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Wendy's introduction
We offer 63 menus, including Baja Salad, BLT Cobb Salad, Apple Pecan Chicken Salad, Spicy Chicken Caesar Salad, Dave's Hot 'N Juicy 1/4 Lb Single, Dave's Hot 'N Juicy 1/2 Lb Double, Dave's Hot 'N Juicy 3/4 Lb Triple and so on.
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Wendy's reviews

By Daniel L. at 2013-05-23

I was thirsty. The options in Corsicana were a little more spartan than I was used to, but I spotted a Wendy's off the highway. Nearing the exit I realized the Wendy's sign was awful close to a truckstop gas station. So I pulled off the highway for a truckstop Frosty apparently.

Thirsty is a word that can lead to trouble so let me back up. I was using thirsty in the dictionary definition sense like I needed something mildly liquid since I had not had anything mildly liquid touch my lips for quite some time - the way Mitch Hedberg pondered whether a thirsty dude could drink a Gatorade even if he hadn't exercised recently, or if that lightning bolt meant 'no'

However Marina Diamandis (Marina and the Diamonds) one day tweeted "All your personality goes on Twitter. IRL you have nothing left to give" which is kind of vague, but it's twitter so if you don't @ somebody then I think the dueling rules of twitter mean it's not a capital offence. However, there is a person named Azealia Banks. Azealia Banks is basically the female (and rap?) version of the concept enunciated in the movie film Office Space by the computer programmer character Michael Bolton about the singer/songwriter named Michael Bolton: a quote "no talent assclown" end quote. So the female (and rap?) version of that. Unlike Marina who the two Bobs from Office Space would correctly characterize more along the lines of perfect and talented. So. Azealia Banks then tweeted, chronologically after that tweet had been posted, "Lol I see this one thirsty singer from the UK sub-tweet about me all the time. She better shut up before I steal her look & sound."

So first things first, that doesn't sound like the word thirsty that Mitch Hedberg used. So I had to go to urbandictionary, the cool sexually-explicit older sister I never asked for but could still ask childish PG-13 questions in confidence because I was raised so sheltered I thought third base meant getting your butt grabbed by your third base coach (it's a baseball thing, right?) until I was 17. Because I was atheist from an early age I never fell for the "please pick it up off the floor" pick up lines the Catholic priests dropped on my peers, but that's neither here nor there. Entry 1 of urbandictionary goes with desperate as a synonym so that was a possibility; Entry 14 is a little more urbanly defined as a person running their mouth for attention. So I was content thinking that I had learned a new synonym for desperate - e.g. I was so thirsty for a burrito I went to Chipotle because it was two minutes closer to my house than Freebirds and who has time for that extra driving when it is burrito o'clock.

However I was thirsty in the traditional sense that I wanted something cold and the Frosty seemed like the perfect thing: it starts the party frozen and needing a spoon; but especially since it was warm out, it would end up leaving the party as a drinkable liquid. So the stage was set: truckstop Frosty in my mouth now.

Even though it is a truckstop, at least the counter you order and pay at was kind of clean. The men's restroom was less so but hey, it's a truckstop. But at least this one had Wendy's and the girl behind the counter understands that you want the chocolate and vanilla Frostys to swirl and come together to create the perfect Frosty.

By Jessica D. at 2016-05-13

My 4 stars are for the one guy that works there that is the best! Always happy and upbeat. Foods mediocre but it's close to my workplace so im there at least once a week and it makes my day to see him and his excellent customer service

By Tiffany B. at 2015-09-05

I rarely ever complain but seriously how hard is it to give us a straw with our drink, a fork for the Caesar salad, and at least Caesar dressing with a Caesar salad instead of ranch? Annnnd at least be somewhat nice at the window when we're paying.

By Pappa C. at 2013-06-28

Good fast food, but seems to be too conserned about how fast they can get orders out instead of listening to the needs of there customers. corsicana tx 287

Tips: These are the details of the Wendy's, This restaurant is located in 2900 S Us Highway 287, Corsicana, TX
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