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Estimated average consumption of $5.88 - $11.76 per person. We offer 35 menus, including Vietnamese Ice Coffee, Thai Ice Tea, Soda, Boba Tea Smoothie, Fresh Spring Rolls, Pork Steam Bun, Eggrolls and so on.
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By C G. at 2016-07-21

Excellent Banh Mi's and noodle dishes. Had the roast chicken and steak Banh Mi's. Roast pork noodles.

Very friendly service and clean. We got takeout and will definitely go back.

By Shannon C. at 2016-07-20

Xankia is one of my go-to places for delivery. The quality of their food is always consistently good -- ingredients are fresh, banh mi bread is nicely toasted, and their pho broth has a great flavor and isn't too salty.

We typically order from Xankia via GrubHub, and the delivery always arrives in a timely manner. Everything on their menu is good. One of their best attributes is that they really know how to package pho for a delivery order -- the noodles come separate from the broth, so you don't have to deal with a mushy, soggy mess by the time your food arrives (I'm looking at you, SakeTumi).

It goes without saying that their banh mi are fantastic and a great size (see photos posted by other users). I also really like the noodle dishes, which are more like a salad with noodles (so good!).

You can also really customize your banh mi orders via Grubhub, which is also nice. So if you have feelings about mayo, you can actually check lite mayo, extra mayo, mayo on the side, or no mayo, which is kind of unique for a delivery place.

By Connie H. at 2016-11-06

Was exciting to find a bahn mi place in walking distance to our destination. The bahn mi was surprising larger than average, a definite plus. It tasted just as it should, not worse, but not amazingly better either. Jalapeños were a bit more spicy than normal for bahn mi too. There's a check-in freebie for a free fountain drink, so that was a nice surprise too. They had nice Asian canned drinks in their fridge too (guava!!!!, but didn't get it since we had a free fountain drink). I'd come back if I was ever in the area, but I'd also want to see what else Milwaukee has to offer.

By Rick R. at 2015-12-18

I visited Xankia for the second time last night before Yelp Kitschmas.

On my first visit, I had the House Special Banh Mi with pork, pate, pickled carrots & daikon, cucumber, cilantro, jalapeno, special mayo sauce. The bread was fresh, soft on the inside and slightly crisp on the outside, and the flavors were great! It's one of the best banh mi's in town and a great value at $5.25 for the half size, which is sufficient.

Last night, I tried their egg roll and House Special pho with beef, beef meatballs, tripe, and tendon. The noodles were cooked perfectly and the broth was perfect as is, for my taste. For me, a good pho starts with a broth I don't have to alter for flavor. It was light, overall, and a slightly smaller portion than I usually find for $9.99, but it was the right size portion. I would certainly order it again if in the mood for pho and nearby.

The egg rolls were good, made fresh and served with sweet n sour sauce.

I will definitely return to Xankia, moreso for the Banh Mi than the pho, but there are also other dishes on the menu I'd like to try.

By Jman V. at 2016-11-08

Shocking that this place was more of a self-service for pho! You get there, you order at the counter, they give you your drink cups, and then you seat yourself down. The pho broth was ok but the pho size was not reasonable for the price as you can find better pho size for the price. I rated a three star because there sandwiches was pretty good.

By Anna F. at 2016-08-05

I was so happy to find a Vietnamese restaurant as good as this in downtown Milwaukee! I was craving a banh mi, which is actually a rare occurrence. Everything on the menu sounded great from the stir fry noodle dishes to the pho, but I had to get what originally made me decide on Xankia. I had the grilled pork banh mi which comes with either egg rolls or fresh spring rolls. I chose the shrimp spring rolls and with the sandwich was only about $8. Way too much food for lunch really! I had half of my sandwich leftover, and probably should've done the same with the second spring roll. What a great price for this amount of food that was great quality! You could tell the baguette was super fresh. My coworker who was with me hadn't ever had a banh mi before and she loved it as well. Highly recommended!

By Paul B. at 2016-10-19

I had lunch here two days in a row while on a business trip. The pho soup is great. The pork sandwich was great with an Asian flavor and blend of crisp vegetables. You can spice everything up with jalapenos, garlic chili sauce and siracha. I also had their spring roll which I'd highly recommend as well. Low key atmosphere but great service and food.

By Sara P. at 2016-10-04

My boyfriend and I are obsessed with Xankia. We come here probably once a month as it's a convenient place to get a quick dinner before a show at Turner Hall or Pabst Theater. Never had a bad experience here. The food is always delicious and the service is always great. Tofu bahn mi and bubble milk tea smoothie are where it's at!

By Virginia Y. at 2015-06-19

Xankia offers an extensive vietnamese cuisine that features bahn mi, spring rolls, egg rolls and pho.

The pork and shrimp spring rolls were huuuuge! I'm surprised it's listed as an appetizer, it could easily be an entree. The thing was stuffed with noodles and fresh shrimp and pork. I like that they didn't have mint leaves like most places, it makes it annoying to pull out while you're eating it. The sauce had generous bits of peanuts in it which was a nice touch to the roll.

P.S. Don't forget to check in for your free fountain drink! Not sure if they include refills haha.

By Melanie L. at 2015-11-15

When it comes to bahn mi sandwiches, this place does it right. After my first visit, I knew immediately that I needed to come back. And I did, several times!

So what makes it great? The bread. Its absolutely perfect. Crisp and crunchy on the outside yet soft on the inside - just the way a baguette should be. Some places have bread that is too soft so it gets soggy before you can finish the sandwich.

The vegetables are always fresh and have just the right amount of tang from the vinegar dressing used to give them a pickled taste. There is always a heaping amount which is great as I like to start by eating a few pieces to enjoy their crispness and flavor.

I'm a creature of habit so I've only had the meatball and the chicken, though there are several meats to choose from and a vegetarian option. If you want it spicy get the jalapeños! They are hot! I generally skip them in favor of the chili paste set out on the tables.

I have yet to try the spring rolls or the pho, but I do enjoy the slightly sweet steamed buns. They're perfect with a bit of hoisin sauce.

Another great thing is the price. Every item is reasonably priced for the amount of food you get. I could seriously eat here every day.

By Kristy K. at 2015-07-14

I finally made it to Xankia for lunch on Friday, and I was not disappointed. I stopped in to pick up a sampling of sandwiches and all of them were superb.

First, the let's talk bread. The french bread was fresh and had a nice crust.

I ordered the #2 Bánh Mì Tht Nng (Grilled Pork), #5 Bánh Mì Bít Tt (Grilled Steak) and the #8 Bánh Mì Bì Chay (Rice Noodles with Tofu). Along with 2 egg rolls, the total was just under $20. Not bad at all.

The egg rolls were thin rice noodles and vegetables deep fried. I am happy to report, they were delicious and not greasy, as is too often the case with egg rolls.

The sandwiches were solid, and it's hard for me to find fault. The pork and steak were both very moist. The surprise of the day was the rice noodle and tofu. This is one of the best vegetarian sandwiches I have ever had. Often times, rice noodles can be cooked with too much oil, but Xankia has it down. The noodles were seasoned will and paired well with the pickled vegetables.

The only thing I would add the next time is a bit more cilantro. It was a great spot for lunch. I would recommend calling ahead for faster pickup.

Also, I checked in with Yelp for a free soda.

By Mike S. at 2016-08-26

Based on the limited research I've done of Vietnamese food, I'm certainly no authority but this seems totally legit. It's unbelievably delicious, portions are huge, and the prices are fantastic. I suspect Milwaukee is best known for their beer, brats and cheese, but this gives it all a run for its money (certainly outside of the Milwaukee-faire market). I couldn't recommend this enough!

By Brittany B. at 2016-03-21

I have come in here a couple of times before this to get a sandwich and some boba tea. This will be the last. We ordered two of the exact same sandwich. First, only one sandwich came out. Then we got the boba tea (with no bubbles for some reason?). Then, they bring out the second sandwich except it was the wrong one. We ordered two of the same thing. I don't know why they weren't made at the same time. Really ridiculous.

Edit: For the record, we both sandwiches were on the same order.

By Carolyn Y. at 2016-08-27

My experience is limited to the bubble tea and man Is it good. I recommend the pomegranate one. Every time I go in there everyone is super friendly and I've had great customer service without fail.

By tracy d. at 2016-07-27

had the pork bahn mi which was delicious. I'm happy that they work with GrubHub for delivery. I received my order about an hour after placing, but I did order right around noon on a week day so that time frame seems acceptable.

By Michaeleen W. at 2016-01-19

It is hard to find a good banh mi in this city, and this place has them. 8 different kinds, I have had 3 so far and they all have been winners. I have tried the egg rolls as well, small but super tasty. I have not yet tried the pho but It looked pretty good. Lots of seating in this place, but if the restaurant is busy you might be waiting a while for your food. My favorite was the house special banh mi. It will cost you around 6 dollars for the sandwich, not bad because the banh mi is on the larger side, very filling :)

By Morgan H. at 2015-08-11

Really awesome place for an affordable lunch. I come here more often than I'd like to admit after my boyfriend discovered it near his and my work places. Between he and I, think we've tried everything on the menu and have reviewed every single thing we've had as "absolutely delicious".

Being gluten free, they have several options for me. I can order spring rolls or any of their rice noodle dishes.

The spring rolls are absolutely fantastic. I usually get pork and shrimp--for under $5, you get two giant spring rolls and a hefty cup of peanut dipping sauce. It's enough to fill me up and tastes so, so FRESH.

I've tried the coconut boba tea as well...couldn't help but feel like I was on an island somewhere... tasted as if I was drinking right out of a fresh coconut. Iced coffee is killer, too. Tastes amazing, and I have to pace myself when I order it or else the whole cup would be gone within a few minute's time!

I cannot eat the bahn mi sandwiches due to my gluten free diet, however, I have had several coworkers and friends tell me it's the best bahn mi they've ever had anywhere in the country.

My one complaint is the atmosphere of the restaurant. It's very clean, don't get me wrong. It's just very bare, and there are unpleasant moving boxes stacked up in the back. It's always extremely hot inside, too, as if the air isn't on at all. They're a brand new location, though, so I wouldn't be surprised if things got better in the future. I must say, for the size, and how busy it always is, they do make their food extremely quickly without sacrificing quality. I have NEVER had to wait for than 5-6 minutes for my order to be ready.

Overall--this is my new lunch go to. I am here weekly. I can't get enough, and for the price... how can you say no? A definite downtown gem for Milwaukee.

By Kim S. at 2015-12-09

I don't understand the hype behind this place. I came in for lunch on a Wednesday and was immediately confused. The line was almost out the door and I couldn't find a menu anywhere. As the line started to move I eventually found the stack of menus on the counter opposite the register but with the way the restaurant is set up its very hard to see they are there. I got the steak Bahn mi and my boyfriend the pork Bahn mi. We also tried one of their boba teas because they had jackfruit and I couldn't resist. It was busy so I expected the wait, but not 45min for 2 sandwhiches to go.... I over heard others saying "I think she forgot about us" when waiting for their drinks, and saw two others leave after waiting for the cashier to return for 5-10min.
They definitely need more staff during lunch hours. There were only two people working, the cashier and the chef. The cashier also had to put together all the Togo meals, deliver food to the tables, and make the drinks which are across the room at a different bar. She didn't have time to interact with customers and place orders.
On to the food. The boba tea was atrocious. The pearls weren't cooked enough and the tea itself tasted over processed and fake. The sandwhiches were alright. My boyfriend liked his pork one much better than my steak one. Even if the sandwhiches were great I don't think we'd be back due to the lack of service.

By Cody C. at 2016-10-23

Xankia has delicious, affordably priced banh mi, pho and egg rolls that I highly recommend. Ive eaten here more than 20 times, and the couple that runs this business are diligent and always friendly and swift. I can easily order and eat lunch during peak weekday lunch hours in 30 min or less. They provide fresh, flavorful, reliably fast food that ranks up there with Chicago Argyle's Ba Le sandwiches and Tank Noodle. The vegetarian rice noodle banh mi is my favorite. My friend loves the meatball one. Their pho is all beef (no veg based pho). Every savory item on their humble menu has been perfected!

By Toby B. at 2016-03-25

Delicious food, biiiig portions, and the staff is super nice and welcoming! The pho, bahn mi, and bubble tea are all delicious. There's plenty of space in here and the atmosphere is modest but pleasant.

Thanks for everything!!

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