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Wiener Shop

Wiener Shop
  • Street 447 Gilman St
  • City Madison
  • Region Wisconsin
  • Postcode 53703
  • Telphone (608) 665-3782
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Wiener Shop introduction
Estimated average consumption of $4.39 - $8.78 per person. We offer 15 menus, including Soda, Madison Shop Dog, Chicago-Style Dog, Detroit Coney Dog, New York Street Dog, Raleigh-Durham Slaw Dog, Charleston Caviar Dog and so on.
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Wiener Shop reviews

By Mikaela Z. at 2016-08-23

Super good hotdogs and tater tots! The cheese sauce he uses is several steps above your typical cheese sauce. The Madison dog is super yummy. I'm from Chicago so I know a good hotdog and these are great! Very nice small/local business with a friendly owner. I am always happy when I stop by.

By Jessica H. at 2016-03-29

After seeing the photos of all the delicious looking hotdogs here on Yelp, I thought this place would be worth the try. However, I was disappointed in what I got.

I got an order of chili cheese tots and a Madison Shop Dog. The tots came out first, fresh and gooey with cheese and chili. They were the percent balance of all the flavors, not too much chili, not too much cheese. After enjoying these with a cold Coke, I was excited at the prospect that my hotdog would be just as good. Unfortunately, I did not get the quality of hotdog I expected. My hotdog was absolutely smothered with cheese... too much cheese. I wasn't able to taste the actual hotdog nor the bacon that was supposed to be in there.

It was also a bit inconvenient that there was no seating in the shop and that the back door was open, letting all the cold air in.

The man in the shop was very nice though and I felt like maybe I didn't get the normal quality of hotdog that I would normally get since he was putting together a big to-go order at the same time he was preparing my meal. Perhaps I'll give this place a second chance in the future.

By Sara M. at 2015-10-05

5 stars for one of the most brilliant things I've ever tasted: the Madison Shop Dog.

The combination of flavors that hit your palate when you bite into this hot dog is artful. It makes you remember that the best dishes take clever calculation. Do I sound ridiculous for describing a hot dog this way? Try it. I really think this could be on the menu of a top notch restaurant in Chicago or NY as a playful, creative spin on a hot dog.

The sweetness of the onion jam perfectly contrasts with the salty bacon, cheesy sauce and crispy on the outside and mushy on the inside tater tots. This ingredient really ties everything together in my opinion. I typically don't even like tater tots but the Wiener Shop's taste great, particularly in this hot dog.

The other specials are good, but I don't think anything can top the Madison Shop Dog. It's one of my favorite "dishes" in Madison (for perspective: it's up there with Tornado Room's steak sandwich and Sardine's baked creamed eggs).

By Elizabeth R. at 2016-02-27

Nope, just skip it.

The meat itself is good. Amazing actually. Now, I ordered by Detroit coney no onions, no mustard. I did not check it until I got home. And what is on there? Mustard and onion. It was too spicy and overwhelming that it ruined the entire meal.

The coney dog has shredded cheese. I asked if the tots could have that cheese and NOT liquid cheese. So of course, my tots get the liquid cheese. Ugh. The whole thing was wrong. With such a limited menu, I assume I could get what I want.

By Brandon P. at 2016-07-31

Great place! I don't know what took me so long to finally get here but If was a great stop after walking around Madison on a Saturday morning. They have a great variety of hot dogs that some interesting ingredient combinations but are all delicious! I believe my favorite was the California dog.

By Cris D. at 2015-05-22

Who doesn't love a good hotdog? I know I sure do. Which is why I was excited to hear about one of Madison's newest food establishments. Wiener Shop.

Lets go the basics of what you want to know out of the way. There were no tables. Just counter space against the wall to eat but that was it, unless I missed something. It was fast. Less than 10 minutes from when I ordered to when I took the first bite. The food was hot. Nothing is better than seeing steam come off of your food. For too often we get food that runs warm on a good day.

Now the food. On this day in time I enjoyed to of their dogs.

~ Detroit Coney Dog: Being from Michigan I had high expectation. It came close to what I tasted. An all Wisconsin beef wiener with beef chili, mustard, raw onion and off course, cheese. It tasted good. The chili was plentiful but not to much that it made it hard to eat. It could have used a touch more flavor in my personal opinion.

~ Vancouver Asian Dog: (or as it was described to me, a Sushi Dog) Sesame-ginger slaw, avocado, wasabi mayo and sweet soy sauce. This hit the spot. The slaw and wasabi mayo paired perfectly. Minus the bun and all Wisconsin beef wiener it felt like I was eat sushi. Step out of your comfort zone and try it. You will not be disappointed.

The Wiener Shop serves up 11 hot dogs all for $5.75 each. You can also create your own with over 20 toppings to choose from.

By Billy D. at 2015-05-27

I think they are putting out some creative, tasty dogs, but I never want to live in a world where a regular-sized hot dog costs $4-6. Somebody make it stop. Even the lunch special of 2 dogs + soda for $10 makes me cringe.

The San Francisco BLT dog was surprising and we really enjoyed that the best (sounds weird, but go for it). The madison shop dog is good, but all you really taste is the beer cheese. TBH, I'd skip the KC ruben dog.

By Austin M. at 2016-08-12

The dogs are bomb, if you want a hotdog in Madison this is the #1 spot you need to try. I moved here from wrigglyville Chicago and couldn't find a decent Chicago style hotdog anywhere. But this place opened and it's awesome.

By Meghan H. at 2015-04-09

Is there anything more American than wieners? Nope. Thus it's only fitting that the comfort food loving capital of Wisconsin add a hot dog joint to its growing collection of restaurants. But a week old, the Wiener Shop is already impressing the town with its crafty ingredients and bold flavor combinations. When you're able to make a hot dog taste just like sushi, you know you have something special.

The Wiener Shop is dedicated to hot dogs and hot dogs only, yet where they stray from your average fast food joint is with the daring options they serve up to compliment and top off your dog. With nearly a dozen specialty dogs on the menu, you'd be hard pressed not to find a flavor variety that speaks to you. From the popular Madison Dairyland Dog to the San Francisco BLT Dog, the wiener shop knows what's up in terms of catering to everyone's quirky, hot diggity needs.

Each masterpiece begins with either a Wisconsin-made beef wiener or a locally-made vegan tempeh dog. You're then given the choice of an Oakhouse Bakery bun or a vegan, gluten-free corn tortilla to hold your dog and its fixings. However unconventional the tempeh option may sound, it is a must try. Even the uber-traditionalists would sing praises about the flavorful meatiness of this encased soy product. This protein packed dog is griddled up until its exterior is browned to a crisp, giving it a unique smokiness that will make you forget you're not eating meat. Also atypical is the option of a tortilla as a stand in for the usual bun. Given that they load a generous amount of condiments onto your dog, opting for a corn tortilla is actually wise. With so much happening atop the dog, the bun can become a mouthful. That's not to mention the great flavor that a soft corn tortilla can contribute when it's folded up hugging your wiener.

In my recent visit to the Wiener Shop, I experienced two of their tasty craft dogs. First up was the Madison Dairyland Dog. The decision was logical; how could you forego a wiener wrapped in bacon, topped with onion jam and tater tots, and drenched in Wisconsin lager-cheese sauce? This guy certainly captured the heart of Midwestern comfort food culture. Wrapped up around the wiener itself was a welcome slice of bacon. Twisted all over the dog, the bacon not only added a nice crunch, but it also looked pretty awesome. Meat on meat is clearly the way to go. The caramelized onion taste from the slightly sweet onion jam was the perfect way to balance out the otherwise savory concoction. Attune to the needs of its cheese-head customers, the Weiner Shop does not skimp on the dishing out of their intensely flavorful lager-cheese sauce. Add on some crisp, hearty nuggets of tater tot and you have yourself a winning dog.

The next item I dug into was the Vancouver Asian Dog. From the sesame-ginger slaw and sliced avocado to the wasabi mayo and sweet soy sauce, this dog called for something lighter so I opted for the tempeh dog and the corn tortilla. At first bite I was amazed, amazed that a hot dog could taste so much like another favorite food of mine--sushi. Yes, close your eyes, bite into the Vancouver Asian Dog, and you will honestly believe you are eating a California roll. The only thing missing is the chopsticks. The slaw is packed with flavor, yet very light. The dog is topped with just a few slices of fresh avocado, but the smooth texture and subtle taste are on point. Though what really puts this dog at the top of the charts is the wasabi mayo. Prepare yourself for that wasabi people. You may shed a few tears from this powerful ingredient; the Weiner Shop isn't shy on the portions of this glorious green substance. It's likely this powerful wasabi which makes the dog so reminiscent of your traditional sushi experience.

Offering so many fresh takes on an American classic, this is a spot that wiener fans should hit up. I'm willing to bet that even hot dog haters will walk out true converts.

By Tony B. at 2015-06-29

This place is dope! Great service, varied options for restrictive diets, high quality food.

The staff is super friendly and cool. I spent 10 minutes after my meal talking with one of the co-owners about his previous career and the challenges of running a business.

The food is excellent. I love that they offer gluten free and vegan options because my girlfriend has a hard time going out to eat with me.

I've personally had basically everything on the menu in standard form (with bun, real meat, all listed toppings) and recommend it all. Standouts include the wisconsin or madison dog (whatever the one with tots and beer cheese is called), the new york dog, and the Charleston/columbia caviar.
Their onion jam is to die for and thats coming from someone who isn't always onboard the sweet/savory combo train. The beer cheese is homemade and solid. The saukraut is suuuper homemade and delicious but made with meat in case you do the vegan route. If you've had pimento cheese spread, then you'll love their version. The peppercorn aoili is like crack and their homemade ranch is a top 10 all-time ranch for me (and I make my own). The tots are just like they need to be crispy crust and fluffy warm core.

The most important overlooked thing about their menu: HOUSEMADE HALF-SOURS!!!! If you're jewish, from the east coast, or just love great food then these can't be missed (only the latter applies to me fwiw).

The only negative thing I can say about this place is their Chicago dog IS NOT a Chicago dog. Sorry fellas we need a poppy seed bun, pickle spear (not crinkle cut...), and fresh tomatoes (not chutney) to call it a Chi Dog in good faith. However, even though I'm from Chicago and pretty offended (JK!), I can't even hold this against them because it's still so tasty! Maybe just call it the "not quite Chicago dog." Also, they got the standing room only part right.

The hours are kinda funky, but if you're downtown or on campus for lunch, give them a shot

By Kisun N. at 2016-01-19

Taste is really awesome!! I can't compare with price bc it is so cheap and quality is great! I lob San Francisco hot dog! Sweet&little spicy represented to good harmony;)

By Dana G. at 2015-09-20

My first experience didn't stack up to what my expectations were, but I think there's a lot of room for improvement.

My husband and I went on Saturday night. Really friendly staff (the lady gave me a compliment on my dress so obviously I love these people). There's no seats indoors, but space to stand and eat, which I think is a great idea. There are seats outdoors.

My husband eats meat and I'm a vegetarian, so I love places that are so open to making it easy and fun for both parties. I love all of the interesting choices already prepped for you, all named after cities. There's also the chance to build your own toppings.

Derek got the Detroit dog with chili cheese and I got the Charleston tempeh-dog with pimento cheese, corn, and some other things I can't remember. He ordered cheese tots, I ordered regular tots with curry ketchup. We each got a free soda! Hooray! Our dinner was about $18.

Here's where it gets a little sad ... I did not enjoy these tots much. They were hot when out but became lukewarm quick. Mostly, they had no CRUNCH. They were soft and bland. Don't get me wrong, I ate them all since I bought them, but they offered no satisfaction.

I really loved the tempeh dog, but the downside is that it's soft so you don't get that satisfying snap of biting into a traditional hot dog. The whole thing is just very soft. The toppings were really good, but next time I'll ask for no mustard -- it just covered up the flavor of the pimento cheese. It was all over too quickly, unfortunately.

Derek liked his hot dog a lot, but wasn't a huge fan of the chili. He had the same feelings about the cheese tots. The cheese was good, but the tots left a lot to be desired.

Both of us plan to go back again, and probably get two dogs, no tots. I'm overall really glad this is in the neighborhood and plan to tell my friends about it!

By Ross R. at 2016-05-14

The Chicago Dog is all wrong! How can you be called "Wiener Shop" and mess that up so bad?
Your own "interpretation" of the Chicago Dog? No thanks and no way!
Has to be Vienna all-beef hot dog, Rosen's poppy seed bun, yellow mustard, neon green relish, fresh chopped onions, tomato slices (NOT "tomato chutney" for God's sake!), sport peppers, celery salt, kosher dill spear.
No wonder Chicagoans think we're idiots!
P.S. The bun MUST be steamed.
Variations can not be tolerated. We served the real thing in our deli for years and Chicago people and Sconnies who know a real Chicago Dog were effusive with their praise.
Get it right or go back to wherever you came from.

By Kim N. at 2016-03-10

Tried this place out because it was a Hooked app special for the night and we had enough happy hour beers to make us crave something super calorie laden and out of our norm.

Other reviewers have told you about the space, so I won't. We liked standing at the window counter, watching people walk by, as we ate. I had the Seattle Dog, companion had the special Bahn Mi dog. Dogs were normal sized, good snap. Toppings were fun. There was some skill in putting together the Bahn Mi-lots of toppings that all worked together. The Seattle had large pieces of pickled jalapenos, a thick spread of cream cheese, really delicious onion jam and sriracha. Yep, it was spicy. Yep, the cream cheese helped balance it.

The Hooked special made them $3.50 each, which I was happy with. Will go back.

By J H. at 2015-08-05

This place is awesome! I just stopped in for the first time tonight. I had the Vancouver Dog, and while I'm not a vegetarian, I had it on the vegan tempeh dog. The dog itself was hearty and heavy (and tasty!)--everything you'd want in a vegetarian option. The toppings definitely made it though--the sesame slaw was fresh, crispy, and tangy, and the wasabi mayo and soy sauce made it a perfect Asian-fusion flavor. The owner, Rex, was really cool and he told me all about their search for the perfect Wisconsin-made beef dog. I'm definitely going to eat there again soon and try out the beef to see if it's as good as their tempeh. All their dogs are $4.95, but these are no skimpy little dudes--I'm a big guy and the one dog was enough to fill me up. Well worth the price in size and quality.

By Allie K. at 2015-08-01

We came here for lunch around 1:30 on a Saturday and were not disappointed! My husband got the San Francisco BLT and I got the Vancouver Seattle dog. Both were delicious and one was enough to fill both of us up! We also split Tator tots which were pretty average, but also not what you go to a hot dog place for. The decor was simple, and the only tables were outside, it's for sure more of a grab and go than sit down place. The only thing that kept this review from being a five was the service. It wasn't bad, but also not overly friendly. We will be back to try different dogs for sure!

By Paul L. at 2016-02-20

Stopped in for lunch today. It's very small, no seating, but clean, and the staff were friendly.

I ordered the Detroit dog, and my wife the Chicago dog. A lot of toppings, all fresh and tasty. The wiener was hot, juicy and had a great snap to it.

We also had the cheese tots... they came out hot, and were good. The cheese cause was nothing to write home about, probably came out of a can, but heck, it was hot dogs.

Definitely hit the spot for lunch, and I'll go back.

By Tae S. at 2015-04-11

I dont even know where to start. I cant have enough of these dogs i cant wait for when they start specials! Already had all of their 11 hotdogs more than once. Im in love with their housemade sauerkraut and chili. The onion jam and tomato chutney are also right on spot. All the bacon wrapped wieners are also fantastic too. They use really good local and organic ingredients! If only they served beer!! I love love love the wiener shop! Cant wait to see how they grow! Thank you for opening such a great little place so close to where i live!

By Taia H. at 2015-04-10

Being vegan doesn't mean you can't enjoy an American favorite! They have something for everyone. For me they suggested a tempeh hotdog done American-style and I loved it! If you want great food and a great atmosphere with amazing customer service go here!

By Dough B. at 2016-05-11

So found this place by accident, and I was really wanting a hot dog, didn't find anything on state street, this place was laied back, food was good, and I snuck out back and they had a small patch of grass in the back, they let me sit back there and eat my dog, it was so nice to sit in a grassy area kinda blacked off from the fact that I'm in the middle of Madison, so if you on state looking for a dog, hit these guys up, cool chill and Laid back.... Food is what you expect from a dog shop, no complaints from me.

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