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By Tyler A. at 2016-08-30

I have been going to Viga for years now, ever since I started working in Boston back in 2006. First on Stuart Street and the majority of the time at Pi Alley. Viga is AWESOME, everything I have eaten from here tastes great and the selection is amazing.

Sadly, I have noticed a trend of prices going up, and the portions getting smaller. Just now I grabbed their pasta of the day, I usually get a large since I like hearty portions, and I noticed the trays have gotten much smaller. More like a medium now, but the prices are higher.

Additionally, I can get a bowl of similarly sized fresh cook pasta right next to my door for this price, and unfortunately, that may be what I have to do now. I will still go here for the occasional slice, but I don't think i can afford to go here on the regular any longer, I mean I can, but I refuse to play into this smaller portion and higher price affair.

By Sophia W. at 2016-09-06

Update here since I asked for a receipt. There's something shady about a place that charges 6.99 for a non-meat salad, but somehow tack on an additional $1.93 by the time I get to the cash register. Even with the state meals tax of 6.25% and the optional city meals tax of .75%, it still does not add up to the additional $1.93. They don't give you an itemized receipt.


By Joseph L. at 2015-11-17

This is a frequent go-to lunch place for my coworkers. It's a quick place to get some good Italian good: sandwiches, salads, pizza, and hot pasta plates.

Each entree is around $7-8, and the portions are pretty large. Salads are great, and you get a square artisan bread roll that has a nice combination of toasted and soft.

The chicken parm sandwich is a pretty simple, yet hearty staple of this place.

The best part about this place is the friendly staff. The downside is they don't really have smaller, appetizer-sized portions.

By Holly B. at 2016-01-26

Can you ever go wrong with pasta?!? Since I just starting working in the area I figured I would try this location out.

Not a large location but def worth the wait for the pasta lunch specials. Everyday they make fresh pasta on site and have daily specials with a wide range of pastas amongst other foods like calzones and pizzas. Today I did the value lunch special and that comes with a small pasta, a side salad, a canned soda/water and a WARM roll - white or wheat.

Pasta - I did half and half of the pesto linguine and the penne badia and they were both delicious. The pasta badia comes with roasted tomatoes, grilled chicken and olives in a creamy sauce - it was soooo good. The pesto linguine is with a basic pesto, linguine and roasted garlic and it was just as good.

The rolls are served warm and I chose the wheat (after all that pasta ) and it is a decent size.

Salads - you have a choice of the small sized Caesar salad or garden salad.

Not a bad deal and it's fast paced. Always busy during the king hour but you never wait extremely long in line. Good customer service also.

Don't forget to get your diner stamp card which will get you money off or a free meal if you frequently eat there for done in or take out!

By Emily S. at 2015-09-08

Love Viga! The staff is crazy friendly and the food is so good. I love that there are different lines for different items so that the flow is easy and you are able to get in and out during lunch. I have never been disappointed with my choice to come here. I have had the baked ziti and the LOVELY Stuffed Shells. But to get those shells, get there early, they go quick on Fridays!

By Virginia W. at 2015-10-21

I come here exclusively on Wednesday's for the buffalo chicken mac&cheese. It's delicious, filling, and cheap. The portions are generous and even a small would fill up a grown man.

I've also had a couple of sandwiches, pizza, and different pasta. I have to say that the buffalo chicken mac&cheese is the reason I keep going back.

By Christopher A. at 2016-02-17

The eggplant parmesan is unreal. It's baked, not fried and they don't go light on the eggplant. You get some great marinara sauce and can chose from a variety of bread choices. It's rare that I order anything else on the menu, but trust me, it doesn't get better than the eggplant.

By Sarah S. at 2016-03-04

I had the Terra Luna and it was ok. Service was fast. There's not a lot of space to sit

By Amanda L. at 2014-08-25

It hurts my heart that Viga doesn't have 5 stars. Where else can you get a huge sandwich in the financial district for dirt cheap?

I'm a huge fan of the Terra Luna sandwich (on wheat) at Viga. The wheat bread is super yummy (and probably not that great for you) and the sandwich has an awesome avocado spread with tuna, lettuce and tomato (nix the onions for me). It seems a bit silly that they want to charge an additional $0.50 for pickles, but whatever. I can spare the change.

Download LevelUp on your phone and the first time you go I believe you save $4 on your order - sandwiches are already ~$6-7! The pizza here is awesome too - perfect for those hungover Fridays at work. ... not like that ever happens or anything.

By Jason R. at 2015-10-29

If your expectations are set properly, Viga is a killer little takeout place. Let me level set: quick lunch to go, in and out in less than 5 minutes with good American / Italian fare. Go for the eggplant parm, go for the Tuscany sandwich, go for the vegetariano. Fresh foccacia bread. Yum. If you're keeping track of your nutrition, go to Viga's website - they have detailed ingredients and calorie information for all of their food. A godsend if you're trying to monitor your intake. Want a delicious, high protean sandwich that will fill you up for around 300 calories? Viga's tuscany sandwich is a rare treat. Lots of sub-400 options if you're willing to forgo the cheese.

By Jin P. at 2015-09-18

Absolutely terrible. Pasta was under-cooked and it was all watery. The meatball tasted like breadcrumbs with water. Asked for extra napkin, and the cashier yelled back saying 'I PUT ONE IN THE BAG'.. I know.. but could I have extra one without getting barked at?

By Ed B. at 2014-07-30

The food is good here and the portions are also. Like everywhere else in downtown Boston, it's not cheap but Viga is no worse than anywhere else. Service is usually good and friendly too.

By Hannah V. at 2013-05-16

This place is legit.

Sometimes you just need carbs. Carbs carbs carbs. Omnomnomnom. When that happens--when the hangry is setting in--Viga is the place to go. Pasta, pizza, sandwiches. Cheese cheese cheese.

Seriously, if you are feeling hangry and carb-less, just drop what you're doing and go here. The sandwiches and salads look good, but I never mess around with them. Pizza specials, calzone specials, and pasta specials. Because hello, they're special. And by special, I mean dripping in cheese and sauce and totally delicious. Lobster mac and cheese? Yes. Chicken pesto 'zone? Yes. Stuffed shells? Yes.

And you know, as long as you're treating yourself, you might as well grab a tiramisu on the way out--also extremely legit.

I think some folks shy away from this location because it looks crowded from the outside. That's partly because you can't really see the seating area, and partly because of angles and perspectives and stuff. And things. I've never had to wait more than 5 minutes for food/cashiers. Trust me. I know my carb zones.

By Martha P. at 2014-12-16

I'm raising my review by one star, because I went back to Viga and the pizza was better this time. For one thing, I asked them to re-heat it until it was really hot - so it tasted better!

Not terrible - just not the best pizza I've ever had.

By John S. at 2014-10-15

You gotta know what to order. Some of the things are awesome.
Fresh focaccia bread makes all sandwiches taste great. My favorite is eggplant parmesan.

By Mindy L. at 2012-07-13

Viga is a well-oiled machine. As soon as I had ordered my Naples wrap (chicken salad, red grapes, lettuce and tomatoes), the first lady was scooping the chicken salad and the second was smooshing the tomatoes on top. It took perhaps 20 seconds for the sandwich to be prepped, rolled and packaged. That's pretty darn efficient.

The sandwich was huge and a steal at $5.79 for the amount of food I received. I ended up getting through half of the wrap before my stomach threatened me with gutteral retraction if I didn't stop eating.

With four cashiers, the long-looking lines go very quickly and you are out the door faster than it took you to walk there. Yum.

By Nancy Z. at 2010-01-19

I've always seen the Viga signs sticking out of random buildings. I've also heard the place's name being tossed around in conversations. Today, I finally experienced my first Viga.

I went around 1:30pm, and just like everyone else said, there was barely a line because it was probably after lunch rush. I got in the pasta line, saw this huge mound of pasta with light pesto cream sauce, olives and sun-dried tomatoes, and said to myself: I've got to have that. I totally had it... ate it all... swiped the last piece of ziti pasta on the bottom to pick up the yummy sauce. What made it even more enjoyable was that it was only $3.95! Sometimes, I get hesitant if things are too good to be true, but man, I don't even care anymore. I know my wallet loves me. This is way better than spending the same amount of money on a Subway's sandwich I get on almost all of my lunch breaks.

By Jimmy M. at 2012-03-01

The best place to get a good fast lunch in the downtown crossing area. Cafeteria set up. It's hidden away in Pi Alley, so there aren't a lot of tourists in your way. Most everyone is one their lunch break from work. The take out salads are outstanding, real greens, asparagus, artichoke hearts, beans, sprouts, apple slices,... things you don't expect in a take out salad. Very fresh, the best salads are often gone by 12:30, so if you're late you'll have to settle for garden salad, still good. There are three different lines depending on what you're hungry for, the food is consistently fresh, hot and satisfying. You get a fresh baked bread roll of some kind thrown in at the register, nice touch, especially when it's still warm.

No, this might not be the kind of place that would ever get a "best of" for anything they serve here, nothing is out of this world over-the-top great, but if you're on your lunch break in the area, this is probably the best combination of good food, cheap prices, and fast service.

By Omar C. at 2014-11-08

Buffalo chicken is my favorite. In general the place is one step above average fast food place.

By Brad B. at 2012-08-06

In my experience, the biggest problem with lunch joints is when you wait up to ten minutes for extraordinarily average food. As far as lunch joints go, Viga's offerings are slightly above average, and perhaps most importantly, one will rarely spend more than five minutes in the place. For those reasons alone, Viga is by far the best place for lunch Downtown as far as I am concerned..

That said, while Viga is fantastic relative to other lunch joints, it is still just that. The food is passable, and sometimes even tasty, but don't go in there expecting flavor that will blow you away. In my experience, the best item on the menu is the chicken parm sandwich, but that is small and overpriced relative to their other offerings. The pasta is super cheap, but accordingly bland. The best value is probably the pizza; you can get a gigantic slice (probably the biggest slice I have seen anywhere) for right around $2.50, and it isn't half bad. All that being said, just about everything is super cheap, so your wallet will love you no matter what.

The staff here is absolutely fantastic. Perhaps it is because I am here on a near daily basis, but everyone there is about as friendly as they come. Sometimes the cashiers come off as a little overbearing, but that is simply the result of them trying to serve everyone as quickly as possible, which I appreciate. That said, expect them to call for the next person in line before they even hand back your card or change. That might be a little distressing for some, but you will appreciate it while you are standing in a seemingly endless line.

In the end, Viga offers quick service, a kind and attentive staff, great prices, and passable food. In the end, that is about as good as a lunch place can get; alas, even the best lunch place cannot beat the most mediocre dinner place.

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