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Wings Over Milwaukee
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Estimated average consumption of $20.14 - $40.28 per person. We offer 43 menus, including Caesar Salad, Fried Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, Grilled Chicken, Hamburger, Veggie Burger, OC-3 Boneless Wings and so on.
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Wings Over Milwaukee reviews

By Matt M. at 2016-09-29

Just as good as any "Wings Over" franchise. The Jet Fuel was wonderfully flavored and the wings were really high quality. They fries are really just there, but that's ok.

This place is not a very large storefront with only 3 small tables. That being said, it wasn't a bad place to sit down and eat, once you can finally find a parking spot.

Really wish they would come back to Chicago somewhere.

By Justin B. at 2016-10-09

They called to tell me they couldn't in fact accommodate my substitution from fries to cheese curds which I said I'd pay the upcharge for. The food took over an hour to get to me and it was cold.

This place is garbage.

By Hari M. at 2016-12-21

I was scammed of $18 cos they did not send me my wings over . When I called up was informed the cafe was past the closing hours and I will be refunded , which I have yet to be till today !!

By Stacey M. at 2016-12-04

My husband and I eat here regularly. It's the best take out on a Friday night or lazy Saturday. Hangar 1 is enough for two to share. You might want an extra fry ;) Quality meat and perfectly fried. Red alert has just the right kick for the traditionally buffalo lovers and the Cajun teriyaki is worth trying if you want something different.

By Hannah V. at 2016-11-22

The food is good, but not as great as the delivery driver who ran around my neighborhood for 15 minutes after my dog ran out of my house. My dog earned 0 stars, but the guy gets 5.

By Christina B. at 2015-11-15

Now, this place, was impressive for the amount of food that we got for the amount of money. I approve. Here's why:

1) Their boneless, we're just chicken nuggets that you get at Buffalo Wild Wings. They are litterally the largest pieces of breast meat. Not to mention, they charge by pounds not by pieces. The chicken was good! I wish they would have had a bit more sauce on them, and that the buffalo was Spicer, but overall pretty darn good. 2 pounds of boneless for 22 dollars? Oh yes please.

2) Their waffle fries. Delicious. So delicious. Crispy without being burned, with their fluffy inside. So good. Definitely a fan of those. 5 dollars for a large and the large was enough for 2 people for sure.

3) It's right across the street from a liquor store. Uh, duh. Perfect placement.

Next time, skip the Bdubs. Grab wings from these guys instead.v

By Rachel P. at 2016-05-06

5-star rating for pure nostalgia. There is a Wings Over in Worcester, MA where I went to undergrad. Four years of 2 am wing combos sums up the very essence of my entire college experience. Sure, I ate dinner at one of the fancier places in the area, but after I left the bar at 12:30 I damn sure went and got some wings to bring back to the AirBnB. Honey mustard boneless wings for life!!

By Eric T. at 2015-09-05

Got these delivered for a lazy night, and was pretty satisfied with it. The wings were crispy and tasted delicious especially with their dipping sauce.

The waffle fries however was slightly off for me, it arrived slightly soggy (probably due to the moisture) but still edible.

Overall, Wings Over Milwaukee is a pretty solid choice for takeout whenever you're feeling a lazy.

By Kim S. at 2015-02-20

This is a dangerous place to live down the street from. My roommate and I crave wings on the regular and we were stoked when wings over milwaukee opened just a block away. We have ordered from them many times and have tried almost all the flavors of sauce and dry rubs, sides and even salad.

Their boneless wings are the best. They're like giant chicken fingers for adults! Plus they serve them by the half pound (very generously) you really get your money's worth there. The Texas Mesquite dry rub and the Honey BBQ sauce are my favorites with citrus chipotle as a close third.

The crinkle cut fries and waffle fries are delicious. The onion rings were ok, I'll just stick to fries from now on. Their Caesar salad was surprisingly fresh and flavorful. I even saved it for lunch the next day and it was surprisingly still crunchy fresh.

Ordering is easy and delivery is fast. The only drawback is their customer service. The woman who is usually at the counter, although nice enough, just doesn't seem to want to be there and is lacking a few of the friendly skills you would hope a front of house person/manager would have.

By Mike M. at 2015-11-05

I've eaten there a few times the food is fine for what it is, late eats. However, service sucks. Recently, I ordered on line to have it delivered at a specific time. Two hours after the time specified I still had not received my food. There are many late night eats where this would not be a problem while still having the same or better food. I gave it two stars rather than one in expectation of not being charged for food I've not received and called to cancel. I guess if it works out otherwise I'll alter the rating. If you get food from here don't order online, it's not reliable. I can't speak to calling in but I'd temper your expectations.

Since that experience I was contacted by the owner with the intention of fixing the issue. I have not order from there as I did that night. When I pick it up or order for asap delivery it's fine so far. I've added a star in hopes that this amounts to a legitimate quality improvement and not a rating appeal. I'll update should the consistency change and/or if the same issue occurs.

By Michelle O. at 2015-08-30

I placed my order online and it was delivered very quickly. The wings were great and crispy, as usual. However, the waffle fries this time were a little chewy which was a little disappointing. If I wasn't so hungry, I wouldn't have been able to finish it.

By Akshaykeerti S. at 2015-10-05

Average Wings. They are open late and are priced alright.

If you have nowhere to order from, it's late at night and you don't want Pizza then this is ok.

By Lauren E. at 2015-01-09

I'm giving Wings Over Milwaukee a three for two reasons: I think they're moderately over-priced and despite their Brady location, my house in Riverwest is not in their delivery area.
After discovering their tiny delivery radius my panicked boyfriend had to choose between missing the beginning of the Cowboys game (never!) or not ordering wings. So I ended up running over there to grab the order. We paid $25 for 12 boneless wings, three sauces, one dip, and waffle fries. They did not provide carrot sticks so I had to chop my own because what are wings without carrot sticks?
It is not a big place, just a few tables and an order counter so don't plan on eating there. If your a wing fan, eh, check it out sometime. I'm not so I probably won't again.
Final note: Go Pack Go!

By Heather W. at 2015-01-30

My first attempt at ordering here was a poor experience, but the owner was kind enough to send me a gift card to make up for it. I'm glad he did because I am eating as I type and it is good.

To be fair, my bf has ordered food from here a few times, so I know the chicken and the fries are good... really good, actually. I love the parm garlic seasoning on the fries.

Anyways, tonight I ordered online, which I have to give points for because ordering online should be easy, yet somehow many businesses make it way too difficult... that is not the case here; very easy, which I appreciated. I placed my order, I went and picked it up, it was ready on time and the staff was very nice.

My only complaint was that I wish my food was a bit crisper. Its softer than I'd like. I'm only noticing this because time I took a bite of my bf's orders in the past, the crunchiness stood out (I love crisp and crunchy). Not necessarily standout tonight, but I am still happy and it is hitting the spot right about now.

By Russell M. at 2015-07-21

Update: They eventually reached out to me via Twitter. They apologized and offered me a free pound of boneless wings.

Original: I had a problem with my order in which I paid more for what I received. They are completely ignoring me and will not respond to my email or tweets. Not going to order from them again.

By Bobby T. at 2014-10-17

(I promise to disregard the Chicago Bulls hat worn by the Wings Over MILWAUKEE employee during my visit as I write this review and keep my judgments to the service and the food. But it won't be easy.)

I have to say I'm pleased to see a dedicated chicken wing spot available for post-bar munchie action on Brady St. Too many places throw wings on their menu without giving this glorious item the attention to detail it deserves.

My trip happened on a gloomy, Friday, autumn afternoon. I was very sober but hungry enough. Not knowing what size of chickens this place fries up, I elected to order a 1/2 pound of boneless as opposed to an order of 10 bone-in wings. The attentive counter person offered a choice of blue cheese or ranch.

Also ordered was a regular-sized, garlic parmesan waffle fries for a grand total of $10.59. It was not suggested that I make my order a combo to add a can of soda.

The wait of about six minutes happened in a smallish seating area. The tables are close together so expect to make new friends if you ever choose to dine there.

The five chicken tenders were soggy wet with Jet Alert-level hot sauce, which is square in the middle of their hotness scale. I prefer some semblance of crunchiness in things breaded and fried, even if they're doused with liquid flavor. That said, the meat itself was tender and juicy, which makes sense I suppose. I ended up with a favorable impression of it overall thanks to its obvious freshness. The Jet Alert sauce had the right amount of kick to be enjoyable without taking away from the flavor, although it finished a little perfume-y.

The fries were okay. They were not evenly seasoned with the garlic parmesan salt granules and had they been it would not have helped their cause much. I'm struggling to find the appropriate words to describe something so blah and mediocre as I write this.

The accompanying blue cheese was whatever too. The listed ingredients started with soybean oil and ended with disodium guanylate, with high fructose corn syrup appearing somewhere in between. If you're serious about your dipping sauce, source it from elsewhere when you order from here.

In my bag was the gift of a bottle opener, there to celebrate the Grand Opening of this place I think. I also got a flyer for 10% off an online order. It's likely I will claim this discount in the near future while in a much different state of mental and physical being that will elevate my experience of eating the not-quite-good food of Wings Over Milwaukee.

By Michael M. at 2015-06-29

I had a coupon for a half pound of boneless wings,
what I got was tasty, coating was crispy,and 12oz 3\4 lbs.
the sauce (honey BBQ) was just ok, I would like to have a little more heat to it.
would I go back?
I dont know...

By Diana M. at 2016-01-23

The Blackened Cajun was not good at all. It was dried out and plain. Don't recommend.

By R K. at 2015-09-12

Well I will try to write a review for this business again, as the other one just seems to have disappeared. I like going to this place because it is open late at night and that is when I am up most of the time. I usually buy their wings and they have always been crispy and hot. Their crinkle fries and good as well and have never been left out for tool
I could recommend this eatery as I have always been treated well there and the food has always been excellent.

By Austin B. at 2015-08-16

Honestly, this used to be my favorite cheap delivery place and I used to order from them a lot. But after the customer service I received tonight I am going to take my business elsewhere from now on.

First off I ordered through Eatstreet because it is easier than navigating their poorly designed website. There must of been an issue with the order because instead of it going through as a combo with barbecue boneless wings and a side of waffle fries with blue cheese sauce it went through as a combo of waffle fries and regular fries. What they sent me was a plain wing, waffle fries and a ranch, no regular fries(which I didn't want but put it in here as context to how they knew that that is not what I wanted to order.)

When I called the guy I gave him my first name and he looked up my order and the first thing he did was acknowledge that my order came through weird. When I asked if I could get it fixed he said no because it was against policy but he said he could give me a $5 credit to my next order. When I asked "why didn't you call me to verify my order if you knew it was off" I got completely ignored and was told AGAIN that I could only get a $5 credit on my next order. I asked for his supervisor and all I got was "I am a supervisor" probably just so he could ignore the issue.

Luckily Eatstreet understood and refunded my money but the sheer unprofessional and immature way this was handled has turned me from a frequent customer to a "never again" customer. I advise that if you're thinking of trying this place out, don't, go to Wingstop because they have much better food and better customer service.

Update: The owner had reached out to me regarding this experience. He was extremely polite and helpful. Because of this I will say that this restaurant is definitely worth trying just because it seems like the owner does care about customer service.

Tips: These are the details of the Wings Over Milwaukee, This restaurant is located in 1434 E Brady St, Milwaukee, WI
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