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We offer 86 menus, including Fried White Cheddar Bites, Spicy Fried Mushrooms, Fried Pickles, Onion Rings, Tater Chips, The House Grilled, The House Fried and so on.
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Zaxby's reviews

By Bianca W. at 2014-12-16

To see a Zaxby's in this little town amazes me to no end. I have never gone (in the 6 mos that I lived in Americus) and there was a ridiculously long line, unlike the one down the street from my apt in Atlanta. I don't get asked the stupid question "extra Zax sauce is $.25 is that ok?" If I'm tripping off $.25, then I need to get my priorities together. The service is always great, and they have that awesome new coke machine inside that has all of the different Coke flavors, including my fave Peach Fanta (not to be confused with Peach Sprite .... THEY ARE NOT THE SAME!!!) I always go here when in town, but now that the beau has graduated, I will never be back!! ;-)

By Nene M. at 2015-08-14

Why close at 10pm on a Friday ? I'm visiting from Miami and the first thing I wanted was Zaxbys. Now I'm disappointed. Wendy's open until 1am. McDonald's 24hrs Burger King 2am. Why not stay open at least for tourist and when I went to ask a girl cleaning she ignored my knock on the window. Oh well guess I'll try again next year .

Tips: These are the details of the Zaxby's, This restaurant is located in 1204 Crawford St, Americus, GA
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