior to an appointment. Large bowl of pasta fagioli was $5.38 and came with 2 garlic knots. Knots were pretty good. Pasta was surprisingly light considered it came with white beans and meat (tasted like hot ham). Soup was definitely better than average, recommend this dish without a doubt.

By Blair G. at 2015-04-08

This place is okay. The food is great, but the confusion with prices/specials, late deliveries (about 50% of the time), and sometimes rude staff leave me wanting more.

That said, if you are in the mood for pizza and you like veggies, try their veggie pie. It is topped with carrots, zucchini, mushrooms, and spinach. Probably one of the better pies I've had in the area!

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