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Whiskey Creek Wood Fire Grill

Whiskey Creek Wood Fire Grill
  • Street 1021 S 13th St
  • City Norfolk
  • Region Nebraska
  • Postcode 68701
  • Telphone (402) 379-7896
  • Opentime
  • Raging (11)
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Whiskey Creek Wood Fire Grill reviews

By Chris A. at 2016-08-17

My family and I stopped here for dinner while passing through Norfolk. I had the salmon with broccoli and mashed potatoes. Overall, it was good! The environment is a little noisy, but it's a fun place. There are peanuts in a bucket on the table and it's the kind of place where you can throw the shells on the floor.

By Justin J. at 2015-09-12

It's a chain steakhouse with fairly good food. I live in NW Indiana, and we have two restaurants near me that are almost identical to this place... Texas Corral and Texas Roadhouse. Both places are nearly identical...knotty pine and cedar fixtures, buckets of peanuts with shells on the floor.... neon lights and (possibly) mounted animal heads..horseshoes, etc,,,

Food is probably above average, but not spectacular. I would probably return when I travel to Norfolk again, but only because there isn't much else there.

By Don M. at 2014-11-23

Stopped at Whiskey Creek in Norfolk today. Overall, the entire family enjoyed it. I had the wood fired prime rib because the classic prime rib wasn't available until 4:00pm. I have to say it was good, but it tasted nothing like prime rib. Very much like a regular steak. The onion rings were delicious. Service was good, and prices were reasonable. I would definitely go there again.

By Jen A. at 2015-10-25

My all time favorite things to have here are the bacon wrapped shrimp and tootsy rolls. Also can't go without having something off the wood fire grill. And who doesn't LOVE margaritas!?!

By Steven M. at 2015-07-30

Stop in to Whiskey Creek for good steak couple of drinks. I got anything but, I said it to bar because I thought I would give quick service. It was anything but quick. I said there for 10 minutes before anyone even noticed I was there and I was the only one at the bar. I ordered the ribeye rare and a Mick ultra. Five minutes later I got the beer 30 min later I got the ribeye. The steak was tough and had a strange sweet taste to it. The bar tender who took my order was to enthralled with training a new girl to even ask how my food was. The drinks were over priced and the food was McDonald's quailty.

By Ashley V. at 2014-04-16

It took the server almost 10 minutes to greet me and get a drink order. Took almost another 10 minutes to get my drinks. Came back later took my order. My prime rib was ordered medium rare and came out well down. I then ordered a filet, medium rare. It came out extra rare. Not even warm. My mashed potatoes were cold. Service extremely slow, food NOT GOOD.
Don't waste your time! Go somewhere else.

By Reed N. at 2011-06-09

It is Okay. And that is the case with most places in town. Norfolk, sorry to say, is not the culinary capital of the world. If you can manage you will almost always do better at home or at someone's place if that is an option.
WC has BBQ selections, and I had to try one since living in KCity has made me a BBQ freak. : ) So the St Louis cut ribs came out and I commenced operation down-to-the-bone. It was easy, as these ribs were cooked just right. Firm, but still yielding and tender. The bad news is that there is no way these things saw smoke before they were cooked. There was no smoke ring at all... I mean NONE. My guess is steam cooked first and lightly smoked later. Of course, after the meat is cooked it will not take on any smoke. That why you never EVER par boil or steam ribs before smoking. They still tasted fine, but can't be called BBQ.
The sauce six pack was full of losers until you hit the hot and the extreme. Both were tasty, and mixed half/half were a nice dipping sauce for the un-smoked rib meat. lol
Service was just fine.

By Brent G. at 2011-07-09

Great food - have had a good variety of menu items. Very good service as well!!

By Nick N. at 2011-03-22

Had a social/business dinner here with 5 of us, we were seated at a nice big table with plenty of room. Good service, food came in an acceptable time & was great. The bar stocks Pendleton which was nice for us whiskey drinkers.......since it makes Crown Royal taste like it came from a rusty bucket. Matt, the Mgr. was a great guy & fun to talk with. The place has peanut shells on the floor so it's a very comfortable & casual atmosphere.......not for the "stuffy" person...........thankfully!
Don't remember what I had to eat, but it was good & no one at our table had any complaints about their food........& we have guys who eat a lot of good steak all around the country.

By Lolita K. at 2010-06-16

Don't waste your time!!

I was in Norfolk on business, and from the limited selection of restaurants, I chose to check out Whiskey Creek. And I wish that I would've went to Applebees instead.

1st off the place is filthy! A side from the peanut shells on the floor, it appeared to me that they didn't bother to clean/wipe anything else. My booth seat looked as though they just brushed the crumbs from the table onto it.

The service was less than average. And the food was sub par. I order the signature steak, thinking that I couldn't go wrong with something that they labeled as signature. But I was wrong. The steak was so dry that it was hard to chew and I had to use steak sauce to give it a touch of flavor.

My coworker order the baby bloom and it was just a mess! They used the wrong type of onion and didn't slice it correctly. So we had to use a fork and nice to cut it apart instead of simply pulling it apart. The breading fell off of the onion and we were left with a big stack of dough and a big naked onion.

The meal was super cheap and a direct reflection of the quality of food. If you are visiting Norfolk and looking for a place to eat, don't waste your time here.

By Joey J. at 2010-05-28

If you are familiar with Texas Roadhouse, this is basically the same place. Excellent steaks and great service. If you are gluten free it is a little difficult but they can make it happen. I would say ** for price so make it a date night.

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